We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Tao clumsily held Noel's hand in-between her two paws.

"I see. I should have known this. You have not a warrior's built, afterall." Loki answered Rita, looking over his shoulder, then to the receptionist. "Good evening. Could you tell me where all the ships have gone, and when they are likely to return?"

"I like to think that, if every voice was heard by everyone, if everyone just stopped fighting, put aside their belief, their pride, and just THOUGHT, just LISTENED, so many horrible deeds could have been avoided. Fighting should be a last-resort, something you do only in the darkest hour. So many horrible deeds have been done out of unshakable belief, people thinking what they know is RIGHT! People who think others people idea's are wrong, and put all they can into their misguided belief... It happens, time and time again, and more and more people die... why?" She asks.

OoC: Alright, quick question... Does what she's saying make any sense whatsoever, because I'm afraid I might be getting this whole thing wrong.

"No, I cannot. I do not have that information, nor can I share it, even if I did." The receptionist replied.

"I... um... thank you." She said bashfully. When she heard Jessica's question she paused for a moment realizing she hadn't brought a map for that. "I think... ah yes!" she pondered as she saw the book she had been sleeping on. She picked it up and flipped to the back of the book, which had a map to it. She put her finger up to the central lake just east of the main mountain range that contained Rockbyrd. She pointed just above the lake to the north. "It's here." She said, her hand tabbed on the spot. Jessica would notice Sasha's hand was definitely accustomed to labour, they weren't soft.

Rita sighed at the receptionist "Well then who WOULD have that information?"

Envy chuckled a bit "Ha! Well this is new, ok ghost, tell me what happened here? Let me guess, you gave in to your instincts and ripped each other to shreds?"

Yuknio tilts her head at Sav as she flips over him, unfooled by his feint. She simply lands, seemingly dumbfounded by what he had said. "Right and wrong? That's your excuse? You'll live an unfulfilled life searching and fighting for "right". You and I are both mortal. Choose a mortal goal to pursue. No matter how much you fight, and no matter how much you drill it into your children's heads, eventually your effort to fight for what's right will fall to nothing."

She looks over at Rex charging at her with wild eyes and his tail sticking out and smiles. They start getting into close combat, both of them weaving, ducking and countering each other. "Take this boy for example. He believes in 'right', but he doesn't fight for solely that reason. He fights because he holds something dear to him that he refuses to let go. To fight solely to be morally correct is foolish." After a long exchange, Rex delivers a powerful right hook that sends Yukino through a few trees. She lies there a bit bloody as Rex advances toward her. "Savranth, your reason for fighting is fake. It holds no value.... find something you can grasp..." She passes out as Rex hoists her up on his shoulder.

He looks at everyone and silently starts walking back to the hotel.

Rémy spotted the clearing, and reached into his pouch. He pulled out a small red ball and threw it at Grace, then snapped his fingers. The ball let off a small puff of red smoke and an almost deafening bang, which was shortly followed by Rémy skidding into the clearing.
He saw Rex carrying Yukino away, and saw that the fighting had stopped.
"Someone want to catch me up?" he asked as he picked up the ball.

Noel helped Tao back on her feet and hugged her, as her armor started retreating back into her folder cylinder. "There there... If you need to cry, then do so Tao... I won't mind."

Kyosuke looked rather grave at Grace before saying. "Because we are afraid..." He says, looking rather distant. "Because people are afraid of those differences. They ask 'Why are they different?' 'Why they have these different things?' 'Why are worshiping something different than us?'. These conflicts... Terrible they can become, terrible pains that they can bring. Sometimes, they close their hearts and minds to listen to reason because they are different."

Seeing Rex step in, he smiled and chuckled. "Haha, there we go. Couldn't have said it better myself. Let's go... I didn't catch your name?" He started to walk back to the hotel with Rex and the KO-ed Yukino.

Tao rested her head on Noel's shoulder and sobbed a bit, hugging her tightly.

"I know... I just feel like everything would be better if they DID..." she comments, before the red ball engulfs her
"GAH!" She shouts. Tumbling back

Death walked through the counter, and sat behind the desk, idly sharpening his scythe.

"Does this port not recieve comercial vessels, then? Those are the one I wish to know the date of their return of. If this port was meant to dock military vessels only, I would assume there be more security guarding this place, yet I saw very little of that." Loki said to the receptionist.

Savranth sheathes his sword. "I won't listen to what some brute has to say. Everyone knows that there is no right and wrong. That there are shades of grey. Even in Xiphatia and Legaia there are those who are good and those, who are not. I won't lie and say that King Garzic is a good or just man, but to some, following him is right. I'm simply seeking my place in a world that I don't belong. For what I see as right. But fighting for it's own sake is not right. Until I find that place, I'll follow my own path."

