We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Does she notice things that literally shouldn't exists because of common sense, lacks a weirdness censor, and/or is magic, she would see him as he is: A giant skeleton. Otherwize, he would seem like a somewhat normal if unsettling man, unless they realize what he looks like, then they just pick how Death should look? I'm not sure, it's not often stated how other people view him, in all honesty.

Dal'Sheed nodded and ran in the direction of the death of rats.
It can't be. What was that girl anyway?

OOC: @Wacky. Could you show me a picture? Is it just a black rat?

Tao was far to preoccupied to notice the mouse. She finally caught up to the aquatic beastkin and came toward them. "Hi there! Tao wants to talk with you girls!" she announced in a friendly tone.

OoC: Apparently, I am the Night Hatchy.
@Slenn: Also she responded to Dal'Sheen.

Rita walked back outside the house, sighing and looking slightly emotionally drained "I just don't know what to make of all this..." she said

Getting back up, Envy was laughing "So you want to play, huh? Fine!" As he said this his body began to change. His hands formed into monstrous claws, his right eye turned black with a purple iris, while the left eye had 6 red iris's. His body grew into a gargantuan, 2 story tall lizard like abomination. From all over his body grotesque protrusions formed, looking like thousands and thousands of human bodies were trying to push their way out of his skin before getting pulled back in. With a roar he turned and sent his tail crashing against the treants he had been thrown at, the strength and weight of the tail being phenomenal.

OoC: @Nail, Found the perfect video for his transformation:

The Death of rats heard Tao, and, thinking Tao might eat the fish and probably call death there, he ran up to her.
SQUEAK. he says, waiting for Tao to eat the Lobster-lady.

Ness turns to Cassia, still a little skeptical. "Given what Remy has said on this, Paprika may have been hiding her ears under her bonnet.... Even if the odds of a beastkin and a human having a baby are low, there's still a chance that they did indeed have a child. ...I'm going to go and confirm it. Miss Cassia, if you wouldn't mind, may I ask where your home is... just in case this hunch is correct? "

Rex walks into a technology shop and starts to browse.

OOC: @Saltyk. It's okay. I know. I should have mentioned he nodded to her.

"Tao, I know you like fish. But... she doesn't look fish like in the least."

"Hehh? What are you talking--oh you're a skeleton." Jessica said as she looked up from Marco's body. She waved her right hand at Death and said aloud to herself, "A talking skeleton from another dimension." After letting that sink in for a moment, she stood back up and said to Death, "So...from what you said it sounds like you were talking to him after he died. Is that just something you can do? Oh! And can you do it with this guy now?"

The death of rats seemed disapointed by the robot-thing's not allowing her to eat the fish-lady, and begins to walk off... before he realizes: Death loved cats. He likes humans. He would love a human=cat, so it's only natural that he'd be around her....
He turns back, and continues to watch, still hoping that Tao would eat the fish-girl.

"What do you mean, Rocky?" Tao asked as she continued toward the beastkin, genuinely confused.

"Possible, but unlikely. The odds of such a thing are less than 1% of 1% I hear." Savranth explained to Vanessa.
"Me? I live in Granite Pass." Cassia replied.

Rex would find various devices. Tablet computers, holographic computers (very expensive), GPS devices, and just about anything else he could imagine.

"What do you want?"
"Why are you chasing us?"
THe beastkin ask Tao.

I AM AFRAID HE'S MOVED ON, SO I CANNOT. I BELIEVE I HAVE TO INTRODUCE MYSELF: I AM DEATH. he says, a crack of lightning and a boom of thunder sparking behind him, giving him an eerie and dramatic shadow...

The death of rats sighed, it didn't appear the cat-girl wouldn't try to eat the lobster lady after all. That's rather annoying, in all honesty, because it means he'll have to wait however long it took for this conversation would happen, then for them to go to the group, then for death to catch up with the group, then to explain what's going on, ect., ect.

"You're scaring them. Why are you wanting to eat her?"

"Tao wants to talk. I've never seen a beastkin like you girls, meow. I chased you because you ran before I could talk to you." Tao said as she stopped and stood rather close to the aquatic girls. She smiled and didn't seem very threatening at all. She even casually swung her paws at her side, like she usually did.

"Who's gonna eat who neow?" she asked Dal, completely taken by surprise by his question.

OOC: I suppose I have to ask...are any of these girls particularly well endowed in the chest area?

The thunderclap going off nearby had temporarily deafened Jessica's sensitive sense of hearing, causing her to press her ears flat against her head and cringe at the ringing sensation that was now the only thing she could hear. "I'd say just stop doing that! Maybe come up with a nickname or something!" Jessica shouted at Death, doing so more out of reflex at no longer being able to hear normally.

Ness gives a warm smile to Cassia and nods to her. "Great! If I happen to come by there, I'll be sure to tell you what happened." Turning to Sav, she shrugged a bit before turning to leave the building. "I don't much care for the odds against it, I'm going to make sure of this theory."

Rex looks around and leaves. Place didn't have anything Ness doesn't have in her lab... There goes that... He laces his hands behind his head as he walks around.

"It is easy to explain, yet difficult to grasp wholly." Loki remarked, walking over to Rita. "Behold the result for humanity's lust for conflict. That man in Granite Pass... what was his name, Geo? He claimed that "no one desires war", and yet here stands proof of the contrary. If this serves not as a mute testament what battle is desired, I know not what does. War, conflict, meaningless battles. It can be denied time and again, yet the truth of the matter is that it is a thing that is yearned for. To strike down the oppositition so that one day, one might stand on a mountain of bones and claim "I win"."

