We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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@kirke i thouht you said he holstered it?
Sasuke noticed the grenade and used his chidori spear to pin it against a wall and have it detonate away from him or the rookie, Sasuke considered it a bonue ifhe impaled the rookies hand at the same time.

OOC: Might as well jump in.

Jessica was on her way out of Winterhorn when she noticed the incredibly hard to miss and massive explosion that took place over the continent's main mountain chain. "Two. Days. Two, goddamn, days." She bitterly muttered to herself after putting two and two together. Why does this world have to always try so damn hard to kill everything that's beautiful?

Given the fact that a city rained down on Rockbyrd, Yukino would find no houses were completely intact anymore. However, she would find a few houses that at the very least were still structurally sound.

After being pushed aside, the soldier nodded to Sasuke. Now that's what I like to see. A citizen taking some initiative.

Seeing the grenade, the soldier with the shield rushed over to his comrades to cover them with it. Once they were within the shield, another soldier threw a small ice shard at Rookie's left leg. "This moron is on his last legs. Try to take him alive."

OoC: @Silver: Just to be clear, you do realise that the Rookie is holding the grenade, right?

OOC: And we thought the Xiphatians would be trying to kill Sasuke...

OOC: So is the ship crashed or...what?

OOC: And we thought the Xiphatians would be trying to kill Sasuke...

Magic=good guy, right?

OoC: @Silver: Just to be clear, you do realise that the Rookie is holding the grenade, right?

@kirke I was thinking sasuke was at a angle were he could knock the grenade out of his hand.

@Tribly im suprised too, but there ENCOURAGING him!

With the fragments of mythril in her hands, Yukino tries to walk into a relatively safe looking house and tries to find some sort of pack or sack she can carry her stuff in. She steps carefully as she searches through.

Rex sits back and watches the soldiers at work in front of the inn.

After reading up, Ness starts to leave the college and notices the explosion as well. "The... hell?" What the hell did those guys do?! ...They're alive... right? She starts to rush toward her car, calling out to Jessica along the way. "Jessica!? Where've you been?"

OoC @Outis: No. I just assumed Rémy was gonna pilot it.
@Trilby: Sasuke has yet to act like a moron in Xiphatia, so they have no reason to distrust him. Rookie on the other hand, is a tech user fighting a magic user. That doesn't go down well in Xiphatia.

Savranth manuvred the airship towards the patch of forest near Lakewest where he landed next to it.

In the bedroom of the house Yukino was in, she would find a drawer with bed sheets in it. The sheet currently on the bed was intact too.

Tophat temporarily paralyzed Sasuke, preventing him from moving.
(To Sasuke: You're in for a world of pain!)
Tophat made Sasuke see the soldiers as his worst foes of all time, all taunting him.
OoC: @Silver: The Rookie is on the fucking ground, holding a grenade against his chest. If Sasuke throws the spear against him, he'll impale the Rookie.

"Huh?" Jessica's ears turned to react to hearing someone call out to her. Following her ears, she turned her head and noticed Ness rushing by. Having little else more pressing to do, she followed after her. "Um, I've been...around. When did you all finally decide to leave that disgusting Fourside place? Also, do you have any idea why the magical flying city suddenly exploded?"


OoC: Can I get an idea how Mithril looks like, it's Mass/volume racio, it's luster, and any unusual qualities it has?

@Nail: Because Rémy piloting the ship went so well the last time.
@Wacky: We landed near Lakewest, not Rockbyrd.

@Kike never mind then man, i must be misreading this.
Sasuke was nearly consumed with rage as his enemys apeared form noware, luckily he managed to peice together that they were ilutions by realising thyey apeared exactle after tophat taunt. He backed away from the Rookie to a safe distance, tehn threw a chidory spear into his elbow (asuming its posible with the rookies position), making sure it didnt penetrate too far past the elbow.

Holly started to wake up in the hotel.

Blair was walking around town, bored.

OoC @Trilby: Savranth has a broken arm, several broken ribs and a posible concussion. Not in the best shape to be piloting.
@Kirke: The shard of ice did missed then?
@wacky: It looks like silver. It has the propperty to channel and/or amplify magic. And is hyper resiliant to fire. As for mass? Hell if I know.

Using the sheets, Yukino ties the mythril into a makeshift sack. As soon as she does this, she bolts out of the house and starts bounding across rooftops and dashing at max speed across the ruined mining town with the crystals. "Well... that was fun..." She speeds out of the city limits and toward the four-way sign.

