We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OOC: Looks like I was wrong...That's good.

Also, are you around @Dot?

"perhaps we shall. We will observe the fight. If either of you lands a lethal blow, they shall feel our wrath." with that, Lyra and Marcus both backed off, and activated their cloaks.

Rita stared at Loki for a few moments, not sure if he was serious "Oh yea, because if there's one thing teenage girls are good at, it's heavy manual labor inside a mine shaft." she said sarcastically

"Not a problem." Felina says.
Ashley looks rather shy and bows her head. "I know."

Felina looks at the picture. "That is... another daughter of mine. That is all."

Geo returns to Rita and Loki. "All cleaned up, now." He says with a smile.

"In a technologicaly advanced society such this, I sincerely doubt it would largely "heavy manual labour". Likely, there are tools meant to lighten the burden." Loki answered with a frown. Hearing Geo, Loki looked to him by turning his head. "Thank you again. Now, you probably have heard our conversation, so enlighten us. How is the mining done in this place? By hand, or with the aid of machines?"


Drawing inspiration from the Joker. Sounds good...

Seems like @Dot's having more trouble. Quite a shame...

Noel raised an eyebrow. What did I do? Unless Kyosuke and Charlotte... Oi... "May I see the pictures of this so-called accused crime?"

Kyosuke rubbed his head alittle. "Funny thing too that you that I had a pull-up of my old armor and my mom's old version too."

"Please don't make me do that again."

OoC: Like I said, reasons why I was unspecific.

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Ness is still wandering around the shopping district, looking around at the people milling around, trying to find Jessica.


Jessica took another sip of her tea. "Oh? And where is she right now? Also, I didn't seem to notice pictures of anyone else besides you three, why don't I see any of your mate?" Jessica asked Felina, her curiosity now thoroughly piqued.

"You saw them out there, I don't think it's that easy! Tch, whatever, I'm heading to bed." said Rita as she entered the guest room and went to sleep

OoC: off to sleep

".... That's my old armor and his old armor as well. Why are they flying around in this place? They were outdated and removed from our Code Limiters. These are our current armors." Noel tapped a few buttons on her wrist communicator displaying the armors.

"Sir, I honestly haven't a clue what you mean." Noel said truthfully.

Ashley's ears fallt flat as she is noteably depressed.

"My eldest daughter was born with the ability to use magic. It's a rare occurrence, but it happens among beastkin. As a result, she was sent to live in Xiphatia... I know not where she is now... And with this war looming..."

Felina looks rather sad at the thought. "As for my mate... The less said the better. Not a reliable man."

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"Excuse me, miss? Might I have a word with you?" a woman suddenly addressed Ness as she went along.

"Well than make your move cat. I'll be prepared"

Ness jolts a bit in surprise and turns toward the woman. "Sure, ma'am... What is it?"

Tao suddenly jumped into the air and slashed both sets of claws down at Arron.


"Mmm...Let us go some place else. Such a crowded, noisy place is no place for a conversation." the woman said to Ness as she started moving through the crowd.

Ness hold her fedora down a bit as she follows the woman through the crowd.

"I'd rather not mess with a Conduit sir; the girl. Already her presence in the city has taken hold of its citizens. And by the look of it, it might have affected you as well. More so on our comrades as they had the most exposure. But to end this little strange mess that your people have created, then I'll have the blame." Damn it Kyosuke... Why did you have to go and use her powers? She's already too unstable... Noel said in her usual tone of voice.

"So heading back to the city?"

"... I guess."

Kyosuke and Charlotte were in the hotel room as Kyosuke sighed at Charlotte's sleeping body.

Kyosuke and Charlotte were in the shopping district of the city minding their own business.

Kyosuke and Charlotte were on the edges of the city, thinking of ways to get some money.

I wonder if I could find this girl. She might be at Winterhorn if she's older than Ashley... "I'm sorry to hear that. To both of those items." Jessica replied, sipping at her tea once again.

Arron rolled out of the way. He than rushed at Tao with his sword

Geo shrugs. "With various machines mostly. The mining mechs are most useful in that service." Seeing Rita leave he says. "She okay?"

"That is okay. Do you have a place to sleep?" Felina asked.

The woman walks out to a quiet area that is mostly deserted. "Much better, don't you think?" she asks Ness.

Tao sidestepped Arron and slashed at his back with very impressive speed.

OOC: The woman


But @Salt ...You. Don't. Trust. The. Authorities. And you CERTAINLY don't do what they tell you to do. That's just how these things work.

@Salty: If Lazarus was an android, then nothing would have shown up dude. Her powers only can fool people organics, not machines. I was under the impression that Lazarus was a human. So calm down.

Charlotte and Kyosuke were at the hotel room relaxing as Charlotte's condition continued to worsen as Kyosuke looked outside thinking. Jeez... So what happens now? Hell, do I even know what's going on?

Noel looked at the two through the screen. "Just leave the two alone. Please. Killing the Conduit or my son at this point in your city isn't the most beneficial to anybody."

Jessica finished her tea and set aside the cup. She placed her left hand on her chin in usual thinking form and replied, Shoot! I knew I was getting side-tracked from something! "Uh, no. Unfortunately I don't. I only just recently arrived in town and forgot to make prior arrangements."

Arron took the hit but than quickly returned by slashing Tao's face with his sword
OOC: @Salt Oh god Lazarus was android!... Now if only I was paying enough attention to know who that is also @Rosh Congratulations you've single-handily made your characters one of the land's most wanted not even Yukino could do that

Ness nods slightly, a bit stunned by the woman's ghost-like appearance. "Yes... being in a calm and quiet place is nice for a change." She then stares the woman in the eyes, trying to get a read on her. "...So, who are you and why did you ask me to follow you, ma'am? If I'm not being too blunt."

"As I expected." Loki dryly remarked, then looked at Rita, now in bed, before looking back to Geo. "Yes. We had only a minor disagreement. She is short on credits, and because of that, I suggested she ought work the mine for a time. I suspect you have heard what happened afterwards."

OoC @Outis: What is that from anyways? Looks Disney-ish.

@Nail I thinks it looks a lot like Megara from Hercules.

"My name is Persephone. I'd like to talk about Echo, my niece." Persephone said to Ness, getting to the point as well.

Tao jumped away from the attack. "Tao doesn't feel like fighting you anymore, meow." she suddenly said as she put away her claws and sauntered into the hotel/inn.

OoC @Outis: What is that from anyways? Looks Disney-ish.

Animated Sinbad movie. Don't know who made it off the top of my head.

@Demon: Hey, I was under the impression that most of the Legaian's forces were humanoids. That I can follow with showing how out of wack Charlotte's powers are (Notice that after the last memory she had, there wasn't much of anything going on with them because her powers are overriding many things for her simply being there) Not androids. Those can less or more see through her abilities.

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