We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Meh, Tao's not gonna talk to you anymore." Tao said to to Arron as she walked away. She ended up heading in the direction of the house Jessica was in.

Yawning a bit, Ness gets out of bed to take a quick shower in the bathroom.

Dal followed Tao.

Jessica stuffed her hands into her coat pockets and nodded as she listened to Felina. "Well I can certainly understand why you found another job." She simply commented. Glancing out the window, she noticed how late in the day it had gotten. "I should probably get going now. Thanks again for letting me stay here for the night." She said to Felina, stepping away from the wall.

Tao started searching the area around the house Jessica was actually in.

"Yeah. I should be getting ready for work myself." Felina remarked as she walked out of the kitchen. "And no worries. Could you see yourself out?" with that, Felina went to her room to get ready. A nice enough woman. Still, I wish Ashley would stop talking to strangers...

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Steiner followed Tao "So Tao where are we going"

After taking her shower and getting dressed, Ness walks outside taking a deep breath as she wanders around outside.

"No problem." Jessica walked out of Felina's house, closing the door behind her. What nice people. As she stepped outside, she noticed Tao seeming to be milling around the area. Oh God dammit. Why'd these nice people have to live all the way out here where there's no other place to hide! She thought.

Echo followed behind Ness as she walked out of the hotel.

"Looking for her, meow." Tao said as she pointed at Jess. "Hi Scaredy Kaka!" she shouted as she walked over in a carefree manner.

"You stay away from me!" Jessica shouted at Tao. She jumped off of the house's porch, then tried to run around past Tao and off towards the town, paying almost no attention to anyone else.

"I would recommend leaving her alone for now Tao"

Tao started chasing after Jess with a confused expression. "Where are you going?" she called out as she ran.

Dal walked at a faster pace to see what the commotion was.

Ness looks over at Echo with a slight smile. "Hey Echo... I need to talk to you about somet-" Hearing Jessica's scream, the fedora girl starts to head off in that direction, looking back to make sure Echo was following.

"Leave me alone you pervert!" Jessica shouted back at Tao as she kept running. She down the length of the large field, heading off towards the hotel.

"Hey, I..." Echo said as she ran with Ness.

"What do you mean, meow?" Tao asked Jess as she easily kept up with her.

OOC: ...Oh I get it! She's afraid of ghosts...and rape. Just like another cat girl...Right?

Ness continues on as she notices Jess running toward them. She skids to a stop and calls out to the catgirl. "Jessica! What's going on?" She scratches the back of her head a bit.

@Outis:...No. Besides, who isn't afraid of rape?

Jessica stopped a short distance from the hotel, bracing herself against her knees and panting as she had tired herself out already. "Don't just...act like...yesterday...never happened!...And go...away!" She shouted at Tao, having to pause every couple of words to breath. After catching her breath, she looked over at Ness and said, "Oh thank goodness! You gotta help me! Someone's chasing me!"

@Drak. The would-be senators of the U.S.A. who said that impregnation from rape was "a gift from god." Thankfully they failed to get into office.

Oh dear. I forgot about what Tao does on a daily basis....
Dal'Sheed facepalmed.

"Meow. Tao doesn't know what you're talking about." Tao said as she stood next to Jess.

Echo stood behind Ness and watched what was happening.

@Outis:...No. Besides, who isn't afraid of rape?

I was talking about Asha by the way. I just thought it might be a call back, like she passed on her fear of ghosts. And...I shouldn't joke about rape...

Ness tilts her head a bit before realizing Tao was the cause of all this. She facepalms just like Dal. "...Tao... were you trying to touch Jessica's breasts again?"

"Tried and succeeded, meow." Tao said with a grin, not realizing the seriousness of the situation.

Echo double face-palmed.

Hearing Tao admit to her actions, Jessica pointed at her and said, "That! That's what I'm talking about!" She gave Ness a curious look and asked, "Again? What do you...oh wait, I remember seeing her before. Dammit, has she been stalking me?!"

Ness realizes what she had said and shakes her head slightly. "Nonono... It's just that she does that with everyone... so I assumed she had done this once before." Oddly enough... I don't remember getting fondled myself. Let's keep it that way. Ness cautiously takes a few steps to the side before turning to Echo again. "Right... Now back to what I wanted to tell you about... I met your aunt yesterday."

"Met your aunt?" Echo blurted out in a shocked manner after she heard the news from Ness.

"She what?! Why hasn't anyone kicked her ass over something like that?" Jessica asked Ness. "Ugh, I'm out of here." She said as she stormed off. After finding someplace out of the way where she wouldn't be seen, she conjured up the glyphs around her head once again.
Get me out of here!
Sorry. Quarantine procedures.
Still? She stopped thinking for a moment as she sneezed.
Okay, fine, whatever. I don't even care if I have to wear a HAZMAT suit or something, just get me out of here already!
Well, I suppose if you'd agree to something like that... A portal opened up in front of where Jessica was standing.
Thank you! She exasperatedly thought as she stepped into the portal and disappeared.

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Tao just shrugged at Jess. "so you don't like being touched too, meow?" she asked. She seemed sad when Jess left.

I guess I shouldn't bother her. I wanted to at least talk to her to know her better. He thought.

He then turned to Tao.

"So... Tao is it? Where are you from?"

Ness nods a bit toward Echo. "Yes... Our meeting was a bit unnerving to say the least. She said she wanted me to protect you... but why would she put you in danger... or worse yet, leave you in a dangerous place? It doesn't make sense to me..."

"Tao's from Kaka Village, meow." Tao said to Dal.

"It doesn't make sense to me." Echo said with a huff.

He chuckled lightly at her 'smile'.
"Kaka Village? On what world is that from?"

"Meow?" Tao said to Dal, completely confused.

"I mean, what world are you from?"

Ness looks over seeing Echo being a little angered. "So... you hate her?"

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