We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Yukino smirks a bit toward 'Roy', noting him being alone. "Sorry.... I'm not exactly looking for that... Just a lone soldier with out a group...."

Ness just turns away from the scene and takes another drag of her cigarette.

Saber frowns more at Grace then returns to her usual stoic face.

"I uuhhh... Where exactly is this place? It's not Earth, that's for sure."

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"No reason. You just seemed to take off on your own. You didn't even say goodbye. It seemed a little odd is all. I wanted to make sure you were okay." Savranth replied.

"Tournament? Do you think we are barbarians? Of course not. I was speaking of a war." Anna replied. "Maybe if you had something worth seeing, the King would see you. But it would have to be grand. No mere display of power, or anything. Garzic is a powerful man in his own right."

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"Well, the people that were in there have recovered somewhat. But the man named Savranth over there, seemed to have some broken bones of sorts." He gestured to him. "My name is Dal'Sheed. A Maintainer from D'ni. But I don't know if that's relevant to you or not."

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Lyra and her group awoke when the ship crashed, near enough to hear it. She and Marcus ran over, Xyleena taking to the trees and staying close while not being noticeable. They eventually reached the crash and Lyra looked about for a face she knew.

Out in the vastness of space, a ship floated. This wasn't exactly new, as the ship owner's species had wandered the stars for thousands of years. But this ship had wandered close enough to pick up Lyra's call, made weeks ago. "this is... Long fang of the wolves. Great hu... Afoot. Call all nearby... To my side, so that... Remember Terra. Remember the betrayal." the predator sat in a chair above the rest of his crew, chuckling at the message. <hear them, boys? That little bitch is all alone, and needs our help! Let's go see if we can oblige her. Trace the coordinates. Find the planet she hides upon, so we might rip out the throats of the insolent traitors who dare wear the name 'wolves'.> he paused in his speech, and surveyed the crew, before raising his arm and roaring <for the venomous fangs!> the crew roared the name aloud as well, cheering his declaration. The massive alien ship slowly shifted its bulk, moving to find the foolish planet that would hide Lyra Reed.

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"Oh... Well I'm not really sure then, but first things first we would have to get to the city, do you know a way there?"

"Roy" looked confused "What are you talking about?"

The woman sighed sadly then said. "There isn't much I could do then. Magic can only go so far..."But Kiritsugu gave me.... No, not yet.

"Oh! My name is Irisviel von Einzbern. Or Iri for short." Tilting her head to Dal'Sheed she asked. "Maintainer? D'ni?" She looked very confused.

Saber continued to look around, still no dropping her guard.

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Yukino giggles a bit. "Oh~. Nothing. Don't mind me~. Why're you here anyway? No one could've survived that city coming down, and I doubted that no one'd be dumb enough to come back, especially to look for survivors that wouldn't exist..."

Anna thinks for a minute. "As far as I know, no ships are planned to come here. Unless they are military in nature. You could try asking for help from the military... Honestly, I tend to avoid the government as much as I can. They always want my students for soldiers. They get some..."

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"I'll explain what it means later. Long story short, the D'ni and I live underneath the surface of a planet. And I'm an inspector of worlds that we travel to. A documenter of their stability." He paused. "But I've never heard any kind of name like yours. You don't seem like a native to this world."

"I took off on my own because I didn't think we shared a common goal for the time being, and I move faster on my own. And I didn't say goodbye because you were all still in that awful city." Jessica answered Savranth in a matter-of-fact fashion. "...I guess it was a little inconsiderate to not at least show up again and say I'd be going off on my own." She admitted, seeing her error in hindsight.

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"If that's what it takes we may have to. I'll have to talk to my companion tomorrow."

"Well... I thought there could be someone...I..." "Roy" slumped to the ground "Oh who am I kidding, I know no one survived...I just had to try though, you know? I hoped there might have been some miracle survivor...or-or something! But...it's all gone..."

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Irisviel gave a nod, like a bobblehead. "OOOOhhh. Ok then. Well pleased to meet you!" She tilted her head again.

"Irisviel? Or Einzbern? And this isn't Earth is it?"

Saber gave a hmm listening to Dal'Sheed. There is no way these people are involved with the Heaven's Feel Four. It is my duty to make sure we get back... Alive.

"No worries. I went to go back and get you out, when I saw an officer enter the building. I was just having trouble finding a way in due to the airship... And then I met the officer. A rather fun experience..." Savranth said. He looked back to the airship and thought of the floating city. "A damn shame..."

Grace suddenly and inexplicably falls asleep right next to Tao.

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Tao fell asleep on the ground, curled up in a ball.

Echo went to bed as well.

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"Don't worry if you're confused. I'm learning very fast that introducing what my job is, is not only necessary but somewhat unexplainable."

