We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Iri only smiled at Rex as Saber said. "Is there something that bother's you?"

Iri smiled at Savranth and said. "Irisviel von Einzbern, pleased to meet you. And this is Saber." She tilted her head and said. "Does this count?" Iri threw her right hand out to the side as a bird made of light blue magic wire manifested.

"It's not really summoning magic. More like crafting and forging of matter."

Saber only nodded at Blair as Iri said. "Healing, crafting and forging magic. That's all."

OOC: Evening Hatchy!

OOC: Evening Hatchy!

Well it's actually the morning over here, but good evening to you too :3

"Oh, nice!" Blair replied to Iri with a smile.

Holly eventually stopped running around in circles, after getting slightly dizzy. "Umm...Echo...which way isss it out of the foressst?" She asked, as she looked around. slightly lost.

Rex scratches the back of his head slightly toward Sav's comment. "Eh... Coming to which side I'm for... It's either the side that we basically saw slavery in... or here, where some dude just leeched people dry and built himself a giant floating fortress. ...Eh...Still not sure... They both suck."

Turning to Saber, he nods slightly. "I don't like seeing people try to walk over people who are powerless. That just happens to be what comes to mind when I hear 'Master/Servant'. That's all."

Ness sighs a bit at Jess as she walks away. ...Regardless of her intentions... if Tao was at the wheel, then it's her fault it went down... but that couldn't of been helped... right? She slowly rises up and motions for Tao to follow her to the wreckage site.

"That might be mistaken for low level summoning magic. I advise you to avoid such subjects as it is the Blood Line magic of the royal family. Should someone hear you discussing it, they may assume ill intent. Should someone see you using it, they may think you to be of the royal family and try to harm you." Savranth explains.

Taking a deep breath he addresses the others. "So what are your thoughts on the matter? The war, that is."

"Lawrence isn't friendly. He is a snake who would sell his own mother if it meant more money or power. Probably already did." Kiva told White on the elevator ride.

As the doors opened, Kiva walked out first. "Be aware that you are about to meet the Prime Minister and Minister of the Military. I'd advise you to be on your best behavior if you weren't already."

Stopping at a secretary's desk, she addressed the woman. "General Kiva and guest to speak to the Prime Minister on urgent business. Can we enter?"

"One second." The secretary says as she presses a button on an intercom. "Prime Minister, General Kiva is here to see you."
The reply was rather quiet so, that neither White or Kiva could hear it.
"Please go on in." She said, pressing a button allowing a pair of large reinforced double doors to open.

Entering the Room, Kiva stopped and saluted. "General Kiva and Ms White Rock Shooter. Ms White here has some urgent business she wishes to address with you."

Sebastion, a man with dark brown hair that had some streaks of grey in it looked to them. "Good evening. To what do we owe this visit?"
A woman with light blonde hair addresses Kiva. "You may sit, General."
Kiva complies with the woman's request.

White followed in after Kiva and gave a bow to Sebastion. "I'm most sorry, that the only reason I stand before you today is for bad news" White replied as she stood up straight. "I'm afraid you have someone coming...someone who is out for the destruction of your dimension...I'm hoping we can work together to stop her doing that"

"Which way..." Echo said as she looked around and thought about it. Soon she decided on a direction and walked that way, keeping Holly close by.

Tao rose and followed Ness, sniffling and wiping her eyes on her coat sleeve.

"I see." Saber nodded at Rex, understanding what he said from her own point of view.

Iri gave a small pouting face then sighed. "Alright then." Aww... Just healing? Well at least I have Saber around...

Tao listened to Blair and Iri with interest, and said to Savranth, "The problem I have is that both have pro's and cons. If I had to choose, I'd go with Technology. I find it's more reliable, less likely to screw up, and is easily used by anyone, assuming they have the popper instructions. Magic, in general, requires a bit of training to use either way, but I don't perticullarly like either... And if the tech-lovers use what's basically slavery, we'd be best just taking them both down..." he said.

Binky walks around from behind the tree, and waves his head in such a way suggesting "Follow me."

Grace looks at Jessica, and whispers, "She's like a child who had nobody to teach her. It's in her voice, I can tell, She didn't know... And look at her, sad, dejected..."
She looks at Tao, "Hey... Your still uncomfortable around me, huh? What's wrong?" she asked Tao.

Rex scratches the back of his head slightly toward Sav's comment. "Eh... Coming to which side I'm for... It's either the side that we basically saw slavery in... or here, where some dude just leeched people dry and built himself a giant floating fortress. ...Eh...Still not sure... They both suck."

