We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Hearing others call out they found another survivor, other soldiers who were searching the wreckage climbed in to the hole Brooke made and dropped down next to Rémy. They saw that he was either increddibly lucky to not be dead as a resul of the wounds he sustained, or that he had been healed by another person. Not spending much time thinking about it either way, two soldiers lifted him of off the debris he was impaled on, while another soldier tried his best to stop the bleeding that resulted in. After healing the wound to stop the bleeding, the soldiers carried Rémy out of the wreckage and quickly carried him to where the professional healers were. After quickly but gently laying him down, the soldiers returned to the wreckage to resume the search.
The healer took care of the rest of Rémy's injuries.

Entering the building, Yukino would find it was abandoned.

"I'm not sure. Let me look for it." Keeping his gloves on, he searched the rubble in the vicinity for the sword. "What happened here? And why were you a part of this wreckage?" He finds something that looks like a sword. He picks it up.
"I think this is it."

>> Critical dmg received! Continue? [Y/N]
>> Y
>> Calculating dmgs... Living still and breathing.

Coughing as he shoved off a hunk of metal off of him, Kyosuke looked down on himself. Several large shrapnel pieces had impaled him as he groaned to get up, brushing some dust from his head.

Noel did the same, her armor having some dents, but still relatively fine.

Charlotte coughed and choked up blood, heavily injured from the crash. Kyosuke and Noel heard her coughing and dashed over to her, pushing off the metal hunk that was on her. It was an easy job to do, but she was still bleeding alot. Noel halted the blood cells water content to stop the bleeding, but still with a large amount of blood loss.

Rex and Ness manage to find Kyosuke, Noel, and Charlotte withing the wreckage.
"Yo. Let us help you out here."

Rex offers to help Charlotte walk out, while Ness starts to panic a bit at the various spiky objects in Kyo's body.

OoC: @Nailik did you see my post?

He picks up the sword and looks "Mine was a broadsword, I think it's in the wreckage. But anyway I was in an airship getting off the flying castle and the rude cat girl crashed the airship"

Seeing that a hole into the wreckage had been made, Jessica moved over to it and glimpsed inside. To avoid getting in anyone's way, she teleported about in the wreckage, looking for more survivors...or bodies. Noticing the obvious commotion around Charlotte, Jessica teleported over to see what was going on. "I-I can help get her out without having to move her too much." She said, offering to help. She seemed to become noticeably nauseous as she caught a glimpse of Kyouske and Charlotte's conditions.

He walks over and hands the sword to Steiner. "Cat girl? Tao, Blair, or Jessica?"

Noel nodded at Rex and Ness as Kyosuke clutched his stomach region. "Broke a few ribs..."

"She's not going to get up. Call over a few medics." Kyosuke, with a pained face, frowned at Charlotte's right side of her body, crouching down.

There seemed to be something... missing? Turning back to Jessica he gave a small smile. "I Argh... Yes, if you can please help."

OoC @Gear: No, I missed it. The wreckage isn't burning, BTW.
@Rosh: They... were in a crash, and simply walk it off? You serious? Super soldier or not, that's isn't posible in any way, shape or form.

"Give us some room, please, ma'am." One of the soldiers said to Makoto, stopping her.

OoC: @Nail My bad.
@Rosh Yeah, walking off an airship crash is a bit too much.

"Look, I heard this thing from a mile away. I've worked with big disasters and dangers before. I can help, so just let me past, ok?"

Rex half-ignores Noel as he silently picks Charlotte up, bridal-style, before walking out toward the soldiers. "Got another one here!"

Seeing that Jessica had Kyo taken care of (somewhat), Ness turned toward Noel and offered her a hand up. "Do you need help walking, Miss Noel?"

Yukino continues to walk toward the standing buildings in Nightshire.

"Thank you I feel better to have my sword near me, I knight should not be with out his sword. And it was Tao"

"Do you think you can stand up?" He offered his hand.

Seeing how Rex preempted her efforts to get Charlotte to the medics without moving her too much and risk making her wounds worse, she groaned to herself. She turned to Kyouske and Charlotte and asked, "Well, you two are doing surprisingly well. Do you need any help getting out? If you've got any wounds, you should let me try and get you out instead of moving around and possibly making them worse."

"Injuries are nothing to a knight"Steiner said sounding less hoarse. He than tried to get up but quickly fell down "Well maybe they are"

A strange manifestation tugs away at Charlotte as a strange globular hand reaches from the ground and engulfs her. After a few seconds as she screams from the strange hand, she vanishes.

Noel and Kyosuke look at each other as their bodies seem to be glitching in the reality of this world. They turned to Rex and Co as they tried to speak, but nothing would come out as their hands started trailing away like the wind picking up sand and their glitching bodies had disappeared from the world.

