We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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@Outis: lol

Noel giggled alittle more as Echo fell asleep, her armor plating around the arms and chest retracting back into the folder cylinder on her back. Charlotte on the other hand, continued to hold Holly as she tried to lull her to sleep.

"Bored, eh? Same here I guess." Kyosuke chuckled. "Not much of fights around here, but eh, a change isn't exactly too bad."

He took notice that Jessica had gone back into the brothel, but didn't react as of yet.

"How very fortune." Persephone said rather dryly. She suddenly stopped and stared directly into Ness' eyes, her own dark ones smoldering a bit with intensity. "Before just now, when was the last time you saw her? When, I ask you, was the last time her whereabouts or safty even crossed your mind?" she asked in a low, menacing tone.

"Can you really give us a place to stay?"

The general consensus seemed to confirm that they were ready and willing to go with Jessica.

A small ship descends from the airship. A man with dark brown hair, wearing heavy armor exits the vehicle and begins to walk inside the brothel.

Rita thought for a second "Well, are there any Xiphatian cities we haven't seen yet? Those could prove interesting, and it would be nice to not have to hide my magic."

The combined assault seemingly buried Envy, as he roared and shrunk under the debris as blood spurted out from the wounds of the various other methods of assault. If one had taken pictures of Envy throughout the fight and analyzed it thoroughly they might notice that some of the grotesque human shapes that rippled on his skin were gone, but a thousand still remained. All was silent under the pile of debris.

Ness seemed to shrink a bit as Persephone glared at her. "...The last time I saw her was when we were at the Port Hotel. She had gone off with Rex and the group here. As for the last time I thought of her safety... was during my walk to this place. I felt that as long she was with the group, she would be taken care of. I understand that was foolish of me." She suddenly bows her head. "Please forgive me."

Yukino looks over slightly interested. "Oh? Maybe we should have a little spar sometime then. I could use it!"

"I have yet to see Rocbyrd, but I dare wager you would not be thrilled by the prospect of returning there. Aisde from that, we have not been to Shaintaio, which I assume is the capital. But, we will need a vessel to go there. And somehow, I doubt finding one willing to ferry us across the ocean will be a simple task in war time."

With Envy fallen silent, one of the Elder Treants lifted the rubble it had dumped on Envy up to see what state their enemy was in.

Some of the beastkin carefully approached, but kept a safe distance.

"Yes. And a chance at a better life." Jessica replied to the woman. After doing so, she reformed the glyphs of light around her head once again. After several moments, a portal looking like a swirling blue pool of light opened up in the air next to her. "A word of warning, you might feel a little queasy after the first time going through." She said to the women as she motioned for them to step through the portal.

Rita frowned at the mention of Rockbyrd "No, I'd rather not go there, and if Shaintaio isn't a practical option, then what are our real options?"

The Elder Treant would find nothing, save for some smaller rocks and boulders beneath the majority of the rubble

Persephone was utterly silent for a time. Finally she gave a very soft sigh. "I do not expect perfection from you. But you have made a commitment, and, as a promise between ladies, I expect you to abide by it. I expect effort from you. More than you have previously shown. If you feel you no longer want this unofficial position, I would very much like you to tell me. Is that perfectly understood?" she said in a deathly serious manner.

Tao made her way back to where the majority of the group was.

Echo and Holly were sleeping soundly.

Oh boy... Jessica, find a backdoor... "Oh definitely! Something to sharpen up the blades alittle, right?"

Charlotte and Noel brought the two young girls with the rest of the group, wondering where they were staying. If they weren't going anywhere special, then they would return back to the hotel to sleep.

The armored man stopped at the entrance and keeled down beside Marco, checking his pulse.
"So, Marco, someone got you? Was it a client? A girl? Or just bad luck? Hmmm... They might still be here..." The man stood and removed a rifle from his back as he progressed further in.

The girls start to file on through the portal.

Savranth looks back towards the brothel.
"Did Jessica ever come back out?"
He looks for a moment and then starts back, looking for her.

Ness nods calmly. "Yes, ma'am." She looks back toward the group and sighs a bit. I've... really gotten lax.

Seeing Sav run back in, Rex follows behind him, knowing that Marco's body had to have been found.

Yukino nods happily. "Mhm~! ...So what are you guys doing here anyway?"

"These places aside, we have been to every location in Xiphatia, it would seem. There are also these Wild Lands I would like to see, as it belongs to neither nation, but these too lay across the ocean." Loki answered.

Seeing nothing, the Elder Treat wordlessly commanded its younger brethern to look. Once they too found nothing, the Elder Treant dropped the rubble again. With their foe seemingly defeated, the legion of treants walked off, disappearing back into the forest.

The beastkin dispelled the magical fog and sat down with a huff. "Now what do we do?" one asked.

"Rebuilt. Not much else we can do... Damn it, I hope Legaia pays for this!!"

Meanwhile, some of the beastkin that had fled arived at Forward Base, those that could sweat did so profusely. They looked around for anyone who looked to be in command.

