We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC: @Nail, how big was that training room anyways

"Excellent idea. I can't remember if it was big enough, but that would be the perfect testing ground." said Rita as she walked

Stopping on the edge of the city, Envy turned around to face any that were following him. "Well then, no place to bury him here, I'll have to do it on land." and with that he fell backwards off of the city, still holding Icarus.

@Nail: "Yeah... pretty much. Hopefully I don't get bubble choked..."

Rex ignores Sav as he walks out, following the group.

Yukino sighs a bit as she turns to Sav. "...So what are we doing with this flying city thing again?"

Ness enters her car and drives toward Winterhorn.

'So she isn't moving...' Sophia grinned as she started walking towards the corner.

"Wait! That's what all this is about? Look, Jessica... I'm sorry for how I acted... I'm... I'm dumb ok!"

OoC @Furioso: It's the entire ground floor of the main tower, so pretty darn large.

"It was a relatively large space, so--" Loki trailed off as he saw Ness driving towards Winterhorn. "Now why is a vehicle such as that in Xiphatia?" he wondered aloud.

"Well, I'm currently thinking I want to ask more opinions. It's just too bad, we have those who follow us, yet don't wanna 'get involved'." Savranth replies.
But I have three ideas. Destroy it. Sell what we can and aide Rockbyrd with the money Icarus stole from his own people. Use it."

Marcus and Lyra would see nothing of note in their scopes. If there was an Imp, it wasn't nearby. Not yet, anyway.

Jessica slumped down and sat against the wall she was leaning against. "No, you're not dumb. You're completely right. This...damn thing is hideous and disgusting. I realize that. Why do you think I try so hard to hide it? So there's a chance that people will be able to stand me being around them..."

As she nears the college, Ness parks her car in the cover of the forest before continuing to the college's gate on foot. Oh... The password.... What was it again...?

Yukino's ears twitch a bit at the options. "Oh good. I was worried this was gonna end in some binary good/evil bullshit. I haaate that stuff. Anyway, using this big ass thing's gonna get us shot down... eventually, and destroying it while injured is more of a pain than a pleasure. Plus, there aren't any bodies to mutilate beside these flies... So might as well take the chivalrous route and pay the people... taking a small dividend for ourselves of course. "

"I'm not sure, but whoever it is is probably gonna get killed." replied Rita

Since apparently no one had followed, Envy turned into a large bird and flew away with Icarus off into the distance

"Well, this city has airships. I was thinking of using it as a base of operations, putting it in a safe area. Perhaps recruiting some people... Or selling it and keeping an airship. Or just crashing it into a mountain." Savranth explained holding onto his broken left arm.

Sophia didn't really know what to say to Jessica, then it hit her as to how tired she was. As she got close to the corner, she asked "Jessica quick question... You don't smell chocolate right..?". Her hand was trembling a little, her idea unsettling for her, but it would hopefully shut Jessica up. Due to Sophia using up virtually all her mana pool in the test that she pushed her limits for, Jessica wouldn't be able to smell any at all.

"Uh..." Jessica was taken completely by surprise by Sophia's question. She sniffed at the air a few times and said, "Um, no. No I don't happen to smell chocolate right now."

"Most likely." Loki remarked as he climbed the mountain, pleased to be in its cold once more. Momentarily, Loki closed his eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling the cold mountain air. Opening his eyes again, Loki saw the person who climbed out of the car was Ness. "I could swear I have seen that person before. Was she not with us in the begining of the journey?" he asked Rita as he reached the mountain top and made his way to the gates of the college.

Eventually Marcus and Lyra returned, and the group went to sleep, Xyleena staying up to guard them.

"I believe so. I never spoke to her though." said Rita as she approached the gate and said the password, allowing Ness in as well

Rica looks to Xyleena. "So... what are you? I've never seen a creature like you."

Ness gave Rita and Loki a smile as they allowed her in. She starts walking along with them. "Thanks, you two. ....Hm? Have... we met before?"

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"Appearantly so. We appeared alongside everyone else who came to this place from elsewhere near that peculiar altar. Never have either of us spoken to you, however." Loki answered Ness as he entered the college grounds.

OoC: @Dot: Yukino no reply?

Rita nodded alongside Loki "Yea, what he said."

Envy had found shelter for the moment. The body of Icarus was gone.

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Yukino smiles a bit. "How about we crash it into Rockbyrd after we take a few airships~?"

