We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Okay then" Holly replied, as her and Echo started to follow Ness.

"Uh... we don't have lasers." Rémy replied. "We use cannons."

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Rita followed Loki

Envy perched on a nice spot in the mountains overlooking the base that had a good deal of cover

Charlotte's stomach growled. "Yeah... I'm hungry too. And I think Noel still has some money too." Noel nodded as they walked over join the group.

"Duel, challenge, whatever. I don't think he'll provide a good partei." Kyosuke shrugged.

Death looked at Blair, YES, IT WOULD BE.

Grace looked at Rita, "Hey, where are you going?"

The death of rats just sat there, and, technically not being alive, it didn't die. It just sat there.

OoC: He's a Skeletal Rat.

Sasukes sword had cut through tophat and had sliced through the wall and table it was on. Sasuke Colapsed to the floor as tophat screamed. He managed to stagger to his feet, He knew tophat was pissed and very powerfull. He decided to retreat. He ran to the window, wincing in pain. He turned aroudn a threw a fireball back into the room befor he jumped ot of the window and summoned his Huge hawk. The fireball would lkely miss tophat and it into the wall or door.(the fireballs )10inches in diameter.
Sasuke retreated on his hawk. Fortunatly tophats screach had confused everyone so no one noticed him escape. You win this round, Tophat

"TIN CAN! I am the captain of the knights of Pluto! The strongest male military force in all of Alexandria!" He said hopping up and down in his clanking armour

OoC: @wacky, Grace would be following Rita outside of the city at this point, just so you know

"Cannons? That's pretty old timey, back where I'm from. You a pirate then, Remy?"

Ness smiles toward Charlotte and Noel. "Great! The more, the merrier." She eventually leads the group into a restaurant and seats herself at a vacant table. She gives a curious look toward Holly and Echo. "Holly, are you and Echo... related by any chance?"

Yukino sighs a bit and her ears droop. "Aww... You really think soldier boy is that weak? Looks like I can scratch that off the to do list... " She gives a blank stare toward Steiner and his jumping. "I don't give a shit about your position. Your body is encased in tin, therefore, you are a tin can."

Savranth crosses paths with Astasis.
"Ah, there's the Ehrgeiz kid. What were you doing in the Government building?"
"Uh... Nothing." Savranth said trying to blow off the idea that he was even there.
"Ah, you can't fool me. I know who you are." Astasis said rather seriously.
"Look, I have no idea what you're trying to-"
"You were obviously there to investigate the scene after that explosion. I know your type. Trying to carve a name out for yourself beyond your parents."
For a moment Savranth just looked dumbfounded. "I... I guess you could say that..."
"Which must be why you were at that brothel. You saw the airship and came to investigate." Astasis continued.
"Yeah... You got me there..."
"But you're not in military garb. Why not? We could use gumption like yours. Especially with my current mission, invading Xiphatia."
"Is that a fact?"
"Yep. But how's your mother? Did you tell her about me?"
"Um... No, not yet..."
"Oh... That's right I guess you wouldn't know where she is... Well, Savranth, I better get going, I got work to do."

Astasis starts walking off towards the airport.

That man... He's... greedy...

Sasuke flew right into the range of a airship, which had seen his actions. It fired it's main cannon at him, killing him and his bird with a powerful laser blast.

The Rookie stumbled into the hospital, holding his head as he felt the headache.

Tophat passed out after Sasuke fled.
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@Saltyk: Seen his actions inside a room? Heck, he didn't even do much!

"I guess you could say that. If, y'know, you wanted to accurately describe my profession." Rémy chuckled nervously.

@salt oh come on!
@kirke theres a small fire in the room.

"In the off chance that we will be visiting a place in Xiphatia, you had some gold on your person, if I recall correctly?" Loki asked Rita as they walked.

"What! This is not just tin armour! This some of the very best armour that a man can buy in Alexandria! I had to save up two years pay to get this!" He said still jumping up and down

Rex smirks a bit. "You could say that I've got the same kind of job. Don't need to sound ashamed of it dude."

"You wasted two years worth oh pay on that? Pathetic. A real warrior wouldn't need to depend on armor." She looks away from Steiner with her nose up in the air.

