We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Well..." Sasha thought for a quick second. "If this whole land is filled with magic...what kinds are... there..?" She eventually came up with. "Or that raccoon... woman... in the building before, is she from here? I haven't seen any other ones, well except for her." Sasha pointed at Tao snoozing.

Steiner went over to Ness with a huge plate of food like one of the ones you see in Scooby-Doo "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything but would you like any of the food"

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"Mmmm, *snore* I guess Tao could eat a little more, if you insist *snore*, meow *snore*." Tao muttered as she slept.

Lyra looked over to Beatrice and glared. "I'm sorry, did I say something to annoy you? Because its usually after I open my mouth that people get pissed at me."

OoC @Salty mostly meant Lyra offering to explain 'the great hunt' and not being noticed, for the most part.

Loki nodded upon hearing the explaination on the subject of Tiberius' wife. Although he wanted to inquire further, he refraied from doing so, figuring that for a stranger to ask that many questions on such a subject would raise suspicions, something he was aiming to avoid. "Yes, I have heard every person in this... Xiphatia uses magic. I can see how a child being born that cannot is thought to be an odd case. But what of these other nations you spoke of?" Loki asked, pausing for a moment as he recalled their names. "Legaia and the Wild Lands, was it? I saw several soldiers in grey uniforms prior to coming to this building, and since those who work here seem to wear blue uniform, I can only assume the were part of another nation. And they did not use magic, rather then firearms and machines."
Even having noticed literal firestorm had subsided, and upon hearing Jessica say she could posibly explain how he and the others came to this strange world, Loki remained where he was, finding the subjects the secretarry spoke of to be far mor interesting. And still being suspicious of the general, he kept up the projection.

Jessica nodded her head to Tiberius, then turned to address the folks who were still outside. "Right, currently this is only a hypothesis, so I cannot be absolutely sure that this is truly the case. But, I believe that there is something that has drawn these people to this place. This has actually been recorded as having happened by my people on multiple occasions. We call it a Dimensional Anomaly. Some unseen force, for whatever reason, has plucked these people from their homes or diverted them here while they were on their way to another place. I'm actually here to study the Anomaly, try and determine why it has occurred, and return those who have been displaced to their rightful dimensions...if that's even possible." She explained.

She turned so she was specifically addressing Ness, "Oh it's fine. We just don't like being called 'part-cat'. It comes with the slight implication that we're less than people. At least, that's how we see it." glancing back over at Echo, she answered Ness' question, "Well, I've spent so much time around magic that I can tell it's presence by scent. There's some magic in that girl that just smells awful, so I assume it's a curse of some kind." Hearing Echo's response, she pondered aloud, "Perhaps it has something to do with the way she speaks?"

"I see... Have you tried to use magic here, miss?" Tiberius asked a little surprised.
"Here magic is everywhere. We mages are sort of like fountains of magic. And we can use that to interact with and manipulate the world. Sometimes simply by altering the flow in our own bodies, as with physical magic. Other times by manipulating the elements and the magic that flows through them, as with Elemental magic. With Healing magic, you channel your energy into another and facilitate the healing process at a greater rate. Doctors use this to heal patients of virtually any illness. And Shield magic is rather difficult, but effectively you form a barrier using that latent magical energy."

He turns and looks at Jessica. "Interesting. As I said before, though, I have never heard of such a thing happening before. However, there may be some cause for it."

"There are three major schools of magic. Elemental, Physical, and Mystic." Savranth said, then looked to Tao. "Oh them? They're beastkin. They're all over the place. I hear there's an entire village of them to the North of here, in a place called Everwood."

"Well, Sir, Legaia is South of here. It's a nation of technology. They use guns, and other such things. I understand the soldiers all have suits that enhance their physical abilities a small amount, and even giant machines similar to our Golems. And the Wild Lands are merely and untamed area East of here. A few people live there, though."

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"Like what you did just now; open that mouth of yours?" Beatrice growled out, still gripping her head. But it didn't seem that she was growling at Lyra, but more towards her own headache. Walking over to Tao, she poked at her. "Why is this... thing sleeping here? Aren't there beds?"

Noel kept her silent, having the word 'magic'.

Magic has a science of its own... "Forgive me General Tiberius, but I am getting rather tired, and would wish to know of a place to stay for the night.

Ness nods toward Jessica a bit, confirming her suspicions. "I see... I'd assume it would be something like this, but just to make sure, we should see if anything else prompts a different response other than mimicry. As for the Dimensional Anomaly theory of yours... " She pauses before simply cutting off her thoughts with a "Nevermind." and turns toward Echo. "Miss, can you please not restate this sentence in any form?"

