We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Ness starts to back away from Tao a bit. "Uh... Tao... what are you....?" She gives a worried look toward Grace. "I... don't..."

Rex gives a quick nod toward Iri. "Nice to meet ya, Iri. I'm Rex." He turns toward Saber and gives her a nod as well. "Nice to meet ya too, Saber."

He gives a knowing nod toward Tedd. "Nice to meet ya, Tedd. And yeah.... forgot about that shield thing..."

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Echo would notice that Binky, like always, was still staring at her while following her.

"Yeah, it would have been funny as hell!" he said, "And I tried too, but the shield got in the way."
He looks at Blair, "Pleasure's all mine, and Yeah, I could... But it isn't perticularly good, and Grace would get on my case, and it's better to do it with friends." he said.

Grace walks up to Tao, and says "What are you two doing?"

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"Where are we going..." Echo asked herself as she walked around, not having an actual destination. Soon she left the town and entered the forest. She again looked around to make sure things were safe.

"Huh? Oh...do we have to go to the crash, meow?" Tao asked Ness, seeming worried.

Blair smiled to Tedd. "Well that was certainly entertaining! I'll give you that"

Holly continued to Follow Echo. "i wonder if there are animalssss out here?" She said to Echo as she looked around. "Can we play hide and seek out here?" She asked with a smile.

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Enjoy it while it lasts.

"Pleased to meet you all." Saber said as her armor disappeared as she was wearing...

Iri gave a shrug at Blair. "Maybe, maybe not." She gave a curtsy to Rex. "Pleased to meet you."

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A portal opened up next to Ness, out of which stepped Jessica. "What's up?" She asked Ness in as nonchalant a manner as she could muster. "Who's this?" She added upon seeing Tao, who she had no chance of recognizing without her old coat.

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Ness notes Tao's expression and sighs slightly. "...Maybe not, or I could go alone later, but I just want to make sure you're alright." .....And not going to grope people like you almost did me....

Turning to Jessica, Ness shakes her head, not all that surprised by the catgirl's sudden appearance. "Not much... just trying to find Tao a new coat since her old one got destroyed in the crash." She pointed toward Tao awkwardly wearing the Fedora Girl's labcoat.

Rex looks over at Saber's change of clothes and smirks a bit. "Classy..." He turns to Iri. "So where are you two from...?"

@Saltyk, Nothing really, Tedd's introducing himself.

Tedd shrugged, "Yeah. And I ended up in the fight right after my shower, which was pretty annoying."

Binky follows Echo into the forest.

Grace looked at Tao and Ness, "What's wrong? Were you guys doing something, talking about something personal?" she said, not sounding the least bit freaked out, nor seeming a bit awkward.

Savranth began to walk around town looking for others.

Kiva's car arrives in front of a large a large white building in the middle of Solaris. "Shall we go inside Ms. White?" She says to the woman accompaning her, as she exits the vehicle.

Blair turned into her cat form and sat down on the ground. "How did you guess I could change form?" She asked Tedd with a small smile, then turned to Iri. "I guess you and your friend are new around here?" She asked, then licked her left paw slightly.

"Yes, we have much to discuss..." White replied as she followed.

"Hi Scaredy Kaka." Tao said to Jess with a wave. "I'm just...not happy to go back there, but I will go with you, meow." she said to Ness. She moved away from Grace.

Echo wanted to avoid the horse, so she tried to get away from it.

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Saber nodded at Rex as Iri said. "Earth, 1994."

Iri turned to Blair and said. "Oh wow! I never knew such a magic exists!"

"I have. And to be quite frank it's annoying."

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Tedd looked at Iri, "It's fairly common where I come from, half of my freinds have powers like that, and I have a bag of watches back home that can change folks forms." he says.
He looks at Tao, "'Cat Girl' sorta gave it away, most human-animal hybrids can transform into multiple forms."

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It's not a very close resemblance, but I see it.

Realizing who Tao was, Jessica took a few moments to glare knives at her and not say anything to her. Turning back to Ness, she simply asked, "Why?"

Ness scratches the back of her neck slightly as she replies to Grace. "I... suppose you could say that."

Turning to Jessica, Ness shrugs a bit. "Well... I wouldn't want to be running around in my panties, so I thought that Tao shouldn't have to either."

Rex puts his hand to his chin for a moment in response to Iri. "Interesting... So how'd you two end up in a master/servant relationship?"

Holly saw the horse and sighed. "I've had enough of that thing following" She then stopped and took a small wand out from her sleeve. She made a circle and flicked it towards the horse, creating a bunch of colorful sparks. "Run Echo!" She said, as she grabbed her hand and led her away from the horse, running out of it's sight.

"I did wonder if you've seen this sort of magic before" Blair smiled to Iri, she then looked at Saber. "Are you saying that my kind are annoying?" raising an eyebrow.

Savranth finding the others, addresses them. "We have important matters to discuss."

Kiva leads White into the capital building. Turning to White, she says, "Stay close. There are more dangerous people here than mere soldiers."
"General Kiva. I know you don't mean me. To what do we owe your presence here?"
Kive turns to see an older chubby, balding man. His hair was grey and he wore an expensive suit, while he carried a purple cane with a golden handle.
Kiva takes on a faux pleasant demeanor as she addresses the man. "Minister of Economics Lawrence, I wasn't aware you would be here. I surely would have introduced our guest, if I had. This is Ms, White Rock Shooter."
Lawrence flashed a well practiced smile. One designed to impart trust in those he meets with. "That is an oversight, I am sure, General." He replies before he walks over to White. "To what do we owe this visit, Ms Rock Shooter?"

