We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"I really don't know. I guess it's just because I've always liked the thought of being able to explore, go wherever I want, and where I'm from, we use airships for that. So, loving heights is sort of synonymous with loving adventure. So, I guess it also reminds me of home..."

Sasuke's sword stopped on the way to the rope, and he found himself unable to cut it.
(To Sasuke: I think not.)
OoC: @Silver: Tophat is in the room, sitting on the table beside the bed.

Blair just smiled a little. "No one ofr jokes then?" She asked Death, kinda guessing the answer already.

Rita looked angry that Death had vanished, and thus couldn't be destroyed for scaring her. She looked back at Grace "Uh... hi?" She looked over at Loki "Did you see where it went? The skeleton?"

Envy was flying over Rockbyrd

"I hear ya there. We usually use hoverboards to fly around back where I'm from. The feeling from rushing around on one of those things can't be beat."

Yukino opens one eye and smirks. "Yeah... who would've thought that the inside girl would burn that whole place down. I think I like her already."

Ness eventually walks outside and looks up onto the roof. "Rex, dear! If you give me some money, I'll forget all about that little car incident~."
Rex looks over the roof's edge. "You already kicked me yesterday! Ain't that enough!?"
With a sigh, Rex chucks a card toward Ness and she catches it effortlessly. "Thank you~!"

Sasuke remained calm. "Oh good..." Sasuke used his amaterasu (eye attack that launches black, unextinquishable flames) at the rope, singing and severing it within seconds "... that means there no one to interfear" he said, turning around to face tophat.
@wacky whats this boene thing?

Echo found Ness and started to follow her. She was glad to see her again after so much time, and wished she could say as much.

Tao purred as she continued to hug Noel, then she fell asleep.

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"Ah, there you are." Loki said once Rita addressed him. "A skeleton? I saw no such thing, let alone one that could have gone anywhere."

(To Sasuke: That is why I told him to leave. He doesn't deserve to see what I am about to do to you!)
With that, Tophat launched a wave of searing pain through Sasuke's mind. Sasuke would see his left arm rapidly rotting, and maggots appeared to crawl under his skin.

The Rookie fell as the rope was cut off, and landed on feet. He had slid down the rope, so when it was burnt he was about a meter from the ground. He made his way towards the hospital entrance, limping slowly.

Noel tilted her head at the suddenly sleeping Tao, but smiled and brought her back to the hotel room.

So she likes arson huh..? "Yeah, who would have thought? But I'm more that soldier-boy-o would use his mother's last name... My mom already filled me in to his heritage. Is he looking for some trouble?"


The death of rats looks at Sasuke, SQUEAK. He said.

"Hey, mind if I talk to you... Away from him? He sorta freaks me out." Grace says.

"Oh it's no worries....wait you took my leggings?" Blair said to Death, she crossed her arms in a bit of a huff and looked away from Death.

Arrrgh, your not the only one with a mentla attack Sasuke used his tysuknomi (nightmare world filled with torture and stuff, time is accelerated so it would feel like it had been hours, even though in reaelity it had been minuted).

Steiner was walking about when he heard Yukino and rushed towards her in his clanking armour "Who did you say burnt a building down"

Savranth finishes his breakfast and leaves the hotel.

Envy would see that the city of Rockbyrd looked rather poor. Except for one building that was rather grand. Minus the front half being blown off.

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"Well, I think an airship might be a bit slower than a hoverboard, but I know what you mean."

Rita sighed "Ok, well... whatever, maybe I imagined it." She gave Grace a confused look "Huh? Why?"

Envy kept flying, but made a mental note that Rockbyrd might offer some fun later

Ness looks back at Echo and quickly gives her a hug. "Echo! ...Sorry, I haven't really been around lately... I got distracted by... things." She gives a quick look toward Holly and tilts her head. "...Could you tell me who you are, miss?"

Yukino slowly rises up off the floor and stretches. "Who knows? He could play both sides of this conflict if he wished." Turning to Stiener, she shrugs. Ugh... one of these knights... "I don't have any idea what you're talking about~."

