We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Echo continued to hold Holly, mumbling in response to Makoto.

OoC: I should mention that the crash was near Lakewest, not Rockbyrd.
@Outis: Of course. ^.^

The soldiers arived on the scene and saw the extend of the damage done. One of the soldiers rushed towards the wreckage while another reached for his necklace and telepathically contacted the military outpost. This is bad. We're gonna need more men out here.

"Hello?! Can anyone hear me?!" One of the soldiers near the wreckage called out.

As an imp was handed a piece of mythril, the other pounced on him. They started fighting over the shard. The of Yukino's journey went unhindered, and she reached the edge of the forest, looking over what little remained of Nightshire.

OOC: @Nailik. Ah okay.

Dal'Sheed reached the crash site near Lakewest.
By the maker. What happened here? He put on his helmet and jogged over to poke around at the ruined ship.

"Hello?!" He called out.

Tedd shouted, "I'm... not... Dead..." he muttered, fealling rather woozy.

Grace slowly got up, still in Omega form, and looks to the Soldiers, "I'm... Not... Dead... Either... Help... Tedd..." she said, moments before passing out.

Makoto went over to Echo and Holly, sitting down next to them and stretching out a hand. "Don't worry, allright?"

Jessica was unable to appreciate Ness' rather impressive driving skills, as a mixture of once again fearing for her own life, as well as fearing for the lives of whoever were in the crashing ship put her on an incredible edge. She once again clung to whatever bits of the interior of the car seemed the most stable as she sat.

"Help! Help! A knight is wounded!" His cry came out incredibly hoarse

"D-don't worry..." Echo said as she looked at Makoto, fear clear in her eyes and voice.

Holly continued to hug Echo. "E-Excussse me misss, but do you k-know what that s-s-sound wasss?" Holly asked Makoto, still a little shaken up.

Blair finally arrived at the crash site, out breath. "Holy shit!" She said as she looked over the destruction of the airship, she then ran closer to it and looked around for any signs of life.

OOC: Ignore my previous Rémy-posts.

Rémy whined, and one of his ears flicked. The rest of him, however, was not moving, other than his chest occasionally rising up and down.

Brooke looked around the crash site. Her hands faintly pulsed green, then the light faded.
Damn these soldiers!

Dal'Sheed ran in the direction of Steiner's voice.
"Steiner? Is that you?!" He started to dig his way through the rubble of the ship.

Rex arrived on the scene and began to focus himself before starting to clear out some of the rubble by hand as he heard the voices. "Hold on! We got you!"

Ness spots the crash scene and parks the car nearby and out of sight. She exits and begins rushing up to the scene.

@Nail: Thought it was Everwood that got blown to hell by Envy.

Makoto looked at Holly. "I dunno, but I think that was a crash of some kind." She looked at Echo, and saw she was still clearly shaken up. She brought her tail around, presenting it to Echo to stroke and callm down, wearing a small smile.

OoC: I hope everyone's ok...

OoC: Alright, if it's such a way that things like this can happen, I think I'll just fly right out, me not perticularly wanting to watch the train-wreck things.

Tedd and Grace begin to glow a bright white, and vanish.

OoC @Dot: It was. But Nightshire was bombed by Legaia.

"Give us some room, people." the soldiers called out to those that were gathering around the crashsite.

Hearing Steiner called out, three of the soldiers rushed over to help get him out of the wreckage, first inspecting in what way he was trapped.
Other soldiers climbed over the wreckage, looking for other posible survivors.

Echo didn't let go of Holly, even as she looked at Makoto's offered tail.

Well...someone might find Tao. She was...not in very good condition. She would, in fact, be hard to recognize as a creature who yet lived. The only outwardly sight of life was a slightly twitching tail.

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Steiner passed out from the pain (OOC: Hurry somebody get a phoenix down!) He continued to bleed out

@Nail: Ah... K then.

Yukino looks at the remains of Nightshire and sighs. "Looks like I won't be able to cash in on these... Damn it!" She sighs angrily as she walks into the bombed town with her sack.

Rex continues to rip through the rubble until he found Tao's tail. He clears the area around her before picking her up and carrying her to the soldiers. Afterward, he keep searching through for Kyosuke and Co.