Kyosuke saw Rex and Savranth running back into the brothel. Oh boy... Here we go... "Well..." Kyosuke walked up closer to Yukino's ear and said in a whisper. "Saving some beastkin girls in a brothel. Looks like Rex and soldier child walked back in when some huge Legaian soldier walked in before. One of ours is still in the brothel doing stuff, but I have faith in her. Shall we watch and see if those two prevail?"

The girls who went through the portal would indeed feel queasy as they came out the other end, unless they were accustomed to inter-dimensional travel. They found themselves in a sterile looking and generally featureless white room. The most noteworthy feature the room had was a speaker, which shortly after the girls entered gave out a message. "Oh, good, you're here. I'll be there in a minute." Was spoken over the speakers, in the voice of a gruff, older sounding man.

"Yeah, but don't worry, it should pass pretty quickly." Jessica said to the girl who asked, trying to reassure her. Hearing what sounded like someone coming in, she gestured for the girls who hadn't yet gone through to pick up the pace. Dammit dammit dammit! I'd hoped I had more time. She thought as she moved to place herself between the beastkin women and the doorway into the room from where she heard the noise coming from.

"Hmm... oh, isn't there a port city down south? We could always go there." suggested Rita

Had the treants moved some of the boulders out of the way they would have discovered that one of them had been strategically placed over a hole in the ground, where Envy had dug his way out in the same fashion as his escape from the barracks at Fourside. He had the Legaian equipment with him still, but back at the battle sight various unimportant scraps of the uniform could be found lying around, but only enough to tell that it was from a Legaian uniform and not much else.

Savranth, seeing Rex holds up his hand, as a signal for calm as he tries to walk towards the brothel on the opposite side of the street.
"Careful. We don't want to catch that airship's attention. That's exactly why I'm heading back. If Jessica is spotted by them or meets that man who went in..." He let his statement trail off a bit to imply the consequences could be bad.

The last of the beastkin make their way through the portal.

The man slowly walked through the room, his rifle ready and primed. His finger on the trigger. He begins to step into the room with Jessica and the beastkin and...

Volarian was walking about the base, keeping an eye on the soldiers and making sure that they stay in line.

"Very well then." Persephone said. She gently and gracefully placed her hand on Ness' chin and turned her back to look directly at her again. "I will be watching you, in addition to her. Remember that." she said coldly as she squised the other woman's face ever so slightly, just to establish dominance. She started to walk away, gracefully gliding over the ground, when she stopped suddenly. "There is another girl that will be with Echo now. I...care for her as much as I do Echo, my own flesh and blood. If you could keep an eye on her as well, I would be...most grateful." she said without turning around. She then left in a cloud of purple smoke.

Tao will follow Noel around.

OOC: Goodnight people.

A smirk spreads across Yukino's face. She whispers back "Is that so...? I'd love to see soldier boy in action. Let's get going before we miss anything big!" With that, she turns and starts walking nonchalantly toward the brothel.

Rex notes Sav's signal and puts his hands into his hoodie. "Right, right. ...Damn it, wanted to rush in there..."

Ness lets out a bit of a sigh as Persephone leaves. Looks like I've got to strap up again. Wasting no time, she makes her way over toward Noel and Charlotte, eventually following them into the hotel.

"There is. Quite literally on the opposite site of the continent. It would take days to reach on foot. For the time being, we had best return to Fourside and find a hotel once more."

Seeing Volarian and firuring he was in charge, since he was drilling other soldiers, the beastkin ran over to him in a panic. Once they reached him, they all began shouting over one another's voices incomprehensibly, made even more so by the fact that they had hardly caught their breath.

Kyosuke followed after Yukino, keeping his caution with him. Unlike a Revenant-Class, sneaking would be naturally difficult. Not cripplingly so, but still. "Sounds good to me!"

Noel and Charlotte had placed Tao, Holly and Echo to bed as Charlotte fell asleep next to them. Noel noticed Ness and gave a polite bow before relaxing on a recline-able chair, sighing. Her armor was detached and held on the folder cylinder.

Rita nodded in agreement "Yea, that would be a good idea."

(Timeskip because otherwise it would be 3 posts of "Envy continued to dig") Envy eventually wound up to the northeast of Nightshire, along the coast again. He was back to his default form, that of an androgynous teen. He laughed to himself as he relaxed on the ground. Such a thrill! Shame I couldn't have started the war, but this should make it a lot more fun, now I get to sit back and watch the fireworks! he thought.

Jessica looked back to check on how the women were doing. Seeing that they were all gone, she breathed a sigh of relief. A few moments afterwards, the portal closed and disappeared without a trace. Right, time to quickly cover our tracks. Jessica thought as she pulled a small metallic case out of her coat. Opening the case up, she pulled out a small glass vial, then shut the case and put it away again. She tossed the vial on the ground, causing it to shatter and spill an orange liquid on the carpet. And now to make an exit! She thought, almost frantically, as she disappeared in a flash of light.

In the room with the recently liberated beastkin women, what looked to be a section of wall about the size of an average doorway sank into the rest of the wall, then folded in off to one side, revealing that it actually was a doorway. A middle-aged man in an outfit that looked quite a bit like a military uniform, colored black and trimmed with gold, walked into the room. He looked around at the women, sighing and shaking his head and how pitiable they all looked. "Let's get you girls some help." He said, his voice matching what they had heard from the speakers and sounding quite sincere.