"Actually, airships are kind of fun to ride. I've been on a few before. The first time I rode one... was a bit of a train wreck though."

"Eh, boring... Unless your a gun launder." Turning to Steiner, he frowned and said. "Where did you come from? And no, no fires here."

Noel and Charlotte brought Tao to the room as the two started wandering around the hotel, seeing if anybody else was awake.

"To talk." She said.

The death of rats glares at Sasuke, and bites his foot.
[1] Shut up.

Tophat's voice boomed through Sasuke's head, deafening, as the room seemed to shake. He then saw the entirety of Tophat's existance compressed down to one minute of flashing emotions and colours, total chaos.

Holly gave a small nod. "My name isss Holly Misss" She said to ness, still a little shy she continued to hold Echo's hand.

Blair giggles a little bit. "We okay, I guess it's better for her to be dressed.....you could of asked tho..."

OoC: Captcha: Somebody that I used to Know.

"Fun to ride, not so fun when there are other airships and they're all shooting at you."

"With that behind us, shall we be off now?" Rita asked Loki. "Had we leave now, we might arive in this port before the sun sets once again."

Sasuke glanced down angirly at the nusciance at his foot, He set fire to it in a glorious black flame that incinerated it.

Sasuke writhed in pain then lauched himself blindly at Tophat. DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE swinging wildly at Tophat, his blade enhanced with electrical energy. If it hit tophat it would slice of the top left corner(?) of him, nothing substantial, only a inch of the top.

Ness gives Holly a warm smile as she extends her hand toward her. "It's nice to meet you, Holly. My name is Vanessa, but you can call me Ness. ...I love your dress." Oh god... that rhymed. So.... cheesy..... T_T

Yukino shrugs again. "Hey, I wouldn't put it past him. He may seem like a boring dud on the outside, but he could be doing fun things behind our back."

Rex shudders a bit. "...You can say that again, especially when they're firing giant fucking lasers at you."

Holly shakes Ness's hand."Why thank you" She said to Ness with a small smile. "I like your hat Misss Vanessssa!"

Rita gave Grace a suspicious look "Ehhh no." she turned to Loki "Yea, lets go."
This place got really weird all of a sudden... I'd rather not stay here she thought

Envy flew over the Forward Defense Base

"Doubt it. He doesn't seem to be the type. He lacks a drive of what to do. Once he does, then maybe. But now, Ehhhh..." Kyosuke shrugged at Yukino, scratching the back of his head. "He'd rather pick a fight with me for some strange reason..."

Charlotte and Noel eventually walked over to Holly and Co as the two decided to just watch them.

"Well I was born in Alexandria" He said to Kyosuke before turning to Yukino "I quite clearly heard you say something about somebody burning down some place"

OoC @Ness: Your ability to think emoticons... It is epic. o_o

Loki nodded and began walking towards the south-west, changing attire when he was out of Fourside again.

Envy would see that the base was busy. Soldiers moving about, Golems milling here and there. No sign of Tiberius or Athena, though.

@Nail: "Too much time spent coding things leads to that..." :<

Yukino sticks her tongue out at Stiener "You heard wrong, tin can! Now, get out of my face!" Her ears twitch a bit as she listens to Kyosuke. "Hm? He wanted to duel with you? I wanna see..."

Ness giggles a bit toward Holly. "Thank you, Miss Holly. Now then..." She spins on her heels and starts off toward the shopping district. "Let's get something to eat, shall we?" She motions to Noel and Charlotte. "You two can join along if you want."

Tophat roared in pain and anger, a roar that could be heard over the entire hospital. For those who slept, it gave nightmares of torture. For those who were awake, it'd give a massive headache. Since Sasuke was so close this headache became a complete migraine, making him practically blind and unable to think straight.
To Sasuke it would seem like both his arms quickly rotted away, and the bones fell to the ground. In reality, they were just paralyzed.

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