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Also, back

"My name... Sasha. I have many questions, but the most important right now is, where is this place. I've never heard of any of these names before, or even those metal monsters from earlier." Sasha said while continuing to eat her food.

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Ness turns around and looks at the spikes, her hand instinctively reaching into her pocket. She didn't pull out her device just yet, as she spoke to the General. "I'm not from this world, General. Hearing from the others in the group, neither are they. I'm not sure why they're here, but I came to this dimension to take a break from a war I've been fighting in for a long while. We don't mean you any harm or anything of that like."

After regaining her composure, Jessica replied to Ness, "Certainly. I don't mind showing you something from my universe." She dropped her voice down low before continuing, "So long as you don't talk too openly about it, okay? If these lot are distrustful of mechanical things, what I could show you just might raise a few flags, and I'd rather not take the risk of them knowing about it."

Suddenly seeing herself surrounded by ice and fire, Jessica began to panic again. No no no no, what do I do?! She frantically reformed the magical glyphs around her head once again.
Whatever you do, do not run. Not unless you absolutely have to. Running away in this situation will only make you look guilty.
Okay, okay...okay Jessica thought as she took several deep breaths, trying to calm herself down.
"I-I don't even know about these two nations you're talking a-about sir. I'm just here to do r-research on the Dimensional Anomaly a-affecting this place." She replied to Tiberius, her obvious nervousness showing through her occasional stuttering.

Echo screamed again as she moved away from the spikes and started shivering in fear again.

"Why?" Loki began, then stopped tapping the scepter against the desk and look over his shoulder upon hearing the sounds of fire burning and strong winds blowing. Seeing that both these things, as well as shards of ice hovering in the air, were surrounding the group that had stayed with Tiberius, Loki formed a small grin before asuming a neutral expression and looking back to the secretary. I knew I was wise to not linger there. Regardless, I had best take precautions so that I shall not end up facing what they do now after all. Looking at the secretary, Loki created an astral projection of himself on the exact spot where he was currently standing, making it imposible that it had been created. When done, the real Loki turn invisible in an instant and stepped aside, leaving the projction. Now then... "I ask, for I have never heard of such a place, even with my extensive knowledge of the Nine Realms. I came here by means I know not how." he explained. As he spoke the projection seemed to do the talking rather then Loki himself, even Loki's voice came from the projection, making it imposible to know the real Loki was standing elsewhere without having some manner of sixth sense. "You answered only one of my questions, however. So, "Xiphatia", is that the name of this realm in its entirety, or the name of this land in paticular?"

OOC: Also, I think D'ni's steam power is along the lines of modern day power stations. And I believe it's geothermal. They need to have enough power to compress stone into a condensed material. That's my guess.

The shards of ice turn to water and fall to the ground with a splash. The fire dies down and the winds ease. "I knew that none of you were from the nation of Alnilam. Because there is no such nation. Alnilam is the name of this world. If you were from here, you would know that. I suspected you were not when I saw your appearances. And the fact that I can use this gun confirms that." Tiberius says as he holds up and looks at the gun, then walks over and hands it to Beatrix. "Please forgive MY rudeness."

He steps back and continues. "You see a mage of Xiphatian can not use the technology of Legaia, our neighbor to the South. If they did it would explode. If that had happened, you all and I would have died just now. However, since that didn't happen, I can safely assume you are not from our world. Forgive the deception, but I had heard that Volarian and my son had gone off looking for spies. I had to be sure."

"Well Sasha, this is Xiphatian territory. South of here is the nation of Legaia, our enemy, a nation of cursed technology." Savranth explains.

"Xiphatia is the name of this nation sure. South of here is the nation of Legaia. And to the West lie the Wild Lands. What are you talking about with the Nine Realms? I'm afraid I don't understand." The secretary said to Loki.

Steiner was suddenly stopped a ring of fire and ice "I'm from Alexandria and I am here to right wrongs" He than went to the mess hall

As soon as the magical threat vanished Rita pulled out a book that was strapped to the small of her back and began writing something. So my suspicions were correct, this isn't Terca Lumireis... meaning there is no "Aer" here... she thought

Echo was still shaking and looking nervously at the general.

Tao continued to sleep despite what was happening around her, snoring a bit.

Ness gives a little sigh of relief as Tiberius' spells stop. "You're quite... scary, General. My heart felt like it was beating in my head..."

