We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC: Okay, in any particular city?

She walks back into the hotel, and asks the hotel owner where they could get some food.

OOC: Same city as yesterday...

OoC: Oh, okay.

Grace nods, and begins to walk around the city, and quickly buys a bit of food from a nearby hotdog salesman.
"Thanks!" She says to him, handing a hotdog to Tao.

Tao wolfs down the hotdog quickly, only being mildly satisfied. "Thanks stranger, meow." she said.

"No problem. So, where are you from?" She asks.

"Kaka village, meow." Tao said to the strange girl

Rita was in the hotel lobby, writing in her book about the two decimated cities she had seen the previous day.

Envy was flying back in the direction of Everwood, disguised as a hawk

Grace nods, "I'm from Moperville. Do you have any idea where we are, I'm sorta lost." She asks.

"Um...some city. I don't remember exactly, meow." Tao admitted with a bit of a grin.

Grace nodded, "Okay. Well, come on, better get back to the hotel you were at."

Death sits down right next to Rita, and picks up a newspaper.

OoC: @wacky, ok, would she see you as a skeleton, or what

Tao nodded and walked back to the hotel and entered it.

Grace nodded, and sat down in a chair and twiddled her thumbs. She waved at Death, and Death waved back.

OoC: @Fur... I'm not entirely sure, in all honesty, it's never elaborated on in the books... Lets say, since he wants her to see him, yes?

Savranth wakes up and gets dressed/

OoC: Did Rita and Loki return to Fourside?

OoC: @Salty, yes

Seeing a giant skeleton, Rita yelled and nearly fell out of her chair before running out of the hotel and looking for a guard

OoC: Also... Anybody with female characters, Death stole some of their clothing.

Death watched as Rita fled.
"You should really think of better ways to introduce yourself, you know?" Grace said.
BE QUIET. He reacts.

OOC: So was Rita in the same hotel as Tao?

Holly woke up a little in her bed, still a little tired she yawned and sat up slightly. rubbing her eyes.

Blair was already awake and sitting on the windowsill, looking around a little bored. she then walks inside and sat down.

OoC: Wait... That... did not occur to me.

Holly would notice some of her shirts were missing, and Blair some of her leggings.

OoC: Also... Anybody with female characters, Death stole some of their clothing.

...Scusi? Que? Say what?

@Wacky: I don't think Blair actually has physical clothes, what with her being a cat, and all.
Actually, I don't think anybody has spare clothes.

OoC: @Outis, I suppose so, not sure how many hotels there are

OoC: @Tribily, actually Blair does have clothes, her shirt, top, underwear and leggings.
Wacky called it right on that one.

Blair was about to change when she noticed her light purple leggings had gone missing. "Hey! who's idea of a joke is this?"

Holly wouldn't noticed anything of hers missing till she went in her bag.

OoC: @Outis, Death needed to give Grace SOMETHING to wear.
And I just hope SOMEBODY has at least ONE pair of spare clothing.

Grace beegan to get up, as she watched The Death of Rats run out the front door.

Savranth, after getting dressed and showered, heading down stairs hoping to get some sort of breakfast.

OoC: There are hundreds of hotels, stores, ect. Think New York City. But it makes plot sense for everyone to be in the same one. Writer's convenience as they say.
@Wacky: Why? Why would he do that? It's...

@Hatchy: I know she wears clothes. I just assumed that she creates them when she transforms.

OoC: @Outis, Death needed to give Grace SOMETHING to wear.
And I just hope SOMEBODY has at least ONE pair of spare clothing.

Well...Tao has: Her coat, some underwear with suspenders, and her shoes. That's it...Echo has more clothing, but...still...this...*shiver*

EDIT: By more cloths, I mean she is wearing more cloths than Tao. No spare cloths for either of them, so...

OoC: @Trilby, I think your right, If I remember correctly they do say something about that in the Manga. (somewhere?)
@Wacky, I know it's to cloth someone but this, it's a wee bit creepy.

@Salt, Death needed to get clothing for Grace, so he went to where there was clothing, and grabbed some.
Though, now that I think about it, it WAS a stupid idea (Though death IS asexual and a skeleton without any biological functions and as decent a grasp of sexuality as a potato...)...
God I'm an idiot... Would you guys rather I just say he stole some of the clothing from a random shop or something?

Rita kept looking for a guard

Flying over Everwood, Envy looked down to see the results of his work

@Hatchy: It would make sense, seeing as how her clothes vanish when she turns into a cat, and reappear when she turns into a human...

Anyway, Echo also started to wake up, leaving her bed groggily and rubbing her eyes while yawning.

Tao walked around the hotel.

Rita would find a man in heavy armor walking the streets.

Envy would spot several people working to clean up and rebuild. Including soldiers and a pair of Golems, one Earth the other Water.

There were some funeral proceedings underway to mourn the passing of those killed in combat.

Blair just huffed a bit as she put on a different pair of leggings, a black color instead.

Holly was swinging her legs on the side of her bed slightly, humming to herself.

The Death of Rats begins to walk around the city, climbing up gutters and such, eventually seeing a hospital. He decides to climb into the hospital, and walks right across the windowsill of Rookie and tophat's room.

Grace gets up, "I'm going after her, I'd better calm her down, I think Ratty will probobly freak her out more.." She said, exiting the building.

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