He took off his helmet. "Nice to meet you." He extended out his hand. "But I don't think this is Earth." I'm not even sure what Earth is.

Yukino put her hand to her sword as Roy slumped to the ground. As she did, she felt the presence of Envy's myriad of souls. Her grin became a bit unsettling as she kept her hand there. "It's all gone... like it should be... This really shouldn't be the last of these cities to burn like this..." They don't know how easy they've got it.... Dying and not living with being the only survivor... "...Wouldn't you agree?"

Ness quickly digitized her glove back into her belt, and in turn digistructed Four's book, suddenly reminded of the anomaly by the appearance of Iri and Saber.

Iri shook Dal'Sheed's hand happily. "Well thank you anyways!"

Saber looked back Iri then said. "Master. It is already dark. We should find shelter."

"Maybe... Like camping outside? I never camped before." Saber made a sigh then said. "Alright. Alright. Let's go then."

The two started to walk away as Iri turned back to Dal'Sheed and said. "Goodnight!"

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Rita walked back to the training room "Now, lets see if my other theory was correct..." she got out her book and started checking her notes

"...What are you talking about?" asked "Roy"

"Shorah, newcomers."
I should go make camp too.

In a few minutes he set up his camping materials and tucked in.

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Yukino shrugged a bit. "I hate... a lot of things... Humans are pretty high up on that list, though I can tolerate a few of them, the ones that are entertaining to watch. But most of them are just boring... so weak... I thought you were one of those weaklings but..."

She stares 'Roy' dead in the face as she continues. "I can feel that you're much different from them... I thought maybe... you shared my thoughts on the matter... but, oh well~."

"Oh yeah, that. That was one of the reasons I had to make a quick getaway. No idea who it was that came in though until now. Didn't even realize how close to badly that could have gone until now..." Jessica replied. Her mind started to wander for a bit until she heard Savranth's other comment. "What's a shame?" Following his gaze over to the airship, she then asked, "And what were all of you doing on that thing to begin with?"

"The loss of the airship for one. And the destruction of the floating city is another. I had hoped to use it for something grander than mere destruction..." Savranth explained. "We came from Rockbyrd. Or more specifically the floating city that was built in secret in Rockbyrd."

Rita concentrated "O righteous will, let fall thy sword of lightning upon those who bear fault... Thunder Blade!" A large glowing blue pattern appeared underneath a target in the training room, at which point a large sword made of lightning fell and pierced the target. A whirring sound could be heard as electricity built up and was released explosively from the sword, vaporizing the target. "An altered form of wind magic, fantastic!"

"Is that so? You're more interesting than I thought! Follow me." "Roy" started walking towards what remained of the mine shafts

Yukino followed 'Roy' with a smirk on her face and her hand on her katana's hilt. To think someone else collects souls for whatever reason... Her free hand still carried the sack of mythril.

Ness continues to read Four's book, but listens in to Jess and Sav's conversation from where she is. "...A floating city built in secret? That's where they got the airship? Quite the dark horse, indeed..."

Lyra eventually spotted Ness, and walked over, nodding to the ship. "you guys handiwork, I assume?"

"Oh. Yeah, those are certainly a shame. I mean, an airship would have been useful for sure, but the city? That's just an absolute tragedy." Jessica replied, seeming particularly broken up about the flying city having been destroyed. "Someone managed to build an entire floating city in secret? The city itself is an impressive enough feat."

Rita tested one more spell, the spell that she wasn't quite sure what it would do, despite writing herself and confident that the math would align with the incantation she had designed to create some form of spell. A target appeared in front of her. "O golden rain who bringeth good fortune, thy name is... " A massive, golden cat figure appeared in the air and fell on the target, crushing it. The statue then shot a bunch of gold coins into the air. "...Gold...Cat...? ...What???"

"Roy" entered the mine shaft. It didn't go too deep due to the cave ins that the rising air city would have caused, but the entrance was deep enough for his purposes. He looked around to make sure no one had hidden inside.

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"Seems he fancied himself a King, and wanted to challenge the other great powers in the world himself. Looks like he built it off the pain, suffering, and maybe even the labor of those under him. Destroying it was one idea, but not the way that it was actually destroyed..." Savranth clarified.

'Roy' and Yukino may notice a large door behind them in the mineshaft.

Ness nervously scratches the back of her neck as Lyra approaches her. "...You could say that, yes. I wasn't a part of the flying operations, however. It sounds like Savranth would know more about this that I would."

Yukino follows curious about what 'Roy' was planning to do. As they entered the cave, she muttered something under her breath before she let off a small aura of flames, lighting the place up a bit. As she does this, she notices the large door. "...Maybe we should check this door out..."

"Roy" attempted to open the door

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