Turning back to Jessica, she nods slightly. "If you wish, I'll show you something from my universe as well. I'd consider it analogous to your spell-stones. It may end up raising flags as well, so we should exchange information somewhere a bit private. "

Dal'sheed had to breathe deeply a lot to cool his heart rate down so that he could speak without anxiety.

"Well, that explains some of the situation and the tension. But why does the technology explode? And why would it explode in the hands of people from a specific nation?"

"Fair enough then. Seems a strange setup, technology wise, since I was never aware anything would cause a certain tech type to explode. Can't fault you for the design of that trap though. So, what is going on? Because I was serious when I spoke of the great hunt. This wouldn't have happened unless we were needed here." her hand moves away from the skull.

"The Nine Realms?" You couldn't posibly comprehend the concept, even if I did explain. "Simply put, it is where I am from. Since you never heard of the Nine Realms, I assume that this one is not connected to them. So, this realm, or rather, this unconnected world. What is it called?" Loki asked the secretary, then paused. "And on an unrelated note, but one that intrigues me regardless. What are you? Evidently, human, you are not."

"Cursed? So this cursed technology... is that one? The loud noise making?" She gestured to the gun, not trusting it after her first experience with it. "But the kingdoms of Xiphatias and Legaia, I've never heard of such places."

Well, good thing I didn't give him MY pistols. They are DNA ID locked like every Warden and Vanguard in the field. But then again, that raises the question, why weren't hers? Unless she is still a recruit and had completed her Awakening then.... We are in danger.

"You were well within your right to use tactics like such." Noel simply said, giving no trance of her thoughts.

"Thanks." Jackass Beatrice mumbled, tucking her pistol away.

Jessica tried to breath easily once the display of fire and ice was over, but had to brace herself on her knees and breath deeply a few times. Her tail, which until now had been concealed in her coat, unfurled itself and began to occasionally wag in annoyance. "Impressive...though that was...I think it may...have been a bit much." She said, pausing to breath every few words. Cursed technology that explodes when magic touches it? This certainly begs looking into.

Standing back up at her usual posture, she got her breathing under control before speaking to Ness again. "Oh! That sounds quite interesting. I look forward to the time when we can get a moment to exchange information."

She looked over at Lyra curiously. Great Hunt? Maybe she knows something about the Anomaly. I'll have to try and speak with her about it.

You alright?
I'm fine! Jessica thought as she dismissed the glyphs once again.

"I do apologize for the deception, but you must understand that I still couldn't rule out the possibility that you were spies. As the defender of my nation's border here, I must be diligent. I do hope you can understand and forgive me." Tiberius explained.

Hearin Dal'Sheen, he explained."An wise question, but difficult to answer. None in Xiphatian or Legaia truly knows why, I believe. Testing it proves rather... deadly. Our best guess is that some sort of energy surrounds the technology making it incompatible with the magic that permeates from the bodies of the mages of Xiphatia. Even being in the presence of a mage for extended periods of time can leave the device inert. Beyond that, I know little else. I'm sorry that I can't help you with understanding that."

"Yes. Should a mage such as myself try to use it, it would explode and deal a considerable amount of damage to the surrounding area. I think you can understand why we view it as cursed." Savranth explained.
"Those are the nations of this world, Sasha. I can't really explain much else. Where are you from?"

"I have truly never heard of them, sir. And I am a beastkin. There are many of us in this world. Though... We aren't always accepted. I'm one of the few Beastkin in the Xiphatian military. General Tiberius was quite kind to let me serve. Though... I understand some of the men think he... Well, let's just say I hear his wife died nearly 20 years ago..."

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Ness smiles warmly and nods toward Jessica. She tilts her head a bit as he notices the Doctor's tail wagging about and the ears she had failed to notice earlier. "Oh my. You're part cat, Jessica? " Dimensional Anomaly...? I'll ask more about that later, I doubt she'd want to talk about that in the open. Ness puts her hand to her chin again as she takes out her PDA and starts scrolling through the overlays again. That gun I scanned earlier... I might be able to run more tests by digistructing it... Where is-- God, I've got to clean my storage out again soon...

Echo shuffled on her feet as she had nothing to contribute.

"You are forgiven, and I must commend your loyalty to the state." Noel simply said as "Beatrice" gripped her head, as if having a headache.

