We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC @Trilby: Well, Blake attacking that paticular town was the result of another incident. Vegeance begets vengeance and all that.
@Furioso: Fine by me.

"The huge sword? If you leave this room and follow the hallway, instead of turn left, keep going until you reached the end of the hallway, then turn right. The place where we store confesated weapons is there." the healer answered Hellosh.

Brooke would find Volarian overseeing troops as the worked on Golem maintainance.

"Roy" would find Lucia, sitting at one of the prpjector desks, gong over notes on the reactor. "Yes? What is it?" she asked, having heard the door open up, although she didn't bother looking who it was that was behind her.

@Nail: Right... so, Blake burning down the town actually caused the current war, but something else caused him to do that, and everything is caused the thing in Valencheirm... or something. Right?

"The army sent me, I'm here to find out what has happened to the tanks you were supposed to have sent. In addition, the army was interested in a prototype mech developed by you that is currently in the hands of a beastkin named Felina. We would also like to request some of those mechs, assuming you didn't just make one." responded "Roy" to Lucia

Hellosh nodded to the soldier and went to the direction he described. Hellosh then grabbed his sword. that's strange, I remember it was easier to lift. Some of my strength has left me, *hmph* I think I should be happy that I could still lift the bloody thing.
Hellosh then met up with Brooke.

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"Tank. Singular, not plural. What is worked on here is a prototype." Lucia corrected "Roy", still not looking up, but bringing up a holographic file containing information about the tank. "Well, the government is in luck. Looks like all the systems of the tank are operational. I'll just need to install its power source, and it'll be in working order." she stated, reading through various notes. "I'll be glad to finally have this massive waste of time and resources off of my hands." Standing up, she cast a single uninterested glance at Roy as she walked to the doorleading further into the labatory complex. "This way. As for that mech you mentioned. Firstly, it wasn't I who developed it. I'm not a weapons engineer. The only thing I did is create a fitting power source for it. Secondly, that paticular model isn't owned by the government. It was just a simple prototype that was more or less given to that woman when she took her leave. Thirdly, the schematics for this model were sent to Solaris. If whoever requesting more of them and hasn't recieved it, that's no problem of mine. I really don't care between petty squables between officers."

Brooke turned to look at Hellosh.
"Hello." she said, turning back to Volarian. She walked up to the soldier and tapped him on the shoulder.
"Excuse me, I was told to talk to you if I wanted to know more about the war."

"I see, well my superiors will be glad to have the tank at least." said "Roy" as he followed Lucia


Rita would for a breif moment see a flash of light right in front of her, as a purple-haired boy, carrying a small, blocky looking alien gun-like thing, and, as he tumbles, it falls out of his hand, as his glasses fall off his head, and he lands face-first at her feet.
"... Ow..." he mummers.

OoC: @wacky, "blocky looking alien gun-like thing" ...?

Rita jumped up, startled "What the hell?!"

TF gun

The boy slowly gets up, and looks at Rita, then looks around.
"Okay... They could have warned me..."
he comments. He gets up, and looks Rita over.
"Names Tedd." he says.

After a short bit of walking through a hallway, Lucia entered a lift and pressed the button marked "F-2" when "Roy" did the same. The doors closed, and after roughly 30 seconds, the lift arived at the propper floor. It was a large concrete room, with a ramp leading towards a loading bay door exactly oposite of the lift Lucia and "Roy" came out of. At the center of the room stood the tank, held above the ground by a steel frame. It was hooked up to several thick wires coming out of the walls. There were several other scientists present, each one looking at a diferent component on the tank. Walking down a ramp, Lucia approached a container near the tank and retrieved from it, a miniature reactor, similar to the one depecting on the file Lucia was looking at prior to "Roy" entering the lab. Opening a hatch on the back of the tank, Lucia inserted the reactor in the cerisponding slot, making a low humming noise ring forth. "How are the readings?" Lucia asked one of the other scientists.

"All nominal, and holding."

With a barely audible, uninterested sigh, Lucia turned back to "Roy". "If you can pilot the tank, then take it. If not, tell your superiors to send someone who can."

Volarian turned around after being tapped on the shoulder. "You look like another outworlder... Hmm. That's correct. What do you want to know about it?"

OoC: Well, I need to sleep. @Trilby, act like Hellosh is following Brooke around.

"Well, what caused it? Who threw the first punch, so to speak? Whether or not anyone has tried diplomacy... that sort of thing." Brooke said.

"...Rita, look, you just teleported into a Legaian city, you'd better prey the didn't see that." whispered Rita

They don't have anyone who can drive it? This is pathetic.

"Is there an instruction manual? I bet I could drive it if there is one."

Tedd looked around the city, "Oh... Kay... Why are you whispering, and what are you talking about? Where am I?"

"Shut up you idiot! This is Port Letosh, they'll think you're a spy if you use magic here!"

OoC @Furioso: Pray* xP

"A instruction manual? This isn't a self-assembly cubboard, it's a tank. No, there isn't a instruction manual." Lucia answered as she began walking back to the lift.

Luckely for Tedd, the receptionist in the lobby was on break, and no other person was present.