Interesting phenomena. I wonder if the so called 'magical' energy was an unknown side effect in the description of this Age. Remember, if it exists, then there must be something written in the book that allows it to exist. Strange. I wonder if the writer intended this to happen.

OoC: @Salt, well that's a pretty big issue...
"No, I haven't tried it. I wouldn't be so foolish as to attempt something as complex as magic without understanding how it works here." Something about the last part of what Tiberius had said also caught her attention "Wait, you said you can perform healing magic here?"

"Yeah, something like that." Lyra said to her question. To her addressing Tao, Lyra said " Be grateful she's not actively grabbing someone else's breasts right now. She seems to have a disturbing fascination with them. Hey, you want some painkillers? Seems like you're hurting a fair bit right now."

Echo gave a visible effort to do as she was told, but was unable to comply no matter how hard she tried. "Can not." she said rather miserably. When she heard Jess talk about magic being in her, she took out her wand and sent off a little show of lights over the girls head to display her meager talents.

Tao lightly batted at the woman's finger and she snored and slept, a dreamy smile on her face.

"I see. And this prejudice against beastkin, is it as severe in Legaia as it is here? Or at least, I assume the isseu is severe here, as, excluding those thatfind themselves as displaced as I, I have yet to see any other of your kind, while there is many a human walking about." Loki asked, his projection still talking is if it were real, while the true Loki turned towards the door to observe what those outside where doing.

"Everwood? Maybe I should ask for a map of some kind later, without any meaning to them, these places feel like just words. And elemental magic would be like... fire? Physical would be... OH! That's how you were moving faster earlier wasn't it? And mystic... I have no idea..." If Savranth was really paying attention, he would notice Sasha had bitten her lip, if unnerved about something.

ooc: Ok, I've read the general info, but what has actually happened?

Tiberius looks to Noel. "Why, yes, miss. But no need to be so formal. You are not of Xiphatia. You may call me Tiberius. Before I came to meet you, I told Volarian to set up beds for you in the Barracks. They are behind the Main building, you can't miss them. We are shorthanded due to a bad scheduling. Our Airship is out restocking our supplies AND our soldiers and Golems are almost all gone due to a change in personnel. I didn't think this would be too much of an issue for just a few days, but seeing as what has just happened, I hope they return sooner rather than later. In the meantime, this affords you all plenty of bedding."

He looks to Rita. "A wise policy, I assure you. And, yes, we can. As I said, we can heal nigh anything. Even illnesses like cancer. As a result, the Xiphatian life expectancy is a bit longer than the Legaian. Why do you ask?"

"We'll see about that Sasha. And yes, Elemental magic is like fire, as well as wind, earth, lightning, and water. And yes, I was using High Speed Movement magic to move faster, which is a discipline of Physical magic. Mystic is like the shield I formed earlier. Healing is also classified as such." Savranth explained.

"I believe so sir... I can't say I really know about Legaian culture. We beatskin have formed some ties to each other to facilitate transferring such children when necessary. Which I'm sure doesn't help our image to those of the nations." The secretary explained. "Why are you so curious?"

Steiner sat down next to Ness with his giant plate of food "It's not a dimensional anomality or whatever. What I think happened is a mage was trying to teleport us here to help us in his quest like that of the tribe of summoners long ago"

"Simple, there is no healing magic where I'm from."

Ness looks at the small lightshow and nods to herself. "It seems this girl does have a magical ability to her. It makes sense that she'd be cursed... although not knowing why is a damper on helping her overcome it." Suddenly, the fedora girl goes into deep thought for a moment and mumbles to herself. "A young girl... cursed to mimic others... I've heard of this before..... Was it...?" She slowly goes back to her PDA and starts shifting through various audio logs on the overlay.

Looking over at Steiner, Ness shakes her head. "Thank you for the offer, but I'll decline for now. And I assure you, if a tribe of mages wanted to protect something, they would send for someone much more powerful than I. I could name numerous people that could fit that description. ...Not to underappreciate you or anyone else's skills,"

"Beatrice" blinked several times hearing about Tao's fascination with breasts, but shrugged it off. "I'll be fine..."I think... she said, gritting her teeth slightly as the headache worsened. She frowned and poked at Tao again. "Wake up. You're not supposed to be asleep in a dinning area."

Noel closed her eyes, crossing her right arm over her chest, hand in a fist. Her left arm crossed right at her waist, her hand too balled into a fist. Tilting her head down, she gave a curtsy, extending her left leg back.

"Call it as you may, but this is about as much informality I can give to a superior, of this world or not. Formality is a given in the Empire, and I apologize that if it may seem rude for our first acquaintance. But now, I shall retire. Good night General. Everyone." Getting back up right and opening her eyes, she started to walk over to the Barracks.

