We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Arron was sitting and watching Yukino and Kyosuke "I think I hear wedding bells ringing you two. I wonder who they are for" He said laughing at his own joke

Steiner was walking about when he saw Death. He started stumbling backwards "W-w-w-hy a-a-re y-y-y-ou h-h-ere" He stuttered out

Yukino quickly shifts into a stance and blocks the strike with her sword. Afterward, she directs a quick front kick to Kyosuke's chest. She had an unsettling grin on her face. "Yukino Nishida... Don't disappoint me, boy~<3."

Ness nods toward Echo, seeing that she understodd. Turning to Grace, Ness explained something to her. "Oh... um... Her name is Echo. As the name implies, she can only repeat or echo what other people say to her. I'm not sure as to the cause of it, but it's true."

Taking the kick, Kyosuke was pulled back as he shifted his sword horizontally again. "Sorry bro, already have someone close to my heart... Doesn't mean that I can't have all these ladies happy though." Kyosuke said to Arron, not breaking a step in combat.

With a zig-zap pattern, he feigned another horizontal slash from the right, leading to a hopped downward chop slash.

"Still haven't..." Echo said as she looked down at the ground.

She looked at him.
"Can you talk? Yes or no?" She asks.

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Yukino managed to react to the feint in time to dodge with Kyosuke's blade cutting through a bit of her overcoat. Ugh.. I just got this cleaned... She retaliates with a diagonal slash going upward.

"You know that the last person who used to say that got divorced right"

Steiner was looking at Death and than at the others "Don't you guys see him"

Sasha was sleeping on a chair at a long table in the library of Winterhorn, her face propped up by a book she was lying on. There were a couple of people around but no one seemed to be doing much of anything around her. She seemed to be grinning and mumbling to herself. She was wearing her normal attire.

"Yes I would love some rabbit mama... Those furballs won't be stealing anymore cabbage from our garden...Mhmm Mhmm..." She doused.

Kyosuke, being in air, attempted to block Yukino's slash as it sliced through his clothing, exposing a light armor underneath his clothing.

Heh. Nifty. He rubbed his katana held hand under his chin. Being still close, he slashed at Yukino from her right shoulder to her left thigh with one arm, keeping his other arm hidden. He ignores Arron for the moment.

"Talk? Yes..." Echo said with some hesitation as she thought about the question.

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Jessica, having spent the last few hours searching for a boat in Port Letosh to no avail, decided she needed someone to talk to. She put her visor on and checked on Ness, Savranth's, and Sasha's location. Well, Vanessa and Savranth seem to not want to leave that horrible place...maybe I misjudged them...Might as well see if Sasha can tell me anything worthwhile. She went back to her hotel room to have a place where she wouldn't be seen and teleported into the library near Sasha, appearing in her usual bright flash of light, not really caring about the other people around as she figured her teleporting wouldn't be something of suspicion in Xiphatia.

Jessica's bright light was enough to get Sasha out of her natural sleep as she slowly started to wake up, rubbing her eyes as she let out a large yawn. Presumably Jessica was behind Sasha, so Sasha wouldn't notice Jessica at first.

OoC: Quick question: Where the Hell are Yukino and Kyo fighting?

@Salt: A clearing in the forest.

Yukino quickly backdashes away from Kyosuke's slash and then charges in, feinting a horizontal slash then attempting to deliver a baseball slide. She also ignores Arron for the time being.

Kyosuke saw the slash, but didn't exactly see the baseball slide as he narrowly avoided as he tripped on his way down, dropping his katana. But with his hidden hand, drew out a wakizashi. Reverse gripping it for a moment, he went in to jab Yukino in the stomach.

Savranth continued to walk through the plains around the city eventually coming to a forest. I wonder if there are any imps or anything in here... He thinks as he walks into them.

OoC: @Dot: I'm assuming one of the ones Near Fourside.

