We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"When the fighting started between them..? Odd. Perhaps we would be wise to address the issue with my fa- with Tiberius." Savranth suggested to Jessica. "That is assuming we support Xiphatia in the war..."

He looks to Iri. "No offense taken. I am merely stating that many here would have problems with that. Necromancy and such are frowned upon as a rule. And I'm sure many people would find that a questionable practice."

"So what will happen?"
"About what?"
"The war!"
"Oh.... I don't know. It'll probably end when both sides realize they can't manage to defeat the capital fleets. I mean Shaintaio still has the majority of it's armed forces there, right? What is defending the northern front is the moved Nightshire troops, right?"

The black and white haired boy stopped at looked at Yukino, the fox. "Odd. My eye is reacting to you for some reason. And I don't think foxes are native to this area... Much less with a sword."

Leading White to the car, Kiva has them driven to a hotel near the military barracks. Entering the hotel, she addresses the clerk.
"I need one room for a Legaia state guest. My office will take care of all expenses. Contact the staff of General Kiva for payment."
"Yes, ma'am." The clerk gets out a room key and places it on the desk. "Room 1427. The Penthouse suite." she said stating that more as a question.
"That is fine."

OoC: Hatchy is Hatchy!

"Can't catch..." Echo said as she pretended to be tired and slow down.

OoC: @Outis, I thought her claws were... her actual claws...? If not, wouldn't she still have cat claws?

Kokonoe, who is another Kaka in the Blazeblue verse, doesn't have claws on her hands, so I'm assuming they were apart of the coat.

Nak brought out a large chart on several pieces of paper "I'll need more paper. But anyway your ignoring the obvious solution. To get the leaders to marry. Possibly blind date style. Hey do we have a big room in the neutral zone of the lands" He said studying his chart "Seriously does anybody know where this guy came from"

OoC: @Outis, quick check of the wiki says Kokonoe is a half breed, that might be why

Envy started flying northeast

@Salty, I took my job :O

White followed and looked around the place. not bad

Holly then turned around and tackle hugged Echo. "Sssuprissse!" She said with a big smile, giggling.

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@Salty, i'll just White has gone to the room :)

Fox Yuki looks around the town as Geo talks to her, making it look like she's extremely lost. She "Yip~!"s again after Geo notes that foxes aren't from the area. She points her tails toward the east to try and convey that she came from that area.

Ness nods along with Sav's suggestion. "It's definitely worth looking into. I can drive anyone who wants to investigate in my car."

Iri titled her head again. "Necromancy is frowned upon? I can see why but it's just another form of magic..."

Saber shrugged as well.

OoC: TypeMoon has several instances of necromancy sprouting up here and there. Interestingly, 'zombies' or as they are referred to as 'Living dead' wouldn't really classify as being necromancy as it is more... vampiric in nature.

Echo giggled and caught Holly, hugging her back. She then started back toward the hotel, carrying Holly with her.

OoC: @Outis, quick check of the wiki says Kokonoe is a half breed, that might be why

Good point. However, even if she did have biological claws, I doubt they would be anywhere near as effective as the metal ones she used to have. I wonder if I could somehow get an exact replica made...

Jessica shrugged at Iri. "Hey, if you can convince some natives to let you do that, knock yourself out as far as I'm concerned." She nodded at Iri before adding, "Ghosts, Spirits, whatever you want to call them. The book I read called them Ash Ghosts. But yeah, dead people are going around in that town like nothing's even changed in almost 19 years."

Looking over at Ness, she answered, "It's over on the opposite side of the mountains from here, near a lake."

Responding to Savranth's advice, she said, "That's right! He used to live there, didn't he? I think it might be a good idea to go over and ask him some questions either way."

Tedd gets up, "Shotgun!" he says, "What are we waiting for?" he asks.

Grace looked at Savranth, "I'll go with you to your Father, if you want." she said.

Savranth facepalms at the man's suggestion. "First Legaia uses a parliamentary form of government so they're leader changes regularly. Second both are male. Third, I know for a fact that the King of Xiphatia is married. Forth, that is the worst suggestion I ever heard."

He looks to Iri. "It's simply the fact that you are taken control of the dead. We consider them to deserve their rest. It's a moral question."

He smiles at Jessica. "Should we head off to meet him, then?"

Geo looks at Yukino. "That tears it." Focusing his right eye on her, he looks at her. "Just like I thought. You're not a fox. You're a beastkin. Well, maybe not exactly like I thought... Still, I suspected something..."

"Hey aren't you going to listen to my ingenious plan! It's a really good one"
"Can I drive this time!"

Iri blinked at Savranth looking confused. "Uuuhhh... What? That's what it means here? Weird..."

Turning back to Jessica she said. "Oh. Ok then. Shall we find this guy's dad then?"

Saber started to follow after Iri.