The treants Envy smacked in to were sent flying, two of them nearly broken in half by the sheer force. Two more hunched over treants stabbed their fingers in the ground, their roots wrapping around the monstrous Envy, attempting to crush the life out of him/it. While four more smaller treants, one of which was on fire, charged at him and lashed out with their barbed hands, repeatedly punching and scratching.

OoC @Furioso: Man, he's ugly. o_O

Ooc: @Outis. And to think, I always thought you were the most modest of anyone in this group. ;)

"Oh.... nevermind." He said, I give up. He facepalmed before watching the events unfold.

OOC: Furioso. At first I was like "Okay... standard giant mutant transformation." Then the last few seconds disproves my theory by going all Lovecraftian on my ass.

"If you insist. But that means heading back a long way..." Savranth replied.
"Well... If you find anything interesting, let me know." Cassia replied.

"What? We're not That uncommon. A lot of us live in Port Letosh."
"Yeah... Why is she looking at us like that?"
Looking at Dal'Sheen, one of them say. "D-Did you say eat us?"

OoC: @Outis: I'd say no...

Ooc: @Outis. And to think, I always thought you were the most modest of anyone in this group. ;)

Just because I've never asked about your chest size...And I'm just doing it for the character.

"I guess... I'll stick with you." Rémy said, then followed Ness.

Death shrugged, I AM NOT GOOD WITH NICKNAMES, AND MY APOLOGIES. ]IF IT'S ANY COMPENSATION, YOU STILL HAVE QUITE THE LIFE AHEAD OF YOU. he says, his voice being fairly clear, if somewhat spooky, since almost always his voice skips the ears and goes straight to the head.

Death of rats sighs, looks at Dal in such a way as saying: Any other friends of yours we could find?


@Outis. I know, I know. I'm just having fun.
And don't.... ask my chest size. Unless you're into that sorta thing..... XD

"Don't worry about it. I'm... really confused at the moment to be perfectly frank." He said, shrugging.

Dal'Sheed shook his head. "I'm good for right now, thank you."

OoC: @Nail, one of the reasons he is called Envy and likes to take on the form of a "beautiful" androgynous boy

Rita didn't really say anything, she just sort of thought about it and said "Hmm..."

The treants would find that trying to match Envy's strength in his current form quite difficult, and with a tremendous burst of strength he ripped through most of the vines that had tied him up. His tongue shout out, wrapping around one of the smaller treants lashing him and tossing it way from him, meanwhile, his huge tail swung around, swatting at anything that got close. As he was lashed the grotesque people protrusions howled and shifted around.

Ness nods toward Sav and Cassia. "I'll be sure to, Miss Cassia. I can get my car back now that I'm here. As long as the trip maybe, it won't be nearly that long." She turns to Remy and gives him a smile. "Is that so? Thank you, Remy. I'd like some company."

Rex manages to find Dal, Tao and the scene. "...The hell is this?"

"Tao's still never seen anything like you girls, meow." Tao said to the girls. "How are you all walking around and not dying? Don't fish need water to live?" she then asked.

OOC: @Slenn: -_- This joke just got too confusing...

The death of rats waves at Rex, and pulls out a rat-sized copy of a local newspaper, and began reading.

OoC: @All, mind showing me some pics of your characters?

"So you're gonna leave to go pursue this question?" Savranth asked Vanessa.

Cassia met up with Felina and Ashley.
"Who are you?"
"I'm just here for my daughter."

"We can survive in water, but we're just fine on land."
"That's kinda... racist."

Jessica stood for a few moments and waited for the ringing in her ears to subside. The fact that she could still hear Death, while not unfamiliar, still unsettled her slightly. "Uh, thanks. You mind doing me a favor and trying to get everyone out of the building?" She replied and asked of Death. She then headed into the room where she had first seen the large crowd of beastkin women to see who among them had decided to not leave and try to go back to their old homes.

"So you can breath in water and on land? That's really cool, meow!" Tao said with enthusiasm. She looked confused at the second comment. "Meow?" she asked.

"So you're amphibious? I've never seen an amphibian with an exoskeleton." Unless she's a new species. He scratched his head, still trying to figure things out.

OOC: @Wacky. It's the one on the far right.


Rex rubs his eyes for a moment before talking to Dal. "Dude... there's a rat with a scythe on your shoulder... or am I going nuts?" He turns toward the fishgirls with slight interest.

Ness looks back at Sav and nods. "The wild lands look like they're out the option since I can't use an airship or a boat. Seeing as this could possibly be a rare feat, I may as well find out for sure."

A portal opens aside of Marco's body and Yukino steps out of it, yawning and wearing her usual attire. She looks at the body and shrugs a bit before poking at it with her sheathed sword. "Hm...? Looks like I missed the fun."

"He's the death of rats or something. I'm.... still not quite sure what he's doing here. Or why he's a living skeleton for that matter."

Death nodded, and began moving around the house, and, his voice like thunder, booming through the house, shaking everyone to the bone, he says:


He shouts. He turns to Jessica, WAS THAT GOOD ENOUGH?

The death of rats looks at them, and says SQUEAK[1]
He looks at Rex, and makes that move people do when they're searching the horizon.

[1] Roughly translated to: "Don't question it."

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