We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Hello. How many rooms do you need?" The receptionist asked.

Arron went up to Lyra "Let's turn into a soup as punishment" He said licking his lips

"A fair point, tell me, what do you think of the war anyways?"

Jessica glanced back over her shoulder and noticed Tao didn't seem to be following after her. "No, it wasn't a..." Wait a minute...I don't know for certain that that wasn't some kind of rape ghost...It did kinda look like a ghost now that I think about it... "Yeah we should start running again. Do you know any good places to hide?" She said to the girl.

"in case there scared of talking cats, I'll be whispering to you ok?" Blair said to Echo. "Meow!" She called out as she was carried inside the reception.

OoC: @Outis, have to be honest, your doing a good job.
@Drak, and made me chuckle as well xD

"Why not sell it to a hospital? If the nanites can rebuilt any matter, they should be able to repair nearly any wound, no?" Loki asked Geo, meaning for him to confirm if it was posible to use nanites for what Loki himself would use nanites for.

Ness thinks back to the hotel in Pewtercove. "...I think we'll need... 5 rooms."

"Whispering, okay." Echo said, imitating Blair's quite tone. She found a place to sit and started petting Blair again.

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"Yeah. We can hide at my mom's. She's close on the other side of the field. We tend to keep to ourselves." The girl says as she starts running off. Towards the North-East corner of the town.

"Five rooms. That will be 500 Credits." The receptionist replies.

"War sucks. No one wants it. Don't get me wrong, I'm no pacifist and I can hold my own in a fight, but I am not jumping up and down for a chance to go to war." Geo answered Rita's question.

He looks at Loki. "Well, they are still in the testing phase. And while they can break down and repair inorganic matter, I have yet to test it on organic matter."

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"Shut up, you dumbass. Bigots aren't listened to when it comes to punishing the people they're bigoted against." she said to Arron, before turning back to Tao. "Well, I guess you just can't ever get to the planet of boobies and fish. Shame to, I was so willing to take you there."

"Really? All these weapons, I would think you were leading the charge."

Blair purred and ears twitched as Echo petted her. "Mew Mew Mew!" She called out, as she looked around the inn from her position.

Geo rolls up his sleeve to reveal a cybernetic arm. "Like I said, they are tools. Just because one person misuses them, doesn't mean everyone will. And..." He then rolls up the other sleeve revealing the same thing. [color=red]"I may be well armed, but it's not like I hurt anyone."

"Oh can I go instead of her. Also I am not bigoted. I'm just killing the threat before it arises, In my line of jobs you don't want to meet a nacatal on the battle field."

Echo smiled at Blair's kitty act as she kept petting her.

"...Meow?" Tao said to Lyra, still looking puzzled.

"And don't make me smack you again, meow." she said to Arron angrily.

@Hatchy & @Salty: Yay! I'm still funny!

"Thanks." Jessica simply replied to the girl, than ran after and followed her.

""No one wants war?" That's quite the incorrect statement. If none would want to wage war, no one would." Loki remarked in regards to Geo's statement to Rita. "Throughout the ages, there have been many who were hardly opposed to the idea of war, for whatever reason. And there will be countless more following their example in times yet to come." When Geo revealed his cybernetic arms, Loki briefly looked at them, but wasn't all that interested, seeing only limited potential.

Ness scratches the back of her head a bit as she starts to exit the hotel. "Oh... Let me go talk to a few people. I don't have 500 on me right now..."

"Alright, I believe you." Rita looked around again "What's with the black and white thing?"

OoC: @Outis, Tao was fun to play in 4, like near the start of that thread, where I nearly died of laughter using her.
@Drak, it was well done :)

Blair rested her head on Echo as she enjoyed being petted, her ears were twitching every now and again.

The two girls eventually make it to a small house on the edge of the field. Behind it is a small locked shack.
"We'll be safe in here." The girl says as she opens the door and enters the home.

"Ashley, where have you been? It's late. And you brought home a friend?" The older catwoman said as she saw the two enter, just the slightest hint of irritation in her tone.

"Take your time..." the receptionist says to Vanessa.

Geo shrugs at Loki. Looking at Rita he say. "Makes me unique don't you think?" He points at his hair.

Echo suddenly wished she could help pay for her own room, but she remembered these people didn't take gold, and she didn't have much left anyway. She sighed as she held Blair in her arms.

"Come to think of it... Where is Jessica? Was she right behind us?" Savranth asked.

"Seems kinda pointless to me."

Blair looked at Echo. "do you want to follow Ness or wait here?" Blair asked Echo quietly. "Meow...mew mew!" She quickly called out, as a cover up.

"Oh shut up cat face"

"Don't care what you feel about threats. And if you can't handle her in a straight fight, you've got bigger enemies then her to worry about."

Ness shrugs a bit as she starts to wander around outside. "She was... It's not like I have a tracker on her... It'd be best to split up and try to find her, I guess." This town doesn't seem to be hostile at all...

Loki softly hmm'd as he was ignored and went back to looking over the various iventions Geo had built, trying to gauge wherther or not they could be of use in his plans.

Jessica followed the girl, whose name she now assumed was Ashley, and entered the house. "Oh, um, hello there. My name is Jessica. Jessica Broca." She said, waving and introducing herself to the older cat-woman, as well as the younger one, considering she had yet to introduce herself to her either.

"Wait here." Echo said to Blair quietly. She shifted a bit to get more comfortable on her seat.

"Tao's gonna beat you real bad, meow." Tao said as she started walking menacingly toward Arron.

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Blair then fell asleep in Echo's arms, snoring lightly.

'Well, where did she run off to?" Savranth asks.

"My name is Ashley. And this is my mom."
"Felina. How are you Jessica? And just where did you come from?" The mother asks.

"You're just jealous. I mean your clothes don't even match. At least I look good." Geo retort to Rita.
"Looking for something Loki?"

"Ahahaha! Straight fights! That was just such a great joke alien face. I haven't heard a joke as good as that in sometime" He said keeling over in laughter

Hearing Geo's remark towards Rita, what little annoyance Loki felt was largely replaced by amusement. Hearing Geo say his name, Loki turned back to him. "Not in particular. I was just looking over the various oddities you have collected, and presumably built."

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