Ness nods a bit as she turns to curtsy toward Loki and Rita. "I see. Well, I suppose we can remedy that now. I'm Vanessa Sinclair. Pleasure to meet you. May I ask your names?"

Jessica's answer gave Sophia the confidence and resolve she needed. Rounding the corner, she saw Jessica sitting on the side of the wall. "Come on, get up." She kindly stated, somewhat picking up Jessica and hopefully she helped. "Now look, I don't care what you think about that thing. I don't care if you think it's disgusting, or ugly, or whatever." She said as she poked Jessica's right arm. "What I do care about is this person right here." Sophia poked Jessica's chest. "The kind, thoughtful, caring fool who can't realize that not everyone is some loon that can't see passed what someone looks like." She continued. "You Jessica Broca, don't give me enough credit, nor yourself. So stop being like that and give me a hug while I'm as tired as I apparently am..."

Sophia then hugged Jessica, which if memory served Jessica she would remember Sophia wasn't the touchy type.

"No... I'm not looking to hurt anyone. At least, not those who are not in my way..." Right? That's not what I want... Savranth replied.

OoC: @Dot: No worries. Though, I think FPS went to sleep...

"...Rita." replied Rita, not seeming that interested

"I am Loki." Loki answered Ness, then leaned in slightly closer. "Pray tell Vanessa, what are you doing back here?"

Ness shrugs a bit toward Loki before answering. "I'm here to obtain a little more information about the Wild Lands. I'm attempting to find an airship or a boat there..."

Yukino smirks. "Well, if you're attacking Xiphatia, then the entire nation is in your way. They're not expecting this either... so it's a perfect way to send a message to their leaders..."

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OoC @Yukino: That's not how you send a message. Sending a message would be crashing it into a densely populated area! :D
@Furioso: Lulz. Alright.

"Wasted effort. Unless you wish to be stuck in the Wild Lands for more then a month, there are no vessels departing for that place." Loki remarked, taking a step back from Ness.

Ness tilts her head a bit toward Loki. "More than a month? I suppose I could manage that with enough supplies to start off... I'm going there to observe and research things, so I wouldn't mind spending a long period there. It seems you were interested in them as well? May I ask why?"

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"Hmmm.... "

"That assumes I want to attack Xiphatia. There is currently no side. Icarus was someone that had to be stopped. That's all. And the airships are Xiphatian make, too. As well as several Golems we could use." Savranth replied, thinking. "There are decisions to be made." Feeling a little pain in his arm, he stopped to heal it. "But first... there are more pressing matters."

Jessica was once again taken by surprise by Sophia's response. She stood back up, as was directed of her, and was left stunned when Sophia hugged her. "Y-You really mean that? You really aren't disgusted by me?" Ashley and Vanessa I could understand them not finding it horrible... "I...don't really know what to say..." She replied. She did what felt natural and hugged Sophia back, though only using her left hand to do so. I still hate this damn thing though...

"It is simply as place myself and my companion wished to see, as it is one of the few places we have yet to visit." Loki explains, then began walking towards the main tower, remembering having spent the night in the guest room there previously. "But now, I think I will retire for the night. Our paths may yet cross again, or they might not. Good day to you, Vanessa." With that, Loki entered the main tower and used the teleportation pad to go to the guest rooms on the first floor. Rita did the same. There, they picked out an unocupied bed and fell asleep.

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As Loki and Rita walks away, Ness goes intothe library and starts to pick out a few books. Soon enough, she falls asleep at the desk.

Echo and Holly would find a small note telling of Ness' location.

Yukino yawns a bit as she rolls up into a ball. "Let me sleep before we...-yawn-address those... issues..." Soon enough, she drifts off to sleep.

OoC: Night.

Savranth shrugs and walks off to find a bed within the flying city. Once there he falls asleep.

OOc: Night.

Sophia stepped back, Jessica could really tell that Sophia was tired. "Yes, lots of times yes..." She yawned. "It's still odd... but do you really think after what I've been through I'd be that shallow. I care about you, not your arm, you, and don't you ever forget that."

"As for what to say. 'Sasha please go and sleep, you look tired.' comes to mind..." She yawned again.

OoC: Sleep...... me wants it....

Jessica found herself smiling at what Sophia had said to her, but her face snapped back to neutral when she noticed how tired Sophia seemed. "Oh! Sorry. You go on ahead to bed then. I'm sure you must have had a long day. I-I'm sorry for being silly about this."

@Zeph: Yeah, I really should too.

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