We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Ness bows her head down to think then just shakes her head. "No clue... Maybe she's by the shops?"

Rita scowled at Geo "You wanna say that again?"

"I'm alright now. And I just came in from out of town." Jessica replied to Felina. Having had a chance to calm down, she now noticed that the two people she had just met were beastkin. This could be my opportunity to see how these 'beastkin' live! I wonder how many more live around here?

"Worth a shot. Let's look around a bit." Savranth says as he starts to look for Jessica.

"Out of town? That nice. Where are you from?" Ashley asked.
"Would you like a drink?" Felina offered.

Geo laughs. "Relax. I didn't realize you would take it so personally."
He looks to Loki. "Well, some I have, others I bought. You know how it is."

Ness nods silently toward Sav before walking toward the shopping district of the town and looking around.

Lyra smiled. "oh yeah, we know a thing or two about fighting. Thankfully, we aren't fans of straight fighting, which you'll notice in the next few seconds." Marcus and Xyleena moved forward to flank Lyra, seemingly drawn to the idea of a fight.

Tao smacked Arron around with her large paws, seeming quite angry.

"Oh, I, uh, came in from Pewtercove." Not technically a lie. Jessica answered Ashley. "Yes please, that sounds nice." She replied to Felina. She took a moment to look around the farm-house she had found herself in, interested in how it might be decorated.

"Yes..." Loki responded somewhat absent-mindedly, then looked out of the window, seeing it was night. Looking back to Geo, he said, "Is there perhaps anywhere in this place where we might rest for the night? I would loathe to trek back all the way to Fourside in order to find a hotel. Especially at an hour this late."

Rita crossed her arms "Lucky I don't set you on fire." she said under her breath

The shapeshifter was hit by the first hit but dodged the others and than drew his sword "You do not want to test my temper cat"

SHe had a claw mark on his face now

OOC: Tao wasn't using her claws. Just her paws, like blunt objects.

Tao drew her own dagger-like claws and prepared to defend herself.

@All: Anyways...

While the group was in Fourside and Holadino... Two armored figures were clashing with one another, fighting in the air. One of them carried fin funnels while the other one had a very large wrench.

"So you still have it do you?"

"Shadow Haven no Ichiban GunLeon. Got it?" With a clank of their weapons, they flew off in different directions, one towards Fourside while the other one to Holadino.

Savranth looked about the residential area. "This would be a good time to know sensory... Anyway, I hope she's okay..."

Jessica would see that the house was sparsely decorated, but what decorations it did have were a little nicer than she might expect for a farm house in the middle of nowhere. Small cat and even mouse figurines were scatter about the house. A large rug in front of a fire place and plenty of space to lie around.

"Really? How is the lake? Are you going out on a vacation or something?" Ashley asked.
What would you like? Water? Milk? Tea?" Felina's voice could be heard from the kitchen.

"Oh yeah, you two can stay in... my guest room... One minute I need to clean it up..." Geo said as he went off to clean his guest room.


"That is most kind." Loki remarked as he stepped aside to alow Geo through, then looked to Rita. "Hmm... Perhaps it would be prudent that you purchase some new clothing in the future. That way, at least, you would not stand out as much as you do now."


Huh...Who would have thought fighting up in the sky with dangerous mechs and stuff would draw any kind of negative attention...? How...terribly unfortunate...

"I have a better solution. Check up." The one flying towards Fourside suddenly bolted towards the forests below.

"Good luck finding me then." The one flying towards Holadino also bolted as well.

Rita frowned at Loki "Oh yea? And who's gonna pay for it? You?"

As the two took combat stances, the hunters moved forward. Lyra and Marcus moved to prevent Tao from interfering, blocking her sight on Arron. Xyleena disappeared into thin air, her cloaking field active, and moved to get behind Arron.

Jessica smiled a little as she looked around the house. "I'm...not a fan of the lake." Jessica replied to Ashley, remembering her brief and unpleasant experience with the local aquatic wildlife. "And it's more to do with research than a vacation. Currently I'm trying to do fieldwork for my latest assignment." She explained to the girl.
"Tea sounds good. And thank you!" Jessica replied to Felina, raising her voice a little so she could be heard. She kept looking around, examining the walls for paintings or pictures.


"Hey! Why are you getting in Tao's way, meow? I can take care of this jerk myself." Tao said to the two hunters.

OoC @Outis: Know what is an even better plan? Not following orders once said negative attention is recieved. :P

"I scarecely have enough credits to pay for my own needs, let alone that of another."

"You try that..." the transmission suddenly stopped as the mech was nowhere to be seen or tracked.

With another burst of speed, the one heading towards Holidino started heading towards the Xiphataian Forward Base.

Arron glared at Tao "And they call me a dirty fighter, At least I don't use five swords in each hand" He than turned to the predators "Hey bugger off. Or else I'll actually have to use my skills"
OOC: @Outis Also if your wondering why I keep using he. It's because Arron actually is a he but he is a shapeshifter that just happens to take on the form of a woman


Meanwhile in Fourside Steiner was chasing after the mech that flew over head "I will stop these evildoers. I shall find them and face them in single combat"

The walls had paintings that were largely more of the same. As well as pictures of Feline, Ashley and another slightly older black haired baby.

"Still sounds like fun. You're getting to see the world. And that can't be underestimated! Even if you have to study." Ashley said with a smile.
"And what of your own studies?" Felina asked putting down a glass of tea for Jessica. Ashley's ears dropped a little.

"Then shut up about my clothes." said Rita, annoyed

OoC @Outis: Know what is an even better plan? Not following orders once said negative attention is recieved. :P

Of course. Never do what the authorities tell you to do. Do the opposite in fact. That's the only smart course of action.

OOC: @Outis Also if your wondering why I keep using he. It's because Arron actually is a he but he is a shapeshifter that just happens to take on the form of a woman

Hmm. Okay.

The 20 flying mechs would suddenly be tapped on the backsides of them as the other two armored figures suddenly vanished , literally find nothing. No tracking, no nothing. However Kyosuke and Charlotte were whistling through the forests near Fourside, minding their business.

"So that was an extension of your powers huh?"

"It... hurt." Charlotte fell to the ground and panted heavily.

Noel was in Holadino minding her own business.

OOC: Hmm...I sense a storm a comin'...


"You're right. It has been quite nice to get out of the city for once." Jessica said to Ashley with a smile. She took the tea with a "Thank you." and took a sip. "You should take your studies very seriously." She said to Ashley, setting down her tea and scratching at her right sleeve a bit. She pointed out one of the pictures on the wall and asked, "I hope I'm not being too nosy, but who's that in the picture there with you two?"

Noel shrugged at the Legaian soldiers. "Very well then."

Kyosuke helped Charlotte back up. "Weird abilities you have as a Conduit huh?"

"It's... getting worse."

"Well I'll help you with that."

"If you wish to continue to stand out, by all means." Loki said to Rita, then paused for a moment. "That, or you could offer to work in the mines. You will need credits eventually, be it either for food or lodging, and I only have so much. Plus, it will grant you the oppertunity to see the quartz up close."

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