Elder Scrolls Roleplay: Interregnum (recruitment thread)

2nd Era, 572
Northern Elsweyr is under siege. Arenthia is razed to the ground. The Khajiit have 'reclaimed' Lleyawiin. The Aldmeri fleet battles for control of the oceans. The eastern provinces barely hold their borders while to the north Falkreath hold becomes a battleground.

There is no Emperor and the Imperials become desperate enough to use their own dead as thralls for an army to retake Tamriel.however, 3 factions have already rose up to stop them and they plan on conquering Tamriel themselves:
The Aldmeri Dominion: made up of Altmer, Bosmer and Khajiit from the Summerset Isle, Valenwood & Elsweyr.
The Ebonheart Pact: made up of Nords, Dunmer and Argonians from Skyrim, Morrowind & Black Marsh(Argonia).
The Daggerfall Covenant: made up of Bretons, Redguards and Orcs from High Rock, Hammerfell & Orsinium.

However, as war breaks out, a small group is charged with escorting (now 3) sacred relics safety to ensure they don't fall into the hands of any faction.

The group has journeyed to the Elsweyri city of Corinthe, located in the southern scrublands, overlooking the vast desert directly north.
A city now bustling with refugees from the north and others pouring in from the countryside for safety.
The group will start there, and only existing members will know what relics we're carrying at the start- Elder Scrolls.

The character sheet will be as follows:
Name & Gender: , Male/Female


Age (optional):



Personal history:

Alright, here are the existing members of the team:

For any future lore the RP takes place just before Elder Scrolls Online:

And I'll be picking roughly half a dozen sheets.

The limit is 3 sheets per user (I'd only pick one) and I won't accept unfinished sheets.


Not bad with either, but an issue is that the two seem to be sort of a team, could you make one that is, well, 'alone'

Not bad with either, but an issue is that the two seem to be sort of a team, could you make one that is, well, 'alone'

Kay, Arlo is now an independent... ._.

David Woon:

There are some things wrong with this submission. For one, there is no race in the Elder scrolls called 'human'. There are human races but I'll get to them further down.

For another, the character in general doesn't fit the setting and it's just called magic. Not pyrotechnics, if you think otherwise you might be thinking of the wrong game universe.

Human Races:

You'll also need to finish your bio later. I won't be accepting unfinished sheets.


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