We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Oh yes, I slept great!" Jessica happily replied to Felina. "So what is it you do around here, if you don't mind me asking?" Jessica asked, trying to make polite conversation. "I assume Ashley must be at school right now."

Why the hell is everybody bumping into me? "Yeah, I'm also trying to look for a few people in a group. One of them is kinda short, blonde hair, green eyes."

Charlotte looked at the cows and smiled alittle.

"Knows a bunch of cat people" Steiner was still looking at the fields "I wonder why they don't have any chocobo"

Charlotte raised an eyebrow at the word 'chocobo' but said nothing. Kyosuke shrugged. "It's possible."

Noel finished making sandwiches as she ate one.

The droid Rita inspected resembled a teardrop, with two appendages at its right side. One with equiped with a drill, the other with a high-precision laser. At the bottom, there were three half orbs sticking out on wich it stood. Ontop, there was a camera that made it posible for the droid to see from nearly all directions, protected by a transparant plastic cover. On its back, there was a rectangle housing sticking out, marked with a high voltage warning sign.

Dal'Sheed noted that the beastkin working the fields were largely focused on their work, doing what they what was expected of them thoroughly. The walked by the crops and grain, seemingly checking up on them. The cows were either grazing, or laying in the grass.

"That's good to hear." Feline answered as she leaned against the sideboard. "I work a partime job as a waitress at the local diner. And Ashley? Yes, she is. Left with a whole lot more eagerness after talking to you. So, thanks for that." she continued, chuckling near the end.

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"They look like they're workers. Not one of them is doing something outside of labor." I remember something about the beastkin not being held in higher respects by the Legaians.

"Those guys are around and about the city. Full of cats" He said the last word with a great amount of hate. "Well we should probably go to a restaurant and taste some of the native food. I wonder what those things with horns taste like"

Hmmm, I'm not properly equipped to handle anything high voltage right now, trying to pry this thing open would be foolish. thought Rita as she instead started following the conveyer belt away from the mine, wanting to see where it led

Tao ate one of the sandwiches that Noel ate. She grinned happily.

"Thanks." He took Charlotte along to find where Noel was.

Eventually the three would meet up as Noel handed a sandwich to both of them.

Jessica leaned against the wall and nodded as she listened to Felina. "Part-time? What do you do with the rest of your time then?" She curiously asked. Hearing what Felina had said about Ashley, she chuckled a bit as well. "Good to hear about Ashley. If anyone knows how important it is to take schoolwork and studies seriously, it's me. So if I can help someone else, well that's just nice."

Dal'Sheed followed the two.

Steiner looked strangely at the sandwich "Is this the meat of the things in the field"

"Hi No-touch! Long time no see, meow!" Tao said to Charlotte as she saw her.

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Noel looked at Steiner. "... Yes."

"Hello there Tao! I'm... actually kinda sleepy."

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"Tao knows how that feels...I won't disturb you, meow." Tao said to Charlotte. She decided she wanted to find Jessica, so she started wandering around tone in a carefree manner.

As Rita followed the conveyer belt, she came out at a pit of sorts, filled with mounts of rubble. There was a fence set up along the edges of the pit to prevent anyone falling down.

"Being a mom, really. I quit my full-time job not long after I had Ashley." Felina answered. "What is it you were studying again? Something about Lake Tora?"

"Tao? Why do you always say 'meow'?"

Rita walked up to the fence and looked into the pit Just a pit? Hmm, they must take these somewhere else for processing.

Tao started asking people in town if they had seen Jessica.

Echo left the inn/hotel and stood outside, rocking on her heels in boredom.

"Meow? Oh hi Rocky!" Tao said to Dal as she saw him.

He takes a bite of the sandwich "It still doesn't taste as good as chocobo." He than decided to follow Tao around "Say where are we going cat lady" Arron came in and answered Dal'Sheed's question "Because she's a no good stinking Nacatl! Like those other two"
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"Hi... Tao." He smiled and waved.

"Who the hell are you? And what did Tao do to you?" He said to Arron.

"Tao's looking for Scaredy Kaka, meow." Tao said to Dal and Steiner. She just glared at Arron.


Special sauce.

Ness yawns as she looks up at the ceiling of her hotel room before starting to look around the room itself.

"I'm Arron at this moment and I just really hate Nacatl. Especially that stinking warpride. I swear they are in line with that night pack" Steiner came up to Arron "You should not judge before you actually know the person" Arron glared at Steiner "Those cats killed my best friend! So don't tell me who to hate and who not to hate"

"Oh, no. Like I said, I'm not really a big fan of the Lake. What I do is..." Jessica paused for a moment to think, flexing her right hand unconsciously a few times. "Design prosthetic limbs." She eventually answered. "So, uh, what did you do before you had Ashley?" She asked, wishing to change the subject.

"Well, you're being unclear. And I hardly know what you are talking about."

"Tao is this true?"

"What? Tao didn't kill anyone, meow! I don't even know this guy!" Tao said to Dal in a shocked and angry tone.

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Rita would find that no personnel was down in the pit, and only a couple milling around together outside the mines, waiting for their shifts to start.

As Ness looked around, she saw the room was decently furnished. A small wardrobe, made largely from metal, but with wooden decorations stood in the right corner of the room. A wooden bedside cupboard with a lamp with a orange shading standing on it. Oppisite the bed was the door to a bathroom. In front of the window were shutters, with a button to the left to open them.

Felina noticed her hand twitching, but didn't say anything about it. Given the pause between the start of Jessica's sentence and her answer, it was apparent something was off, but Felina didn't want to pry.

"I was in the army. Air force. As a mech pilot, to be precise. Never liked it much, and frankly, I regret joining up back then. But it did earn me some prespect with the humans, so that's something I suppose." she explained, then seemed to trail off. "I am forgetting something... Oh yeah." Turning around, Felina turned on the dishwasher.

Rita sat against the fence and started drawing

"Oh but your people did! Oh Thomas said going with Jace would be fine. He wouldn't kill any of us, Going against the elves were easy. They were a bunch of pansies and than there was howl, Oh god the howl"
"If a bird stole your sandwhich would seek out every bird in the world""

"This isn't getting us anywhere. And without any proof to either story outside of word of mouth, I suggest that we drop the topic and not bring it up again." He commanded. "These people around here may be startled by our quarrels."

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