We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Blair chuckles a little. "Turn me into a pumpkin? I'd like to see you try" She said, then jumped down from the rooftop. "And I told you I am not a witch!" she added, her tail flickered behind her. "Just a cat, with a lot of magic"

"It'sss okay...Missster Death..." Holly replied to Death, then lent her head against Ness a little.

Ness sighs a bit toward Death. "I understand, you've told me that not even two seconds ago. But what causes an unfavorable ghost to want to be unruly if they have business to attend to already?"

As Holly leans her head on her, Ness gives her a hug. "So... what are we doing today, Miss Holly?"

"It would be easy, but I can't be buggered. Anyway, what's wrong with being classified as a Witch? It's not like all witches are inherently evil." He says. "And only humans have magic, as far as modern magic knows!" he says.

He looks at Holly, HOW IS IT LIKE, BEING A CHILD? He asks.

"That's racist!" Blair replied, crossing her arms in a bit of a huff.

Holly smiled a little. "Ummm, I don't know..." She said to Ness. she looks at Death. "well...I like it...sssometimess, If I'm a good girl, I'm allowed to ssstay up a little extra passst bedtime! and have hot cocoa! and play!" She said to Death with a big smile on her face. "Momma even taught me sssome ssspellsss!" She said excitedly.

Death nods, and thinks, DON'T ADULTS TEND TO BE FREE TO DO THAT ALL THE TIME? he said, AND YOU CAN DO SOME MAGIC? he asked, quite surprised.

"I'm simply stating the fact: Unless you ate some magical garbage or are human, you probably don't have magic. That's simply how it is, it's like Death, can't fight it." he says.

Ness looks over toward Death and nods slightly. Then, Holly started talking about being a kid. Ness chuckled a bit. So adorable~... "Hm...? Spells? Your mother knows magic?"

"I think ssso? but Momma sssaysss I need my sssleep!" Holly said to Death, she then smiles. "I'm a beginner tho and I'm not allowed to do any dangerousss ssspellsss till I'm better" Holly nods to Ness. "yeah! ssshe once put a bubble around Missss Yukino that stopped her breathing.....ssshe also ssstopped Echo'sss free talking...." She added, sounding a little sad about the last part.

"Don't have magic? I shot you with an exploding pumpkin! I can transform from human to cat in a flash, I'm pretty sure that's magic" Blair said, then started to walk back to the inn/hotel.

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Brooke sat, writing and drawing in a small notepad, until nightfall.


"Yeah, I suppose that makes you a Witch." Ridcully said, "The most I've seen magic to to a cat is make him capable of thinking. Then he tricked the city into paying him several dozen dollars."

OoC: Does Blair have Feline or Human-like eyes? Just wondering.

Ness adopts a bit of a puzzled look, especially at the news of Yukino being suffocated. Her mother is the reason Echo is cursed? ...How are they best friends if one mother cursed the other's child? "...She... tried to suffocate Yukino... Could you tell me why that was? And why she... cursed Echo...?"

"Well, you can asssk me I sssuppose!" Holly said to Death with a small smile, she then looks up at Ness. "It wasss becaussse Misss Yukino ssset Echo's hood on fire.....and Momma only did what ssshe did to Echo, becaussse ssshe wasssn't being lady like..." Holly explains, then goes on her tippy toes to whisper something to Ness. "Sssometimesss ssshe can be a meanie"

Blair couldn't help but chuckle. "Wow really? Is everyone from your place dumb then? or are you just a special case?" She asked with a slight smirk.

OoC: @Wacky, in her human form, the only Cat things she has are Her ears and tail, her eyes are human like.

OoC: Yay. Now the fight can be de-time bubble'd. As a reminder, here's what happened before the time bubble:

Savranth charges using High Speed Movement magic.

Icarus dodges the fireball and uses his blade to hold back Savranth and knock him back into Yukino, allowing Rex's attack to hit.

Icarus yells out as he places his hand on the injury using Healing magic on his wound. "Very well. I'll show you my rage."

Powerful winds begin to enter the building through the open windows becoming like a tornado within the tower.

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OoC: Back

Rita was in the hotel lobby, writing something, erasing it, and writing again

With a yelp Envy got pulled towards the golem. As he traveled he turned his other hand into a large hammer and attempted to smash it against the (now blind) golem.


Dredd used his High Explosive rounds to blow the charging golems to high heaven, he hadn't even noticed that Tedd had disappeared yet.

Death looked at Holly, I SEE. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR MOM?

"He didn't trick ME, or the university, he tricked the Patrician. Something about a Piper to get rid of all the mices, or something, went by the name of 'The Amazing Morice.'"[/color]

Grace, seeing that she could use the wind to her advantage, charges after him, and scratched his Sword Arm, causing a relitively deep scratch, before she followed it up with another scratch, and another, before she used the wind to fling herself behind a pillar.

Rémy snapped his fingers, and the bullet, now lodged inside Icarus, started vibrating rapidly, and producing large puffs of red smoke.

