Need some PI/Jazz musik. Hit Me!

I´ve got a Roleplaying session coming up (Dresden Files) and The Location will be a bar named The 7:th. The Dresden Files is basicaly Harry Potter magic meets Hardboiled Private Eye/ John Grissam Underdealings, so I´d like some musik that fits with a scene like:

Its raining outside, the bartender (its Law a, Classic, that It got to be like this) is tending the bar. its a nice place, nothing Fancy but the food is superb and the Ale Excellent. So good it goes pretty well for the Owner, a Mr Murphy of few words and Fewer expressions. So well he doesent even need to advertise.

Its a place for those In-The-Know to be themself and Relax. Any problem will be taken outside as it is to the benefit of all The-Powers-That-Be, not to be bothered.

In walks a man through the stabbing cold and sits down. His eyes seem deep in thought, maybe a case, or a Lover is keeping them there in that dark room. . . . or something he´s seen.

So hit me people!

Uh, maybe something like Red Velvet from the Katawa Shoujo OST. It's pretty jazz-ish, but maybe a little classier than what you're looking for.
Hm. I don't know a lot of jazz. Just from reading Haruki Murakami, maybe Duke Ellington would fit.
After giving a few of his tracks a listen, maybe something along these lines is fitting?
I'm not sure how many tracks you want, but most track on that playlist would work. So I'll stop there.


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