We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Well, perhaps we should meet up with the others and see what they are going to do?" Savranth suggests.

"Well, yes. Why do you ask?" She said to Dal'Sheen.
"Yes, we can. It's just a trait we have." The fish beastkin said to Tao.

OoC: @wacky,

Rémy grabbed his ears and pulled them down when Death started 'speaking' loudly.
"What the hell was that!?" he yelled.

Death nodded, and began moving around the house, and, his voice like thunder, booming through the house, shaking everyone to the bone, he says:


He shouts. He turns to Jessica, WAS THAT GOOD ENOUGH?

The death of rats looks at them, and says SQUEAK[1]
He looks at Rex, and makes that move people do when they're searching the horizon.

Last post.

[1] Roughly translated to: "Don't question it."

@All: Back. What did I miss exactly?

"That's really, really cool! What kind of fish are you?" Tao asked the fish girl.

@Rosh: We saved all the ladies, and now Ness wants to go back to Lakewest to see if Paprika is a beastkin, because one of the prostitutes looked like Paprika.

He shrugged. "It's just an interesting combination. I've never seen something like it. It's fascinating."

"My... father once said "A wise king never seeks out war, but is always prepared for it". How many a ruler could learn from that statement." Loki remarked, looking over the field of craters, pausing upon saying "father", as if he cpondered if that was the right word to use. "At any rate, you had best steel yourself against sights such as these. There shall be far more to come in the forseeable future."

One of the treant Envy tossed away with his tongue landed in one of the burning houses, a howl coming from the flames as they spread over the body of the treant. The three others were send smashing into other treants as they came rushing forth, the sound of wood snapping rang out. Two more hunched over treants were swatted aside by the tail, one broken on half. Two more smaller treants rushed towards Envy, ducking beneath the tail and climbing on his back. One stayed near the tail and dug its fingers into the flesh, intending to rip the tail off, while the other one climbed to Envy's right shoulder blade and began lashing out there. Four more hunched over treants approached Envy from the front and side, lashing out with their root fingers as they did.
The large silhouettes that had been approaching Everwood were now visible. These too were treants, but unlike the other ones, these were less humanoid, their shape consisting of a large trunk with two massive branches for arms. For legs, they had countless roots. Furthermore, a blue glow could be seen in some places, coming through the thick bark.

"What the hell is that thing?!" Clarence called out upon seeing the monstrous envy through the fog. "You lot! Head to Forward Base and inform Tiberius, or whoever the hell will listen of this! Go!" he commanded several other beastkin, who promtly did as they were told.

OoC @Furioso: Enemies: 197 Treants. 50 Elder Treants. 88 beastkin.

@Rosh: We saved all the ladies, and now Ness wants to go back to Lakewest to see if Paprika is a beastkin, because one of the prostitutes looked like Paprika.

I think sex-slave would be a better term, since I'm fairly certain they weren't paid...

@Wacky: Here we go...
Rex: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc85sfbA971req555o1_500.jpg
Ness: http://24.media.tumblr.com/e4b0eddb73de9ee788969f16ee57edb1/tumblr_meu1jtmlSi1req555o1_500.jpg
Yukino: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcxpovr3Ka1req555o1_500.jpg

Rex shrugs a bit. "...Eh, screw it. I'm gonna stop trying to figure stuff out anymore. It's starting to give me a massive headache..."

Ness shakes her head slightly. "I'd rather not interrupt them on whatever they're doing. This is really only my curiosity taking over." Then, Death was like RAAAAAAAAGGGH. She covered her ears a bit. "Oh, god... Why....?"

Yukino took her ears and slammed them down as Death yelled. "OH. WHAT THE HELL!? I WALK IN TO THIS SHIT!?"

OOC: Well, that's me done for the night.
Rémy will stick with Ness.

Savranth covers his ears when Death yells. "Ouch. What in the Hell was that?"
He tries to shrug to Vanessa after that. "Well, I think we should see what else we can find. Might be other things people want to look into along the way..." Besides, I still need to figure out what I will do...

Ashley screamed and ran out. "Oh my God! It's a ghost. It's gonna kill me!"
Felina sighed. "Well, we better get going... You wanna tag along?"
"Sure. I'm heading back to Granite Pass."

"Okay... Well, that's a rather odd question. Where are you from?" She asked Dal'Sheen.
"I'm not a fish. I'm a beastkin."