Ness arrives at the scene of the crash and walks up to the diamond that Brooke had transmuted. Fedora girl focuses herself for a moment as she uses her PDA to laser in a small transmutation circle. As she touches the circle, a chunk of the steel diamond becomes an extremely ornate set of statuettes. She gives a sympathetic smile toward Tao as she finishes her little operation. "Let's try to get you that coat, shall we?" Ness says as she digitizes the statuettes into her PDA.

Holly happily followed Echo.

Blair turned to Sav and shrugged a little. "Well I don't really know....I rather not be involved if possible..." she replied, her ear's and tail drooped a little.

"That still doesn't change the fact that she's a damn menace who killed people. And good. She should be sad over what she did. If she were happy, that would just be rubbing salt into the wound." Jessica replied to Grace as she kept walking. As she wandered out of Lakewest, she came upon Savranth and company (Or wherever they are, I'm really not sure). Curious about the gathering, she wandered over to see what was being discussed.

Savranth shakes his head at Tedd. "Magic users can't use technology. That is a major issue that divides both nations. Should a magic user try to use tech, it explodes rather violently. And more than a few Xiphatians know no more magic than how to use their own magical tools. It's a natural part of them. As natural as breathing. Using it for more advanced things tends to take practice. Besides a person must learn to use anything, even technology. Or am I wrong in that?"

"Both of those were highly illegal. Icarus was doing that in secret and does not represent the Xiphatian government. He was lying to them as well. I had heard that the Mythril Mines were producing less ore, but it seems Icarus was stockpiling it." He replied to Rex.

"I see. That is most unfortunate. Where are my manners? I am Prime Minister Sebastion Buche. This is Minister of the Military Alison." The man replied.
"Can you tell us the nature of this threat? Or where it will appear? We just recently received reports of a Xiphatian floating city that we destroyed. I don't suppose we got lucky. And what sort of support do you offer?" The blonde haired woman, Alison, asked.

Kiva sat rather stone faced listening to the conversation.

Tao stared intently at Ness as she did her work. She frowned when Grace spoke to her again. "I...You didn't do anything wrong, meow." she said as she got as close to Ness as possible.

Rex shrugs. "That makes things simple then. With that point against it gone, Xiphatia is the less shitty side by default. You have my vote for which side we're going after."

Ness pockets her PDA holding the statuettes before starting to walk back toward the town. On the way, she sees Sav and the rest of the group talking. She approaches and starts to listen into the conversation.

Grace looked at Tao, "Then why do you seem uncomfortable around me?" she asks.

Tedd looked at Sav, "Oh... That's a problem, then. But with Techology, parts of it advances, it all advances. I found that, with most magic, each person has to advance individually. If you want to improve the output of your crops with Magic, you'd have to train each wizard with Magic. If you want improve crop output with tech, you build a better machine, and send it out, which is better and easier then training people." he says, "And the learning curve is pretty easy at times, and a few improvements to pre-existing designs would allow for an improvement while keeping it worked the exact same."

Binky continues to follow Echo, not glaring at her because his eyes had stuff in it.

Iri tilted her head at Savranth's explanation. Sort of. Back home, a longer line of magic users can easily use advanced magic at their will. It's why the Einzbern, Tohsaka and Matou families are the strongest. Because of our large lineage of magic users.

Saber stood quietly, thinking to herself.

Rita was outside on the school grounds, writing.

Envy was flying around the crater left by the rise of the city, looking for anything that might make a nice place to, for lack of a better term, use as a lair.

"A pleasure" White said politely before continuing. "Her name....Is The Black Rock Shooter..." White replied to Alison, and put a picture of the girl on the table.

"She is a clone of me.....a corrupted clone to be exact....where I believe in saving lives, protecting the innocent and spreading a holy light, she believes in plunging the worlds into darkness..." She explained in more detail. "The support I offer you is to fight by your side, I have my knowledge about her....and a few means of combat..."

Echo went in the exact opposite direction the horse seemed to want her to go in.

"You have boobies. I'm not suppose to touch them, meow..." Tao said to Grace. She seemed very nervous about being around the others and hid behind Ness as much as she could.

Yukino was hopping around the mountains heading south.

Ness looks down at Tao quivering and was slightly surprised by what she had said. She continues to listen to the conversation nonetheless.

By listening to what the others were saying, Jessica managed to pick up on what the conversation was about. "You do realize we're trying to decided on a nation to destroy, right? We aren't arguing the merits of technology against magic." She interjected to Tedd upon hearing what he had to say.

