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Welcome to We Are Our Avatars VI

Ahem. Welcome to We Are Our Avatars VI, or WAOAVI for short. My name is Saltyk, and I will be acting as the Game Master for this thread. That means that I am more or less the man to blame for everything here. Unlike most previous WAOA threads, this one will be taking place in a world of my own creation. Though, I did have help from my Co-GMs, who I will introduce shortly. I hope you enjoy this experience, and will do my best to make this a fun game.

Anyone who needs help can feel free to PM me. This is my profile. Feel free to use it to reach me, if you need to. You can also access my profile by clicking on my name by any post I ever make.

My Co-GMs will be Nailik and Zepherus14.
Nailik's profile: Click here
Zepherus14's profile: Click here

Please note that we have a TVTropes page. It's not got everything, but still: Read at your own Risk!

We also have a WAOA User Group. Click Here to go to our page. Please join up and use this as much as possible for conversation and miscellaneous things like that.

Enough of that. Let's get on with the rules.


You play your Avatar. You have that character's powers, personality, etc. You can play an Original Character (OC), but please try to find a picture that fits them.

You have to contribute to the plot in some way.
Either by adding to a conversation, fighting, or getting past obstacles (picking locks, hijacking cars etc).

You control your character ONLY.
You can't use other players' characters. UNLESS: the character is plot-necessary, but the player is unable to post (must act in character. If you are in this position, it would help if you asked another player beforehand to take over your character).
This also includes other player's NPC characters. This is especially important of the NPCs of this thread. Don't even assume how unnamed civilians will react.

No Over-Powered Characters
-Characters can't instant-kill other characters (killing should be pre-decided)
-Characters should be weakened if they attack too often
-Characters shouldn't have too many different combat moves.
And please try to explain powers simply. You may be a genius on your character's universe, but other players mightn't have even HEARD of them before.

No excessive posts
Just saying
"Dave opened the door and turned on his torch. He looked around and saw the desk, with the plans on it."
is good enough. We don't need a few paragraphs about his thoughts and feelings, and an accurate description of the room and plans.
Still you should describe the actions your character takes. Just saying that they introduce themselves or that they killed someone, tells no one what has happened. Show, don't tell.

Character Limit
Please no more than three characters. This will assist you in keeping your posts quick, and will make it easier for everyone to keep track of the characters.
Note: Exceptions can be made if you want to run a Sub-Plot, but a GM should be informed of this.

Keep the Fanservice to a minimum
As this tends to be frowned upon by most players, you should refrain from needlessly sexualizing your character. Nor do we need all the details of any sexual activities that they may undertake.

Posts MUST Make Sense
-If it isn't from your character's universe, they don't know what it is.
-If you break this rule, the nonsensical post is retconned.

GMs word is law
This means that anything the Co-GMs or I say goes. If you have a dispute with a fellow player, please ask or PM me or one of my Co-GMs. If a conversation is required, we will take it up in the Group Chat to avoid filling the thread with unfortunate banter and such.
-If a judgement is required, the current GM will resolve it. His ruling is final.
-I can veto my Co-GMs, but if both of them agree, they can veto me.

Thread Specific Information

Please be aware that your actions will have consequences. If your character decides to randomly kill a person that will be found out and they will have to pay for that. But, if they act noble that can also have benefits.

There are things to be said for exploring.

New User Section

This is just a few simple things for those new to WAOA. However, I'd say that even the veterans may wish to read this as well.

Things you should know
-OOC means Out Of Character. Use this if you want to ask a question or make a suggestion.
-Use @[player name]: to address a player. A simple way to inform them of something in a Out of Character statement.
-OP means over-powered.
-Use italics for thoughts. [*i]text[*/i] without the *
-If a player missed a few pages, please give them a summary (a few lines explaining what you did since their last post).
-If you have to leave, either kill your character or put them On A Bus (give a valid reason for them to leave, ie they fell into a temporary wormhole).


This RP is probably going to contain at least minor spoilers from character universes, like references to who can live or die in Mass Effect or what happens in the most recent Bourne book or film. Please don't react negatively: it might affect the character in a big way, and you could end up confused as to why the character is acting 'out of character' from your perspective.

From time to time, we get in major and large group battles. At those times, the person controlling the battle will ask for who is getting involved. Once everyone confirms, they will assign those people into two or more groups, and begin the battle calling for that Group's reactions. Once those players have replied, the person controlling the battle will react to all of their posts and move on the the next group. This continues until the conflict is resolved.