Kyosuke had been happily tuning out Death, but his voice still hurt. Gripping his ears he said. "The hell was that for?"

Noel and Charlotte had similar reactions.

Jessica cringed at Death's loud proclamation, then looked at Death with half-closed eyes and replied in a deadpan expression, "May have been just a teensy bit too much." As she walked around the building, she found Ness, Savranth, Remy, and whoever else was around them. "Right, so we should probably get out of here. I'm thinking we've been astronomically lucky that nobody we don't know has yet to come in here, so hanging around kinda seems like we're pushing it."

OOC: So which characters/NPCs are still in the brothel?

Rita nodded at Loki "Oh, you don't have to worry about me, I can handle it."

Envy howled with the repeated assault, using 4 of his 8 legs to lash out at the surrounding treants, and using his tongue as a whip to curl around and swat the smaller treants off of him. During this he managed to uproot himself a little bit and back away towards the rest of the forest. His tail continued to swing as the treants were initially unsuccessful at taking it off. Hearing Clarence call out Envy called back, still using the voice of the Legain soldier, though it had a demonic taint to it Yes! Go, tell your masters what Dr. Soto has created to kill you all!"

Death shrugged, GOT THE MESSAGE ACROSS, AT LEAST. He begins to walk around the building looking for anyone else, politely warning them to leave before they suffer "The most dire consequence!"[1]

The Death of Rats looks at Jessica, and waved his bony fingers.

OoC: I'm off to bed for the night, it's midnight here, so I'll see you all tomorrow, death and Co will follow the group.

[1] In this case, Death's most dire consequence is glaring at them for a minuet or two.

"Oh, okay. Where do you live? Do you live in the water, or on land?" Tao asked, still quite enthusiastic.

Echo was rather tired after walking so much and carrying Holly, so she was lagging behind Noel and Charlotte.

"Could I speak to you, if you aren't too terribly busy?" Persephone asked Ness as she was suddenly with her. Her tone was very business like, but had a slight tinge of displeasure to it.

"I'm from a city called D'ni. I came here through the equivalent of a portal. I'm a documenter of worlds."

Noel looked back at Echo and Holly and asked. "Would you mind if Charlotte and I were to carry you and Holly? You look very tired."

Kyosuke regrouped with Rex and Yukino as he said to Yukino. "Hello again Foxy-lady..." with a happy grin.

"Carry...very tired..." Echo said with weary and sheepish smile.

@Drak: Ness and Yuki are in here at the moment.

Ness nods slightly as she walks to the exit. "I couldn't agree more... Let's get moving." Turning to Sav, she looks up and thinks for a moment. "Well, if anyone else does want to come with me, we can talk about it tomorrow. It's getting to be a bit late." Turning in slight shock to Persephone, she nods. "...Very well, madam. What is it?"

Yukino turns to Kyosuke and smiles mischievously, her tails swishing around. "Yo, eyepatch guy! What's up?"

Rex just sits down and listens to the conversation, not having much to add. Unbeknownst to him, his tail had stuck out of his pants and was lying in plain view.

Noel easily picked up Echo as Charlotte picked up Holly as Noel 'heard' Charlotte's internal emotions and thoughts. With a piercing glare, Charlotte sighed.

"Alright then Echo, if you fall asleep, that's fine, ok?"

"Oh well you know. Stuff and things." he chuckled. Realizing something he asked. "Where you been?"

One of the airships begins to hover over the brothel.

"Sounds like a plan." Savranth looks up to see the airship. "We should probably leave before they notice us..."

"Look, if you don't want to answer, you don't have to make up false stories. That's very rude..." The beastkin replied to Dal'Sheen.
"I live in Port Letosh... On land. And I think we'll be going, now..." She says noticing the airship in the distance.
"Yes... Let's."
The beastkin girls move along.

OoC: Did anyone take the remaining cards? There'd be like 25 left I think...

"Pfft... the other people in this place seemed to be accepting well the fact that I came from D'ni. Figured they would. Whatever, I'm getting tired." He walked off towards the edge of town to set up camp. "Yet, to be fair, I probably shouldn't have answered that in any case."

Persephone starts to walk in a random direction, obviously expecting Ness to follow her. After a little walking, she said, "We have established that you care about the well being of my niece, have we not?" It wasn't really a question, but she still paused as if she expected an answer.

"Aww...It was cool talking to you girls!" Tao called out after the bestkin as they left.