"Why does the subject interest me you ask?" Loki replied, having come up with an explaination almost the moment he started asking questions about the relationship between beastkin and humans. "Subjects such as these have always--for a lack of better words--fascinated me. In the place from whence I came, prejudice against another species, or even race, exsists in all of the Nine Realms in some form or another. I am always interested in why. Why is it some are viewed to be inferior to others?" he explained, then paused. "So, if you are willing? May I indulge my curiousity further?"

"Healing and running faster sound actually sound interesting." She said with a little smile, but a glint from the gun caught her eye again. "So if this technology is so dangerous, shouldn't you get rid of it? I don't even understand why someone would make such a thing that only makes loud noises..." She finished, having left her plate virtually spotless.

A portal appears a few feet away from the front of the main building, and out of it come a knight who says to himself "Another universal anomaly. How odd; these things seem to becoming more frequent as of late. Where am I this time?"

Jessica turned to Tiberius and said, "That's what I'm here to find out. Honestly, I can't be entirely sure that there even is a reason. But this conflict between your people and this Legaia certainly bears looking into as a possible cause. Most of the data my people have on these Anomalies shows a pattern of those affected getting involved in a conflict of sorts." She simply rolled her eyes at Steiner when she heard what he said.

Jessica's ears twitched as she heard Ness. She turned her attention back to her and curiously asked, "Hmm? Did you have something to wanted to say about my hypothesis?" She was then distracted by Echo's light show. "Huh. Looks like the girl's got more than just a curse kicking around in her." She heard Ness mumbling to herself and glanced back at her. "Is something up?"

"Seriously, you'll want to stop that. She'll wake up and have your chest in a vice grip before you can blink. I mean, do it at your own risk, or suffer. I really don't feel like seeing if I can pry her off of you." Lyra warned, tapping at the hologram a few times to pull up a view of a ship.

"Meow...*snore*" was all Tao said to Bea as she continued to sleep.

Echo smiled a bit sheepishly as she looked at Ness and Jess (heh).

"And with that, I might go to sleep as well. Goodnight, Tiberius. You've been a good host." He walked towards the bed room.

Once he was there he took off his Maintainer suit that was made of Deretheni, the compacted stone. He got his inventory pouch and got out some clothing for sleeping. He got himself dressed and got into bed. He did have a sizable muscular physique on him, a testament to how much his suit weighs.
I thought I would be sleeping somewhere else for my first day here. But this is just fine.

I wish I could make better contact with the group members here. A knight who thinks that everything magical is obvious, and a girl who can't understand whatever I say. Damn, this world is a mess. But I want to fix this world without telling the writer he needs to spend more time and ink fixing the numerous corrections to the civilization he put in here. He sighed and rubbed his face as he tucked in. He locked up his pouch that carried the linking book back to D'ni.

At least the girl was interested despite her confusion. Maybe she hasn't seen a book before. It could be the case. I gotta have hope that I can work this out.

And then he fell asleep.

"Why maybe they needed brains instead of brawns. And Maybe they are just learning to summon things or perhaps several people were summoning their greatest summons. Who am I to question my summoner" He said before eating a sandwich

"I see. Well that is rather understandable as to why you would be surprised." Tiberius replied to Rita.

He looks to Noel. "As you wish, miss. I'll not force the issue." Tiberius replies before she walks off.
"That is curious... It has never happened before. I don't know why such a thing would happen now. But you are welcome to investigate as you wish." Tiberius said to Jessica.

He walks over to Echo. "You say this girl is cursed? I wonder if I could remove it using my own Healing magic. It rivals that of a doctor."

"Yes, they are nice. I am only Novice level in healing, though. I'm only able to heal lesser injuries." Savranth replies, looking at the gun. "I intend to, but first, I must put it on file, to ensure this isn't an advancement or change in design. We have to be vigilent in this sort of thing."
"I have no idea why people make such things. There are some who follow a religion that claims those from Legaia turned their back on God and lost his divine power of magic. So they had to find something else, and then took to war against the Holy nation of Xiphatia. I don't hold stock in such fancies, though."

"I'm almost afraid to ask..." The secretary replies...

OoC: @Demon: I lost track of Steiner. Where is he right now?

Sable walks into the main building looking for someone to get information from

Sable would find Loki talking to the secretary.

Ness calmly brings up an audio log named "1st Run Extraction". As she begins to play it, Ness looks at Echo with a smile. "Do you recognize either of these voices?" Turning to Jess, she nods. "Exploring a possible link, as for your hypothesis, we'll need to talk about it later." As Tiberius offers to help, Ness gives him a nod. "We might as well try. Hopefully, it won't make her life worse."

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