We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Tao had already lost interest in Blair and started roaming between the different food stores.

"So, it's a rivalry between this United Nations Confederacy and The Outer Nations Empire? Was Charlotte traumatized by any wars? Was she a part of the conflict?"

While there wasn't a restaurant in town, there was a small diner at the west of the shopping center called "Luc's Stop". It seemed like a cozy enough place from the outside, with a few beastkin sitting at a table near the window, eating a pie. Further in the shopping district, other noteworthy stores were a barber, two clothes stores, a DIY store, a bar and a store selling decorations.

Blair cover her blushing with her hands. "Wh-Why did she do that?!" Blair asked Noel, sounding a little upset.

Tao started pestering the shop owners, asking for free food.

Kyosuke nodded. "Yup. One side wanted no relation back to the Earth Sphere and to have a strong governmental structure, while the other wanted a laissez faire-estic type of policy between Planet Nations. That tension started the Rift War: November 11, 2511 on the eleventh hour of that orbiting asteroid station. But that's ancient history, about 112 years in the past. The war ended, but then deterrence became the main policy. New Super Soldiers is what the Super Galactic Nations called for... And that's Charlotte, Noel and myself. Is she traumatized?... " Kyosuke felt silent. ... Kuso, I really can't say much now...

Noel sighed at Blair and said. "According to her, because 'boobs are soft and squishy'... Except for mine, as she calls me Flat Lady." Noel's temple vein popped out slight before she continued. "Should we find some food now. Please?"

Seeing Tao, she sighed again. Here we go...

Blair just sighed and calmed down a bit. "Yes, let's just do that!" She said to Noel, still a little flustered.

"What's wrong? Did I hit a bad nerve?" He looked concerned, slightly cocking one of his eyebrows.

"Suuure you can have some food. After you've paid for it." The shopkeeper of the foodstore remarked upon seeing Tao beg.

Tao walked back over to her two friends in a defeated manner. "Meow..." She muttered.

OOC: Tao will stick with the girls. Bye.

Steiner went up to Charlotte "We should take her to the doctor. Does she need any potions, I've gotten a couple left"


Arron was in a food store "Hey what kind of currency do you take around here"

"So then... What do you feel like eating Blair?"

"... It's not that, but yes. She is traumatized. Much like Noel and myself." He turned away then said. "Damn the ONE and their Warden Program but... I can't give you the direct details, but whatever experience she had, it won't directly change her, but she will adapt to the things that have happened to her." He shook his head and sighed. "I'm sorry that I'm talking in circles but I can't divulge what has happened to us."

Turning to Steiner he said. "What kind of injuries can those heal?"

Blair just crossed her arms as Tao come back over to them. "I don't mind in all honesty..." She said to Noel, as she kept her eyes on Tao.

As Toa left, the shopkeeper shook his head. Damn kids. When Arron walked up to the counter and asked what currency is used in Legaia, he gave a wierded out look. "Credits." he answered with a sort of disbelieving tone.

Dal'Sheed hung his head. "I understand. I apologize." He said solemnly, moving his hand to his forhead. "Something like this is a delicate subject. I guess I'll find more about you guys later on." He took a deep sigh and then looked up. "We should move on. I can tell you all about my findings about the altar on our way to wherever."

"It can heal most flesh injuries"


"Shit the only form of money I don't have. Are you sure there aren't any alternative forms of pay"

Noel paused for a moment. "... How about some sandwiches? We need bread, coldcuts and... mayonnaise."

Kyosuke gave a little shrug as he picked up Charlotte again. "Yeah... Probably." he smirked. Turning to Steiner he said. "Might as well give it a shot."

"That sounds fine" Blair said to Noel, lowering her arms. "Can we get some fish with that as well?" She asked, her tail flickered behind her.

Steiner had Charlotte drink the potion

Charlotte mumbled something, but she was still asleep. "... Oh well. We tried."

"Sounds fine by me." Noel smiled as she walked up to one of the shops, picked up the necessary ingredients, walked up to the shopkeeper and said. "Excuse me sir, how much for these?"

"Well..." The store owner began as he thought for a moment. "I suppose you could work here for half a day. That, or you could you sell some stuff at the general store."

Once Noel brought the ingredients to the counter, the shopkeeper swiped them over a scanner before looking back at her. "That would be nine credits, miss."

OoC: Back. I miss anything?

"Nine credits?" Blair replied then looked at Noel. "Wait, is that good or bad pricing?" She asked confused.

"We must take her to a hospital than. Surely the doctors and mages of these lands can help"


"Here take my freaking goblin ears. They are used in poisons" He said taking out a rather large bag of goblin ears

Noel handed over her Credit Card with a little smile. "It's good. Don't worry Blair."

"... She'll wake up. Just trust me on that." Kyosuke said, taking a cigarette out and lighting it.

"Are we ready to move on to the next town?"

"It's what these things cost. Simple as that." The shopkeeper answered Blair. When Arron presented the bag of goblin ears, the shopkeeper reeled back in disgust. "Gah! What the hell!" he called out, holding a hand over his mouth, obviously nausiated by the sight. "Get out! And take... that with you!"

"Just a minute, miss..." he said to Noel, still waiting for Arron to leave.

"Oh ok, sorry I'm um...New to town" Blair replied to the shopkeeper with a small smile. "Yay, now we can eat!" Blair replied to Noel, Tao was also quite happy about this.

"Well if you are sure about this. Than I shall trust your decision" He than turned to Dal'Sheed "A knight is always ready to go on a quest"


"Give me some freaking food if you want me to leave!"

Kyosuke raised an eyebrow at Steiner then said. "Ready and able."

Noel internally facepalmed at Arron, but did nothing.

"You better leave now before I call the authorities!" the shopkeeper snarled at Arron.

"If you know that Charlotte will recover without medical attention, so be it. And with that.."
He pulls out the map from his satchel.
"Here is the map. Where do you wish to go?"

"What for trying to sell these goblin ears! I was trying to get some food goddammit"


Steiner looked at the map "I don't know any of these places. Uh lets go to one of the mages lands. I liked those people"

"Excuse me 'sir' but you've been asked to leave, so do so!" Blair said to Arron, getting annoyed at him as she hadn't forgiven him for yesterday's actions.

Kyosuke thought for a moment. "So where were you planning anyways?"

Noel took her items after the shopkeeper scanned her card the credits were transferred. With that, she would leave the store.

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