We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"...Well I'm not really sure, I don't know who all the big names are in Shiantao, if you have any idea on who could help, please tell me."

On reaching Rockbyrd "Roy" covered his face with his hands and shuddered as though he were extremely upset. In reality, a sadistic grin plastered his face as it was shielded by his hands, and the shaking was due to him laughing silently.

Grace slowly gets up, and looks at Jessica, then to Tao...
"Are they alright?..." she muttered. She slowly got up, and groaned, walking up to tao, and sitting down by her, her head aching.
"You okay?..." she asks.

Ness looks down at Tao and smiles as they reach the medics. Didn't I introduce myself to her before...? Well, she is a bit forgetful... "My name is Vanessa." She lays Tao down on the grass before waving over to get the medics' attention.

Yukino smirked a bit as she watched the flames burn brightly around her. She slowed her pace to a leisurely walk, taking all of the chaos of the situation. ...And suddenly... I have this feeling of nostalgia.... A tear ran down her cheek as she went on.

With the healing finally complete, Savranth got up slowly. "Oww.. My arms still sore..."
"Yeah, that tends to linger a bit. You'll be fine."

"If you're sure miss. The doctor said walking to seek other patients.

"It is also a Knight's duty to survive is it not?" The doctor replied rather annoyed.

"There's the royal family, but I doubt they would even hear your pleas... They rarely entertain commoners. Unless they could accomplish some sort of great deed, that is." Anna replied.

Ooc: Is there any reason they are in Rockbyrd?

With a flash of lighting, in the forests near Lakewest two people, both female appeared. "And thus I ask you... Are you my Master?" A young looking woman in blue armored asked the other.

The other female had a dark red long sleeve shirt, with a white skirt.

"I uuuhhh. No, it's actually..." She looked to the side, expecting someone to be there, but saw a fire in the distant.

The woman in armor asked again. "This is... Not the 1990s. Exactly where are we?"

"Somewhere. But I am the wife of your Master." The armored female nodded and said. "As a chiverous knight, I shall protect you."

"Thank you..." The two started to head over to Lakewest.

Steiner looked perplexed "Well yes but... uh, some people's injuries are far more severe than mine. Tend to them first"
Captcha: Know thyself. There is a joke in here somewhere

"Vanessa...Tao will remember that...meow." Tao said as she was laid on the grass. She seemed to gaze at Grace without comprehension.

"Great deed? What does that even mean? Are there guidelines or do they just keep it vague?"

Envy started walking through the down, drinking in the sights.

OoC: @Salty, to view his handywork of course

Well it looks like Justice is dead after all. Jessica thought with a roll of her eyes as Ness brought Tao out of the wreckage. She stood up and walked off a decent distance from all the other people around, yet still within sight of them. And now I have to decide on what to do next...


You see! Progress, right there! Marked progress! Just like with Bullet...but let's not talk about that...

OOC: @Rosh I fell this is really rude but, and than they came to the first inn and had hot lesbian sex together

Well it looks like Justice is dead after all. Jessica thought with a roll of her eyes as Ness brought Tao out of the wreckage.

Christ...she really will not let that sexual assault thing go...God...she's gonna try to kill Tao when she finds out she caused the crash...And Sev will help...

The normal looking woman and the armored one eventually arrive at the scene, as the normal one looked on very shocked. "Oh my... What happened here?"

The two continued to look around, seeing Ness and Tao. The normal looking woman walked over to them. "Did... You people and the fire..."

The armored one simply walked over, more concerned with the people around.

OOC: @Demon: Ok, this isn't Fate/Stay Night, which would make sense there....

Grace looks at Tao, "It's me, Grace." she says, "I'm sorry, but what you did was not the brightest, though I probably wouldn't have done better..." she said.
"I'm just glad your okay."
She slowly but shakily gets up, and sits down near Jessica.
"You seem mad." she says.

Ness nods toward Tao before noting Jessica walking away to think. I'll keep to myself for now. She seems to be really contemplating something. Ness' belt glows for a moment as she walks away from the patients. Soon enough, a lighter appears in her hands as she takes a drag of her cigarette. She looks over at the new woman and raises an eyebrow. "Hm...? What is it, madam?"

Yukino conitnues walking until she notices someone else walking amongst the flames. She pretends not to notice as she starts to walk in a bit of a circle around him.

