We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC: @Demon, Okay, good.

"It might be boring, but nobody is at risk of getting hurt!" She says. She looks at Kyosuke, "Can you get them to stop fighting?" She asks.

Savranth ducks under the kick, going for leg sweep, adding a wind effect to the kick to throw that much more power into the blow. "This is what you wanted, right? Why so upset?"

The town is empty a ghost town, expect for the vaguest sense of movement in the distance.

OoC @demon & @wacky: Well then, I said nothing.
@Rosh: Yup.

"Was that this ghost you spoke of earlier this day?" Loki asked Rita as he looked around more and eventually figured the main building that was situated near the docks itself would be a good place to start.

-rectoned due to the beam not being visible form the sky at night-

Tao dropped to her knees and looked at the ground so that her face was obscured from view, her shoulders shaking slightly.

OoC: @Nail, remember-Discworld makes no sense. Death is from discworld, so he doesn't make sense half the time, and I think I get Death's sense of logic in some respect.
@Demon, Thanks for pointing that out, I'm a bit rusty on my Death.

Death stands near a wall, watching Loki and Rita.

The death of rats, having Followed Tao for a while, hands her a tissue.

Rémy looked up when Rex jumped off the roof, then spotted the black energy.
{color=75aec5]"Why do I get the feeling something incredibly bad is going to happen? Oh well."[/color]
He ran downstairs, and headed towards the clearing.

"You've never seen a planeswalker battle have you"
OOC: @Wacky Yup nothing ever makes sense in Discworld. Right Rincewind

Yukino answers Sav by hopping over his sweep and spinning around, swinging her still enhanced foot toward the crouching Sav's face. Her voice had changed slightly. "Not from some dishonorable piece of shit like you."

Rex continued to run toward the battle scene, making his way into the forest clearing by using his boosters. Damn it... DAMN IT...!

"Yea, that's the one... damn thing's gonna pay if I see it again." said Rita as she followed Loki

Envy turned his head to the direction the movement was coming from with a "Hm?"

Noel crouched down to Tao's level and said. "Tao? Listen to me ok?"

"This is all part of growing up ok? You need to be a strong kaka right? Are you a strong Kaka? Are you a brave Kaka? If the little catgirl children need to look up to someone, that person will be you. You may be far from home, but you are still you. That won't change. You will have your urges to fall back and continue this breast groping, but you need to be strong because... What else can you do but push forward? If times are rough, we are here for you, ok?"

Kyosuke continued to watch, having a gut feeling that something would be coming soon.

Tao seemed to give a soft moan, then several whimpers. "Tao *snif* Tao doesn't want to give it up, meow. It...it makes me happy..." she said miserably.

Grace looks at Yukino, "Don't hurt him!" She shouts at her, ignoring (Demon's Character.)

Death waved at Loki and Rita as he sat near the entrance to the building.

Savranth drops to his back and rolls away, jumping to his feet. "Honor? There is no honor in combat. You don't get to pretend that you fight for some greater cause. Fighting is simply a necessity. Part of the Fight or Flight response. People choose to fight, at times, but they always choose to fight for greed or revenge. And a cycle of revenge is pointless. Vengeance begets vengeance. Fighting for sport is no less stupid. You're simply choosing to fight for some concept of fun. There is never honor in combat. To say otherwise is to lie to yourself."

Envy would see ash ghosts moving amongst the ruins. They seemed to have lights moving throughout their bodies. And went about the sort of day to day thing that one would expect of the living.

Loki stopped walking once he noticed Death from his peripheral vision. "Then by all means, do so. For that thing is following us still." he said to Rita, nonchelantly pointing to Death.

OoC @wacky: BTW, is Death disguised?

"Oh...." Sasha said as she rummage in her cloak, and pulled out a paper that she had written stuff on. If Jessica saw the words on the page they would look rather sloppy. "So... one book said that the two nations haven't liked each other for a long long time. They would go to war, then make peace for a few years, then go to war again..." She said, seemingly having the paper if she couldn't remember something. "The latest one started when a place called... Val-che-irn... got destroyed in a blast. It was apparently a town where both... Xiphatians and... Legaians... live in peace. Each side said that the other did it, and when either admitted to the event... well they started up again. The place was so scorched no one has tried to rebuild there..." She stated, a little unhappy that the information she managed to scavenge wasn't that useful to as she might have hoped. She had really tried.

"The things that give us happiness... Does it make someone else happy Tao? No, it doesn't. Sometimes, it gives other's pain. It gives them anger... It might give them-" Noel was about to say 'death', but in this context, it was unnecessary.

"Tao... Do you want to see Jessica happy?"

"Indeed. Fighting is necessity. But you Savranth-kun have no reason to fight." Kyosuke said, slowly removing his eyepatch.

OoC: @Nail, he's only visible to Death and Rita, because he feels like being joining them.

Grace nodded to both Kyosuke and Savrath, "YES! There's no reason to fight, so QUIT FIGHTING!" She shouts, obviously worried.

Rita scowled at Death "...Well I-I can't really do that now, c-can I? This is a Legaian city after all."