Ness approaches her car and proceeds to slide across the hood, Dukes of Hazzard style, before swinging herself into the driver's seat. Turning back to Jessica, she answers a bit hurriedly. "...We left after Savranth decided to try and take a side in the war. We wants our assistance in ending it by destroying one side. But Yukino told everyone about some 'dark horse' that planned to try and take out both nations on his own." She points toward the crater in the mountain. "That explosion must've been because of them fighting this dark horse. I need to at least check on the situation there..."

@Nail: Because Rémy piloting the ship went so well the last time.

I could have Tao get behind the wheel crystal.

The Rookie screamed in pain as both the spear and ice shard hit him, and was now bleeding profusely from about a gazzilion different wounds.
(To the Rookie: Hang on, I'll get us out of this.)
(To the soldiers: Please! We were trying to find a healer when we were ambushed by that guy! I am Tophat, and neither I or the trooper here is from this world. If we can just get a healer I'll explain in full!)

OoC: here on break, good to see everything going according to plan

@Nail: Rémy is from an alternate universe and isn't even a pilot in that one. And he nearly killed everyone last time he tried piloting the airship. So, not exactly a brilliant option 2.
@Outis: That might work... I guess.

sasuke turned to the soldiers "This guy ran from the inn at, When i whent after him to see if he was ok he started shooting at me! Its good you showed up when you did."" asuke craftily lyed, very convincingly. He kept the spear/beam in teh rookies elbow., it contantly released electricity, making it dificult to move.

As Blair left the hotel, she would notice that there was, in fact, a horse standing there, looking at Echo's windows.
She would also notice that it was Binky, Death's horse.

OOC: ...Okay. We're doing this, I suppose.

Tao decided to go the the control crystal to try and fly the big ship. "Lets see...Scarf guy said to pull...back, meow?" she said as she pulled the crystal toward her.

Rémy looked over at Tao, pulling the crystal.

OoC @Outis: Dear lord...
@Trilby: As far as I know, Savranth isn't a pilot either. :P
@Furioso: I approve of what you did. :)


As Tao pulled the crystal sphere towards her, it sharply flew up towards the sky, pressing Savranth and Rémy in their chair, and likely making Tao fall backwards on Rémy.

The four-way sign Yukino was at read: North - Everwood, Winterhorn. East - Nightshire. South - Rockbyrd. West - Lakewest.

"The hell is this?!" one of the soldiers exclaimed when Tophat spoke to their minds. They looked at eachother quizically for a moment before shrugging it off. Seeing Rookie was far past the state where he could fight back, the soldier with the shield dispelled it, and the others sheathed their swords. "Alright, that's enough now. We gotta take him in for questioning." one of the soldiers said to Sasuke.

Holly sat up in her bed and stretched, she got up and opened the window slightly.

As Blair traveled around, she a horse. wow, an animal who isn't part human....for some reason that's strange...

Sasuke dispereed his spear and thanked the soldiers.

Tao continued trying to level out the ship by pulling the crystal back.

Echo waited in the lobby, feeling a little nervous about going outside thanks to the horse.

"This is why cats suck." Rémy said, his voice muffled by Tao.

The Rookie kept screaming for a while, then stopped. He wasn't moving.
(To the soldiers: He needs a healer now, or he'll die! I am Tophat, a entity protecting this soldier.)

Jessica walked over and leaned up against Ness' rental car. So he actually did choose to do something. I wonder how many agreed with him? "Well, I don't really have anything immediately pressing I need to do. Would you mind if I went with you?"

Grace and Tedd were however, inside the ship while it took off, and Tedd ended up rolling into a wall while it was taking off.
"Ow!" he shouts, Grace grabbing Tedd, keeping him from crashing into a wall.

Binky continues to glare at Echo, and every once in a while turns to Blair to give her a semi-mean gaze.

With not much knowledge of the area, Yukino sighs and heads toward Nightshire, not wanting to meet up with anyone she might know right now.

Ness opens the car door for Jess with a small smile. "Of course not! Let's get moving."

As Sasuke walked away he said "If you hear a strange voice in your head you should probably ignore it, this guy used some strange mind-tricks when i was fighting him so i wouldnt be suprised if hes just trying to diceive you." Sasuke noticed he had been hit by one of teh frag shards in his arm, he pulled it out and placed it in his pocket, he could use this to track the Rookies scent.

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