"Fine...okay..." Echo said as she was already yawning.

@Salty: So only like half the beastkin girls actually left the brothel, right? Didn't half of them stay behind because of Jessica's offer? I don't remember reading that they all left.

"I'll follow in a sec. There's still a few others things I have to do." Jessica said to those who were leaving. She wandered back into the large room where Rex had laid out all the credit cards. Seeing that there were still a large number left, she shrugged and stuffed them all in her pockets. No sense in letting these go completely to waste.

@Salt: Oh... Thought the girls would've taken one than more card. Rex took like 3.

Ness gives Persephone a quizzical look after she looked at the airship for a moment. "Yes... of course."

Yukino puts her finger to her mouth. Since one of her eyes was covered by her bangs, Kyosuke would probably not be able to tell she was winking. "Sorry. I can't say, no matter how much I want to."

Rex notes the airship and walks at a brisk pace away from the brothel.

OOC: I think I'll be off for now.

Noel let out a giggle as she and Charlotte carried Echo and Holly respectively away from the Brothel, looking like general caretakers for the two young girls.

Kyosuke took notice of the airship and continued to walk away from the brothel, looking as if he had been walking on the streets for awhile. Stretching his arms behind his head, he grinned alittle bit more. "Aww, that's fine by me Foxy... So how you been though?"

Persephone "hmmed" in response to Ness, still seeming dissatisfied with something. "If that is the case, where, pray tell, is she at this current moment?" she asked with a slight, accusatory edge.

Echo was quickly slipping into sleep as she was carried around. She was far more comfortable than Holly, considering she didn't have Charlotte's large bust pressing into her.

The 15 beatskin who wanted to accept Jessica's offer remained. Oblivious to the airship's presence.

Savranth began to move away from the brothel, hoping to avoid detection. He really didn't want to be seen here for a variety of reasons.

Outside of town, Felina got in her mech and began moving away with Ashley and Cassia in her company.
She picked up the two as they got further along to make the trip faster, by a bit due to the mech's longer stride.

Ness' face went a bit white as Persephone's question hit her. She started to look around wildly, until she saw Noel and Charlotte carrying Echo and Holly in the distance. She sighed a bit knowing that either way she answered, this wasn't going to end all that well for her. "She's... with Noel and Charlotte at the moment..."

Yukino smirks as she joins her hands behind her back. "I've been fine, mostly. A little bored, as of late, but I'm alive. Can't really complain~."

OoC @Furioso: I see what you're doing here. If it sucseeds, you will have earned a Nailik Seal of Approval. :D

Yes... Worry. My concern for your well being truly knows no limits. Loki thought, then turned back to Rita. "Since there is little point in remaining here, where shall we go next?"

The two smaller treants were knocked off when the tongue lashed out at them. The one that had climbed on Envy's shoulder blade fell near Envy's legs and was unfortunate enough to be stomped on when Envy moved forwards, the splintered wood of its crushed body dug into Envy's foot, however. The treant that was near the tail, and then smacked further away by the tail, broken, but not yet totally incapacitated. Three of the four hunched over treants were smashed away by its leg sweeps, one treanted smashed into a burning house where it howled as it met its end there. Another treant snapped in half by the sheer force of the leg swipe. The other, while damaged, slowly stood back up. Five more hunched over treants jabbed their fingers in the earth and sprouted out behind Envy, wrapping around his hind legs and pulling at them in an attempt to trip him up. One of the elder treants howlded upon seeing the damage done and lifted a slab of earth from the gorund on which a burning house stood, raising it above Envy, it dropped the, the burning house pointed down. Another elder treant also raised a slab of earth from the ground, although smaller then the one with the house on it, it had sharp spikes in it, this was thrown at Envy's face. Three more smaller threants approached Envy from the right side and climbed onto his legs where they began tearing away at the flesh at the joints. Five of the beastkin dipped their arrows in the spreading fire, setting them alight and fired at Envy's back. Clarence raised another moderately slab of earth from the ground and also threw it at Envy.
The few beastkin that had attempted to put out the fire gave up and ran as fast as their legs could carry them, acknowledging their home was lost.

Enemies: 192 Treants. 1 damaged Treant. 50 Elder Treants. 88 beastkin.

Noticing the other beastkin that had stayed behind, Jessica walked over to them. "Sorry about that, distractions just kept popping up. So, what's the answer, you all want more of my help?" She said to the crowd.

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