"W-what the hell? Are those ghosts?" said Envy as he approached the ash ghosts

"I don't want to make anyone feel bad, meow. Not family..." Tao said as she started wiping at her unseen nose with her sleeve.


The Death of Rats felt sorry for Tao, and felt like hugging her. Only she'd probably try to eat him.

The ash ghosts continued along their business. They don't even seem to notice Envy. They were scattered about the city. Some seemed to be practicing magic, or driving vehicles of either Technological or Magical design. Others cooked, ate, played, and just about anything one could imagine. They acted as though they were still alive.

Of course none of this was actually happening in reality. They only thought it was.

Yukino would be right behind Sav, already swinging her foot toward his head. "No honor? But there's honor in keeping a promise, isn't there? When two people meet on a battlefield and lock swords, they give each other a promise to fight to their utmost potential. Breaking that promise is dishonorable, forcing the two in combat to stop when they've already already sworn their lives to each other... is despicable.

Fighting is a way of life and there is honor in death and battle. Those who say there isn't have no reason to ever raise a sword, as they have no conviction. Isn't that the reason you stopped fighting, Savranth? You lost your way, and I'll happily get you back on the path of the warrior."

Rex sees the clearing in the distance as he rushes.

Kyosuke turned to Grace and said. "No, not that. Savranth-kun is a child, lost on what to do. Where to put his blade and body on an ideal. He is aimlessly wandering about. Yukino there," Kyosuke removes his eyepatch and puts it away, showing that he had both eyes normally. Green energy started sparking off him.

"She is fighting for something. Though that something isn't here, she wants it to be. I," Kyosuke puffs his chest out alittle, and jabs a thumb on his chest. "Am fighting for something as well, but since it can't be done here, I'm not jumping into affairs here."

Hearing Yukino he yelled. "Yossha! Exactly!"

"Then Tao..." Noel rose up and extended her hand to Tao, infront of her. "Do you know what you need to do?"

"But the thing is," Grace says, "They shouldn't fight. Fighting is almost alway fruitless, and in all of history, bloodshed leads to only more bloodshed. A promise should be upheld through words, talking, arguing it out, and not through hurting others," She says, "Who should care about Honor when lives are on the line?" She asks.

Tao sniffed some more as she rose to her feet, nodding slightly, still looking at the ground.

Rémy continued rushing towards the clearing after Rex. Due to his canine ears, he heard the fight long before he saw it.
"This does not sound like it will end well for anybody. he thought.

Tao would... actually notice the death of rats was watching her while eating popcorn.

Unfortunately that doesn't sound entirely unfamiliar...except now I'm actually hoping they can kiss and make up instead of wishing for them to just keep killing each other. Jessica thought to herself as she heard about the relationship Xiphatia and Legaia shared. "Hmm..." Jessica hummed to herself in thought. "I suppose this Valchiern place might be worth checking out. I kinda doubt it would have all the answers I need, but it's pretty much the closest thing to a lead on what I need to do right now. Good job." She said to Sasha, giving her a sincere declaration of appreciation. "Only thing is I don't remember ever seeing it on my map. Can you tell me where it is?"

"True. But I had expected your combat prowess extended beyond your magics." Loki answered Rita, then scowled at Death as she did. "While on the subject of this being a Legaian town, I do wonder why it is no one seems to think anything of that thing's pressence..." he thought for a moment, then turned around and entered the main building. "No matter. We will simply need to deal with it at a later date." Loki walked up to the receptionist.

"Since when have I stopped fighting? You talk as though you know me. I only want to-" Yukino appears behind him. Is she faster than me?

He quickly brought up his sword to protect against the blow, the force of it knocking him back and off his feet. However, he used wind magic to push himself back up and land on his feet. "Well, that was interesting."

He narrowed his eyes. "As I said. I never stopped fighting. I simply fight for what is right. And this is not right."

He began to surge with electrical energy. Once more he charged forward, but this time it was a feint as he moved to Yukino's side and slashed with the flat of his sword to hit her with an electrical charge,

Rita yelled at Death "Would you go away?!" Looking back at Loki she said "Slightly, I have some physical attacks, but they are all augmented with magic."

Envy curiously approached one of the ghosts and attempted to wave his hand through it

OoC: @Salt, mind if Grace tries to interfeer?

NO THANK YOU, I'D LIKE TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING. He said, following them.

Kyosuke had a chuckle as he said. "'Honor'? In war? No, no such thing. In battle? By simply drawing you're blade to your opponent, you had shown some respect to him or her. What Savranth-kun is misinterpreting my battle with Yukino before he so rudely interrupted was I wanted to see what she was made of. I wanted to see her conviction, her drive, why she continues to be... Her. It's as simply as that." He turned to look at Yukino.

"Her fighting... I saw what she believes in. She's willing to give it all to her belief. I want to see her succeed." Hearing Savranth he scoffed. "Right, wrong. That's all a matter of perspective. And he's in the wrong... By my point of view and Yukino's."

Seeing Rex he says. "Hold back, just wait."

"Then Tao, grab my hand and I can help with this." Noel said warmly.

@wacky: As is, do what Savranth did to piss Yukino off?
That can only end well.

Envy's hand passed through the spirit as it seemed to dissipate and then quickly reform. "Can I help you?"

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