We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Since nothing seemed to be trying to stop it, the fire in the brothel would quickly spread along the carpet and ignite anything else flammable that it could reach.

Jessica sat down on the ground in the ruins and took out her visor. She placed it on her head, resting her right hand on it as she did. The screen folded down as she began to focus. Let's see about re-grouping. The screen displayed an image of the area surrounding Ness.
Eh, seems most of them are sleeping. I don't want to wake them up or disturb Vanessa. The screen changed to display an image of the area around Savranth. Nnnope!

"I payed the other night, so yea." said Rita

Becoming a rat, Envy entered Fourside and found some shelter, making up his mind to find more suitable lodgings tomorrow

Athena and Tiberius looked at each other.
"That's odd. The fleet seemed to be heading in the direction of Shaintaio. Why would they go out of their way to attack Everwood? That's a bit of a detour."
"Perhaps. But she seems to be using a singular, and she mentioned Soto... Which is what I am concerned about..." Tiberius looked to Evaline.
"What can you tell me of this monster?"

Rex scratches his head a bit. "Name's Rex. Is it alright if I ask what your name is, officer?"

Ness scratched the back of her neck a bit as she read... having this odd feeling that she was being watched. ...Something about Persephone is really... getting to me. I need to be careful from here on out...

"Captain Astasis. What would your name be again?" He motioned to Savranth.
"Savranth Ehrgeiz." He replies, hoping this man won't upload this data to the central information.
"Ehrgeiz? That name sounds familar." Astasis puts his hand to his ear. "Hey, look up Ehrgeiz."
A moment passes and Savranth starts looking a little worried.

OoC @Jessica: Nope. The brothel going up in flames is not suspicious. At all.

"Right then. With the amounts we spend the night on hotel rooms, perhaps we ought to considder hiring a room for a extended perioud of time, rather then a single night. It is something to considder for the future." Loki remarked, walking up to the counter. Hiring a room, Loki paid 300 credits and took the key. Entering the room, Loki switched his clothing to sleeping attire and fell climbed into one of the beds, laying down the cane next to him.

"He... N-no, it started out looking like a man, wearing Legaian armour and c-carrying several weapons... That gun it used... It cooked people alive! I-I can s-still smell th-their flesh b-boil--" Evaline was interupted as she began gagging, now that she was out of danger, her mind began to process just what she had expirience. It took several minutes and deep breaths befor she steadied herself somewhat. "It also had arms that... changed into tentacles... And then... then... It changed into this thing. It was huge... Green, with several faces, looking like they were under its skin, screaming... It was horrible!"

The fire continued to quickly spread unabated within the brothel. At this point it was burning pretty extensively, and would easily noticed as such.

Jessica decided to find lodgings somewhere else for the night. She teleported to an area outside of Port Letosh, far enough to not be likely to be seen, but still within walking distance. She then headed into town and found a hotel to try and rent a room from.

@Nail: "Less chance of there being evidence we were ever there to begin with....Plus that place deserves to be burned to the ground."

"Yea, could be a good idea." said Rita as she went to one of the beds and fell asleep.

OoC: Still here for a while more

"Odd... That doesn't sound like something that I would expect from Legaia's scientists... Especially not Soto..." Tiberius replied.
Athena looks to him curious. "You know the name?"
"Soto is obsessed with making the perfect man. We've seen some of his... work... in the previous war. This sounds a little strange for his creation. Not completely unexpected, but I wouldn't expect a single one of his creations to be so powerful, or transform like that... What else can you tell us?"

OoC: @Jessica: Ah, she didn't like him. Good. I wanted this to be the sort of thing that bothered people and made them question certain things.

Rex notes Savranth's worried look then points at the brothel in flames. "Uh... Cap... The building you just came out of is burning into flames... ...We should get out of here." He slowly starts to back away from the scene.

Yukino smirks at this from her cover, a bit happy to see that someone besides her knew how to liven things up.

"It... it had healing powers like nothing I've ever seen. No matter what we hit it with, its wounds kept healing. Even when its head was chopped off... It grew right back!" Evaline explained, having calmed down somewhat.

"Ehrgeiz is Idula's last name. Hey, kid, think you could put in a good work with your mom for me? I'd like to get out of this dead end position I am in." Astasis says before looking back to the building.
"Shit! Was that an accelerant I saw? Fuckin arson!" He puts his finger to his ear.
"Get a fire containment squad down here."

"We should go, Captain..." Savranth says as they start to walk away.

"I see. What did you do to defend against it?" Tiberius asked.

Having no other leads, Rex follows Sav and Astasis.

