We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Blair's ears drooped a bit. "Kill me? you wouldn't want to kill a cutie like me? would you?" She asked Remy, with puppy dog (kitty cat?) eyes. "Your like robin hood?" Blair repeated then chuckled. "Dos that mean you like wearing green tights Rexy? If so I think I've got some spare!" she said jokingly.

Holly stopped bopping Yukino and started to giggle. "Sssshe Sssstarted It!" Holly said to Vanessa in a similar nagging tone.

OoC: @Dot, Have I mentioned I love Yukino :D
never fails to make me laugh.

OOC: Hi. What's happened all day? And what happened with @Kirke exactly?

Rémy death-glared at Blair for a few seconds, then smiled.
"Of course I wouldn't kill you."

@Outis: Salty insta-killed Sasuke earlier, and Kirke quit out of protest, but everything is fine now.
Also, I wrote Adam and Rowena's ending.

Grace nods, "Thank you so much! Do you mind if I... Stay with you guys? I'm really lost at the moment, you see.."
She looks at Yukino, "Can you please stop arguing?" She asks, giving them one of the most adorable sad-face they've probably ever seen.

Death nodded, right beside Remy, THAT IS WIZE. I LIKE CATS.

@Outis: Salty insta-killed Sasuke earlier, and Kirke quit out of protest, but everything is fine now.

...Huh. Why the instakill?

@Outis: Because Sasuke caused some chaos in a hospital room.

OoC: My guess, His character feels overpowerd, sue-ish, annoying, and was doing pretty stupid things.
Though he did cause quite a bit of chaos at the hospital.

Blair returned the smile to Remy. "So can you tell me now? Please?" She asked Remy.

@Hatch: "Yay! <3"

Rex gets red faced again and starts sputtering words. Eventually, he just gives up and vigorously shakes his head no. After ward, he bows his head down a bit. If this were an anime, his eyes would be spiraling. This cat... is dangerous...!

Ness nods happily toward Grace. "Well, of course. This world isn't your own, correct?" Anomaly +1, it seems... She looks over toward Holly and sighs. "Just be the more mature party and end the argument, Holly."

Yukino just sticks her tongue out at Holly again, giggling as well. She turns to Kyosuke and points at him with a mischievous grin, showing her fangs. "That pose! It's obviously a taunt! Let's get to fighting, good sir!" She pretty much ignores Grace's sad face.

"Sure, why not. I'm a pirate."

Kyosuke had a small smirk. "Oh? So you want to have a little partei then, eh ojou-sama? Alright then... There's a clearing outside the city in the forest."

Charlotte looked cockeyed at Kyosuke. Is he asking for...? Noel had to roll her eyes.

"Nyeh heh heh heh!" Blair laughed out at Rex. "Oh don't worry Rexy, I'm only joking with you! <3" She said to Rex, still chuckling slightly. "Ooooh really? that's pretty impressive!" Blair said to Remy.

"Oh okay then..." Holly replied to Ness, she then looked up at Yukino. "Misss Yukino, I apologize for hitting you, can you forgive me?" She asked Yukino, giving her puppy like eyes.

Grace nods, "Thanks!" She said. She looks at Holly and Kyosuke, and makes a puppy-dog face.
"Stop arguing please." She asks him.

OoC: So nobody notices the fact that Death practically just appeared right beside Remy.

OOC: So, unless someone did something with them, I'll say Echo is with Holly and Tao is with Noel.

@Outis: Don't think anyone did anything. So you're good.

Yukino gave Kyosuke a wide grin. "Lead the way, Kyosuke~!" Noting Holly's puppy-like eyes, Yukino puts her hand to her chin for a moment, pretending to think before resting her elbows lightly on Holly's head, and then leaning on the girl slightly using her own arms as a headrest. "Sure.... I gueeeeess I'm sorry for calling you short. You're still short though. "

Rex scratches the back of his head silently as he hears Blair. "Eh... Never really have been good with telling if people are screwing around or not..." He chuckled lightly, then looked over at Death. "Uh... dude. Why do you like cats? Thought you would've been more into death metal and stuff like that."

Ness nods slightly as she hands her card to the cashier and buys Grace her clothes.

OOC: I'm gonna go now because blah.

Kyosuke started to head out of the city as he nodded at his mom. She understood what was going on.

"Pretty simple. Just no magic here... or something akin to magic." Kyosuke just laid some ground rules. Charlotte started to follow as well.

Noel decided to stick with the majority of the group.

Death shrugs, CATS ARE NICE. FLUFFY.

Grace looks at Holly, "And who are you?" She asked.

Holly chuckles a little and sticks her tongue at Yukino. "Apologize accept!" She said with a smile. she turned around to Grace. "My name Isss Holly...." She said to Grace, a little shy.