"Dude. Please... Stop that." Kyosuke said, getting annoyed by the clanking noise. Turning to Yukino he said. "I'm not measuring by just strength alone. I'm measuring by his attitude, what he believes in, what he is will do to to accomplish a mission. And so far, he lacks most of that. He's just lost on what to do. Until he finds that something, I have nothing more to say to him. A sword without a purpose might as well be hung up as an ornament."

Charlotte and Noel took their seats. "How can they be related?"

The Death of Rats watched as Sasuke was killed.
SQUEAK[1] He said.

"Well? Where you and her going?" Grace asked Rita and Loki.
Death of rats see's the fire, and sighs. He walks through a wall, and eats through a water pipe, the sprinkilers going off, putting out the fire.
@Silver, Weee bit overpowered there.
[1] That's good.

Blair just laid back on the rooftop. "Oh well, your just like Lord Death then" She said ot Death, covering her hat over her eyes to shield her from the sun.

"Umm....I'm not Sssure" Holly replied to Ness, a little confused as herself and Echo sat down.

Rita gave a confused look to Grace as she left the city "Why are you following me?" looking back at Loki she said "Yea... but only a few pieces, and it isn't in their currency."

"I'm not 'ashamed', per se. More... not wanting to be shot or arrested." Rémy replied.

OoC: Hey guys.

@Gear: Hey. You going to jump in?

Ness shrugs a bit toward Charlotte as she waits for someone to wait on them. "Just... a gut feeling I had. Looks like I was wrong." This girl must be the one Persephone was talking about. I'll need to keep my eye on her as well. She shakes her head toward Holly. "Don't mind me. I was just wondering."

Yukino scratches behind her ears a bit. "I see. I do see that he seems to lack conviction in... everything. "

Rex shrugs. "Right... but that kind of threat comes with the job, y'kno?"

"What this armour has saved me from several life threatening blows. It is foolish for a knight such as myself to not armour this armour into battle" He said to Yukino. He also stopped hopping up and down

OoC @wacky: What does Grace look like?

"It is Xiphatia that uses gold, and that is what I mentioned. I know well enough Legaia uses it now." Loki answered Rita, then briefly looked at Grace over is shoulder. "As my companion has said; why are you following us?"

"Well, yeah. But, there's less of a threat if you don't go around broadcasting it."

OoC: @Demonjazz, Is one of your avatars a MTG card?

"No it'sss okay Misss Vanesssssa" Holly sad with a small smile. "Me and Echo are jussst bessst friendsss!" She said with a smile, Echo also gave a smile and patted Holly on the head a little.

Some scientist..."Meh, so long as we're all on good terms then."

"That's why he won't provide a good partei." Kyosuke nodded at Yukino then turned to Steiner. "Yeah, yeah, but do you have the conviction to go without? Are you willing to remove that armor and rush in with just your skill?"

Death shrugged.

Grace looked at Rita, "Because I'm lost. Death helped me find some people who might help me, and I figure you're as good as any." She said.

OoC: @Trilby If that's allright. Where is everyone?

@Gear: Most of us are in a hotel in Fourside.

"Well... yeah. Thing is I really don't fear getting shot or arrested, cause it's pretty easy to break out and bullets tend to hurt a lot less now a days."

Ness giggles a bit toward Holly and Echo. "You two are so adorable together..." Best friends, hm? Yes... that confirms it. She looks over toward Charlotte and nods before leaning back in her chair a bit.

Yukino shakes her head and continues to stick her nose up in the air. "If you needed to depend on the armor to save you from death, you're weak."

"Why would I remove my armour. And yes I would rush into battle with just this sword, if it was for a good cause. For as a knight I am honor bound to uphold the law, protect the royal family, and to help the less fortunate" He said to Kyosuke unsheathing his sword
OOC: @Hatch I was wondering when somebody was going to notice that but yes the second part is a Jwari shapeshifter

OoC: @Wacky, you do realize that your character is continually getting farther and farther away from that city where everyone is right?

Rita shook her head at Loki "No no no, that's not what I meant. The gold I have is from my home, and has different markings on it than Xiphatian gold, they might not take it everywhere." Looking back at Grace she said "We're as good as any? You don't even know us! What makes you think we're so good?"

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