The Misfits – Magic Edition.

The Misfits - Magic Edition.

This world you live in is unmistakably magical. Everything oozes with energy that waits to be bent to the will of this world's sorcerers and witches. Not unlike our mortal earth, this world has all manners of flora and fauna. Its terrain is vast and varied and populated with pockets of settlements. Human settlements litter the landscape and take root in favorable locations in terms of magical receptivity. The more history the area has the bigger the charge, and so settlements quickly turned into bustling towns and cities as time goes on.

Technology as we know it has been replaced by magic. Many of the magical contraptions used in the everyday lives of this world's citizens rely on architecture reminiscent of the late days of Renaissance in Europe. Alchemy is a big enterprise, as it had come to take the space of modern medicine and then some. Travel is done through either teleportation or flight, although some would prefer a wagon moved by magic - or heaven forbid, a horse. The fashion is not unlike the one which was common in the late 17th century in Europe.

The daily lives of this world's residents often revolve around the study of magic and interactions with the outside world. Humans are not alone in this planet, as it is inhabited by monsters as well. Vampires, Werewolves and Ghouls are only a few gruesome examples of these horrible creatures who are... not that horrible. What truly sets them apart from humans, besides the obvious difference, is their complete and utter incompetence in mage-craft. For that they are sometimes ridiculed, but they do often integrate into society well enough (as long as they keep their wild side tamed).

You live in a large city on the coast named Bluerock, after the strange and magical minerals that are buried underneath the city. The city comprises of nearly fifty thousand people, and it even has its own university that all other neighboring towns and villages envy. You were one of the students entering said university - and also failing miserably in it.

The abilities of humans in mage-craft can be simplistically put in a rank from A to F. "A" being the brightest and the ones with the most potential and F being those who can only wield basic spells or a very specialized talent that seems to be... out of place and without demand. Those failed students often find themselves working for the university as test subjects, laborers or entry-level instructors just so they could keep themselves busy. Local monsters could also find employment at the university, as it is mandated by the city council to help keep any potential rogue monsters off the streets.

The university holds an experimental magic department which tries to push the envelope even further in the unexplored fields of magic. They often have magical abilities in level B and higher, with a deep understanding of their chosen subject. Their most recent experiment requires gathering a test-group, one that you have either been hired to do or volunteered for a few more pieces of silver.

During the experiment something went wrong - something that has to do with the city's famous blue minerals. The laboratory explodes and thankfully all of the researchers got out in time...but you didn't make it. The blast itself didn't kill you or tear you to shreds - it transported you through dimensions into our boring world, where even the most incompetent Mage can be seen as a demigod in the eyes of the people.

Before you think about booking magic shows in Vegas you should be well aware that you are not accustomed to this world. Besides the obvious hurdles mythical creatures have, you are completely unaware of this world's culture and technology. It seems that in some twisted turn of luck there is no language barrier between you and the residents of this new world, although you still can't figure out some of the slang they use.

You should try and find this earth's equivalence of magic - whether it may be ancient tomes of knowledge or particle accelerators - and find your way back. You can do that, or you might just want to stay here where nobody could laugh at you for sucking at magic anymore. The choice is yours.

Character sheet:
Race: (Human/Beast. Are you a vampire? A werewolf? Any other creature of some notoriety?)
Age: (Don't worry, the monsters often age approx. the same way humans do. You think Vampires don't die of old age? Ha!)
Magical Abilities: (F or N/A. If you have magic, note if you have basic abilities such as levitation and elementalism or a specialized talent nobody seems to find important enough.)
Skills: (what did you work as previously? Can you do anything besides crappy magic tricks or drinking blood?)
Biography: (A few paragraphs about you childhood, how you grew up, any hardships you went through, favorite celebrity, etc.)
Notes: (Any quirks or oddities we should be aware of?)

Any questions direct to me.
So far monsters will be based upon their current popular culture interpretations (barring twilight books). Vampires feed on blood, are weak in sunlight and have an unnatural hatred of garlic. Werewolves are stuck in their hybrid beast-man form, have a great sense of smell and sharp instincts... and don't get me started on their dangerous claws and fangs.

If you're unsure what to do when picking a monster, write a short paragraph describing the essence of your monster and I will either green-light it or offer to tweak it.

This is, in its essence, a slice-of-life game that can go in many different directions depending on your choices. It does indeed have some story outline already written out, but the progression in said story is entirely up to the players. Oh, and before I forget, you've all been dropped in... NYC! I recommend you move together as a group if you want to change scenery, maybe hop on a plane to Zambia or Switzerland. You can also make a road-trip across the USA... woohoo! try and stay alive!

Nobody is interested in my idea? I'm open to criticism, if you have any.

Nobody is interested in my idea? I'm open to criticism, if you have any.

Yeah. Two things -
Why build a world we know nothing about (or very little) and then transport us to our world?
What is this 'magic' and what is the difference between the different levels? Why can't non-humans not use magic and what else can they do?


Nobody is interested in my idea? I'm open to criticism, if you have any.

Yeah. Two things -
Why build a world we know nothing about (or very little) and then transport us to our world?
What is this 'magic' and what is the difference between the different levels? Why can't non-humans not use magic and what else can they do?

1. This is supposed to be a fish-out-of-water story for the players. At first they are supposed to be unfamiliar with their surroundings and induce some funny shenanigans. I don't want this to be a strictly grimdark depressing game. I don't want that at all. The world I described won't come into play much in the game world itself except for the rules of magic and monsters.
2. Magic can be anything from telepathy to telekenesis to shape-shifting. The more specialized the magic the harder it is and also the rarer it is to find a person able to master it. Some spells are just plain bad, obsolete or undesirable. The magical capabilities comes into play in the variety of spells a person can make, their intensity and their complexity. People in the F level of magical skills possess a few magical spells or abilities they can use to a certain limited extent, or have a unique or special gift that isn't all that useful.
Magic is the understanding of a special force that was crafted by Human scholars. Even though some beasts can use abilities akin to 'magic', they're not really 'magic'. They are looked down upon as these are usually static abilities that are tied to the lineage of said beast. These spells are often unrefined or require barbaric ways to preform, while those who do compete with the capabilities of high-class 'magic' are not that common. For example, as a Vampire you can use an ability to force a normal human under your direct mental control for some time, depending on your personal abilities. This is not too different from A level spells that do the same, but the different shows since it is more about the vampire's talent and lineage than its actual ability and understanding of 'magic'.

I hope this answered your questions.


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