We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"I'm alright I guess. But..." Sasha let out a sigh, as she leaned in a little closer. "Everwood got attacked and nearly destroyed yesterday... Fredricton still doesn't know if his family is alright..."

Jessica would smell the scent of chocolate coming off of Sasha once again, although it was a tad fainter than the other times she'd noticed it.

"Nah it's just a sparring match. I'm just here to watch, Also Where's my soda and popcorn"
OOC: @Rosh So pretty much some guy once asked what if Wolverine had swords instead of claws and we got that picture

Yukino stood her ground as Kyosuke rushed at her. Taking one single step forward, she holds her katana horizontally in front of her. Kyo's 1st slash sent her blade flying high into the air. She easily sidesteps the second slam and launches a hard roundhouse kick toward him as he lands. "Hmm... I believe that's only fair for you not to truly go all out.. since I'm not going to either."

"Hmm, for a port city there's a pretty big lack of ships." commented Rita as she approached the city

"Party?" Savranth hears that word again. And he sheathes at the concept. "That's it. You want to have some fun? I'll show you."

He bolts forward at greater speed than a person should have striking Kyosuke with his right hand sending him flying back with wind magic. He quickly spins and blocks Yukino's kick with his left hand as he draws his blade.
"Oh. Please do. I haven't had a good fight for a while." Savranth mocks their tone.

The city was not smoldering or smokey. It had long been destroyed. It had both obvious Legaian and Xiphatian architecture.

Death appeared to be next to Rita.

Grace watched the two fights, and sighed.
"Why do they always fight?" She asked herself.

OoC: Quick Question, who's fighting Who?

OoC: @wacky, isn't Death in Fourside? Or is he just teleporting around

OoC: @Furioso, he's Death, space doesn't really matter to him, so the latter.
(Note-Anything he learns here will be limited to this mini-group)

Noel taps her chin until she remembers Jessica. "Tao... Remember how that armored man said that grabbing boobs is bad? That's why she's upset. She thought you were going to grope those... other beastkin."

Taking the magic wind as he slammed his swords into the ground and go himself on his feet, he spat some blood to the side of him and frowned at Savranth. "Even more so Savranth-kun... Throwing your powers around like a child. Do you really understand what I mean by 'partei'? By your act alone, I can easily read what you are."

"Now get out of the way, you're interrupting."

"Hey new person could you go get me some snacks. The fighting just got good" He said to Grace

moved down

"Indeed. Those were my thoughts also." Loki answered Rita, wlaking in further and looking for important-looking buildings. "Perhaps, with the war, they are all out at sea, ferrying cargo or troops to other places. Let us when one will make its return voyage."

OoC @wacky: Aaand... he would move around asking random people questions, why?

Everwood? Isn't that... "Oh God, I'm sorry to hear that." Jessica sincerely replied to Sasha as the news brought her down even further. She sighed and started rubbing the bridge of her nose with her hand, muttering "War's already started and I still haven't got a clue how I can end it..." to herself as she did.

"But how do I get her to be not mad, meow?" Tao asked, still being quite sad.

"I hadn't thought of that, the port cities from where I'm from are mostly for trade, with the exception of the Imperial Navy." looking over at Death she yelled out in surprise and threw an adrenaline fueled punch at his face "Die ghost!"

After a minute Envy came to the conclusion that he was a bit overzealous and he hadn't missed the "party," and that this place had been destroyed long ago. Looking at the architecture he said "A town made up of both nations? Ha, wonder how long the place lasted before they tore each other apart."

@Salt: Berserk button, ho!

As she looked down at Sav blocking her kick and Kyo knocked back quite a way, something inside Yukino's head went -snap-. She stumbled back for a moment clutching her head. Her sword made it's descent downward landing right alongside her. Anyone watching would notice a thick black mist beginning to pour out of the foxgirl's body as she began growling.

She looks Sav dead in the eyes, her irises changed to an abnormal shade of blue. The girl(?) grabs her sword off the ground and continues to stare, her face menacing. "Soldier boy.... get the fuck out of the way... "

Death was a few seconds ahead, and was already a foot to the right.

OoC: Because he's bored. Also, Who died?

"What idiocy is this? I've barely even used my abilities. And you were the one using abilities that no human could use. Yet you claim to be doing otherwise? Spare me your lies and your contempt. You're the one claiming to be something you're not. Noble. You're just a brute seeking to use people." Savranth replied.

