We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Savranth walked to the outskirts of the city.

Several people reported a man fitting Steiner's description as being a nuisance. But little would likely be done about it at this time.

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"Good." Noel smiled as Charlotte started getting extremely bored.

Kyosuke continued his mediation.

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You should really do something about that.

Rémy looked up at Blair.
"H- hey. Did you see that cannon fire, too?" he asked.

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As Sasuke flew out of the hospital window on his bird, one of the Legaian airships that circled around the airspace of Fourside contacted their superior over the radio.

"Sergeant Major Bellerophon? We have reports of a potential Xiphatian attacking the hospital. Target is now attempting to escape on what appears to be... a giant bird. We have visual. Your orders, sir?"

There was a moment of silence.
"Attempt to capture him. Should he resit, you are authorised to se lethal force."

"Understood. Over and out." With that, the airship moved in on Sasuke, shining a bright spotlight on him when in range.

"Halt! Stop your... bird and surrender. Failure to comply will result in your termination. This is your first and final warning!" the pilot of the airship spoke over a loudspeaker.

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Rex smirks and gives a wave toward Blair. "Yo Blair. Wanna help me check something out?"

Ness sighs and rises up out of her seat. "Let's get going... Obviously, the waiters here are either deaf or discriminating against us.. for some reason." She quickly turns and walks out of the building.

Yukino kept her pace up as she headed toward the hotel. Woosh~!

Grace sighed, and slid into the women's backthroom, and into a stall. She sighs, as she feels her Anteni grow from her head. [1]
"Okay, lets see... No... No... Gah..."
She returns the antennae, "Dang-it, they aren't here." she mumers.
She leaves the hotel, and begins looking for someone.

Death waved at Rex, and watches as Grace walks away. He looks up to see the flying bird, and shrugs.

Steiner was now walking about the city
OOC: @Wacky Steiner is... Somewhere in the city. Oh by the way he looks like this

First the guns firing, then the loudspeaker. Something was definitely out of place.

Dal'Sheed sprung up with his gear on, including his helmet. He charges into the city to investigate.

"Sure thing! what do you need?" Might be able to have some fun at last! She asked Rex with a smile. "Wh-What cannon?" Blair replied to Remy, a little scarred of the dog-man.

Holly and Echo also get up and follow Ness out the building.

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Sasuke stoped his bird and looked at the airship. He then weighed his chance of surviving a shot from that thing and * reverse summoned his hawk, returning him and his hawk to his base leaving only a cloud of grey smoke were he had been.
*(I though of adding in that he shoots of a fireball at the hotel room Tophat was in as a sort of F U to tophat for the pain he caused him befor he goes. If you think it will be ok include this then do, otherwise ignore it. im just adding this in incase it would annoy salt or anoyone else if it was included..)

Noel and Charlotte followed after Ness.

Kyosuke continued mediating.

Rex shrugged slightly toward Blair. "Remy saw an airship fire at the city... which is strange. Since we've got fuck all to do, may as well check it out right." He points in the direction of the hospital. "The shot went that way, so let's get going." He starts walking toward the hospital hands in pockets and his headphones putting out a low beat.

Ness starts looking around for anything interesting... or her car.

Yukino eventually found her way toward Noel and Co and lands in front of them. "Yo~!" Ness sighs a bit as the foxgirl follows the group, smiling a bit.

Retcon powers, activate.

Rémy watched the airship curiously from the rooftop, wondering what would happen. When it didn't fire, he shrugged, and assumed the situation had been defused.

Jessica woke up at her hotel room in Port Letosh, still in a terrible mood from what had happened the previous day. She put on her visor and checked the locations of Ness and Savranth, sighing when she noticed they were still in Fourside. No way I'm going back to that hell-hole if I can help it. She thought with no small amount of spite. After getting up and getting dressed, she began wandering around Port Letosh aimlessly. She examined one of the credit cards that previously belonged to Marco, pondering if there was an inconspicuous way for her to find out how much money was on it.

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Rex notes the airship then sighs and jumps off the rooftop, using his boosters to slow his descent. As he sees Death and Blair, he gives them both a wave. "Yo, you two! What's up?" I'm so... bored...

@Dot: So, are we going to say they're just investigating the ship yelling at a bird now?

Charlotte jumped back alittle at Yukino, but Noel looked perfectly calm. "Oh hello there." she smiled.

The green glow on Kyosuke's swords faded as its started manifested on his assault rifle.

Dal'Sheed recognized the cat-girl's voice say "Alright then!" He rushed after the call and caught up.

"Nothing much, just thought I visit you!" Blair said with a smile to Rex, she turned to Remy and said. "And who is this fellow?"

Holly jumped a little when someone came out of no where, after peeking around Echo she looked at Yukino in surprise. "Missss Yukino? isss that you?" She asked to make sure.

Death nods, L[small]ET'S GO.[/SMALL] he said.

The Death of Rats was annoyed. The person who tried to kill him left, and the fire was annoying. He wanted cheese now.
The death of rats began to walk around the city, and goes back to the hotel. He see's Makoto, and wonders how Grace would react to her, and shrugs. The Death of Rats sits there, and sneezes.
SQUEAK! He goes.

Grace walks around the city, and eventually see's Ness.
"Hey..." She says.
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"Rémy Lerrant." Rémy smiled. "And you are?"

@Wacky: Jessica is in a different city from everyone else.

@Trilby: ...Do we want to..?

Seeing Holly, she gave the little girl a :3 face. "Ah! It's you, Holly. I see you and Echo are still inseparable. Cute." She gives a little smile to Noel. "Hm... Looks like you guys haven't been doing anything recently. Wanna help me with a little something?" She addressed the entire group with this. Ness doesn't look in Yukino's direction just yet.

Rex smirks a bit. "Aw. I'm flattered ya thought of me." He pointed over at Remy "He's Remy. He and I've got a bit in common.."

As Grace approaches, Ness waves at her. "Hello there, miss."

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"Yeah... You don't happen to have any money, do you?" She asked, "Death... Sorta loaned me some of your clothes to wear..."

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Noel raised an eyebrow. "And this something is..?"

"Nice to meet you Remy, My name is Blair!" Blair said with a smile. "Oh? how so?" she asked Rex with a small smirk.

Holly just hugged Yukino. "It'sss nice to sssee you again!" She said with a smile.

@Gear, I'm stupid, wrote "Grace" When I meant The Death of Rats.

Ness looked at her outfit and saw that her socks were missing. ...How'd I not notice that until now? She gives a small dismissive wave. "It's no.. big deal."

Yukino hugs Holly back, having a small smile on her face. "Likewise, Holly." She looks back at Noel with a smirk. "It involves going to Rockbyrd and meeting a friend of mine."

Rex smirks a bit. "Uh... let's just say we have similar jobs and all. Can't say much more than that." He scratches the back of his head lightly.

Another beastkin? He thought, removing his helmet. He approached the familiar faces.


Grace nods, "Thanks. Still... I'd rather have my own clothes, if you don't mind." She said.

Noel blinked for a second then said. "Alright then..... But exactly why are we doing this?"

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