We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Rita ran up to the guard "Hey! I don't know if it's a prank, or some kind of magic but there's a skeleton ghost thing in there!"

Envy chuckled to himself as he flew around the area Didn't go as perfectly as I had planned, but the retribution from that should be swift!

The Rookie was asleep, and Tophat was sitting on top of his helmet, on the table next to the bed.

Echo wanted to ask Holly how she had slept, but since she couldn't, she walked over and hugged her friend instead.

Ness yawns as she wakes up on the side of the bed. She scratches her head slightly as she rubs her eyes.

Yukino continues to sleep, curled up in a ball aside of Ness.

Rex is already on the roof of the hotel, laid out and looking up at the sky. Yeah... lazy time again.

Savranth gathered up some simple breakfast foods, biscuits, oranges, and such, and began to eat them.

"Magic? Is that so? A Xiphatian spy, no doubt." This will look good on my record. Astasis looked at Rita. "Well, then, lead the way."

Volarian looked up at the hawk overhead. Is that species native to this area?

Blair just sat on the windowsill again and sighed. Well...now I'm bored again...

Holly just turned around to Echo and hugged her back with a smile. "Good morning Echo!" She said happily. "Did you sssleep okay?" She asked Echo politely.

"Good morning. Did you sleep okay?" Echo repeated to Holly with a smile.

Tao walked outside the hotel again, still a bit sad that she was so hungry.

The Death of rats runs around the windwostill, until he see's Rookies Helmet. He begins to wonder what it was, due to Discworld being stuck in the middle ages. He slips through the window, and begins to scamper up the table leg.

Death gets up, and begins walking around the city.

OoC: I have stuff to do, so my posts will be scattered-ish.

OoC: Annnnnnnnnnnnnd I just realized I made a HUGE error yesterday, Rita should have been scared out of her mind at the Valencheirn ghosts

"He's in there! Right in the lobby!" said Rita pointing at the door, not really wanting to go back in

After another circle or 2 of the area, Envy started heading south/south west. Now I just have to keep an eye on their movements, and enjoy the ride. he thought

Noel exited the hotel as she had in her hands a few sandwiches from the food stuffs that she bought earlier.

Charlotte was outside, leaning against the hotel building, musing.

Kyosuke got up and wandered over to Ness and Yukino's room, politely knocking first.

Sasuke Uchiha walked up to the hospital, looking around at the city. he had heard that his old 'freind' Tophat had sent out a radio transmition. He had tracked Tophat to this hospital easily after that.
Sasuke aproached the reception "Hello, can i visit my freind Tophat".

(To the Death of rats: Yo.)

Rémy headed up to the roof.

OoC: Aaand I'm back.
@Furioso: I did think she seemed rather calm about it. :P

Loki entered the lobby of the hotel and looked around. Finding no trace of Rita, he walked outside. Now, where ever did that child run off to?

The death of rats paused.

[1] Another sentient hat. Oh great.

Astasis walks into the lobby and looks around. "Where is it?"

"Tophat? Do you mean the armored man with that odd hat? He's in room 302 on the Second floor."

Tao instantly rushed over to Noel. "Hi Flat girl! You got some food there, meow." she asked as she looked at Noel expectantly.

(To the Death of rats: Another? I'm impressed, I've yet to find another sentient hat, and I've looked for about 600 years.)

"Yes, its just my nickname for him. Thank you for your help." So he's found himself a freind huh? hope he wont be too much trouble. Sasuke walked over and took the lift up to the 2nd floor and found room 302. He knocked on the door.

Holly just smiled at Echo. "Good to hear!" She said to Echo. "Ssshall we get sssome breakfassst?"

Blair continued to just sit around on the windowsill, enjoying the weather a little.

Rex looks over at Remy and gives him a wave. "Sup dude."

Ness walks up and answers the door. She smiles a bit when she sees Kyosuke. "Ah. Good morning, Kyosuke." ZZZzzzzz

Noel looked over at Tao and smiled, getting used to Tao's nickname, despite her chagrin. "Here you go Tao, a nice ham sandwich." she handed a sandwich over.

Charlotte gave notice to Astasis, but really didn't care.

"Good morning to you too Ness.... Foxy still sleepin'?" Kyosuke asked.

@Nail, exactly my point, man I screwed that up

Rita went into the hotel and looked around "Its gone...well you know how those gho- I mean spys are, he could be anywhere by now!"

Rémy returned the wave.
"Nothing, really. I just like being up high." he said as he walked over to the edge.

OoC: @DotSlash, oh, also, Death borrowed some of Ness, Rex, and whoever your third character's name is clothing.

Death appears right behind Blair on the windowstill.
HELLO He says.


Grace see's Rita and the fairly large man.
"Hi!" She says.

[1] You havn't been to the unseen university, then. The hat there killed any rat that tried to nibble on him.

The Rookie woke up as Sasuke knocked on the door, and glanced at the Rookie. Tophat checked who was at the door.
(To the Rookie: Run.)
The Rookie blinked, and looked at Tophat with concern.
(To the Rookie: I said run! This is not your fight! Use your grabbling hook, get out through the window!)
The Rookie nodded and opened his rucksack, taking out a rope with grabbling hook before heading to the window.

(To the Death of rats: To be fair, I probably would. Anyway, there's an old enemy of mine at the door, so you better run.)
The Rookie opened the window, fastened the grabbling hook and made his way down the side of the building.

"Bah..." There goes that chance... Astasis walks back out. but says to Rita. "Next time, don't waste my time..."

@wacky: ...Ok.

Yukino's ears twitch. "Nope~. Good morning, Kyosuke." She answers without opening her eyes.

Ness chuckles a bit as she notices that her coat was missing. She sighs as she digistructs another and slips it on. "I guess that answers that... I'm going to head off to eat for a moment. If you'll excuse me..." Ness slips by and heads down to eat breakfast.

Rex looks over and shrugs. "Really? Same here. ...Why is that?"

Tao practically eats the whole sandwich in one huge bite. "Ah, That's better, meow. Thanks a bunch!" she said happily as she hugged Noel tightly. She saw Blair up in a window sill and waved to her.

"Some breakfast." Echo said with a nod. She took Holly's hand, then began looking for someone who could actually get the two of them something to eat.

Blair jumps a bit as Death appears, her ears and tail stand on end. "You scared me half to Death!...hehe...get it?" She said to Death, then laughed a little at her own pun. She gave a wave to Tao and smiled a little.

Holly held Echo's hand and followed her.

The death of rats shook his head, SQUEAK.[1]

Death shrugged, I SEE, HUMOR.

[1] Nah, what could he do?

(To the death of rats: Likely, he'll try to set things on fire, including me.)

@Dot: I don't get it either....

Kyosuke nodded at Ness as she left, then turned to Yukino with a happy smile. "Mornin' sleeping beauty. Last night was... Interesting I guess."

Noel had her armor back on, sp being squeezed wasn't much of an issue. She started to rub Tao's ears. "Of course."

Sasuke kicked down te door, a insane grin on his face. He knew he had hered movement in the room a moment ago. He sudently saw the open windows curtain flaping in the wind He must have climbed out of the window. When sasuke reached the window he noticed the rope and pulled out his katnana. "HEY TOPHAT, Have a nice... FALL" and with the terrible pun sasuke sliced the rope rookie and tophat were on. Sasuke, of corse, was laughing manicly.

He begins to run around Sasuke's head.

[1] Since I'm just bones, I should be okay.

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