OoC: @Salt: You on?

"I thought it wassss a little ssstrange at firssst, but I like having a Momma!" She said to Death with a smile. "After all....ssshe sssaved me from thisss other place, ssso I', very grateful" She added.

Blair's tail flickered behind her. "It's still funny if you ask me"

Ness nods a bit as she whispers back. "I can see that..." She leans back up and nods slightly. "I can't say Yukino didn't deserve that then... still I'm happy that she didn't die. And... not lady like? That doesn't seem like a feasible excuse to mute your child..."

Yukino shoves Sav off of her and rushes in absurdly quick to stab Icarus in the ribs, using the currents of the winds to further amplify her speed to the point that it seems she teleported.

Rex hops back and takes a defensive position as Yukino whizzes past him. "What a pain...."


Ridcully chucked, "Yeah, I have to agree, that was hilarious! Though, once more, you're a witch. Magic can never change the eyes, and you have human eyes." he says.

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@Gear: Probably because most of the people who've just come on were either busy before you quit, or waiting for a GM to show up.

Holly frowned a little. "No...I wasss adopted....I don't have a real Momma..." Holy replied, hugging her creeper doll. "But ssshe the closssesst I've got to a Momma, and Echo isss the clossesst I've got to a sissster!" She then shrugged towards Ness's question.

"So in human form, I'm a witch" She then changes to her cat form. "But now I have cat eyes, so now what does that make me Mister magic man?" She asked, as she licked her paw.

OoC: That's bassically why I quit. I only have an hour or two left by the time everyone arrives.

Ridcully looked Blair in the eyes.
"A bloody freak of nature." he says, "Not even Gods can do that." he says, seemingly perplexed.


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OoC @trty: No.

Loki entered the lobby of the hotel, walking up to Rite. "Now that we know there is nothing of interest to us here, is there some place where you wish to go?"

Icarus flinched when Grace scratched him, but kept a firm grip on his sword. Twirling the sword around, the manipulated the wind flowing through the room to lift Grace off her feet. "Insignificant whelp!" Lifting his sword up, Grace was slammed into the ceiling, bring the sword down, she was smacked into the floor. He would repeat this over and over, were it not for the fact that Rémy's bullet staggered Icarus. Looking at Rémy, Icarus growled and brought Grace from behind the pillar, and used the winds to launch her at Rémy,as if she were a cannon ball.

When Savranth charged at him, Icarus pushed him back, using a strong gale to smash him against a pillar. However, now that he had his back turned to Yukino, coupled with her insane speeds, even with his own speed enhancing magics, there was no way Icarus could posibly avoid her attack. As the blade sank into his flesh, Icarus cried out. Grunting, Icarus blew Yukino away and pulled out the sword, throwing it side. "Guh... Bitch!"

Clutching his wound, Icarus employed his Puppetry magic on Yukino, Savranth and Rex.

Being a large target and one at fairly close range at that, there was no way Dredd's shot could miss. Striking the flame golem in the chest, the explosive round crumbled some of the stone, making the golem stagger back. Unfortunately for Dredd, a jet of flame burst out of the hole the explosive had created, the flames going straight for him.

When Envy struk the golem with the hammer hand, it created a crack running from where the golems's head had been, to the golems side. Not long after, the golems right arm fell off. Regardless, its target now in range, the golem made a swing at Envy with its left arm.

From elsewhere within the tower, six other golems made their way towards the throne room.

Grace, due to knowing how to fly, uses her tail to fling herself upwards, and dives back to Icarus, and gets another scratch on his shoulder, and jumps upwards again, grabbing onto a nearby pillar.

"Aww, you say the sweetest things" Blair said, rolling her eyes back in sarcasm.

"Um...well...I..." Holly said to Death, she then thought about it. "I don't know how I wassss created...." She answered, now kinda confused.

"Well, we haven't been to Holadino yet. I'm not sure what's there, but it could be interesting."

Envy nimbly dodged to the disarmed side of the golem. "Ha! You make Sloth look fast!" he said as he swung the hammer into the back of the golem.

Dredd dodged out of the way but not before tossing an explsive at the golem. When it latched on, it exploded instantly. Dredd then noticed that Tedd had vanished; his unconcsious body had just disappeared. No time, I'll deal with it later.

He rose to his feet, and pointed his gun at the golem once more.

Ness' eyes widen a bit as Holly talks more about her foster family. "I'm... sorry to hear that, Holly..." Trying to change the subject, Ness asks. "Holly, may I ask why you elongate your 's's?"

Rex found himself leaping at Grace and trying to rip her off the pillar she had landed on.

Yukino scowls as her blade skids across the floor while her body moved to attack Sav with a roundhouse toward the face.

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"Why? It'sss a happy ending!" Holly said to Ness with a smile. "Becaussse I'm a cree-I mean becaussse I have a ssspeech Impediment" She said expalined, hugging her doll slightly.

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