Yukino makes a bit of a baying noise before returning to her normal state. She gives Geo a bit of a smirk as she puts her hands on her hips "Maaan... You're no fun~... Anyway, how'd you know I was a beastkin? Was it that wonky-colored eye of yours?"

Ness smiles a bit. "Great! I'm ready to visit his father when you are."

Envy was flying over Everwood, still heading north east. He observed the town as he flew over

@Demon, I like him, if for no other reason than he's a bloody idiot.

Tedd comments, "Okay, that's probably a better idea, so I'm coming along." he said, "I call shotgun!" he shouts.

Lyra sat in a small circle with Marcus and Xyleena. "So, we all agree to finish this job, then head into town to pick up some people who'd want to join us in stealing the boat. from there, we head into the wild lands, and look for a good outpost while we walk, to set up a small base from which Sav's revolutionary group can expand from. Sound good?" the others nodded, and she nodded herself. "Okay then. Lets wake Rica up and get this job going." Xyleena hops up from her crouching sit, and crawls over to Rica, shaking her with her hand and quickly backing off so as not to be leaning into her face. "Come on Rica, time to hunt!"

OOC: @Wacky Which person

"I was referring to Necromancy." Savranth explained to Iri.

"Anyway, I'm ready when you are... Should we gather any others?"

"Five more minutes..." Rica sleepily said.

"My eye is cybernetic. As a result, illusions have no effect on it. It also is able to calculate a lot of information and helps me out in a lot of things." Geo explained.

Everwood was still less than fully repaired, but the people had some form of shelter. And there was a small force of soldiers and Golems milling about.

"Alright, guess we're doing this now then. Lead the way. Or whatever you want to do first." Jessica said to Savranth.

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Iri shook her head. "At home, Necromancy is more about cheating death, not using it for the undead... That realm of magic is for the blood-sucking species than anything else."

Saber then added in. "Certainly its frowned upon for finding something related to True Magic, but that's a different story."

"But who exactly is in this group?"

Envy kept heading north/north east, in search of the front lines of the war

Yukino frowns a bit. "Booooooo.... Anyway... I... really am lost... I have no idea how I got here." She gives a bit of a puppy-dog look toward Geo. "Could you... um... show me around at least...? I should be able to get back home once I get situated here..."

Ness puts her hand to her chin. "Well, I'll need to bring Echo, Holly and Tao along... We also have Remy running around somewhere... Who else...?"

Xyleena crept towards Rica again, and gently reached her tail out to tap Rica on the head, applying the lightest pressure possible. "Man, the teachers must have trouble getting you up for school! Come on now, no more dawdling. We got to get some quick imp hunting done."

@Demonjazz, The necromancer.

Binky continues to stare at Echo.

"Can we get something to eat soon Vanessa, meow?" Tao interrupted as she hung on Ness' shoulder.

Ness breaks out of her musing as Tao grabs on her again. She looks back and sighs slightly before giving the catgirl a small, understanding smile. "Sure, Tao... Once I sell those statuettes, we can get something to eat here. Just wait for a little bit longer as we get things finalized, alright?"

"Well, magic is natural. As natural as breathing. Some people don't seem to understand that. Necromancy has been experimented with, but no one is willing to use it for the implications it presents." Savranth explains.
"Vanessa seems to have summed up your other question better than I could."

"Okay... I guess I can help you." Rica said as she got up.

"Hey, it's not may fault. And this is Granite Pass, in Legaia." Geo explained.

In the distance, Envy would see several airships above a forested area. Fires raged in the trees. But no treants seemed to be attacking, perhaps they were out of the treants range or the sheer mass of the fleets and battle had frightened them off?

Envy approached the airships to get a better view of what was happening

"Okay then, meow." Tao said as she went back to rubbing her growling stomach.

Echo rushing into the hotel and into her room with Holly.

"Magic is certainly different here..." Iri could only muse aloud as she followed after Ness.

Saber however kept her quiet and stoic attitude.

Nak becomes annoyed "Hey you forgot me you jerk" He said beaning Ness over the head with his staff. "I shall come along to help in your... Uh... Interesting quest"
OOC: @Wacky I'm not seeing it. It's more eccentric I think

Xyleena nodded and scooted back. "Okay, lets go." Marcus takes the lead, and the group moves to the point the raving old man had suggested for the hunt. Lyra looked through the area with her scope, looking for any creatures that might show up on heat vision.

Ness makes a small "Eeep!" noise as Nak hits her over the head. She seems to tear up a bit as she takes off her fedora and massages her head. "That really hurt...."

Seeing Iri and Saber follow her, Ness walks off toward the shopping district as she digistructs the 8 statuettes she had transmuted. She manages to hold them all as she sets them on a counter in a general shop. "Hi... I'd like to sell these..."

Yukino gives Geo a little bit of a confused look. "Uh... Can I see a map...? ...What's a 'Legaia'?"

Tao slapped Nak across his face. "Don't you do that you jerk!" she shouted at him before following Ness.

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