We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Envy arrived in Lakewest. He was perched on the roof of one of the buildings, appearing to be an average bird of the type he would have seen as he flew to Lakewest.

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@wacky: Noel died/doesn't exist.

Ness scratches her head a bit. "I might be able to help create tech that both sides could use, but I'm not from this world... It would be more beneficial to everyone if someone of this world were to try to combine them." She looks over at Sav. "Savranth may be an example of such a person... or-- ...! Wait!!"

Ness suddenly slams her hand down into her palm. "Savranth is a mix of both Xiphatian and Legaian blood! He can use Legaian tech and magic without any of the side effects. If we can convince both sides to erase their borders and intergrate... sexually, we might be able to have both sides live without a need to erase one side completely! ...But that still leaves a question of which side to support...."

She looks over at Grace and nods slightly. "True... but I don't think there's anyone who would be willing to be groped on a regular basis... I certainly wouldn't..."

Jessica shook her head at Blair. "These two nations have existed for thousands of years. If such a thing were possible, someone would have already done it by now. And I looked into something, a city called Valcheirn. It was built during peacetime between the two nations to try and bridge the gap. You know what happened to it? The place was burned to the ground not even 2 years after it was finished when it turned out the two nations of people simply couldn't live in peace with each other."
She turned to Savranth and said, "I guess you just have to ask yourself whether you think a true end to war is worth it."

Iri blushes heavily from Ness's suggestion as Saber says. "... Theoretically it could work." she cupped her chin, thinking back with old legends with kinds and other heroic spirits unifying.

White nodded respectfully. "A wise choice" She said. "Of course I will be happy to stick around until she has been naturalized, and if you require my help on the battlefield then you only have to ask" She said to Alison.

Holly smiled as she and Echo emerged from the forest. "Let'sss go back and play!" She said with a small smile as she started to walk back to the hotel.

"Oh...I was only making a suggestion" Talk about shooting the ideas out the sky Blair replied to Jessica and crossed her arms a little. She chuckles a little at Iri's blushing. "Embarrassed about something are we?" She asked with a small smirk.

"Vanessa does have a point, though. There is a precedent. Who knows what would have happened if there were more children from both nations? And as I said, that is the sort of thing I would address when it comes up." Savranth looks at Jessica a little more intently.
"You did research on it? Did you find out anything?"

"Very well. If there is nothing more to discuss, you may both leave." Alison replied.

"We will do our best to deal with this foe." Sebastion said to White. "Thank you for your warning."

Tedd nods at Ness, "Oh, I see! So all we need to do is get everyone to have tons of sex. Yeah, that'll be easy. But it's possible." he says.
He looks at Jessica, "Good point... A council's out of the question than..." he says.

Grace looks at Ness, "I'm willing to." she said.

Envy hopped around on the rooftops, listening in to nearby conversations for gossip

"Let's play!" Echo suddenly shouted as she started running away from Holly, looking back at her as she ran.

Tao stood around quite uncomfortably as she she realized she hadn't eaten anything in quite a while.

Ness stares blankly at Grace before looking back at Tao. "If... you're willing... then, I suppose I can begin to monitor Tao's groping behaviors on you and come up with a sort of regimen for her to avoid a relapse..." ...Wow. She's so.... secure...

Ness sighs a bit at Jessica's suggestion from before. "If that's the case... then my genetic intergration idea will fall flat. If they can't live together, we can't assume they'll... intergrate willingly. And I'd like not to force them to either..."

"Perhaps it would be... possible to combine egg cells with magical insemination." Iri said, knowing something.

Saber looked at Holly and Echo as they ran by, but didn't motion towards them.

Holly smiled and gave chase. "I'm going to get you!" She called as she ran behind Echo.

"Your most welcome, thank you for understanding" White replied, gave a bow, then left the room. Oh yes...thank you so much for understanding... She thought to herself as she gave a small smile.

Jessica shook her head at Savranth. "Nothing major. At least not yet. Though aside from reading up on what other people have found out, I can't say I've done much actual research on the subject. I was hoping to look into it some more soon though." Placing her left hand on her chin in thought, she added, "I do happen to have some ideas that, if proven true, could mean Vanessa's idea might actually be possible to execute successfully."

Looking over at Iris, she said, "Not to shoot down ideas or anything, but I would think the gesture of Xiphatians and Legaians willingly having children with each other would mean just as much for peace as the actual children themselves would." Realizing she had never met Iris or Saber before, she asked, "Also, who are you?"

Tedd looked at Jessica, "Come on, tell us." he says.

Grace looked at Ness, "What? I just don't find it weird, that's all." she says.

"Get you!" Echo said as she ran, giggling all the way.

Tao was too busy thinking about her empty stomach to think about anything else.

"Well, what have you learned? I have done no research on that subject. And it is my hometown of sorts." Savranth said to Jessica.

"Well, before the last war there was 50 years of peace. And as far a I know, no one knows who shot first to cause the last war. And this one has it's roots in that war when you think about it." Savranth replied to Vanessa's statement.

He looks at Iri, curious. "Are you suggesting forced insemination?"

Kiva followed White. "Will you be returning to your own home or staying here?"

OoC: Everyone is still in lakewest right?

OoC: Everyone is still in lakewest right?

I think most are in the woods near it.

Shower time.