Loki would have began being irritated again upon hearing the secretary had yet to answer his question as to what the world was called, were it not for the fact that some of the other information proved to be rather interesting. "Hmm. I see... These beastkin. Why is it they are not accepted? And what is this about the General's wife?" he asked, eager to hear more about both subjects.

I guess I'll just have to roll with this thing to the very end. Despite the lack of information.

"It at least explains some portion of the situation. So that does help, thank you. S-so then if Legaia produces the cursed weaponry, how long has this nation been producing such equipment? Has it been that way since the wars started hundreds of years ago? I heard from your son that there were many wars over the course of centuries."

Lyra watched the general ignore her for the most part, seeming to not care what she said. She sighed and headed into the mess hall, grabbing some food and eating. Bored, she began tapping at her bracer, pulling up a holographic display and running through some graphs.


Sasha held her utensil for a moment, bringing her other hand to the back of her neck, her head still covered by the hood. "If you please, I would like a different topic..." She said softly, her sleeve from her arm looked like it had seen better days, although not ripped, was definitely well worn.

"Yeah, I suppose sometimes you have to be a little drastic when it comes to defending your home." Jessica offhandedly replied to Tiberius. "So, you wouldn't happen to know about the Dimensional Anomaly affecting this place, would you?" She asked the man. "Because if not, I believe I could shed some light on some things regarding why all these people are here." She added, saying it somewhat loudly so as to possibly attract the attention of the other who were nearby.

Jessica furrowed her brow a little at what Ness had said. "I, and the rest of my kind, prefer to be referred to as Feline, if you don't mind."

Hearing someone shuffling about, Jessica turned and noticed Echo. She curiously sniffed at the air in the girl's direction a few times before twisting her face into a look of disgust. "Ugh. What is that? It smells like a curse, almost."

Without looking up from her book Rita asked "So what exactly do you want from us?"

Echo looked at Jessica and rubbed her arm selfconsciously.

Tao continued to snore loudly as she slept in the mess hall.

"Yes, but it has been this way for an extremely long time. Thousands of years. And our two nations have never trusted one another. Each seems to blame the other for the problem. Honestly, I know not how true any of that is. I only know that this is the state of events. We almost achieved peace 20 years ago with the forming of the city of Vallencheirn, a city built by both nations, but that was shattered. Both nations claim the other attacked them. I was at that city, and even I know not what happened. But my wife was... lost at that time. I took my son, Savranth, and raised him on my own, with little other choice. I think he blames Legaia for the loss of his mother, before he ever knew her..."

Tiberius looked to Rita. "I want nothing from you, child. But you all may stay the night here, if you wish. You can leave tomorrow. I have no need to keep you and you all should work to find a way home. I fear the drums of war maybe beating in the distance."

He nods to Jessica. "If you would be so kind as to enlighten us. I must confess that I know very little of that. I've never heard of any such thing ever happening before. This is most peculiar."

"What would you wish to discuss, then?" Savranth seeing that Lyla had entered the Mess Hall and realizing that the interrogation must be over.

"All I know is that they say she died not long after his son was born." The secretary replied. "As for your other question... We beastkin are an oddity. It's rare, but on occasion, a child is born to parents that is.... different. A pair of Xiphatian parents may have a child that can not use magic, for example. Some seem to think we are unreliable because of this..."

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Ness looks and bows her head. "My apologies, I didn't mean to be offensive." Turning to Echo, she tilts her head a bit. Noting Jessica's sniffing, she comes to the conclusion that she can smell magic... or something like that. But just to be sure... "This girl's cursed? How can you tell?"

Ness walks over to Echo and smiles at her. "It's alright. Can you tell us your name, miss?"

Noel noticing "Beatrice"s 'headache' motioned to her. "Go get something to eat, we can discuss what will happen later."

"What are you my mom?" she said with slight indignation. A second later, her stomach growled. "Tch. Fine..." she started to make her way into the mess hall.

Noel raised her eyebrow at Jessica with her neutral face before turning her attention back to Tiberius, listening in to the story.

Upon reaching the mess hall, "Beatrice" noticed Lyra with her holograms with a roll of her eyes. Seeing the strange catgirl, Tao, sleeping, she heavily sighed. "Stupid cat..."

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Rita lowered her book and shrugged "That doesn't concern me, but I want to know something. You can use magic despite the lack of the things required to use magic where I'm from. How exactly does magic work here?"

OoC: And apparently there is a limit on how much a post can display... Who knew?

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"Tell us your name." Echo blurted nervously.

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