Sighing a bit since the action had died down, Yukino makes her way to the inn and goes to sleep. She curls up into a ball next to Ness.

@Salty: Well it certainly worked for me at least.

The fire just...kept on burning down the brothel.

Jessica rented a hotel room at the closest hotel to the city limits of Port Letosh, paying using what she had left of her winnings from the card game in Pewtercove. Then went up to her newly rented room and fell asleep.

"I didn't do much... I just tried to keep the forest fire from spreading. The others used their magics, bows and arrows, throwing knives or axes at it... Nothing seemed to do much, even in its "human" form. It was only when the fire spread and the treants showed up to fight it, it began to struggle with everything thrown at it. I ran soon after this, so I wouldn't know how it ended... I fear the worst."

"Damn. I gotta go save my ship, before it gets caught up in that." Astasis says as he starts to run off, but stops and yells back. "Put in a good word with your mom, kid!"
After that, he runs off.

Savranth looks at Rex. "Let's just find a place to sleep."

"Treants?" Tiberius looks to Athena.
"We need to have a word with this Soto, don't we?"
"Yes, we do."

OoC: @Dot: I don't remember anyone getting a room. At all.
@Drak: Good. There are plenty of things, both good and bad in this world. Honestly, Envy kinda screwed up a good thing. The group coulda got drunk in Everwood.

OoC: @Rosh has had that room in Fourside since yesterday... So idk. Also, oh noes, how will get booze'd now? D:

Rex shrugs a bit as he starts walking around. "Fine by me, dude. " He eventually comes into the hotel everyone is staying at.

OoC: @Salty, shouldn't they be sending some relief crews to Everwood?

OoC @Drak: Marco had a backstory, courtesy of yours truly. 'Nuff said. :D

"W-where can I stay now...?" Evaline asked.

"I'm kinda... broke..."
Entering the hotel, the receptionist, looked at them. "Can I help you?"

Tiberius thinks for a moment. "Volarian."
"Sir?" He says standing at attention.
"Gather 20 men and 2 Golems, of whatever skills you deem necessary, and head to Everwood. Do what you can."

"Right away, sir." Volarian salutes. "I'll take my leave."
With that the officer leaves to perform his duties.
To Evaline he says, "You and your people can stay here or you can go back with Volarian."

Rex looks over toward Sav and shrugs. "Got you covered, dude." He presents one of Marco's cards to the receptionist as he walks up to them. "We need two rooms."

"Thank you. If I'm alowed... I'd like to stay here for the night. I'll head back to Everwood tomorow and see what I can do to... help rebuilt it." With that, Evaline went to find a place to sleep.

OoC: I'm off.

The receptionist takes the cards and swipes them. "Rooms 532 and 533."

Tiberius smiles as Evaline leaves.
"Only 20 men and two Golems?" Athena asks.
"I'd send more, but we can't reduce our defenses too much here. If Legaia can, they will attack here as well."

Rex hands key 533 to Sav and gives him a wave before going to sleep in 532.

OoC: And I'm off. Night.

Savranth goes up to the room and falls asleep.

OoC: Yeah, I'm going, too.

Captcha: Science Project
Yes, captcha.
Yes, he is.

Death began to walk around where the group was, talking to The Death of Rats.
SO WE'RE STUCK HERE... He mummers.

Outside the group, they might see a squirrel running about... with two furry antenna on her head. She see's Death and begins to move to him. Death notices her, and puts her in his hand.

Death begins to search the groups area for some women's clothing, opening up some of the girls bags.
"Squeak?" The squirrel asked.

Death picks up some random clothing (Mismatched) and guides the squirrel into a hidden place..

"Almost..." He hears. He waits outside, as a 5 foot 4 human slowly walked out.
"Thanks." She said.
The Girl nodded, "I know." She said.

"We should probably get to that group you were talking about." She says.

Tao walks outside of the hotel. She started rubbing her stomach, as she had not eaten yesterday.

Death and The new girl walk up to Tao.

The girll looks at Tao, "Hey." She said.

"Hi, meow..." Tao said in a sad tone as she continued to rub her growling stomach.

The girl looks at Tao, "What's your name?" She asked, "I'm grace." She said, a warm hearted smile on her face.
"Hungry? I know I am, I swear I haven't eaten in days!"

"Tao's very hungry, meow." Tao said as she barely registered most of the stuff happening.

Tao nodded, and pulled out a card.
"Come on, I'm sure they have some food somewhere. Death gave me 10 credits, so come on!" She said, quickly bouncing up.

OoC: Where are we, anyway?

Tao obediently followed the stranger, wanting food very much.

OOC: Outside a hotel.

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