We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC: Right. Now I just need to think of a reason my characters would be there.

OoC: Last post
@Gear, "after days of exploring, Laguna and Makoto found themselves entering Fourside"

"I... Uhh... Have been getting my memories back..." Charlotte decided to say, rubbing her shoulders.

"You better put that sword away unless you've come to dance... And definitely not here. Too small and I don't want to pay extra." Kyosuke glared at Steiner.

OoC: @Demonjazz, LOL I have him in my deck XD

Holly just smiled, swinging her legs a little on the chair.

Blair got and stretched. "Y'know this place is a little boring...." She said as she yawned. "I might have a look around, see If I can entertain myself..." Blair then jumped down from the roof, landing on all 4's like a cat and started to walk towards the town.

Grace sighed, "I don't know. So I figure I'll just... Go back?" she says.

Death appeared right behind Blair, I'LL COME ALONG.

"Ah. I misunderstood. Well, at the very least it could be traded in for the coins they do actually use." Loki answered Rita.Hearing Grace, he shook his head. "That is a foolish thing to think, then. Going back would be the more wise option, indeed. Back in the city, there are those who could help you find your way far better then we."

OoC: @Furi Laguna was allready there, and Makoto probably would have stuck with the group.

Rita shrugged at Grace "Do what you want." Looking back at Loki she said "Hopefully, it will be hard to explain where I got them though."

She nods, and begins to walk away.
"Bye then. I think I might see you again. My names Grace." She said, walking away, then turning behind something. If anyone was to look around the turn, they would find a squirrel running away.

Yukino instinctively slides her katana out a bit as she sees Steiner's sword.

Ness looks over toward Charlotte. Oh... Right... What Noel told me. "I see... "

"You misunderstood sir Kyosuke. I did not bring this sword out to fight. I was going to go cut some of my rations up. Do you want any" He said taking them out of his pockets

Blair nodded to Death. "The more the merrier! <3" She said with a wink as she walked out to the town, looking around with slight interest.

Holly and Echo just sat quietly, Holly continued to hug her doll.

"But... I think... I have gotten to accept them... as is." Charlotte choked up, unsure of what to say. Noel kept her silence, looking over at Ness with a gaze of 'This is something she needs to do herself'.

Looking over at Holly, Noel smiled at her.

Kyosuke gripping one of his 3 wakizashi. Hearing Steiner, he removed his hand and said. "No thanks... Don't you have a knife or something?"

OoC: Off to work
@Gear, then you don't need to explain where they've been, just say they've been around it isn't that big of a deal

Rita followed Loki

Envy kept an eye on the base

"I suppose you could claim you dug it up at one point. That would hardly be much of a stretch." Loki commented. He didn't bother turning around when Grace walked off. With Rita in tow, he continued towards Port Letosh.

OoC: I'm off for four hours or so.

Yukino looks over at Steiner and shrugs before looking toward Kyosuke. "I'm gonna go look around for something to do. Later Kyosuke." She gives him a wave before walking outside the hotel and beginning to wander around town.

Ness nodded toward Charlotte silently before placing her head on the table. "...How long is the service going to take...?"

Death nodded, and began to look around.

A small squirrel, with several pieces of clothing in it's jaw, begins move through the city, diving into an ally.

OoC: @Furi I guess.
@All You ok if I just say Makoto was with the group? Laguna will be wandering around "offscreen", just go into the town if you want him.

"Hey waiter.~!" Charlotte said, as Noel sighed alittle.

Kyosuke shrugged at the leaving Yukino as he turned back to Steiner and said. "I'll be going as well. L-ater!" He then exited the hotel and started heading off to the outside of the city.

@Gear: Shows fair.

Savranth continued to wander the town. Hoping to avoid any more suspicious situations.

"No I didn't bring any knives as I left Alexandria while fighting who I thought was a vile thief" He followed Yukino "You still have not told who burnt down the building"

OoC: @Gear, sounds good.

Holly sighed a little. "Maybe there really busssy?" She asked, Echo shrugged.

"Really? I would of thought a guy like you would of seen it all" Blair said to Death, as she looked around the several market stalls.

OoC: Ok. Who's in the group at the hotel?
@Rosh Was Kyosuke setting out of town a signal for Laguna?

From an ally Grace walks out, wearing a jacket and skirt from noel, a random shirt, and Leggings from Blair. She knew she had to find some new clothing, but this would have to do for now.
She then proceded to run into Savranth.
"Oh! Sorry, didn't mean to!" She said.

@Gear: Rex and Rémy are on the roof, and I think everybody else is either in their rooms or something.

@Gear: Take it as you will. (Yes or no. If yes, ok then. If no, well he's going to be doing something else outside the city)

Noel patiencely waited as Charlotte continued to try and attach the waiters attention.

Kyosuke eyed the katanas and wakizashis. Hmmm...

Yukino shrugs as she walks a bit faster. "I already told you. No idea what you're talking about."

Ness takes out her PDA and starts to fiddle with it. In a few moments, she's playing a game on it, humming a bit to herself.

Rex continues to look up at the sky.

Savranth shrugs. "No worries."

Several people start to notice Steiner talking loudly to Yukino.

OoC: @Rosh nah, I'll keep Laguna out for now.
@Trilby Where are Tao, Echo, Blair, Cynane and Jona? Those are the only people in the hotel group Makoto knows.

Grace nods, "Thanks... You wouldn't happen to have any money, would you?" She asked.

Rémy looked up into the sky, and spotted a large airship floating around.
"Wow. It really is like ho-"
He was cut short when the airship fired its main cannon into the city, seemingly at nothingness.

@Gear: I think they're inside.

OoC: @All: Due to what has happened, I am quitting in protest. Good bye.

"I am certain I heard you say you knew who it was. My ears do not lie to me" He said ignoring the others gathering around him

Finally exiting the city, Kyosuke smiled as he decided to walk into the forests to think alittle while, trying to find a clearing.

Noel looked over at Holly and said. "Oh that's right! I never did show you the pictures of the armors. Do you still want to see them?"

OoC:@ Gear, Blair is walking around town and Echo is inside a restaurant with Holly, Noel, Charlotte and Ness.

Holly lent over slightly, interested in what Ness was doing. "Oh yesss pleassse!" Holly said to Noel with a small smile.

Blair continued to walk around, she then sat on a bench and sighed. "Why is this place so dull?"

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