We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Echo went to where Holly was and started helping her with her hair.

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Ness yawns as she wakes up and walks through the hotel, stretching a bit.

Rex hops off a nearby rooftop and sees the group and the armored sheep. "...What the fuck?"

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Tao got into town and saw Ness. She hurried over to her, looking somewhat excited to see her.

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"Did that sheep just talk?" Blair asked Tedd. "I REALLY fancy some lamb chops about now! <3 Blair said to the sheep teasingly, licking her lips and chuckling slightly.

"Thank you Echo!" Holly said, as Echo helped her with her hair. when it was done in the way Holly wanted, she hugged Echo. "Good morning by the way!"

Upon hearing lamb chops, Saber licked her lips then continued her stoic face.

"Why kill it? I think it's nice..."

Ness blinked for a moment as she saw Tao running around, basically naked. She smiled back at the catgirl as she ran up to her. ...I really hope she doesn't try to grope me... "Hello, Miss Tao. Are you feeling any better since yesterday? Not dizzy or anything of that like?"

Rex looks over at Blair and shudders jokingly. "Dayum, Blair. That's cold."

"Good morning." Echo said as she hugged Holly and rubbed her head.

"BAHH! I mean RUN AWAY!" He said while running away

"I guess I'm feeling pretty good Vanessa, meow. I wish I had my coat though..." Tao said to Ness, getting depressed in tone at the end of her statement.

Rémy woke up and rubbed his back.
I am going to kill that cat. he thought angrily, as he stood up and headed into Lakewest. But first... I'll go see if anybody has any food.

Brooke was also wandering around Lakewest.

Ness tilts her head as she begins to remember Tao's coat. "Glad to hear you're going well, Tao. As for your coat, I'm afraid I can't do all that much for you... The best I can do is to give you the coat I have on... if you want it."

"Well...It's better than nothing I guess, meow." Tao said as she gave Ness a small grin.

Blair turned to saber. "I was only joking" She said to her. "Oh, I'm sorry Rexy!" Blair said to Rex, then lent against his shoulder. "I didn't know you loved fluffy things" She added with a wink, chuckling as the sheep started to run away.

"Wanna go outssside and play?" She asked Echo.

"Go outside." Echo said as she started to head out of the building.

Ness nods as she takes off her longsleeved lab coat and hands it to Tao to put on. It might be a little big for her... Ness was wearing a plain white tanktop with her ammo belt/personal arsenal and camo pants as she smiled at Tao. "I think it might suit you~." She looks over at Echo and Holly leaving the hotel and smiles to herself.

Rex blushes a bit as Blair leans on him. "...I... wouldn't say I love fluffy things... Eheh..."

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Tedd chuckles, and shoots Stiener with the TF gun, removing the sheep enchantment but turning him into a girl again.
"It's not really a sheep, It's what's his face... Just with wool."

Saber shrugged then said. "Are you a witch?" her gaze frowning.

"Oh Saber, be nice."

Seeing Rex blush, Iri giggled.

Tao put the coat on. She still seemed rather sad. "Not the same...No hood, no claws, meow." she said as she looked down at her feet.

"Change me back into my original form or I might just freaking knock you unconsciousness"

Tedd chuckles, and shoots Stiener with the TF gun.
"I don't think I've introduce myself to you folks yet, I'm Tedd." he says.

Blair smirked a little. "So what do you Love then Rex?" She asked with a small giggle. "Nope I'm just a" Blair pauses midsentance to take her hat off, reveling her cat ears. "Just a magical cat, actually" Blair replied to Saber with a wink.

Holly followed Echo happily, skipping slightly.

Rex just stares blankly at Blair before sticking out his tongue. "I'll leave that for you to figure out, Blair." He looks away and blushes a bit more as he hears Iri giggle. ...Why the hell am I so flustered around this cat?..

Ness nods slightly at Tao's appearance, agreeing with the catgirl. "Yeah... we'll need to make some money somehow, to buy you clothes... or maybe get you a new coat custom-made..." That's gonna cost a lot though...

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"A magical... Cat?" Iri tilted her head, then snapped her fingers. "Yes, yes. I understand."

Saber looked unamused. "Very well then."

Iri giggles more at Rex. "I smell love in the air~<3"

"How does one smell 'love'?"

Tedd looks at Blair, "Oh. Magical cat, huh? Well, I suppose it makes sense. I suppose you have some sort of shapeshifting magic?"
He looks at Iri, "My girlfriend is a technically bisexual alien-squirrel-human hybrid made in a lab, This is of no surprise."

"Tao will do anything to get a new coat like my old one, meow!" Tao said as she grabbed onto Ness' shoulders with her bare hands.

Echo looked outside first to make sure things were safe. Seeing it was, she brought Holly out of the hotel.

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Blair just chuckled. "I'll make it my mission to! <3" She said to Rex. "Did that gun...just turn a sheep into a women then into a man?" Blair asked Tedd, her tail making a question mark behind her. "Do you understand?" Blair asked Iri with a small smile, wondering if turning into a cat would freak her out.

Holly followed Echo, holding her hand and smiling.

Tedd nodded, "Behold, the Transformation Gun, TF gun for short! I've loaded it with several forms, among wich are Female and Male V1-5, Sheep, Cat, Cow, Jeremy, and sheep version 1-5. I don't know your name yet, actually. What's your name?" he said.

Ness noted Tao grabbing her shoulders and smiled slightly. "Right... I'll try my best to help you out there... But I think we'll need to wait for a while until the clothing store opens before we can even think about that." She puts her hand to her chin before an idea popped into her head. "Follow me to the wreckage site, Tao. I think I know how to obtain a decent amount of cash..."

Rex looks over at Tedd and looks at his gun, slightly surprised. "...Why didn't you use that during the whole Icarus thing? Would've been awesome to see him freak out at a new pair of tits." He tries to ignore Iri's comment before chuckling a bit at Saber's. "Please... don't tease me, Miss... uh..." He tilts his head toward Iri. He simply laughs at Blair's comment. "Good luck with that.."

Tao looked distracted as she was rubbing Ness' shoulders with her bare hands. "Really warm, meow..." she said as her hands started to move downward...

Echo started leading Holly around town.

Rémy continued to wander around, hunting for Tao.

Iri looked at Tedd with extreme confusion, but continued to smile. Turning to Blair she said. "I think so. Magic exists back home, so why would it be different else where?"

Great we have a trickester cat... *Sigh* She better not be like Merlin that annoying Incubus...

Iri turned to Rex and said. "Oh me. Right. My name is Irisviel von Einzbern, or Iri for short. And this is Saber, the Proclaimed King of Knights and my Servant."

"Oh! I bet you could have fun with that!" Blair said, looking at the gun. "My name is Blair, nice to meet you Tedd" She said with a smile, as she adjusted her hat back on her head. "I don't know, it just might be a little different is all!" Blair replied to Iri. Challenge accepted Rexy!

"Where are we going Echo?" She asked Holly, as she continued ot follow her and looked around slightly.

Echo would notice that Binky, like always, was still staring at her while following her.

"Yeah, it would have been funny as hell!" he said, "And I tried too, but the shield got in the way."
He looks at Blair, "Pleasure's all mine, and Yeah, I could... But it isn't perticularly good, and Grace would get on my case, and it's better to do it with friends." he said.

Grace walks up to Tao, and says "What are you two doing?"

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