We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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Mind-no work well, me off bed.

Tao slapped Nak across his face. "Don't you do that you jerk!" she shouted at him before following Ness.

Saber grabs Nak and tosses him away with a surprising amount of strength of a girl that only looks 15 or so. "Don't do that." she said, keeping her voice low.

Iri shook her head at Nak. "Why would you go and do that?"

Savranth follows Vanessa.

"Oh? What do we have here?" The shopkeeper said as he looked over the statues.

"Are you trying to find the imp with that?" Rica asked.

Lyra would see several small forest creatures, but little else.

The would hear a slight giggling sound in the trees.

"Sounds like an imp..."

"Legaia is the southern country in this world. Don't you know that much? Where are you from?" Geo asked.

Envy would see that several of the airships were trading fire in the sky, and while there were more Legaian ships, the Xiphatians seemed to be using slightly better tactics in the battle, keeping the Legaians from taking advantage of their superior numbers.

Ness smiles a bit as she clasps her hands together. "All 8 of these were sculpted via alchemy and are symbols of good luck. How much can you give for all of them?"

Yukino smirks for a split-second as she sees that Geo is going with her story so far. "...I don't... know... I don't ever remember learning about Legaia... or anything like that... Sorry." She looks down and shuffles her feet a bit.

OoC: @Salty, airship pics plz

Envy flew towards the smallest Xiphatian ship

"The rifle scans in the infrared, which shows heat given off by creatures. The point was twofold." Lyra explains, seemingly not caring about the laughing. "Firstly, if the imp gave off heat I could quickly take it down with a nice simple shot, and have us home by lunch. Since he didn't show up, I can now tell Marcus where all the creatures who did show up on infrared are," so saying she leans closer to Marcus and points out the location of the small forest creatures, who taps on his own bracer which was hidden by a hoodie sleeve, "And he can set his smart discs to ignore those creatures movements. Now, he releases one of the smartdiscs, and it'll go after any movement that isn't marked as nontarget." Marcus opens his coat, revealing 3 smart discs and a small revolver, and releases one, which hovers in the air for a short bit as it scans with a noise identical to a colonial marines motion detector.

OoC: And I'm back.

Loki sat in the library, skimming through books about the flora on Alnilam, looking for the kinds that were poisonous.

"It will hurt worse if you freaking don't even listen to my ingenious plan. People these days, next the sky will run red and alpacas will turn blue" He grumbled to himself before getting hit by Tao and than thrown by Saber "Ow my spine hurts." he groaned "Don't you think that might have been a little excessive"

"And so is hitting people on their heads just trying to get their attention." Saber said in a deadpan way.

Iri walked over to Nak as she started to use her healing magic on his spine.

"What are they made of?" The shopkeeper asked looking them over.

"Do you know of Xiphatia?" Geo asks, his cybernetic eye reading Yukino for any signs that she is lying. He noticed the smirk, and kept it in mind.

The Xiphatian airship doesn't notice the approaching bird.

OoC: Nail said he's gonna pick up the imp hunt.

Tao waited in the shop with Ness.

A man, very far away from Lakewest, started slowly riding toward it without knowing it.

Envy attempts to gain access to the inside of the airship, through any open decks, doors, vents, etc. Shape shifting as necessary to fit through crevices

"Oh. Just metal." Ness answers simply.

Yukino scratches her head a bit. "...I... think...?" She focused her thoughts on the city of Nightshire, which she knew little to nothing about.

The smart disc would show/tell the three small creatures were animals one would expect to find in a forest. One was a bird perched on a tree branch, and two were rodents, scurrying through the foliage. There was another shape further in the forest, and the sound of the giggling came from that direction.

"Well, eight of them... made of metal... What sort of metal, though?" The shopkeeper asked again.

"Is that where you're from?" Geo asked.

Envy would find no crevices or anything which he could enter. The airship was airtight. And would allow nothing to simply slip in.

OoC: Did Yukino lose her memory somehow?

@Salt: ...Was the airship that crashed made out of something important? cause I thought it was just metal...
Also no, Yukino's faking everything.

Yukino tilts her head. "...N...No, I'm not.... from there... Where am... "

"Got a target over yonder. Gonna send the 'disc over to check it out." Marcus tapped at his bracer, and the smart disc went whirling into the forest, swinging out to get closer to the laughing while avoiding the trees.

Rita continued her writing

Envy flew to the underside of the airship, becoming a fly and attaching to the underside. Using one of his legs, he began to attempt to bore a tiny hole into the ship

"Oh. Another person from another world? Are you friends with Rita and Loki?" Geo asked.

Envy would find it difficult work to drill through the underside, largely due to the alloy being made of mythril and aluminum. He could manage it, but it would take time.

OoC: @Dot: I was wondering. Geo can't read minds. But his eye would give him lots of data as a rule. As the character entry says, you can't hide anything from it.
Also, it would be made of a mythril alloy. Combined with materials like aluminum or titanium. Carbon being used in some vulnerable areas.
@Furi: Remember that Mythril is nigh indestructible. I'll let you decide if Envy makes it through or not.