"I knew you were trying to get her clothes off" He said upon seeing Yukino's coat get a bit ripped. He turned to Savaranth "Hey could you go get some popcorn and a Dr. Pepper"

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Envy had been watching the base for the entirety of the day, he reflected on the things he had seen, if any

Tao eventually walked up to Noel and looked at her with a sad expression. "Flat girl?" she asked, looking for her attention.

Jessica glanced around the library at Winterhorn as if to get her bearings and noticed Sasha sitting at a table in front of her. She walk around and sat in front of the girl. She gave Sasha a neutral "Hey." to address her as opposed to one of her usually pleasant greetings.

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Yukino shifts her weight a bit at the end of her slide and handsprings herself back on to her feet. She barely had time to land and block the attack. The impact and the fact she wasn't fully stable on the ground let to her stumbling backward quite a bit.

"The Hell are you talking abo-" Savranth starts before he sees the two fighting, and facepalms. "Seriously? This is just plain stupid and barbaric."

Most of what Envy had seen was troops moving around, doing maintenance, training, and other such mundane activities.

Sasha looked up to see Jessica opposite her, Sasha's face still shaded by her cloak hood. "Hmm? Jessica? When did you get here?" She said. Sasha's voice wasn't as cheery as it might have been either, Sasha seemed to have something on her mind too, although she didn't notice Jessica's tone because she was still a little groggy.

Noel looked at Tao, seeing her sad asked. "Tao..? What's wrong?"

Kyosuke hops back, grabbing his fallen katana and setting himself into a dual wielding stance. "Hmmm... Drawn the claws out already..." He mumbled to himself a little before saying. "Yukino Nishida... You certainly know how to throw a partei!" He grinned, waiting for her to get ready. He ignores Savranth for the moment, not interested in what he has to say.

"Scaredy Kaka is all mad at me, and I don't like that, meow..." Tao said to Noel as she moped severely.

Envy wasn't happy with what he had seen What the hell is wrong with these people? Full scale revolts have been started over far less. Is some entertaining escalation too much to ask for? ...Hmm, then again they could be attacking elsewhere... he thought as took off and flew east

"That's what they said about the elves and they just built a tower of gold" He said to Savranth

Yukino slides back onto her feet and takes a deep breath. She grins as she hears Kyosuke. "Kyosuke... You're far too nice... You had me when I slipped and you let that chance to win go..." She slowly shifts into a stance with both of her hands gripping her sword. She also ignores Sav as she stares Kyosuke dead in the eyes, her purple eyes almost seeming to flare up. "Glad we're entertaining each other... Now... show me ALL YOU'VE GOT!!"

She rushes at Kyosuke full force and attempts a quick horizontal slash with the blunt side of her blade.

"Building a tower isn't idiotic. Fighting for entertainment is. This isn't a party. It's just primitive and pathetic." Savranth replies.

Flying East, Envy would pass over a destroyed town by a lake.

"Just now." Jessica answered Sasha in a nonchalant tone with a small shrug. She managed to pick up on the fact that Sasha seemed to have been sleeping just a moment before and asked, "So how are things for you? Everything going alright so far?"

Landing behind some cover (a bush for example) and coming out in his default form, Envy walked into the destroyed town. He made a "wow" whistle noise and said "Ha, guess I was right! Shame I missed the party though."

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After a long walk, Loki and Rita arived in Port Letosh, Loki looking around at the scenery and seeing the lack of battle ships docked at the port. Not what I had doped to find.

Noel tilted her head at Tao. "Scaredy Kata? What does she look like?"

With the full force hit, Kyosuke is easily knocked back and away at some trees, but uses the momentum from the hit to get himself back ready.

"Hmmm... Nope. Not breaking a limiter just yet. But I think I can give some compensation..."

Drawing all 6 swords, he enters a stance.

"Now... Let's hear that conviction! I want to see why you fight... Let's party!" Bolting ahead, he goes with the 3 wakizashis in a vertical upwards slash, jumping into the air as he uses his 3 katanas to come down and slam into the ground.

Grace nodded at Savranth, "I don't like it when folks fight." She said, "And this seems utterly pointless." She says.

Tao proceeded to describe Jessica to Noel, remembering such details well enough.

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