Participants are not to post a reaction until it is the turn of the group they are in.

General Advice
-Your character should stay in character. Batman shouldn't start a standup routine.
-This has sort of been covered already, but your character should not know things that they have not been told. They shouldn't recognize characters from other universes, or have knowledge of events that have not happened in front of them, or things they have not been told.
-This thread tends to move fast. So if you post and come back an hour later, during the busy times, multiple pages may have passed. If you need a summary, feel free to ask.
-If you need to leave for extended periods of time, please inform others so they know not to expect a reply from you.
-The most memorable characters don't have to have dark pasts, or epic powers. They just have to feel like real people that players can relate to. Even a comical character with a charming heart of gold, can be great fun.
-Keep in mind where you are. You shouldn't find a weapons cache of nuclear arms in a medieval castle.

The Codex


Thread characters



Terms of Interest

Within a mountainous region there stands naught but an odd alter, made of what appears to be stone. Within it are 5 separate indentations. It is surround by jagged cliff faces on all sides. Despite the rocky nature of the area, here it is quite flat and calm... peaceful. The calm before the storm, as they say.

OoC: There is where you start.
Minor note: Space travel is not possible here. Sorry, but there are reasons for this. However, a ship or escape pod may crash here.

A knight in silver armour worn from battle was running around the area "Princess are you here!" He looks around the area "Wait how did I get here, Oh please don't tell me master Vivi messed up his teleport spell again"
OOC: First in character post of the thread beware my power!

The eerie silence around the alter was broken by the sound of heavy footfalls and creaking wood , echoing through the canyons between the jagged peaks. They hinted at something moving at a leisurely enough pace, each step coming about a second apart from one another. The sound gradually grew louder, each heavy thud and rattle reverberating off of the towering rock faces with greater volume as the source of the sound moved closer.

The knight pulled his sword from his sheath "I will have you know that I am not afraid of you giant. I have fought monsters far stronger and scarier than most can imagine" He walked around the area clanking in his armour

In a shadowy realm where there was no natural light, a vast, empty realm where any ilumination came from a ambiance glow that hung in the atmosphere, a man stood near the edge of a floating slab of land, who, to any observer, would see like it was ripped out of the very earth.

The man had cold blue eyes, slick, comed back black hair and wore black leather trousers and boots, a undershirt of black cloth with a high collar that reached up to the neck. Over that, a tunic-like garmet, with a flap obscuring the right hip, made mostly of black leather, with olive-green cloth around the shoulders and gold trimming around the next and elbow areas. Over that, a coat, also made of black leather, while the inside was olive-green fabric. The fabric around the shoulders was rigid and made to resemble pouldrons. Over this, golden braces on each arm and a golden plate on the left shoulder that was held in pace by several belts. In his right hand, he held a golden sceptre with a curved handle and a blue, glowing gem at the head. Around this gem, there were two blades, one larger then the other.

The man was looking into the distance, as if waiting for something.

"Do not forget your goal, Asgardian.", said a voice coming from the shadows behind the man. "You are to--"
"I know well enough, my purpose. You needn't fear I will lose sight of it." the man answered, speaking with a tone of voice that would suggest he was the learned kind. He didn't turn around to face who addressed him, knowing full-well who it was.
Obscured by the shadows, the other being grinned. "Then go. Uphold your end of the bargain."

Infront of the man, appeared a swirling light, its colour consisting of white various light shades of blue. The man held out his arms slightly to his side as the light began engulfing him. Slowly, the light died down, revealing that the man had been spirited away once it did.

In the mountainy area, a high concentration of visible blue energy gathered. Once a sizable amount of energy had built up, it burst outwards, sending out a wave of energy that, although harmless to anything organicm would temporarily scramble any electronics.
Where the energy had built up, the man sat in kneeling position, his eyes closed. Opening his eye and slowly rising to his full height, he looked around slightly suprised by his surroundings. He had expected to be inside a complex, not out in the open, on what appeared to be a mountain. Looking around more, he witnessnes a man in cluncky armour, nothing like the kind Asgardians wore, nor was it anything like the inhabitants of the realm he expected to be would don. In the distance, there could be heard the sound of movement. It would appear that others were drawn to this place.
While the man's first instinct was to assail those nearby whilst demanding an explaination, he instead settled for standing back and observing what would happen next.