"One of the things that the scholars in Winterhorn does is develop magic tools, weapons, techniques. It's how we learned that you could channel magic through Mythril for enhanced effects and such. That's the point of magic tools. To make life easier or more fun. That's the point of airships and such." Savranth explains to Tedd.

He looks to Jessica. "I do not seek destruction. Only the defeat of the nation to end the war to rebuild each from there."

"A clone? Well, there is a reason we banned such things." Sebastion replied.

"I see. Can we get a readout of her abilities so that we can try to neutralize them? Do you have no idea where she will appear?" Alison asked.

"Pardon me, Prime Minister. But if this threat is as big as she claims, should we inform Xiphatia to be aware of her? That way they could neutralize the target should she appear in their own territory." Kiva offered.

"I doubt they would hear from us. We are at war at this moment. Besides, if she is dangerous, she might cause some havoc for them and make this war a little easier for us."

The crater left by the floating city was rather empty. All that remained was tools and the passage to Icarus's home and a few others for workers to get there. As well as shallow graves for a few unfortunate souls that died in the construction.

Tedd nods, "But shouldn't we consider might be the more beneficial for humanity?" he asks Jessica. He turns to Savranth, "Really, huh? Okay, sounds like Magic is on-par with science..."

Grace looks at Tao, and says "Really? I don't see what's wrong with it..." she says, "Ness, any idea why that would be wrong?" she says.

Ness gives Grace a blank look as she nods. "Grace, I assume that you know of personal space. For many women, it's a violation of that space to touch one's... breasts unexpectedly. Tao had a habit of doing that, and I'm a bit happy to see that she's working to improve herself."

"Not destroying each nation is fine, but given the horrendous results of both magic and technology in this world trying to combine or coexist... it may be more beneficial to indeed destroy one. Rebuilding the nations will only lead to a rift like the one the world is dealing with now..." Ness mused as she heard Sav and Jess.

Yukino continues to travel south down the mountain chain.

Envy was disappointed, he had expected a honeycomb of caves to have been left over in the crater. He started flying west.

"She can materialize her weapons" White relied to Alison, pointing to the sword in the picture. "That is her black blade.... fortunetly she has more then just that...a pistol...arm cannon...arm sword..." she explained. "I would have a clue....but she managed to injury me and my equipment some time before I got here....the scar on side is proof enough" she then turned to Sebastian. "I still very much apologize on behalf of her actions, she was meant to protect the world be my side, not ruin it" White said with a small bow.

Iri felt alittle shocked by Ness's words then thought back to her husband Kiritsugu Emiya. Is this what he meant by being a hero?

Saber continued to keep her stoic face.

"Having given it some thought and done some research, that's never going to work if we're picking sides. If you said Legaia and Xiphatia fought like cats and dogs, I'd be offended by being compared to something as blood-thirsty as either nation. No, if you want true peace, you've only got one option. You have to completely wipe one nation's humans out." Jessica explained to Savranth. She crossed her arms and looked at Tedd for a few moments before asking, "I suppose you have a point. So which side gets to live, in your opinion?"

Tao saw Saber and Iri and wanted to go over to meet them. She stayed by Ness' said for the moment, however. She smiled as she was complimented by Ness.

Blair nodded in agreement with Ness's comment. "Maybe there's a way we can combine the two...or someone who can make it so one type can use the other?" She pondered out loud.

Holly continued to follow Echo, moving a little slower as she was getting a little tired. "Are we there yet?" She asked Echo.

"Perhaps. But I can't help but think that is exactly what Blake had intended. To wipe out Legaia..." Savranth replied.

What an irony. To stop Blake, only to consider his actions valid...

"I see. It seems we should at least consider her a threat to any unit she comes across." Sebastion replied, in thought.

"So far, I doubt she would be a threat to the world, but if she is a threat to Legaia, we will have no choice, but to destroy her. Even a small thorn in the side is annoying." Alison said.

"Should I inform all channels of this woman's impending appearance?" Kiva asked.
"Yes." Alison replied, leaning back in her seat.
"And what of Xiphatia?"

"We there." Echo said as she emerged from the forest and reentered the town.

Binky continued to follow Echo.

Grace looks at Ness, "Really? Well, I remember reading that just ditching a habit without slowly easing out of it could lead to an eventual relapse in said addiction." she says, "She would theoretically be better off handling carefully rationed massaging of the breast would lead to a more effective if slower recovery." she said.

Tedd still seemed to think about who to choose, "I'd suggest taking out the Magic thing, but that's probably personal bias, and I'd rather get a thorough understanding of the functioning of this worlds magic system." he said.

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