We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Loki would find the boy coming back from work. "Damn... Boss really worked me hard... I need a raise." He said to himself.

Ness nods toward Echo. "Despite her appearance, Xyleena's been rather friendly to me. I'm sure she'll be that same way to you if you give her the chance."

She also gives a wave to Makoto as she approaches. "Get on! We've got enough space!"

OoC: ...How many people are in the car now?

Cynane started loading her gear onto the cart and tying Stripe into the harness, ready to make way.

OOC: And I'm off.

"Well Pumpkins are fruit so you can eat them yes" Blair explained to Tao, letting her paw at the pumpkin. "You can make soup and pie of them too, there perfect! <3" Blair added, sounding a little more happy.

"Rather friendly...Give her the chance..." Echo said as she took a few deep breaths.

Tao would start knawing on the pumpkin as soon as she heard it could be eaten.

@Trilby: Jona the wildboy almost killed the Rookie, now we're trying to move to a new city.

"I'm with Vanessa. I think Holadino's worth checking out first." Jessica chimed in after her ears stopped ringing. She eyed Makoto curiously as she approached Ness' truck.

@Dot: Well my character's in the car, so +1 I suppose.

@Drak: Okay.
Let's just say Rowena stayed with Ness and Jessica for simplicity.

"You there." Loki called out as he approached the young man. "I saw you tending to my companion. A girl in her teenage years. Red hair. Wore mismatching clothing." Not unlike your hair colour. "Is she well?" he asked as a means to start a conversation, as he in truth didn't care in the slightest.

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Rita sat up inside the young mans house "Wha-what? Where am I?" she said as she looked around

"Yeah, I'm really nice!" Xyleena assures Echo from the car, continuing her lounging.
OoC 2 in the car from me.

"Really friendly..." Echo said as she tried to smile at Xyleena.

Blair let go of the pumpkin as Tao started to eat it. "Or you can just eat it as it is..." She commented.

Makoto hopped into a seat, ready to go.

OoC: Would the tail take up extra rooom?

OoC: Alright, that's 7 once Makoto gets on.. if I counted right.

Ness scratches the back of her neck a bit as Echo tries to smile. "Let's get going, Echo. You two can talk more once we get where we need to."

@Dot: I'm assuming this is some kind of clown car, yes?


Tao ate the whole pumpkin. Hmm...I didn't really like it, meow." she said to Tao after some thought.

"Talk more..." Echo said with a heavy sigh as she climbed into the car.

@All: Back for now...

Noel walked over to Ness and the group, tilting her head slightly. "Are we heading out?"

Kyosuke had been watching over Charlotte after she had her memory lapse. Still rather aloof, he decided to look outside. Looks like she is getting to that breaking point.

"Holadino it is then. Ready when you all are." Savranth said to the others.

"She should be. I was just on my way back home to check on her." The young man said.

Rita would find that the house was a mismatch. Everything was sort of done in extremes with a black and white motif. He had plenty of equipment though. Microscopes, computers, complex tools, and even raw materials all in strewn about one room.

OoC: @Dot: Counting Savranth?

@Trilby: Yes. A giant clown car that looks like a truck.
@Salt: Yes.
@Gear: ...Now that I think about it, Makoto's tail would probably warrant space....

Ness looks over at Noel and gives her a nod. "We're off to Holadino. We have some space in this truck or you can ride with Cynane's cart."

OoC: Wait, I quoted myself? Dafuq? That wasn't meant to happen.

Rita walked up to some of the more interesting looking contraptions, trying to get a sense of what they did without touching them. What's with the black and white thing he's got going on here? she thought

Blair frowned a little. "Hmm, maybe If I made you a pie sometime or some soup then your like it..." Blair said to Tao, as she rested her head in her hands.

Xyleena held on to the car, finding the sport of car surfing fun.

"That sounds much better. Are you a good cook Strange Kaka, meow?" Tao asked Blair as she started to lean into her.

OOC: Hmm...this is kinda unfortunate...I'd like Tao to encounter that Marco go, just cause I think it would be interesting, but none of my characters have any reason to go to Fourside, and neither to do any of the characters they are following, it would seem. Hopefully I can get there somehow before Loki does whatever he's going to do to that place...

"I see. Well then, lead the way. I too would like to see if she is not hurt." Loki said to the young man as he stepped aside and held out his left arm as a "after you" gesture.

OoC @Outis: What? Worried about what little old me has planned? :P

"Very well then. I have my own means of transportation." Noel said as she placed her pistol's butt ends together. "Breaking the Limiters.... Code Ragnarok."

As her armor reformed into the Mu-Armor, she nodded at Ness to go ahead.

Kyosuke smiled alittle as he felt an emotion raise up, however faint. Might as well meet up with ya mom.

OoC @Outis: What? Worried about what little old me has planned? :P


With everyone on board, Ness starts driving toward the city limits.

"Don't worry, she should be fine. I made sure she wasn't bleeding or anything before I went back to work." The young man said leading Loki to his house.

Rita would find a lot of different things. Like personally designed throwing weapons. Knives, boomerangs, and other such things. Including one that looked sort of like an odd over sized oddly shapes shuriken without edges.

"I'm an ok cook, not the best but not the worst" Blair replied to Tao.

Rita observed the shuriken like thing What the hell is this? she thought

"That's good enough for Tao, meow." Tao said with a grin.

OOC: @Hatchy: If you wanna have Blair ask about her nickname, feel free.

Blair gave a small smile. "So Tao, why did you keep calling me Strange kaka?" Blair asked Tao politely.

OoC: @Outis, Kay then :)

With the Mu Armor snapping to place, Noel flew off following Ness's car.

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