The knight looked at the blue energy and than at the man who had appeared "Tell me was that supposed to do something or were you just making an entrance"

Shortly after the knight issued his challenge, the source of the noise appeared, emerging from the mouth of a canyon. The thing making the footsteps could best be described as some form of Hadrosaurid dinosaur, a great, grey, elegant beast the size of a double decker bus that plodded on four powerful limbs. It opened its bill of a mouth and issued a complacent lowing call as it noticed the knight and its tail, which ended in a wicked looking spiked armament, swished passively behind it. The creature was not alone. It was rigged up to a massive two wheeled cart, cobbled together from a combination of wooden planks and huge bones and tied with hemp rope and crude nails. A tarpaulin of tanned animal hides covered the load carried within.
On the creature's back sat an imposing figure clad entirely in blue-grey armour. The armour appeared to be constructed from a metal under-layer, and was overlaid with plates of some dark blue, organic shell that looked not only very hard, but very sharp too, where the plates bounded. Its face was covered by a faceless visor with two blades that stretched up over the top of its head. A long katana in a dark sheath twined with purple ribbon stretched across the figure's back, but it made no effort to reach for it as it stared back at the others.

Tao's ear started to twitch at the rising noise levels. She simply rolled over and started to snore.

Echo, learning from experience (somewhat anyway) and tried to get out of sight, hiding behind a small jumble of rocks.

Hearing the remark of the odd knight, the man turned towards him, his brow furrowing as if contemplating something. "Who are you to adress me in such a manner? Know you not who you speak to?" he replied with a condecending tone whilst raising the sceptre slightly, only to lower it upon seeing two new arivals appearing out of thin air. One, a girl, a teenager by the looks of it. The other, a... the man frowned, in a manner tha suggested mild confusion, having no idea what it was he was laying eyes upon. His gaze shifted upon seeing the quadrupedal grey-skinned beast being used to pull a primitive-looking chariot. This beast too, was one he had never seen before. What was but a minor doubt a moment ago became a certainty - He was not where he should be.

The knight stared at the beast "What a strange mode of transportation. Surely a cart pulled by chocobos would be far more convenient sir" he said to the figure in blue armour. He than turned to the mage "Well you are a mage and that is all I know of you"

OOC: @Demon Blue armour.

The armoured figure sniffed and shook its helmeted head slightly at the knight's remark, before turning its attention to the surroundings. Vertical cliffs on all sides, with a few other narrow canyons as cramped and forboding as the one they had just come through. The armoured individual hummed under its breath, frustrated by the difficulty of navigating the area. Turning its attention closer again, it regarded the figures in front of it while barely turning its head. The dinosaur lowed again and lowered its head, searching for grass to crop.

(Due to issues beyond my control, I'm having trouble getting the correct avatar to load up. So her is a lovely question mark that I have dubbed 'Mystery Box of Mystery', a distance cousin of the 'Safety Crate of Safety'.

The woman, who had felt like she was falling for countless hours, finally fell through a second portal as she tumbled across the ground and then came to a rest with a groan as she stopped awkwardly on her backside. As she briefly stared up at the sky, reality finally came back to her as she quickly rolled over, brought a hand up to her large hood that obscured her face, and and got to her feet as she looked around.

"Where am I? Where did they go?" She said to herself, as she kept her head low.

About 5'2" or 1.58 meters, and wearing a large cloak and commoners clothing and a sash around her waist, if there was one word to describe her it would probably be rundown.

On a cliff above the alter, a man dressed in what could be described as military camo, hide. He put his hand to his ear. "Command, come in. This is Scout Delta. I just spotted some unknown people on my way back from the target."
"No, I can't indentify them. Should I investigate?"
"Understood. On my way back to base."

The man left quickly and silently, though those below may notice and hear some rocks falling down the cliff. As well as a small path not too far from there.

A mage, the knight said. While sorcerer was the term common used to describe him, it was relatively accurate. Given that violently getting the information he wished to know was hardly an option, being in the strange realm that he was, he would have to refrain from doing so.
"A mage. Not quite, but close enough." he answered the knight, then paused. "I, am Loki. Do remember the name." he added, raising his voice to just below shouting levels to make certain all those gathered in the clearing would hear. "And who, pray tell, are you?" he continued, pointing his scepter at the various induviduals with a slow, sweeping motion, indicating he was asking then all the same question. Just when he had lowered his staff, another person arived, this one quite literally falling from the sky. He shifted his gaze from the new arival with the cloak to the sound of falling rocks to his right he picked up with his keen senses. Looking towards that direction, he saw no one. Whoever moved up there had already left.

It would seem this will be quite the unusual day.

