We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"It's okay. You may stay here for the night, if you wish." Felina responded to Jessica.
"Yeah! I'd like it if you would!" Ashley chimed in.

"Oh, well, she looksa bit young to go mining don't you think?" Geo responded to Loki.

Ness' eyes widen a bit. "...I see. Nice to meet you, Persephone. What is it about Echo that you wish to discuss? ...More importantly, how did you know I know her?"

@Salty: Well looks like Noel's arrest should be retconed then. 'Cause nothing would have shown up to sensors. I always write up these things from a humanoid's perspective. I like to jump at the GMs footnotes to see what's coming up.

Certainly Charlotte's powers, can fool people. Hell, they can hurt like if she did it to her directly. But androids? No, nothing like that.

"I'm a good listener, Vanessa." Persephone said with a slight smirk. "Anyway, you seem interested in looking after her. Is this really true? Do you wish to keep her safe and out of trouble?" she asked.

"Could have gone worse. Could of had to use my skills. Hey aliens faces you still here"
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Ness pauses for a little bit, then nods authoritatively. ...She knew my name...? And she's dodging my questions as well. She'll prove to be troublesome at some point, I'm sure... But still, it's for Echo. "Of course it's true. I don't wish for her to see some of the things I've had to see."

Jessica pondered over Felina's offer, then heard Ashley's apparent enthusiasm at having her stay. "I can just...Thank you, thank you very much. I'd love to stay here for the night." Why does it feel like I'm forget... Jessica stood up and said, "But first, I, uh, remembered something I urgently need to do before tonight is over. So if you'd please excuse me, I'll be back as soon as I can." She left the house as politely as possible, then began searching around the town for anyone she recognized.

"She is not to young to travel alone on dangerous roads, and as an extension, fight. But it was but only a suggestion. I am hardly forcing her to do any kind of work. Of course, I could pay for her, but I have only so many credits to spare."

"Excellent. I wish you luck then. Echo is...she is very dear to me, despite how it may seem at times." Persephone said as she gave a wider smile. "I won't detain you any longer. Goodbye, for now." she said before leaving in a cloud of purplish smoke.

Savranth was still searching for Jessica.

"Of course dear." Felina said as Jessica left the house.
"Think she'll come back?" Ashley asks.
"We'll see."

"Eh... I think the quarry has a age requirement." Geo said. "Anyway, I'm heading to bed."
Geo went to his own room and locked the door. Somethings up with that Loki guy... My eye doesn't like him. I should keep it on him at all times.

"Good night to you then." Loki said before Geo left. When he did, Loki entered the guest bedroom and fell asleep.

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Ness wanted to ask Persephone more questions, but was left hanging as she disappeared. A little iffy about the entire encounter, Ness walks back toward the hotel, musing to herself. "She's... enigmatic. But... from that encounter alone, she does seem to care about Echo. I'll have to keep my word to the girl, now more than ever. Speaking of... I should check on her to make sure she's alright. Hopefully... I can find her..."

Echo and Tao are now sleeping in the inn/hotel.

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Wait, what am I doing? Jessica thought as she stopped in her tracks. She held her right arm out in front of her, pointing directly forward. After shutting her eyes and focusing for several moments, her arm began to point towards Savranth's position, at which point she followed it to him as if she were using her arm like a dowsing rod. Finding Savranth, she called out, "Hey!" to him to get his attention.

OOC: Whatever happened to Yukino anyway?
@Silver: Assuming Salty is keeping the Codex on the first page up to date, just read that. It should be the second or third post.

"There you are. Where were you?" Savranth asks Jessica.

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Ness manages to walk into the inn/hotel and sees Echo and Tao both asleep. She walks up to the receptionist. "Hello. I'll only take one room for tonight."

"Okay, then. That will be 100 Credits." the receptionist responds, taking her card, swiping it and then giving her a room card. "Room 207."

@Salty: Sorry. I'll try to help things along more.

"Sorry, but I ran off into the town as soon as we got here because that person in the beige hoodie felt me up. That reminds me, do me a favor and lamp that prick one next time you see them for me, ah never mind, I'll do it myself. Anyway, I met these nice people, talked with them a bit, and they agreed to let me stay with them for the night. So don't worry about me, I'm fine, tell everyone else that if they care. I need to go, bye!" Jessica quickly explained to Savranth, then ran back to Felina and Ashley's home.

"Okay... Well, Goodnight Jessica." Savranth waved her goodnight and then went on back to town. There he fell asleep near the car, not having any money for a hotel room.

Felina and Ashley happily welcome Jessica back to their home to stay the night.

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Ness gives the receptionist a smile before taking Echo and Tao along with her to her room. She sits down on a chair/couch and starts reading Four's book to pass some time.

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Capcha says 'Ney York City'. Is this were we are?

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Jessica graciously accepted the hospitality of Ashley and Felina. She fell asleep in whatever accommodations they supplied her with, once again staring at the night sky if she could.

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Ness closes the book after finishing chapter 4, scratching the back of her head slightly. "Well... wow...." Those three characters seem interesting to say the least... Zombie girls... and... what reads like.... fanservice... Damn it, I hate reading fanservice!

Before going to bed, Ness begins to clear out the space on her PDA, causing pixelated sparks to fly from it as things are deleted. Soon enough, it's mostly clear, save for a few audio logs, pictures, outfits, the map of Alnilam, and some data on things she had scanned here. Sighing as she finishes up, she flops on the couch falling asleep.

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OoC: Im not entirely sure were we are on the map, dose anyone know?

OoC: @Silver Different groups are at different places. Cynane, Jona, the Rookie & Tophat are either in Holadino or on the way there. A large group of people is already there. Another, smaller, group is in Fourside.

OoC: Anyone here?

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Kyosuke contactd Noel via their wrist communicators. "Well? We'd better meet up again."

"Her condition has worsen."

The two of them tapped off their communicators. Kyosuke helped Charlotte up as her body seemed limp as Noel looked outside wherever the group was in Holadino.

Blair woke up in the hotel room, she climbed out the window and sat down on the windowsill, looking around a little.

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