We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Noel continued to think outside the hotel, her face rather unreadable.

Kyosuke continued to help Charlotte out of the hotel.

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Balir looked down and over the windowsill and waved at Noel. "Morning Noel!" he said to Noel, whispering.

Noel looked up at Blair as she gave a small smile. "Oh hello there Blair... How are you?"

Blair gave a smile at Noel. "I'm fine than you" She said quietly, then jumped down from the windowcill, landing on all fours.

Noel tilted her head. "Why are you quiet?"

Blair walked over to Noel and hopped up lightly on her shoulder. "Well I change to cat form so we could have a cheaper inn fee, plus I don't wanna freak people out who might not of seen a talking cat....so I've been whispering lately...." Blair explained to Noel. "Meow!" She called out as a cover.

Noel nodded and gave a little bit bigger smile as she started to rub Blair's chin. "Oh, I see. What a cute kitty..."

"I'll have to think of how to get money in this world....do they take soul dollars?" Blair asked Noel, she leaned her head into Noel's hand a little. "Meow meow" She added happily.

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"I don't think so... Ahh, if I had only some milk..." Noel gave a little giggle.

Kyosuke and Charlotte exited the hotel and started heading towards where Dal'Sheed had the car.

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Loki, who had woken up and left Geo's house some time ago, was walking around Granite Pass to kill the time when something in the distance caught his eye, a mountain, some distance away from Granite Pass, with some kind structure sitting on top of it, large enough that Loki could just see it, even from the distance. Manifesting the map, Loki looked at it to find out what this structure was called, yet found that it wasn't marked on the map. Odd. Perhaps this warrants investigation.

"Dam, I'll have to think of how to get some cash...." Blair muttered to Noel. "Mew Mew Mew!" She called out, as she laid down on Noel's shoulder, her stomach rumbled a little bit. "Milk....that reminds me I never got around to getting any food yesterday..." Blair muttered, as she lowered her head.

Noel shrugged at Blair. "I have 600 Credits... Go and change to human form and we can go out to lunch. Aww... Maybe I will buy some milk."

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Dal'Sheed woke up from his campsite, gathered some gear and did some morning stretches.

Blair nodded and smiled. "you will? oh thank you thank you Thank you!" Blair said to Noel, then hopped off her shoulder. "Meow..." She said to Noel, then ran off and around the back of the Inn, trying to find a secured spot.

Kyosuke and Charlotte approached Dal'Sheed's campsite, as Charlotte was limply hanging on Kyosuke. "Jeez... Lay off the food, m'kay?"

Charlotte didn't have a response. ... Damn.

Noel nodded at Blair as she hopped off. "Aww... The kitty left."

"Hello there. Anything new?" He greeted as he lifted his hand to wave a little.

Once Blair found a spot, she turned back into her Human form. She then walked around the corner and waved at Noel. "Let's go then shall we?" Blair asked Noel with a smile, as she took off her hat and held in her hands.

"Well besides Missy here having another one of her memories backlash at her, nothing. Thanks for the hotel by the way."

Noel gave a small smile to Blair. "Let's. Your choice." She started to head over to shopping district 'cause wouldn't that be a place for food?

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Tao woke up and left the inn. Her stomach was growling quite loudly and she didn't look happy.

"You're very welcome." He paused a beat. "I've been able to get the information I need from the city regarding the altar. Unfortunately I'm running out of routes to solve this puzzle, so right now I'm ready to move on to a different city to digest this world a little more. I'd actually like to know a little more about Charlotte and her flashbacks. She's curious, but I like to solve puzzles."

Blair followed Noel (yeah shopping malls have food, somewhere I'm sure) and smiled a little. "I owe you one for this" She to Noel happily.

Tao saw Noel and Blair and followed after them.

Noel shook her head. "No you don't. Don't worry about it." Seeing Tao, she smiled as well. "Well now, some lunch Tao? Nothing too expensive alright?"

Kyosuke nodded. "Sounds fair. As for Char's flashbacks... What do you wish to know? There are things that I can't tell you."

"Well, I never really asked... where is she from? And I assume you and her are from the same world?"

"Tao doesn't care how much it costs. I just want something." Tao moaned as she hung from Blair's shoulders.

While Noel, Blair and Tao didn't find a mall in the shopping district, they did find various smaller stores, three of wich sold various foodstuffs, likely all coming from the farm itself.

"Aha ah ah! I'll think of some way to repay you" Blair said to Noel with a small chuckle, she let Tao hang off her. "Oh, Hi there Tao!"

"Yes we are from the same wor- Universe. Same with Noel. As from where she is actually from... I'd guess some planet controlled by the United Nations Confederacy."

"Hmmm... Look at all the food things! But no restaurant. Odd." Noel chuckled in general then back to Blair. "No. Please don't. It's an act of kindness, nothing to be repaid for."

"Hi Strange kaka." Tao said. She started to grope Blair and gasped. "Why hasn't Tao done this sooner?" she asked herself.

"I feel like it's only fair to explain where I'm from. For me, I'm from a subterranean civilization called D'ni. We've been in exodus from our destroyed world for over 4,000 years. Is this confederacy tyrannic in any way?"

"Oh okay then..." Blair replied to Noel, her ears drooped a tiny bit, she looked around at the several stalls. "Suppose we could buy ingredients and make some food...." Blair thought out loud. In the mists of her thought, she didn't register at first that Tao had groped her. "Why haven't you done wh-?" Blair started to ask, as she looked she gave a small scream and blush heavily. "TAO! What are you DOING! get off them!" Blair cried out at Tao, as she tried to wriggle out of Tao's grip.

Kyosuke helped Charlotte lay down as he thought. Eventually, he said. "They have their shady dealings between different planet nations, but it's no different between the Galactic Superpower Noel and I are from: The Outer Nations Empire."

Noel only facepalm-ed at the situation between Blair and Tao.

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