OOC: Hey, there's Zeph! We've been wondring where you were.:)

Hearing a loud thump, the figure riding the dinosaur glanced sharply off to the side where the woman fell. As she picked herself up, the figure swung a leg up over the high spine of its mount and slid down the side, striking the ground in a squat before straightening up. Despite the imposing appearance of the heavy armour, the figure was quite short, only 5'7" at its full height, but the armour made it look bulky and made it difficult to guess at the exact shape and size of the person inside. The person hurried to the side of the woman who was now looking around with her head bowed, chainmail and plates clanking gently as it went.

"Are you alright?" The person asked in a surprisingly soft voice as it reached her, before turning its attention on Loki, unreadable behind the visor.

"Cynane Hellenis. You some local fat cat, or does all the finery actually mean something?" The voice, although soft, gained a metallic quality from the acousticss of the helmet, which didn't conceal the obvious disdain in it.

He appeared like glowing sand forming a living person in front of the alter. He inspected the indentations on the altar before looking at the people that were there.

OOC: Don't worry, I got a picture for him in a moment.

"Tao will take your meatbuns, *snore* meow..." Tao muttered as she slept.

Echo creeped closer to Tao out of curiosity.

Lyra paused in her examination of the clearing, noting the various people differing quite a bit in looks and attitudes. "Another great hunt is afoot, it appears." she muttered, before dropping from the cliff face, rifle on her back and a belt with numerous trophies hanging from it. She landed at the edge of the clearing, and prepared to journey closer.

OoC: Want the summary of the character now?

Dal'sheed would find that the various indentations all looked quite different. They were organized in a cross shape. The one at the center looks almost like a large keyhole, with one below it that looks like a round object about twice the size of a tennis ball could fit in it. Above that was one that looked like a small oval with two strips on it. To the right, an indention that looked similar to a crystal and to the left one like a square. All save the sphere and looked like they could be held in the palm of one's hand. Though the keyhole looked like it was rather deep.

OoC: FPS: If you want to PM me, I will add your information in.
Also, she wouldn't have heard the scout?

The woman looked up at the cliff side briefly as she heard the rock tumble down it, but the man in armour the approached her acquired her attention. Y-yes I am alright, you wouldn't happen to know where... this is? I don't recognize this place." She said to the man, who although his armour put her off, the strange design of it seemed to ease that feeling.

'Loki? His name is strange.' She thought.

They look like slots to insert stuff inside. I wonder if it's ceremonial in nature.

He then looked back at the people that were in the cave with him.

Dal'Sheed looked around and already he was puzzled by the nature of the people that were present here. The man with the dinosaur and the man called "Loki" piqued his interest. However there was nothing to tell if these men were part of this world or not.

The knight looked at the woman who fell from the sky. "I believe we are in the mountains I can not tell you much other than that. Do you need a potion mam to heal any of your wounds" He than answered Loki "So you are the one who made Loki's harp. And my name is Sir Adelbert Steiner, Captain of the knights of Pluto" He said the last part with a great deal of pride. He than looked towards the figure who was previously sand "What brings you here great mage"

a portal appears nearly the knight and the beast and a man dressed in black armor carrying a staff in one hand and a bottle of whiskery in another, a belt holding a Katana and a revolver, his instant reaction is "what..the...**** AM I DOING BACK HERE AGAIN, WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON!?!?!?" he shouted sounding quite pissed off "WHAT THE HELL PORTAL WHAT THE HELL PORTAL?!?!?!?!?!?" he shouts again and he then sees the odd group he walks over to them "hey do you guys know where we are right now i'm lost" he says to the group

Though the falling pebbles escaped Cynane's notice, the heavier impact of Lyra landing at the cliff base did not, and she wheeled around away from Loki to get a look at the newcomer.

From a point within the air off near the far edge of the alter, a tear in the fabric of reality opened up. From out of the tear, a fairly young woman stepped out. She wore quite a bit of white, the only part of her outfit not being said color was a navy blue vest worn underneath a white coat. After glancing around for a few moments, she raised her right arm and seemed to arbitrarily wave it at the air in front of her before lowering it once again. Teal colored lights started to shine around the top of her head, forming odd, indecipherable glyphs.
You are read loud and clear. Readings show you are in the right place.
I think those readings may have been superfluous. The woman thought as her attention was drawn to the menagerie of folks she noticed standing out in the open.
Officially commencing operation.
The tear in reality closed itself up behind the woman, leaving no evidence that it was ever there to begin with. The woman took several moments to breath deeply and exhale.
You can do this.
I know I can. Give it a rest. The woman thought as she dismissed the glyphs around her head. Were anyone's attention drawn to the glyphs, they'd have easily noticed the woman appeared to have a set of feline ears sitting atop her head. The woman went back to glancing around at her surroundings, furrowing her brow as if she were thinking of what course of action to take.
Hearing Loki address her, she replied, "Who wants to--" she cut herself off to take a few careful sniffs at the air. "Dr. Jessica Broca, my fine sir." she continued, introducing herself.

