We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Walking outside Tiberius raised his hand and large slabs of Earth, each weighing several tons, began to rise from the ground. He calmly answered Lyra and Rita. "Yes, I am General Tiberius. But I know not how you arrived here." He looked to Beatrice and the armored woman. "May I borrow one of your guns? We seem to have an unsightly addition to the grounds." He asked with a calm smile.

Savranth led Tao and the young woman to the Mess Hall. Inside, they would spot a few soldiers eating food and several cooks handing out what has been made.
"If you're hungry, you may eat here. I'll stay and make sure you don't get into any trouble." Savranth said to them.

Jessica glanced over at Ness curiously. "Learn? Where I come from, you've either got it, or you don't. Either that, or you acquire some. Never heard of anyone just 'learning' magic."
Jessica heard Tiberius and shrugged, then followed after him. Maybe I can get the name of this planet. That would certainly be a big help. She gave an impressed sounding 'Oooh' as Tiberius caused slabs of Earth to rise up.
As she followed after Tiberius, she announced to the others who were following him for answers, "I believe I could also try and shed some light on a few things. Especially for those of you who might be confused as to why you're even here to begin with."

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seeing as she managed to get in to the camp unnoticed, Saya quickly found herself a hiding place and observed the Humans near her, writing down general notes about them as she watched.

Steiner followed Rita "Well knowing of this technology would greatly help in battle" He than put his helmet back on "Say I did not catch your name, what is it"

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"How is it that you're able to command these stones to rise so easily? Is there a device on your hands? And how is it that the stone can become humanoid in form and walk and breathe?" Dal'Sheed tried to make the questions as paced as possible.

The armored woman motioned to "Beatrice" to relinquish her pistol, as "Beatrice" heavily sighed giving up the weapon, if abit rudely.

The woman sighed disapprovingly. "Please do excuse her attitude, it would seem that its a side-effect of her recent defrosting."

"Good. Really don't feel like pissing off the general this early in the game." Lyra told Tao. she then watched the general, a bit nervous about him asking for a weapon when she saw no real targets.

Ness looks back at Jessica and puts her hand to her chin. "Interesting... where I come from, the internal power the body draws on to create/use magic can be increased or intensified through study or training. Although natural talent does trump hard work ...sadly, I've always been under the guise that magic could be learned even by the untalented. ...And what do you mean by 'aquiring magic'? Aside from one colleague of mine, I've never seen that sort of thing happen."

Noting the armored figure's helmet transforming, she gives her a curious look before looking at the sky as Tiberius lifted up the slabs. This may prove to be a learning experience...

Seeing Tiberius lift several slabs of earth out of the ground, Loki gave the now floatin slabs a curious look. Interesting. Magic of this kind, I have never seen. Quite potent, by the look of things. Yes, I do believe it is for the better that I found myself here, rather then Earth. Smiling mischievously once more, Loki tapped the gem on the scepter again, before stopping doing that and turning to Tiberius again. "I needn't repeat my previous questions, I hope." he said, saying it like a statement, rather then a question.

Tao galloped up to the cooks and started drooling on them. "Tao smells your food, meow. Gimme, gimme, gimme!" she said to them.

Echo curiously watched the general go about his business.

"I merely used my Magic to make them rise. Nothing more. As a Master of Earth magic, this is trivial."
"Think nothing of it. I've dealt with worse. My wife was quiet difficult to defrost as you said."
Tiberius said with a smile before turned back to the formation and twirled the pistol for a second, before stopping and stopping at the rock formation.

"In due time, my friends." he said to Loki and the others, as he fired.

The cooks would give Tao whatever she wanted.

Steiner came up to Dal'Sheed "Well we are in a mage nation so he's probably using magic. I thought you would have figured that out by now traveler"

The young woman looked on as Tao instantly ran off to get food, she then turned to Savranth. "Mr. Savranth, if it were possible, can I ask you some question about... all of this? This land is confusing, and if it weren't for my stomach I would have stayed with... the general? Tiberius?"

If it's magic, and it's something that is mundane for these people, I don't think I'll get a much deeper answer than that.

"Any form of mage or magic has only existed in myth and legend to us D'ni a scarce number of times. We don't necessarily focus or learn anything in the realm of magic. I've seen technology in other civilizations in worlds and Ages that produced similar effects. Levitation, matter compression, fireballs... the list goes on. I can never be too sure if it's magic or technology." He said to Steiner.

Loki groaned in irritation upon hearing Tiberius refrain from answer his question once again. After taking a breath, Loki turned around and entered the main building from wich he just came. Walking up to the secretary's desk, Loki looked at her, irritation begining to show on his face. "Hello. If you could lend me your ear; What, pray tell, is realm called, and what is this place in paticular?" he asked, raising his left hand and slowly sweeped it around to when he spoke of "this place in paticular" to accentuate his point, then rested his hand on the desk. As he spoke, he softly tapped the blade of the scepter against the desk.

Echo crouched and silently shrieked as the general suddenly shot. She looked around worriedly, wondering if this was a trap of if they were being attacked.

Tao sloppily and noisily devoured as much food as the cook presented to her. When she was finally satisfied she made her way to a flat, warm surface and laid down for a nap.

The pistol had a powerful kickback, similar to a Desert Eagle in the 21st Century. It was just as loud too.