Ness runs up to the scene and looks around for any other signs of life. Holy... Why'd they.... DAMN IT, why didn't I stay with them!?

Jessica followed after Ness, though she reached the scene first, since she just teleported up next to the wreckage as soon as she could see it. Oh God, this does not look good. She started looking around the wreckage to find a way to perhaps see inside the craft and check who all may still be trapped.

Makoto sighed. Echo seemed like she would take some work, and while she didn't really want to leave, she wanted to check out the crash. She looked at Holly. "Look, I gotta investigate that crash. Is Echo gonna be ok with you for a while?"

Sophia slowly crawled out of bed something not feeling right. She walked over to her wind and looked out. As she looked out of her room she couldn't really tell that there had been the crash, just that there was just a lot of dark cloud cover near Lakewest. 'That... doesn't look good.' She thought.

Steiner's legs were crushed under rubble. Miraculously he there was no other debris on him but his armour was still shattered with sharp pieces in his chest

Rémy let out another low-pitched whine.

Brooke considered knocking everybody out, but decided against it. Instead, she drew a transmutation circle on the airship, in chalk, and transmuted a large section of the hull, near where most of the unconscious people were, into a diamond.
She climbed inside the wreck, and ran over to Rémy, her hands glowing slightly. She started pumping just enough healing energy into Rémy to keep him alive a little longer.

Blair's ears twitched as she heard Remy whine. She look threw the rubble for him. "Remy! can you hear me?" She asked as she searched.

Holly nodded to Makoto. "I'll look after my big sssisster, don't worry Misss...sssquirrel.." Holly replied to Makoto, then hugged Echo and said. "It'sss gonna be okay..."

"It looks like he's impaled. And he's bleeding badly." He turned to the soldiers. "Is there a doctor or a medic on standby?"

Makoto smiled. "The name's Makoto. And I didn't know she had a sister. Nice to meet you. Take care of her." She got up and headed out the door.

OoC: Is it ok if I just say she went to the crash site?

Rex looks at Brooke doing alchemy and decides now's not the best time to be awestruck. He hops down and searches through the hole for anyone else.

Ness follows suit and walks into the hole in the ship to look for anyone else in the crash.

Yukino continued walking around the town, looking for any form of life.

OoC @Gear: I don't see why not.

Seeing that only his legs were crushed, and he wasn't impaled on anything, the soldiers used their strength enhancing magic to lift up the debris that was pinning him down, then pressed on the arteries in his legs to stop the bleeding as best as posible. Lifting him up from out of the wreckage, the soldiers carried him out, then one of them used his healing magic to limit the bleeding and restore the less severe wounds, although the crushed legs were tbeyond his skill level.

After Tao was retrieved from the wreckage by Rex, she too was healed to the best of the soldier's abilities.

Professional healers soon arived on the scene and took over the healing while the soldiers continued to look for survivors. The healers managed to fix up Tao and Steiner to a degree where they were no longer in a critical condition, yet many a ugly scar remained.

Yukino would find that only a few buildings on the edge of town had survived the bombardment, if barely. There wasn't a person to be found, but neither were there any sign of corpses.

"I found some people!" Brooke called out, once she was satisfied that Rémy was stable.

Seeing him recovered from the healing. He lowered his tone, but kept his volume up to see if he would wake up.
"Hey, Steiner. It's me, Dal!" I'm starting to pick up on their dubbing of my name. "Are you alright?"

Steiner started to slowly woke up "Where's my sword?" He asked Dal in a hoarse whisper

Holly smiled as Makoto left. "Good luck Misss Makoto!" She called out, as she continued to hold onto Echo.

OoC: I need sleep, G'Night.

Makoto arrived at the scene, and saw the wreckage. "Jesus..." She was frozen to the spot for a second, but forced herself to press on. Seeing what looked like a recue team, she called out as she ran. "Hey! Anyone down there?"

Yukino sighs as she walks her way toward the buildings that are still standing. "There aren't any corpses... they must've cleaned this place up. Hopefully... that's the cleanup crew in these buildings..."

Tao would be stabilized by the medics.

"It's gonna be okay." Echo said, trying to be brave for Holly. She started tearing up when she called her her sister.

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