"Unofficially, it was a rogue officer of ours who "threw the first punch", as you put it. As for why there is a lack of diplomacy, that option wasn't viable any more the moment the officer in question broke the peace treaty signed between both nations 20 years ago. That act was a decleration of war in and of itself. Legaia would never settle for anything less then retribution. And even in the very unlikely event that they would, their demands would be unrealistically great. Our citizens would suffer as a result, and in time, this too would lead to war." Volarian explained. "That's all I can tell a civilian. One of whom I don't know the name at that. So answer me, who are you?"

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Off in the distance, Judge Joseph Dredd surveyed his surroundings. It can't be as bad as the Mega-Cities. He thought to himself while trying to get a bead on just where he was.

OoC: Where exactly are we at this point in time? I can catch up on the rest of the story as I go.

"My name is Brooke, sir. Thank you."
Brooke turned to leave, then remembered she needed a map. She quickly ran into the large building in the centre of the base and looked around.

"Okay, sorry, didn't mean to. Anyway, where on earth is Letosh? And why would they think that, are they at war or something?" he asks.

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Seeing no one around, Rita stopped whispering "If you don't know there's a war, I take it you're from another dimension then..." Rita then proceeded to explain about some people from other worlds popped up here, and she explained about the two nations and the world they were on.

"Roy's" face took on a scowl for a moment as he left, at which point he headed to Soto's lab and flashed his card to the receptionist there, asking to see Dr. Soto

Tedd just looks at Rita, "Wow, that's awesome! I wonder how their magic system functions though..." he asks.
"Of course, I'd be arrested if I tried to find out... How DID it happen anyway, perhaps a colla..." He then proceeds to list a long number of theories about multiversal travel and it's relation or non-relation to magic he knows and perhaps doesn't.
"Oh, forgot to ask your name." he says.

Fortunately, Dredd's motorcycle still worked. He hopped on and headed towards... wherever he was.

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"Hey, where are you going?" Volarian called out to Brooke when she ran inside the main building. "Continue your work soldiers. And if I find an magi crystal that's ot in pristine condition, someone will be mopping the floors of the base, understood?"

"Sir!" the various soldiers exclaimed in unison.

"Good." having said that, Volarian followed after Brooke, walking at a quick pace. "Hey, you. Unless you haven't noticed, this is a military base. You can't just walk around here unescorted."

The receptionist at the lab in Port Letosh looked "Roy's" pass over and nodded. "Official business, is it? Very well. Follow me." Standing up, the receptionist lead "Roy" through several rooms, hallways and doors, each door being thicker and more heavy-duty-looking and the last, indicating that whatever was going on in this paticular laboratory, it required a lot more security then most of the projects going in the Fourside labs. Eventually, the receptionist lead "Roy" to a observatory of sorts. On the other side of the glass, Soto stood, disecting the corpse of the covenant Elita. Behind him were jars and vials containing several organs and muscle and skin tissue. Further to the right, although hard to see from the angle at which the observatory was, there was a bubble of sorts floating above the ground, and in it lay a unrecognisable pile of gore. Likely, whatever was inside the bubble had been crushed.

Brooke turned to stare at Volarian.
"Sorry. I remembered I had to find a map, and thought that this large building likely held the administrative offices, which I assumed would have maps. I didn't want to keep you from your men any longer than necessary."

OoC: @Nail, sorry, wasn't aware that Soto was in Port Letosh, thought he was in Fourside, but at least that saved some posts :P

Rita gave Tedd a confused look "I already told you, it's Rita."

"Roy" showed no visible change in emotion when looking at the experiments. Assuming Soto could hear him, he said "Good evening Dr. Soto, I'm here to see where the GRUNTS are."

Tedd looks at Rita, "Oh, sorry, must've not payed attention." he says. "I don't suppose you met an alien-squirrel-human hybrid named 'Grace,' have you?"

OoC @Furioso: No worries. :P

"You're right about where the maps are kept. Still, you won't be doing yourself any favours by strolling around military bases unescorted." Volarian remarked as he lead Brooke to the administrative offices. "Especially with that mask you have. You might be mistaken for a Legaian because of it. Needless to say, that will raise issues that are best avoided." Requesting a map, Volarian handed it to Brooke once it was retrieved.

Momentarily, Sote stopped with the disection of the corpse and looked over the rim of his glasses to "Roy", then back down and continued. "The GRUNTS? They were shipped to Solaris, as requested by General Lazarus almost a week ago. Who send you here?"

"Why would I be mistaken for Legaian?" Brooke asked as she took the map. She glanced around the offices, looking for nameplates or signs.

"...Alien squirrel? No, I haven't. Never heard of a squirrel either."

"I was sent by Astasis, he said that he was expecting them."

"Okay... Have you met someone from another dimension named 'Grace?'" he asked, idly ensuring the TF gun is still in functioning order, and picking up his Glasses.

"Because of that mask on your face. On a Legaian would be seen with an object such as that." Volarian answered. The only nameplate Brooke would find is the one that was on the counter of the administration office. It read "Emma Longfield."

Soto didn't imediately reply to "Roy", as he thought who Astasis was. "Oh, right. Him... He didn't request anything of me. Fortunately for him, there are still subjects that are yet to send out. I could be persuaded to send them out."

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