The woman gave a very small smile before saying. "Maybe so... Excuse my own rudeness, as I had not introduced myself. I am Captain Noel Jennifer Linden. A pleasure it is to meet you." After her sentence, her face returned back to its usual stoic appearance. It was kinda creepy how fast the transition was.

Spotting the rocks, Noel rubbing her chin alittle in thought.

"As you wish." Savranth answered the young woman.

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Jessica smiled a bit as she found herself enjoying her discussion with Ness. "Where I come from, some, like myself, are gifted with the ability to manipulate supernatural energy. Not all are though. And unfortunately, without the gift, it's impossible to naturally use magic. Instead, most of the population makes use of 'spell-stones' when they need magic. Spell-stones are simple objects that have been given a 'purpose' and some magical energy. And they will fulfill that 'purpose' when called upon to do so. It might be easy to just think of a 'purpose' as a magic spell. And when I say acquire, I mean just that, they go out and buy a spell-stone for the purpose they need fulfilled. Pretty much anyone can use spell-stones." She scratched the back of her neck with her left hand and added, "Sorry if that seemed like a lot to take in."
She flinched as Tiberius fired, then began skittishly looking around, as she had momentarily stopped paying attention to the man and didn't know why he had fired. "What was that for?"

"Why would they call themselves a nation of mages if they did not know magic?"

@Salty: Yeah, its just a pistol... Were you expecting something else though?

"Beatrice"s eyes squinted at the loud pistol, but did nothing else except keep her scowl.

Noel kept her neutral face.

"I hardly even know what a mage is beyond maybe using magic. I barely knew what you meant when you called me a mage when I arrived. Like I said, D'ni have never encountered anything magic-wise. Anything like a magi or mage or whatever, is never really explained in detail or touched upon. However.. what magic is... I do know."

Lyra didn't flinch at the shot, simply watched to see what he was shooting at.

"Why it's pretty easy to find out that mages use magic. They are both very similar words"

Ness shakes her head a bit, smiling as well. "No, no, thank you for the explanation. It seems the places we come from play by different rules when it comes to the use of magic. I'd like to see one of these spell-stones once we've got ourselves settled somewhere, if you wouldn't mind."

She looks over a Tiberius firing the gun and raises an eyebrow. "They seem highly distrusting of anything mechanical in this nation... This may not bode well for me. "

"Thank you very much, now if I may." She said as she quickly requested for the food from the cooks, thanking them whole heartily for their efforts.

She then sat down on one of the more empty tables, and didn't wait for Savranth before digging in.

Echo vaguely heard some of the other people talking about magic and wished she could join in the conversation, but she just resigned herself to listening intently to what they were saying.

"True. But this place isn't familiar to me in the slightest. Mages? Magic? Metallic soldiers that are machines? I've never seen that in the 20 years as a Maintainer. The machines that we use in my home are electrical and steam powered, but nothing to the extent of walking machines with mechanical hands."

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"Why this is Xiphatia, sir. Why do you ask?" The raccoon-like secretary told Loki rather perplexed.

Tiberius's arm didn't flinch, despite the recoil. "This is Xiphatia..." Tiberius said before he continued firing the gun several more times. He fired it with the speed one would expect of a fully automatic gun, despite the fact that it was not, until it was out of shells.
"I must say I was half expecting this gun to be more powerful..."

He turned to the group with superhuman speed, waving his hand as ice formed from the water in the air and surrounded them as spikes. "Now tell me what people from the nation of Alnilam are doing here? You have no business in Xiphtatia." Flames surrounded the group and Tiberius, even as a wind began to blow all around them.

"Tell me your intentions and I promise no harm will befall you. You should know a General of Xiphatia is among the strongest mages in the world. And I am no exception."

Savranth sat with the Young Woman. "I didn't get your name..." He said, putting the pistol on the table.
He looked back out towards the door, seeing the telltale signs of high level fire magic. "Looks like the General is interrogating them. I hope they don't try anything stupid, for their sake. He won't harm them as long as they answer him. Otherwise... Well, he is among the World's Strongest. I heard he defeated entire battalions by himself in the War."

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"Really your using steam power. My land has been using mist and just recently used steam but anyway I'm going to get something to eat" He said jogging off in his rusty armour

Noel eyed the ice spikes, a sliver of a smile appeared for a nanosecond before resume her neutral face. "Beatrice" grabbed the hilt of her sword. Keeping her voice completely neutral, Noel said.

"This nation of Alnilam... That is not where we are from. Both of us are not of this world. If anything, we only wish to leave this planet without meddling too much in any of these affairs that you are having with this opposing nation."

"I know not what you speak of general. All I know is that the great hunt has been called again, and that there is an imbalance in this world. I am here to help correct the imbalance, whatever the imbalance may be. I assume my allies are here to do the same. I know not how I arrived on this world, or what I am expected to do here, but I believe the spirit of the hunt has guided us to you to help us learn of our path." Lyra said, slowly reaching down to tap one of the skulls hanging from her belt, like a nervous tic.

I suppose there's no room for any excuses or made up stories.

"I-I am not sure how they got here. We followed a man in blue and found some mechanical soldiers who then pulled guns on us." He paused. "I am from D'ni. And I'm Dal'Sheed, a Maintainer. My job is to see how stable worlds are and document them for my civilization. As a Maintainer, I want to ensure that the conflict here is settled so that the world won't collapse."

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