Blair giggled a little and gave Rex a dismissive wave. "Don't worry Rexy, I'm only teasing you!" She said with a smile. "I won't want to make my friends upset would I?"

Echo seemed to come out of some kind of daze and gasped when she saw Yukino. She quickly pulled Holly away from her and hugged Holly protectively.

Tao found Charlotte and hugged her. "Tao missed you too by the way, meow." she said. She affectionately rubbed her head on Charlotte's breasts. Suddenly she stopped. "Tao...is forgetting to remember something..." she said in a concerned tone.

SQUEAK Tao heard. Right beside her is a small skeletal rat in a robe, with some popcorn in his hand on a lawn chair.

Grace smiles, "Pleasure to meet you!" She says.

As Echo pulls Holly away, Yukino (who was lightly resting on Holly), ended up faceplanting on the ground. She rubbed her face slightly before looking at Echo and sticking out her tongue. She gives a little smirk to Holly. "Glad we're on good terms, Holly. Now then, I'll see you later.." Yukino then follows Kyosuke and nods at his explanation. "Just sword skill? Alright, I'm all for it."

Rex looks up at Blair and smiles lightly. "Hehe... Of course." He stands up and starts to look around. "For a town this big... I haven't really seen anything notable happen... What to do... what to do." Turning to Death, he shrugs. "To each their own, I guess."

Ness can't help but giggle as Yukino faceplants. She stays by Echo and Holly, scrathing tha back of her head slightly. "Ah, right. I should try to keep Miss Nishida away from you, since you had that.. experience with her."

Charlotte gritted and grinded her teeth at Tao's actions, but did nothing else as she continued to follow Kyosuke and Yukino. "Well... It rhymes with 'don't touch my boobs'."

"Yup, don't want to draw too much attention ya know?"

Noel looks over at Ness, Echo and Holly as she decides to lean against one of the buildings and think.

Holly returns the hug slightly to Echo, she also giggles at Yukino. "Sssorry about that!" She called out, giggling slightly.

"I don't know, this place is pretty boring" Blair said to Rex and yawned. "I'm gonna take a cat nap, Nighty Night Rexy! <3" Blair with a wave before going to her room in the hotel/inn.

"Hmm...hmmmm...Don't tell me! I can remember, meow." Tao said as she climbed into Charlotte's arms and "let" her carry her as she thought very intensely about this question.

"Experience with her...." Echo said as she clutched Holly tightly for comfort as she remembered the pain the fox girl had caused her.

Grace chuckles, "You kinda deserved it." She said, helping him up, and following him. She looks at Echo, "Hey, who're you?" She asked.

The Death of Rats follows Tao.

"Yeah... Night, Blair." Rex returned Blair's wave before boosting himself up onto the rooftop again and snoozing as well.

Yukino nods slightly. "Yes... I'd rather not be interrupted."

Ness sighs slightly and crouches down. "I apologize that you had to go through that, but as long as I'm here, she won't be doing anything like that to you. If she even tries..." She looked away slightly "...Well... let's just say she won't try."

Charlotte continued to grind her teeth as she set Tao on the ground and continued to follow Kyosuke and Yukino.

Kyosuke and Yukino have arrived at the clearing. "So make yourself at home..." as he started to draw one of his three katanas.

Holy just took a nap in Echo's arms, still hugging her tho.

OoC: G'Night all!

"Won't try?" Echo asked Ness expectantly. She sat down so she could hold the, now sleeping Holly, more comfortably and securely.

Tao's ears drooped as she got up and went back to the group.

Grace looks at Echo, "Hello? Who are you?" She asks again.

The Death of Rats looks at Tao, and offers her popcorn. Death appears right beside Charlotte.
HELLO. He said.

Yukino smirks and unsheathes hers, the red edge glistening. "Let's make this a good one..." She holds the sword in her left hand as she gives Kyosuke a curtsy.

Ness nodded slightly. "I.. got a bit cross with her at one point. So I scanned her and sent her into my computer in the lab back in my world. It's pretty large to say the least. She had to fight her way out of it. I'm not sure what exactly transpired while she was in there, but apparently, she never wants to be scanned into some technological device ever again. So I always use that as a threat to get her to stop her... idiotic acts." Ness gives Echo a small smile. "So... she won't hurt you anymore. I promise."

Tao scarfs down the popcorn without looking at the rat.

"Who are you?" Echo repeated to Grace. "You promise." Echo said, seeming to confirm this statement.

A skeleton person... Well that's just dandy... "Hi."

Kyosuke returned with a slight bow as he smirked. "At your pleasure, m'lady... Kyosuke Connors, koko ni kenzan!"

He charges in with quick horizontal slash.

Grace looks at Echo, and says, "I'm Grace." She says, "You still havn't introduced yourself."

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