>> Date transfer incomplete.
>> Resetting back to regular protocols
>> Data File Simulator WAOA VI terminated.
>> Filing back to the Overworld

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Grace and Tedd appeared once more, in a flash of light right next to the soldiers, Grace in her human form, the wound in her side worse then it was before

Tedd... Well, he was like before, but with a broken leg, female, and currently naked, with the TF gun in his hand and his gun on his back... and oddly enough, probably the least harmed out of the two, ableit with a somewhat fractured skull, a concussion, and a broken ankle.
"Ow..." (S)he muttered.

"Here, lean on my shoulder. I'll walk you out of the wreckage." He lifted Steiner's arm up over his shoulder.

Brooke saw... whatever that was that just happened.

OoC: Picking up from where Rita and Envy were

Rita nodded at Loki "If anything it would work better. In fact, I'm positive I could bend the energy to have it completely avoid allies should the need arise. It's one of the first things you learn where I'm from, so many mages that you need to learn to avoid friendly fire like that."

"My last name? It's Mustang." said Envy, smiling.

OoC @Rosh ...dafuq?

Rex just stares blankly at Charlotte getting grabbed from him and looks around. "... What the fuck... just happened?"

Ness stares blankly at Noel and Kyosuke glitching out of the world before turning to Jessica. "...You saw that too?" She tries to shake it off as she comes across Savranth. "Savranth! Can you hear me!?"

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Steiner walked out "I have one potion left." He said taking it out of his pockets "Give this to somebody else. A knight must bear the wounds of the less fortunate"

OoC: Salty will take over the GMing for the crash scene.

"That sounds most promisig indeed. The time will come when no doubt, we shall have need of that power." Loki answered Rita with a mischievous grin.

"Roy Mustang. Funny how no Legaian citizen with that name is registered. So, that raises the question. Who are you?" Lazarus asked. Hearing Lazarus, the soldiers present in the comms room were put on edge.

Savranth was in the debris of the ship. Bleeding profusely. Broken bones, metal piercing his body. Barely conscious, he tries to move but can't.

Echo moved Holly to her room after a while.

Well...unfortunetly, due to the violent nature of the crash, and Tao's lack of clothing in the first place, she would be largely nude as well. But, yeah, scars, blood, bad stuff...

Gearhead mk2:
OoC @Rosh ...dafuq?

Seems she has, once again, picked up her toys and gone home.

Dal'Sheed takes the potion. "Don't overexert yourself. Take a rest so you can recover."

He heard Ness calling out Savranth's name.
Oh dear! I really hope he's not in a terrible condition like Steiner was. He rushed over to where Ness was.

OOC: Strange how no one in our group seems to be an actual healer.

Tao started to moan and groan a bit, although very softly.

OoC: Sorry, I gotta go. Just doing one last thing. @Salt, for context, Makoto's trying to get to the crash but is blocked by a soldier.

Makoto pushed past the soldier. "There isn't time. Arrest me if you want,. but I'm gonna try and help people!" She ran to the crash.

OoC: Someone godmod Makoto. Either use her super strengh to help people out, or arrest her. Shooting her is OK too, but not fatally. I'm off, and probably won't be back for a day or two.

OoC: @Outis: Savranth has low level healing magic. And I'm using a system that the more he uses the magic the more it grows.
Healing is currently at 5/10
5 more uses and it becomes Adept level. 30 of that to Master. 50 to Master+

@Outis: Brooke is... she's just not good at it.

"Oh I'm sure we will, it has its limits of course, in order to do that I need to be in what's called "overlimit" and I need to charge up the residual energy from my abilities in order to use it, so it can't be used all the time."

"Roy" scratched his head "Well, that's because I'm not a citizen. You guys probably won't believe this... but I was brought here by the Xiphatians. Some kind of sick magic gone wrong brought me here from, I don't know what you'd call it, another dimension? Anyways, they thought I was a Legaian, so they locked me up and were about to torture me but I escaped. After that I joined the army through Astasis."

OoC: @Outis: Well... Ness is, sort of.

Seeing Sav's condition, Ness sighs as she causes her belt to glow and something digistructs into her hand. Instead of the usual gun, a gray fingerless glove appears in her hand. As she slips it on, her right hand begins to glow with a faint white light. As Dal comes to the scene, Ness motions to the rubble on Sav. "I'll be able to assist him, just get the rubble off of him."

Rex walks back and starts moving rubble off of Sav as well.

Yukino conitnues to walk toward the buildings in Nightshire. "Wow.... this town's pretty big..."

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