Nak gets up "I don't need any healing. All I need to know if my life works are still in my robe" He said searching through it "What is your life work anyway"
"Writting and other artistic medias" He said pulling out a vial of blood labeled "Elven*Do not let contact with soil*"
OOC: @Dot Ah Amnesiac Yukino would be interesting

As the disc neared its target, it was revealed to indeed be an imp. It had the average height of 8-year old human child. Its skin was a dark brownish red, and its small eyes dark orange with large round pupils. It had a large, pointy ears, three-fingered hands, and a small, curly tail. Once the imp spotted the disc heading towards it, the imp leapt up, trying to grab out. "Shiny!"

Envy continued attempting to cut through the mythril, though at his current pace it would take a long, long time to get anywhere. While he worked he kept a sharp eye out for any holes to open up in another ship due to damage from the Legaians, or any other reason.

@Salt: Ness wouldn't know that though... She wasn't there for the mythril city fight or anything.
@demon: ...Maybe.

Ness shrugs a bit. "Uh... I'm not exactly sure... I just saw the material and decided to work with it. Maybe you can analyze it somehow?"

Yukino scratches her head. "...No, I don't who those people are. But I'm not from this world... yes."

OOC: @Dot If you did that. You should have Yukino slowly realize how horrible of a person she was

The 'disc moved forward, into the imps grasp. a few centimeters from touching the imp, its blades spun at disturbing speeds, and dove forward, lopping off the imps hand at the wrist. A small camera built into the disc routed this confrontation to Marcus, who chuckled at the imp, his expression hidden by his mask. "Well, we've got a normal one that seems a tad bit stupid. Lets move in and see if we can figure out where its burrow was, see if we can find other imps." He began walking in the direction the 'disc had flown towards, Lyra and Xyleena trailing.

The man rode up to Lakewest. He observed the destruction caused by the ship crash. "Damn. Awful mess around here. Why can't I ever end up some place nice." he mutters to himself in a gruff voice.

"I suppose I could. Allow me one second." The shopkeeper said as he took a small magical device out and examined the statues. "Ah, they seem to be made of a mythril alloy. Well, I suppose I can offer you something for them. Not sure why you would waste good mythril on statues, though." He said, thinking for a minute.
"How about 400 Gold?"

"There are others? Do you know of any others?" Geo asked.

Envy would be slightly denied his wish as one of the Legain ships took fatal damage and slowly fell out of the sky, passing underneath him, he could feel the heat as it did. The ship crashed into the forest and burned with a blazing inferno.

Ooc: @Dot: True. But I didn't know it was made of material from that ship, either. :P

Envy continued his digging, while keeping a lookout. Any damage to a Xiphatian ship would catch his eye, as that would mean weaker material at the damage point.

@Salt: ...Oh. Guessing the whole fiasco was a Nailik thing.
@demon: Reformed Amnesiac? Sounds worth looking into... Maybe in a later thread, definitely not the next two.

Ness gives a small nod. "That sounds like a great price... but can you tell me more about what... mythril is?"

Yukino nods silently to both questions.

"Eh? You don't know what Mythril is?" The shopkeeper said as he took out the gold. "But your boyfriend's sword is looks to be made of Mythril." He says indicating Savranth.

"Well, where did you last see them? Where are they now. I could help you find your way." Geo responded.

Envy would see a small location where gunfire and laser blasts had hit the Xiphatian ship a sort distance away from him.

Ooc: @Dot: No, I mean I didn't know what they had been made of. I didn't notice her make them from that material. A small failing of this is that I can't always pick up on everything that is stated.

The man decides to make camp some ways away from the town.

Envy flew to the damaged location and began attempting to pierce through it again.

Tao giggled a little as the shop keep said Sev was Ness' boyfriend.

OoC @Dot: Lol, wut?

As its hands were lopped off, the imp screeched in pain as it fell to the ground, the muscles in its arm twitching and contracting as it tried to grasp the wounds out of insinct.

Rica followed Lyra and co, grimacing at the sounds of the imp's pained screeches.

Heading deeper in to the forrest, Lyra and could could hear rustling sounds coming from the surrounding foliage.

Heaving learned what he wished to know, Loki closed the book and placed it and other books he had gathered back where he had found them, then left the library, looking for Rita.

@Salt: Alright, I see.
@Nail: Idk. :<

Ness nods slightly, then blushes and shakes her head at the shopkeeper's second comment. "I'm... a bit new to here, you could say... Eh? EH!?!... H.. He's not my boyfriend!! We just happened to meet up and he'sbeenhelpingmeandafewotherpeoplegetusedtothisplace." She turns to Sav still a bit flustered. "So... could you tell me what mythril is...?" She blushes a little more as Tao giggles at her. She shoves her hat a little over her eyes in response.

Yukino idly scratches one of her ears while she fibs a bit again. "All I remember.... is a city crashing down somewhere... I don't remember anything else..."

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