Grace looked at Jessica, and slowly tried to slip the knife out of her hands, whispering "She's like a child, she didn't know.

Binky didn't really seem all that phased by the horse, and began to walk foreword, his ears twitching, and he continues to follow Echo.

Tedd looked at Savranth, "Okay, what?"

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Tao got behind Ness as Jess glared at her, feeling intimidated by her. She also seemed quite ashamed.

Echo followed Holly, smiling down at her.

Rex looks over at Sav and shrugs. "Sup?"

Ness just pats Tao's head as the catgirl moves behind her.

White gave a small bow to Lawrence. "I'm here on a case of Dimensional security" White said to Lawrence. "I'm afraid I know someone....who has...and will recklessly destroy your home land...and I know we both don't want that...do we?"

Once they were out of the clearing of the horse, Holly stopped running and looked up at Echo. "Sssee? I did sssome Magic!" She said, rather proud of her small achievement.

"I've heard of old magic... True magic that can do things like this..." Iri tilted her head at Blair.

"No, I'm saying trickester magic like that is annoying. I know first hand." Saber crossed her arms and tapped her index finger.

Turning to Rex, Saber glared at him as Iri sighed. "Saber. We are in a completely different world. I highly doubt these people are involved with the Heaven's Feel Four."

"Very well then Iri."

"Summoning magic really. Servants are Heroic Spirits summoned to do battle for the Heaven's Feel, or Holy Grail War. Each Master has a wish they want to be granted as do the Heroic Spirits themselves... Usually." Iri then cupped her head, thinking if there was any Servant otherwise.

Saber turned to Savranth and said. "New person." Iri turned to Savranth and waved to him.

"Did some magic!" Echo said excitedly as she praised Holly.

OOC: @Salt: Half the people on are in the forest, and the other half are in the town I think.

"So?" Jessica replied, crossing her arms. "From what I heard, she caused that damn crash to begin with. I say let her suffer for it." Not to mention all the other things she's responsible for. She added, displaying not a single ounce of sympathy.

Tao's, now visible, ears drooped as Jess' words seemed to hit her like a smack to the face. She looked incredibly hurt, on the verge of tears even.

Rex nods toward Iri and ignores Saber's glare. "Alright... I understand, I think." So it's really 'Servant' in name only... I'm alright with that...

Ness shakes her head a bit toward Jessica. "Tao was the one at the wheel? Well... who was the one with the bright idea to allow her to drive the ship in the first place? Even if she crashed it, I doubt she meant to, so I wouldn't hold it against her." She shrugs a bit. "I'm helping her because I feel it's the right thing to do."

She looks at Tao about to cry and bends down to hug her. "It's alright... it wasn't your fault..."

Savranth looks to the new girl. "Don't take this the wrong way, but you obviously are not from this world. Do not discuss summoning magic so lightly. There are people who would assume you have ill intent. And if you are capable of some form of it, I would advise you to avoid it, for your own safety."

Looking to Iri, he nods. "My name is Savranth. A pleasure to meet you."

Looking to Rex, he explains his objective. "We need to decide what we will do from here on. We will likely have to support one nation or another to end the war. We certainly can't stop it with words, so action will be the best course of action. The question is whom do we support?"

"Oh, that is terrible. We most certainly can't allow that. We must work to end any threat to our country immediately. What can we do to prevent it? And what can you do to help us?" Lawrence asked with a smile.
"That is exactly what I had hoped to discuss by meeting with the Minister of the Military or prime Minister Sebastion. Are they in?" Kiva asked.
Lawrence looked to Kiva and frowned. "Oh, I do believe they are having a meeting. I'm sure it's something to do with Sebastion's wife or something. You know how it is."
"I'm sure you are mistaken, sir. But if you don't mind, we will take our leave."
"Oh, very well. I had some business to discuss with Mortimer at lunch." He says as he starts to walk off.
"Tell the Minister of Infastructure I wished him well." Kiva said as she led White deeper into the building. "Pompous bastard. If he were Prime Minister only he would prosper."

Entering an elevator, Kiva waited for White to follow, and pressed a button for the top floor.

Tao just whimpered as Ness hugged her, her arms staying limp at her sides.

Blair turned back into her human form and put a hand on her hip. "Oh do worry about me a trickester, I just like to have fun most of the time" She said to Saber with a wink. "What sort of Magic do you use then/" She asked Iri.

Holy grabbed Echo's hand and started running around her skipping slightly. "That wasss ssso totally cool!" She said smilnig. "One day, I'll be a real ssstrong magic ussser and protect loadsss of people and sssave the world or sssomething!"

"So coo! Real strong magic user." Echo said encouragingly to Holly as she stopped and watched her run around with a pleased smile.

White gave a small wave to Lawerence then followed Kiva into the Elevator. "It's nice to know your people are friendly....it certainly makes things easier, given the situation..." White said to Kiva, as she took her hood down. And it makes it so much easier for me to take her down, once and for all...

"I don't know what happened. All I heard was that Tao caused the accident. And even if she didn't mean to do it, I'm pretty sure I saw some corpses in that wreckage. And I don't know about you, but for me, not having bad intentions isn't enough to excuse people dying or nearly getting killed." Jessica replied to Ness. She uncrossed her arms and sighed before adding, "But whatever. You help her if you want. I've got better things to do than try and make some walking disaster feel better about themselves." She turned around and started walking away from Ness and Tao as she tried to determine which of her 'better things' to pursue at the moment.

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