Savranth stands a slowly walks over to Jessica, on his barely functioning legs. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Heroes, I suppose. I hear King Garzic is rather... Well, let's not discuss the King, or his martial problems." Anna replied.

"Meow..." was all Tao said to Grace, watching Ness leave. She seemed quite reluctant to talk with her.

"This fire... What... What happened?" she asked. The armored one continued to look around, as if she was sensing danger.

OOC: @Rosh What does the armoured one look like also Do I really want to know what either of those titles are

@Outis: She already knows Tao caused the crash. That was just her wishing she had died in it because of that.

"Yep....Who're you?" Jessica replied to Grace, realizing she had never actually spoken to her before. Hearing Savranth, she actually turned to face him and said, "I'm fine. Should you really be walking around right now? You weren't in very good shape the last I saw of you."

OoC: I should have mentioned that "Roy" is no longer wearing Legaian clothing

"Are you sure? Any info could be useful to us." replied Rita

"Roy" noticed Yukino, she had been there in the fight with Icarus. One survived? ...one of the stronger ones too... he thought as he began to search the rubble, pretending to search for survivors.

@Outis: She already knows Tao caused the crash. That was just her wishing she had died in it because of that.

Ah...Still...That's pretty cold...

Grace looked at Jessica, "Grace. Grace T. Sciuridae." she said. Seeing that most folks were leaving Tao be, she got up and walked up to her, and sat by her again.
"You okay? You seem worried." she says.

Dal'Sheed turned to face The Armored One.

"A crash happened. The group member behind me, piloted the ship and crashed it." He gestured to Tao. "I rushed over here when I heard it slam into the ground."

Tao managed to roll over onto her side and didn't say anything.

Ness shakes her head slightly. "I'm not exactly sure...But a few people who didn't know how to pilot a plane... happened to be forced to do that... And this is the result." She frowns a bit as she looks at the wreckage. "...Had I been there, this may not have happened..."

Yukino walks up to 'Roy' from behind. "Yo."

"Walking will do my leg good..." Savranth replied, not really sure if it was true or not.

The soldiers begin taking away bits of the wreckage and broken Golems, while the doctors ensure everyone is fully healed.

"It's nothing. He merely divorced and exiled his last wife. Their children were not born with his Blood Line magic, but hers. He seems rather insistent that the King have his own Blood Line magic. As for what you could do to be recognized, I suppose winning a great battle would work." Anna answered.

OoC: I should point out that there is no fire. Something Nail had pointed out to me.

Grace looked at Tao, "What's wrong? Are you guilty? You didn't know, you realize. You just did what you thought was fun, like any cat would, and believe me, I've seen and been on the receiving end of cats before." She said.

Tao turned onto her stomach and placed her hands over her head, her movements very slow and she gave several winces as she moved.

OOC: I'll say the only complete piece of clothing that Tao has is her panties, just to be clear.

The woman looked over to Dal'Sheed. "Oh... Oh my. Did... Did anybody get really hurt? I have healing magic experience..."

The armored one looked over at Tao, as she gripped her hands like a sword as a strange wind covered around her hands. "Then she should be taken to custody for such a crime."


The woman in armor, apparently named Saber, sighed as the sword disappeared. "Very well then Master."

"Win a great battle? What, like a tournament or something?" asked Rita, thinking back to the Coliseum on Nodopolica back in her own world.

"Roy" turned around "Oh, hello, are you here to look for survivors? You can search the area over there!" he said pointing a few feet away

OoC: @Salty, ...no fire? How?
@Rosh, broken image

Ooc: @Rosh: That image doesn't work.
@Furi: Xiphatian airship. No combustion engine. So, no real fuel source. That was his logic and I agree with it. Though I originally mentioned fire when I took over.

OOC: @Rosh The image isn't working

Grace glares at Saber, and turns to Grace, "Your still hurt? But didn't a Doctor heal you yet?" she says.

Anybody who paid attention to the knocked out Tedd would notice that (s)he was beginging to glow lightly.

"I'm not really sure that 'walking it off' is something you should be trying to do with...well, whatever all happened to you." Jessica replied to Savranth. She went off to looking off at Lakewest, it being really the only other thing to look at aside from the crash site. "Why are you so worried about how I'm doing anyway? I already told you I was fine earlier." She asked Savranth, curious about his own sense of curiosity.

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