Envy continued to look for gossip

Yukino lands in Granite Pass after trekking down the mountain trail. She does her little transformation sequence to disguise herself as a fox as she plods along, looking around the town.

Ness nods slightly toward Grace. "I see. Then if Tao finds you... adequate, we can start helping her build a resistance to breast groping eventually."

Iri started pacing back and forward as she answered Savranth and Jessica. "Oh heaven's no. Why would we force anybody to do such a thing? That's just... wrong." Turning more to Jessica she said, "Oh, I'm Irisviel von Einzbern and this is Saber."

"No, what I am thinking is taking an egg and sperm cell from both sides and artificially growing it, without a womb. It's called a 'Homunculus'... What I am actually. Alchemy is what majorly helped but in a world like this..." Iri looked to the skies then back down with a smile. "It's worth a shot isn't?"

Saber nodded, knowing what she meant as well... Though it came with a rather pained expression.

A man in a black robe came up to Ness "Did I hear an incredibly complex scheme to get everybody to have relationships with each other" Steiner looked at him perplexed "Who are you?"
"Just a friendly mage and match maker but the name is Nak"

Envy would hear much:

"Did you see those beastkin?"
"Those aren't beastkin. They are mermen."
"What's the difference?"
"Mermen are less human in their features and came from the ocean originally. They also all have great talent in water magic seemingly naturally. They were trapped by Legaia and forced to mine in a underwater mine in the lake. Xiphatia put a stop to the work and freed them. But the mermen are now trapped in Lake Tora as Legaia destroyed the tunnel they used to get to the lake."
"I don't see the difference-"

"Hey, I hear Legaia is attacking on the East coast. They destroyed Nightshire."
"Yeah, but some General has been keeping them pushed back on the Northern shore."
"Is it Ardimas? The beastkin."
"Maybe... I didn't think he was a General-"

"I heard a floating city fell on Rockbyrd."
"What!? That's horrible! Were there casualties?"
"Certainly, but it looks like the government can't do anything to take in refugees due to the war."
"Oh my. Those poor-"

"I hear that Tiberius maybe moving out soon."
"About time. What has he been waiting for?"
"Most likely he was working on the best strategy he could and trying to see what the Legaians were going to do on this front, so he could react accordingly."
"Sounds like cowardice. I don't care how many battles he has won-"

OoC: Are they in the woods? I have no idea.

"I'm afraid I cannot return home until I know Miss Black Rock is stopped, in case anything would go wrong" White replied to Kiva. "I don't suppose you know of any spare rooms around town?"

Holly continued to ran after Echo, then tapped her on the arm and shouted. "TAG!" She said, then ran off in a random direction.

Jessica seemed to almost become excited as people started asking about what she knew, "Well, from what I've learned, Valcheirn is now a ghost town. And no, that's not a figure of speech, there are actually ghosts there. However, the ghosts only seem to be of those who died in the very initial attack that started the fighting between Legaia and Xiphatia there." She paused for a moment before continuing. "Currently one of my ideas is that whatever was used in the first attack had some direct cause in turning those people into ghosts. Examining the ghosts further could lead to learning more about why the first 'shot' was fired in the first place."

Jessica gave Iri a curious look. "And would there be benefits to doing that over a traditional birth?"

@Salty: I honestly don't know where we're supposed to be either...maybe we should just say it's in the city for convenience?

"That still sounds immoral. Besides I am exactly that. My father is Xiphatian and my mother Legaian." Savranth replied.

Yukino would find several people moving about. Working in mechs designed with drills and such.

A black and white haired boy seemed to be leaving from the quarry.

"We will supply you with room and board then. Come with me." Kiva said as she led White back the way they came.

Envy got some satisfaction over hearing about the trapped mermen and the destruction of Rockbyrd. He continued to listen in to various discussions for just a little bit longer.

"With homunculi... There are some qualities better, but I'm not exactly sure if it will apply in this world. At all." Iri said to Jessica. Turning to Savranth she said. "It's just a suggestion, I didn't mean to offend."

Tilting her head at Jessica she said. "Ghosts? You mean spirits?"

Saber cupped her head at Jessica. "That seems to be the best option this group has at the moment."

"Thank you very much" White said to Kiva as she followed her, putting her hood back up.

Echo started running after Holly.

OOC: Times like this I wish I'd brought in another character. Also, without her coat and her claws, Tao has lost almost all combat effectiveness...

OoC: @Outis, I thought her claws were... her actual claws...? If not, wouldn't she still have cat claws?

Ness looks at Iri and shakes her head. "Although that sounds like a viable idea... I'm opposed to it..." It's mass producing genetic clones... It's the same as trying to kill off one nation...

She turns to Jessica, thoroughly surprised. "Legitimate ghosts? ...Where is this ghost town located? I could drive us there."

She turns to Nak and tilts her head. "...Yes... I believe you did."

Yukino, in her fox form, walked up to the black and white haired boy and "Yip~"'s at him to get his attention. Her fox form would have her sword strapped on her back, the two tails, and a tuft of fur covering one of her purple eyes.

Tedd looked at Iri, "I can say that it probobly comes with more problems then anything else." he says.
He looks at Jessica, "Alright, lets go there, see what's going on." he says, [COLOR=PURPLE]"WITH SCIENCE!

"Nyeh nyeh! can't catch me!" Holly called out to Echo as she ran, giggling.

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