We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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OoC: @Outis: Savranth has low level healing magic. And I'm using a system that the more he uses the magic the more it grows.
Healing is currently at 5/10
5 more uses and it becomes Adept level. 30 of that to Master. 50 to Master+

Well he should get a lot of practice...if he lives...OOC: Grr...god damn zerochan...

OoC: Night Hatchy blah blah blah.

O-kaaaaay...I guess that's strike two for the idea of there being a Telepath around here fucking with me. Jessica thought, looking utterly perplexed as Kyouske and Noel vanished into thin air. She followed after Ness and found Savranth in bad shape and reflexively looked away. "Just get him free of that stuff and I can try to get him out." She announced.

Dal'Sheed nodded. The strength needed to lift his condensed stone suit was more than enough to break through the rubble.

"It's too dangerous. Don't run off like that. You could get hurt!" The soldier said trying to run after her.

Several small military vehicles arrive as soldier start piling out. Some rather large men walk over to the wreckage and start shifting through it. Several other men start looking through the wreckage using their own magic.

Savranth tries to move. His vision blurry. Blood pools around him, his broken arm in shambles.

Tao starts to stir ever so slightly as she moans.

OoC: Night Hatchy blah blah blah.

I am the anti-Hatchy!

Steiner slowly walked away trusting Dal'sheed to help the people. He still had his chainmail suit on, and his sword.

Grace slowly gets up, still having the massive wound in her side.

Tedd slowly gets up, to shout in pain at the fact his(Her) ankle's broken.
"Gah!" (s)he shouts.

"Savranth!" He yells. He picks up the pace.

Kneeling down where Savranth was. "This is a medicine Steiner gave me." He reached into his satchel to get a cloth. He quenched the potion into the clothe and started rubbing the potion on the the more severe gashes.

OoC @Dot: Did you miss my previous post regarding Yukino?

"I had not expected power such as that could be used without end. Regardless, it is reassuring to know it is an open option." Loki answered as he turned to the exit of the training room to look if anyone was around. Seeing that the only people near were students who stood outside in the college grounds, Loki turned back to Rita. "Now, I wonder. Do you have any expertise with extracting poison from plants?" he asked with a hushed tone.

"Is that so? We have heard many rumors regarding the potential of Xiphatian magic, yet there are no records of people ever being sumoned from other dimensions. The only sumoning magic that exsist is capable of sumoning ethereal creatures, and nothing more."

@Nail: Dammit. Getting that in now. :<

Ness slowly placed her hand on his body and muttered a long incantation under her breath. Soon enough, a white light bathed both Sav and Ness. Although his bones wouldn't be repaired, he'd at least stop bleeding, gain back some of his eyesight, and his wounds sound start healing at a greater rate than normally possible. Fedora girl began to look a little haggard as she did this. The potion's effect would be accelerated as well.

Rex stood back and let the two work.

Yukino sighs as she begins to search around the building for anything of worth.

Rita thought for a moment "No, none at all."

"Well I don't know how it works, a couple people besides me came though too. Lets see, there were some guy in old fashioned knight armor, a teenage girl in mismatching red clothing, and some girl who could turn into a squirrel of all things, just to name a few."

As the men shifted through the wreckage, onr of them called out from what was left of the cargo bay. "Hey, we got Golem wreckage here. Why would these people be transporting Golems?"

As his wounds healed, Savranth slowly regained his focus. "W-What happened... Where are we?"

The worst of the injuries were gone, but he still needed attention for his arm, and several fractures.

"Steiner told me there was an accident with this ship. He's recovering over yonder." He took a deep breath. "He told me it was Tao who crashed it. We're near the town of Lakewest. Lots of people in our group are badly injured." Another breath. "Can you move any of your arms or legs?"

"An accident... Tao... Tao did it." Savranth said more to himself than anyone else. He tried moving his left arm. "Argh!" He yelled with a bit of thrashing. Trying to move his right arm he finds it still useable, but his right leg is broken and several of his ribs are as well, making his breathing difficult.
"Some... I can move some. Is anyone else in need of help? I can probably still use my healing magic to heal some minor injuries..."

Ness shakes her head a bit as she starts to help Sav up onto his feet, having his arm over her shoulders. "Let's get you out to the medics before you help the others... ok?" Rex starts to help carry Sav on the other side.