He looked to Yukino. "You want me to get out of the way? No."

He draws his sword and stands ready. "I thought you wanted a fight. Or did you want to be used by a fool for 'science'?"

Grace looks at the two fighters, "Can you guys stop fighting?" she asks.

Kyosuke shrugged. "Well ya got me there, I will use people. But as for your thing with Yukino. Tough luck Savranth-kun, I ain't helping you. You started it, you finish it. Oh, and that magic of yours... Well, do you remember where we are? Or by some tremendous amount of luck, we'll be going without notice?" He stands back, swords still out and watches what Yukino will do next.

"Well... Just show that you wouldn't do that anymore, ok?" Noel said.

"Hey... don't be so hard on yourself, you can't expect to change everything overnight by yourself..." She answered Jessica back. 'Although it would be nice if you could...'

Sasha then looked down as she noticed the book she was on. "Oh right. Umm..." She mumbled, straightening one of the pages she'd messed up as she was sleeping.

OoC @wacky: Even if bored, approaching people he has never met before makes no sense.
@Dot: How far away is this from Fourside?

Loki had his back turned to Death, and thus didn't notice him appear out of no where, but he turned around when Rita cried out. "We wish not to be watched. Off with you." he said with a annoyed toned.

OoC: Sorry... And he actually did meet her before... She just ran in complete terror mere seconds later.

Death shrugged, and walked off.

OoC: Wait, where is everyone, and who's fighting who?

"Bu...wha...Not again, meow?" Tao asked as she looked shocked by the thought.

Yukino answers Savranth's question by teleporting up to his face and launching a monstrous kick to his chin, sending out a pillar of black energy in front of her.

"Less talking about ideals! Just hit the dude already! Also when did sparring matches have anything to do with that"
OOC: The captcha speaks it says gotham city. Quick somebody play a person from there also @Nail Actually Death has done that several times in the books

"Deep in the woods is where we are. And I won't be doing any magic powerful enough to grab their attention at the moment." Savranth retorts.

When Yukino teleports into his face, he quickly sidesteps with his speed enhancing magic and performs a horizontal slash with the flat of his sword.

As Death walked away Rita said "Y-yea! G-get out of here!" Once that was over she continued into the city

Envy continued to look around.

@Nail: Shouldn't be too far out of visual range. We aren't that far to be honest. (This was where Kyosuke had mediated earlier, and I really didn't want him to be that far from the city) So yeah, they might see that black tower energy.

Noel consulted Tao with a warm smile, and a light pat on her back. "I'm sorry Tao... But if you want to make Jessica happier with you... Then you'll need to stop grabbing woman's breasts."And thank god...

"Key words: 'At the moment'." Kyosuke shrugged, If this man thinks he's all powerful because of his magic, then he is terribly outmatch...

Grace looks at Demon's Character who talks in Blue, "Why do you want them to fight!" She says, "It's pointless, in my opinion... Just hope they don't hurt each other..."

OoC: @Demon, I appoint thee as my "Character Closeness Reviewer" to tell me how close to the original character I get. How am I doing with Death.

"N-never again? Never ever, meow?" Tao asked, even more sad now then she had been at the start of this talk.

"Getting along is boring. Plus I might have to fight them later" Arron said
OOC: @Wacky Oh your doing good with him. Oh also Arron looks like a girl cause he's a shapeshifter

Jessica sighed again and answered Sasha without looking up at her. "I wasn't expecting to have it done overnight, but at the very least I was hoping I'd have an idea at least of what to do by now." She sat back up in her chair, still not looking at Sasha. After a few moments, she then let her gaze wander back over to the girl she was speaking with. "So did you manage to learn anything that might be able to help me?"

Part of the pillar Yukino created flowed into her right hand. The energy hardens into a scythe as she recovers from her kick. Sav's slash was easily deflected by an upward slash of her katana and the foxgirl then delivers a hard donkey kick toward Sav's chest with some of the black mist wrapped around her foot. (If it connects, it'll have a magic sealing effect.)

A chill suddenly runs down Rex's spine as he wakes up. He realizes what the feeling is immediately and jumps off the roof of the hotel. Without another word, he begins running his way toward the forest clearing, fearing the worst. Damn it. It's all boring then she goes berserk? This ain't fair, Fox!

"I'm sorry Tao... But yes, never ever again." Noel said, continuing her action as she started to rub Tao's ears.

Kyosuke continues to watch.

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