He places his hand on his shoulder to use healing magic on it to sooth the pain.
"She can kick, though."

@wacky: The ball is the size of a marble, and the smoke is a tiny puff.

@Trilby, DANGIT! I was hoping I could introduce the fact she was half squirrel at that time, and it seems like as good a moment as any.

Kyosuke ignores Savranth's petty ranting, looking back at the ashes that once was Grace. "How... Unfortunate?" he tried to describe his words as he continued on behind Rex.

"Nice job stepping in by the way."

Noel held Tao like a mother would her child, gently shh-ing her. "It's alright Tao... It's alright..."

Rémy offered Grace a paw.
"Sorry about that." he said apologetically.

Jessica made a mental note of where Velcheirn was according to the map that Sasha had shown her. "Thanks again." She said to Sasha, sounding much more pleasant than she had when she had arrived in Winterhorn a short while ago. Taking note of how Sasha's hands looked, Jessica started to ponder something in her head. Remembering numerous other details about Sasha that she had taken note of in the past, her sense of curiosity began to grow about something. "Sasha, what was your life like before you came here?" She asked.

"How... Unfortunate?" he tried to describe his words as he continued on behind Rex.

"Nice job stepping in by the way."

Edited out that part, now she's just on the ground. CURSE YOU SMALL PUFF, WHY CAN'T YOU BE BIG!

Grace nods, "It's no problem..." She said... And he could see she had 2 furry antenna's on her head.

Rex shrugs toward Remy, eyes still forward. "In short, think of the fox as a bomb. Someone did something that set her off. I shouldn'y need to explain any more than that."

He answers Kyosuke without looking at him. "Rex Crossholt. ...We can talk later. And I just need what needed to be done."

He says nothing to Sav as he continues to walk. At the edge of the forest, Ness is already there and waiting.
"Is she still alive?"
"Yeah. Got here as soon as I felt her pop."
"...Good. I'll have to check a few things... as you know."
"Understood, boss."

"Shut the hell up! Arron said to Grace "People fight, get over it. Everyday there is a person summoning some of my allies in battle... I miss Janis" He said before Grace turned into a squirrel, he than turned to Kyosuke "Nah we fight to gain power, and protect ideals."

"C-can we...can we get something to eat, meow?" Tao asked as she looked up at Noel, her tears hidden like the rest of her face, but it was still clear she was broken up over this.

@wacky: The balls only produce smoke when they 'cast' an illusion. So, when Rémy used them in the Government HQ, they 'cast' the banging illusion repeatedly, which made large smoke clouds. One simple illusion (such as altering the appearance of a single card, or making a single bang) makes one small puff.

"I will bear that in mind..."

Kyosuke gave a mild shrug to Rex seeing Ness as well. With a chuckle he said. "Yo. What's up?" Hearing Arron he gave a nod to ideals, but frowned at power.

Noel smiled and said. "Yes Tao. Let's eat." she started to lean Tao off to a restaurant.

That man doesn't deserve to live... Savranth walked on back to Fourside.

"Sir, I'm sorry, but you'll have to leave. The port is closing for the night." The receptionist looks to Rita. "No one that does have that information would give it to you..."

"You're talking nonsense." The ash ghost then begins to 'walk' off.

Grace, slowly getting up (Still with the two antenna's) and says, "It might happen, but it shouldn't." to Aaron.

OoC: @Salty, did you miss my post?

Sasha seemed to be taken aback from Jessica's question. "My life..? What do you mean? I-it been nice..." She said uncomfortably.

Tao followed Noel, still practically hanging off of her.

Ness gives Kyosuke a small wave. "Not much. I just need to make sure my fox hybrid associate is alright. You...?" She gave him a small smile, but it was obvious she was worried.

Rex walks back into the city and heads toward the hotel. Yukino moves a small bit, lifting her head up slightly. "Ugh.... It's like having 10 hangovers at the same time.... Fuck my liiiife....."

@Outis: Eeeehhh... I don't know what to do for the dinner thing... ;-;

"Was testing to see Yukino's conviction or her drive... Then it was so rudely interrupted by Savranth... Which is probably why Rex had to show up." He noticed Ness's worry, but did nothing about it for the moment.

"Hmm. Very well then. A good day to you." Loki said to the reseptionist, leaving the building.

"It shouldn't, but it does. This happens all the time on the ship I work on. Not as intense, but still as dangerous." Rémy sighed. "I guess it's just in our primal nature as predators. Domination. Survival. Weeding out the weak..."

@Outis: Eeeehhh... I don't know what to do for the dinner thing... ;-;


OoC: @Furi: Edited. Yes, I did. Had other thoughts in mind.

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