OOC: Great...now everyone's gonna be hatin' on Tao even more...

Tao started to move a bit more, looking like she wanted to get up.

"A shame. Although not a setback, as I do. Now I only need learn what of te plants on this world are poisonous, how to what extend, and how to extract their toxins without it losing potency. To that end, I wished to come here. There ought be some information to be found on the subject in the library, which I will return to next dawn. Once I do, I wish for you to question people and acsertain wherther or not there are any ships departing for Shainaio, if not not, if there are any alternative means for reaching its shores."

"I see. This would explain quite a few things." Lazarus answered, turning his back on the camera. "But not all. For instance, why is it that you, an outsider, wish to involve yourself with the war?"

OoC @Slenn: Lakewest*

"I'm not sure. I only got here half an hour ago. And I don't know about your injuries, but it sounds like something's broken inside."

OOC: Who all else is in the ship?

@Outis: She did nearly kill 10 people.

Rita nodded "Want me to do that now? Or should I help you look up the plants?"

"Roy" shrugged "Like I said, they were planning on torturing me, possibly even killing me. I had a gun on me when I got here, they thought I was one of you. I'm not above a little payback, so once I broke out I figured I'd join up with you guys, get some revenge."

The soldiers continued to search through the wreckage. A pair of Medics approach Tedd and Grace, and try to heal them.
"Get some blankets over here!"

Savranth moved with Vanessa as she carried him.
"But... They could die for something so stupid... After coming this far... What about Tedd and Grace?"

@Outis: She did nearly kill 10 people.


Tao's in the ship.

Steiner sat down on the ground. As it was of great difficulty for him even to walk a couple steps. "As the saying goes in the sky one day and in the gutter the next"

"'Hey guys, let's just completely ignore the girl who can teleport and not ask her help with moving this injured man!'. 'Yeah, I'm sure she can't get him out of this possibly still dangerous wreckage quickly while also not risking making his injuries worse by moving him in a conventional manner!'." Jessica went on in a rather bitter sounding manner.

"I'll try and search for Tao. Recover well."

He goes and digs around for Tao in the wreckage of the ship. "Tao?!"

@Outis: And she can stay there until she learns what she did was wrong.
Or until she bleeds out, whichever comes first.

Tedd tries to get up, but his Broken Ankle gets in the way.

The wound on Grace's Side (Who is in human form) Seems to be larger then before, and bleeding... Badly... As she passes out from blood loss.

Rex looks over blankly at Jessica. "Uh... Why'd you wait until now to tell us that? If you knew you were a better pick to carry the guy, shouldn't you have just done that?"

"Calm down, Rex. Jessica, if you'd be so kind..." Ness moves Sav toward the catgirl as she answers his question. "I understand you want to help, but you'll end up being a liability with your injuries at the moment."

"Meow..." Tao said very softly and weakly.

@Outis: And she can stay there until she learns what she did was wrong.

OOC: You should be thanking me, cause if I hadn't had Tao step up, all this would probably be Remy's fault. I kid though. No blame necessary.

"If you wish this ask those questions this instance, then by all means, do so. I aim to look up the flora of this world tomorow, however. Reading is best done in the light of day, I find." Loki answered.

"I see. Well, I have one final question for you then." Luzarus stated, turning back to "Roy". "Since you wish to join the Legaian army, you must be a registered citizen. No doubt, in his... eagerness, Astasis failed to inform you of this. And every Legaian citizen is required to have DNA samples taken for registration purposes. Are you willing to cooperate with this?"

I know that 'Meow' anywhere!

He digs his way through the ruined corridors of the ship to try and find where Tao was.

Tao was already dug out and healed, mostly, so she would be easy to find as she squirmed on the wreckage patch she had been placed on.

OOC: Hey...@Slenn? Don't go into the chat for a bit... @Rosh is changing up the laws of physics and stuff.

"We're gonna need some doctors over here. Are they on the way?" A medic calls, looking at Grace and Tedd's injuries.
"Yes. They'll be here, soon."

"Hey, could you offer me a hand? And where have you been? I haven't seen you since Fourside." Savranth asked Jessica.

OoC: This should go without saying, but Rosh's last post is automatically Retconned. It never happened.

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