OoC: Ok guys, for the people who think my character fell from the sky, she didn't, to everyone here it just looks like she tumbled through a portal.

Dal'Sheed did not remove his helmet, despite the signs of Steiner being able to breathe and also humanoid like him. His voice slightly reverberated in his helmet, made of hard stone.

His voice was middle-aged and clean, the equivalent of an adult male human in his forties.
"I am not a mage of any kind. I am Dal'Sheed the Maintainer of the D'ni civilization. I've come here to inspect this world on behalf of the Maintainers."

"I have no idea." She replied to the hooded woman as she turned. "I'm lost myself. Finding that the visor was restricting her vision to severely, she flipped it back to reveal the soft, rounded face or a young woman in her twenties. A single strand of deep red hair escaped the helmet and hung down over her face before she brushed it absently away. Searching for the source of the noise, she was startled by the arrival of an armed man shouting at the top of his lungs, and glared as he approached.

""Fat cat"...?" Loki asked incredulously, then slightly shaking his head. "I am unfamiliar with that term." he continued with contempt noticeable in his own voice. "As for the "finery", as you put it; it is costumary with both my origin and destined place." Hearing Steiner's answer, Loki turned back to him. "I have an intrument named after me? While this suprises me not, no. I was not the one who built such a thing." he answered, then turned to the being who seemed to appear out of the sand. An interesting trick...
Hearing the thud made by Lyra landing behind him, Loki turned around, not one to be caught by suprise and waited to see what would approach, not one to be caught by suprise. Before catching a glimpse of what was approaching, Loki's gaze shifted to yet another new voice--another woman. This one too, seemed to have the ears of an animal. Loki bowed informally in responce to the woman identifiable as Jessica stating her name before turning back to the direction he was looking at before.

>> Login, new character incoming.
>> Warning! Debuffs and buffs required, continued? [Y/N]
>> Y
>> HVNoelJLinden.exe
>> Start

Leafs rustling in the wind, a female human figure manifested, like something from a virtual reality sequence. Encased in power armor, the figure raised its head at the surrounding area. With a hiss around its neck region a helmet encased her face.

As fate would have it, another object shined right besides her, a casket of kinds. Tilting her head alittle, she cautiously took out two extremely long pistol-like objects attached to her hips at the ready. Stopping infront of the object, she recognized it immediately. Seeing the sparks of light on the sides, the female power armored figured sighed and lifted the casket up with ease before looking around some more.

Hearing noises off in the distance, the figure started to walk towards it, still carrying the casket.

Lyra approached the others, careful to ensure she seems harmless. This might be belied some what by the various furs wrapping her legs, with patterns of deer and fox mixed with tigers and more exotic animals, and the large number of bones hanging from her belt, stopping at knee height and containing a human skull or two as well as teeth and claws. "Uh... Hi." she said roughly, coughing a bit to clear her throat. "Sorry, haven't used that in a while. What's going on, everybody?"

OoC: @Salty gonna say that she was on the other side of the clearing from the scout, and while she might have noticed the rocks falling, she would not have heard him. This is circular right? May have misunderstood that bit.

The dinosaur raised its head, apparently spooked by the rapidly growing rumber of people in the clearing, and honked nervously, stamping one large paw on the ground. Cynane ignored it and kept her eye on the others, not sure what to make of the situation. She sighed in annoyance at hearing Loki's half answer.

"I mean are you a guild official? Some minor royal? A person of wealth?" She pressed, not looking at him, but instead watching the appearance of the newcomers. Many of them were carrying strange weapon and armour, clearly prepared for battle, and she became mindful of the sword on her own back, ready to draw it if they became aggressive. She focused particularly on the one with the furs and skulls. This one looked like a one of the Cathulii desert tribespeople, a ferocious and primitive culture, and the skull supported this theory. She clenched her hands into loose fists without even thinking about it.

"Nothing of great interest, desert dweller. Just a coincidental meeting of civilised folk at the pass."

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