@Salty: You can choose whether or not to keep what's going on in the second part going.

Ness returned Noel's bow with a curtsy. As Noel sat down, Ness sat down on the floor, sighing a bit as well. "Today... was interesting..."

Kyosuke might notice that Yukino's footsteps were casual, almost animated, but she made little to no noise as she walked. She stopped and ducked into cover a bit away from Rex and Sav.

The man held up his hand as the light blinded him. "What the hell was that?" He said as he walked over and looked at the spot on the ground.
"Fuck. I knew I shoulda sent Bellerophon to do this dumb as fucking pain in the ass. I couldn't even enjoy the brothel. And now, some dumb shit just blinded me with an annoying ass light."
This man was quite angry and seeing that no one was in here, continued on through the brothel.

Savranth looked up at the ship. "As long as that thing is there... Getting in unnoticed is likely impossible..."
He thought for a minute.
"Let's see what happens... And hope for the best. We don't want to be noticed by that ship, at this moment. They came for a reason."

He and Rex were now behind the brothel near the garage.

Volarian looks at the beastkin. "Calm down, all of you. Speak one at a time, and tell me what you're trying to say."

"It really was... But for what we are doing tomorrow... We need sleep. Good*Yawn*night Ness..." Noel fell asleep pretty quickly, whether it was naturally due to being tired or part of her training was unknown at the moment.

Kyosuke gave a frown at Yukino's walking, but didn't give it a single word. Ducking next to Yukino he said. "Now the fun begins... Wish I had popcorn."

"Well then, let us be off. Lest the dust settle upon us." Loki remarked, then headed towards Fourside once more.

It took some time, but eventually all the beastkin settled down, mostly due to finally running out of breath. "Monster! Attacking Everwood!!" Evaline called out, tears streaming down her face. "Made by Legaia! Soto!!" another beastkin chimed in. "I-it was killing everyone!"

Ness smiles a bit as she puts a blanket over Noel before returning to her seat on the floor. She brings out Four's book and begins to read. Yes... I've got quite a bit to do tomorrow as well. She looks over at Echo and Holly sleeping, quickly realizing Holly was the other girl Persephone was talking about. But... those two come first. My little project to find out if Paprika is indeed a beastkin will have to wait, I suppose...

Rex docks down behind some cover and nods toward Sav. "Right... Kinda feeling like a scout in enemy territory now." He said with a nervous chuckle.

Yukino nods slightly, watching Rex and Sav intently. "Funny... I would've brought some with me had I known this was going to happen..."

Shortly after having been spilled, the orange liquid quickly congealed in the carpet of the brothel. After another moment, the solidified remains of the liquid ignited and began to start a fire in the brothel.

Jessica reappeared back at the ruins on the solitary mountaintop, having picked it as the destination for her teleport as it was the first place that came to mind she had been when she tried to think of a place with no people around to see her arrive. She breathed out deeply and thought, I guess now I just have to hope I didn't get spotted well enough for them to identify me.

OoC: Alright, I'm off. Night Kyosuke will continue with Yukino, then head over to the hotel to sleep.

Rita followed Loki

After Envy was satisfied with his reflection on the days events he dug a deep hole into the ground where he buried the evidence, the rifle, pistol, and sword. He kind of liked the sword, but his own weapons could do the job just as well if not better. He started walking south, towards Fourside.

Savranth looked to Rex. "Yeah... Kinda are when you think-"

The soldier walked out the back, through the garage and seeing Savranth and Rex walked over, putting his rifle away.
"Hey, you two seen anyone leave?"

Volarian takes Evaline aside. "Okay, come with me." Looking to the soldiers he says. "You all take care of these people."
When they seem less than enthusiastic to take care of beastkin, he adds, "That's an order!"

Volarian then leads Evaline to a meeting between Athena and Tiberius.
"Don't you think we need to take Holadino first, after their base? It's the lightest defended and would give us a good way-point to Port-"
"Pardon me, but I think you need to hear this girl."

Rex looks over at the soldier and shakes his head slightly. "Sorry, dude. Can't say we have. Are you looking for someone in particular?" He manages to lie with a straight face.

Yukino, seeing the man come out, decides to cloak herself from her cover. She smiles to herself as she continues to listen on.

"Is that so? What about you?" The man, obviously an officer, then turns to Savranth.
"No... I can't say I have either, sir. What would we have been looking for?" He replies.
"People leaving this building..." He then looks back to the brothel, before eying them both. "What are your names?"

Before long, Loki and Rita entered Fourside once again. Imediately after he entered, Loki switched clothing back to wearing a suit. Loki walked towards the hotel he and Rita had stayed in the past few days, and waited in the foyer. "I believe it is my turn to pay the fee for the room?" he asked Rita.

"It... It was a Legaian." Evaline began, sputtering and still shaking with fear. "A Legaian attacked Everwood, some tried to stop him, but he turned into this... this monster! Said it was created by a Doctor Soto..." she continued, then broke out in tears. "M-my home, my friends, my f-f-family, it's all gone!!"

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