We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Well, last time a great hunt was called, it was for a mass murderer." Lyra explained to Cynane. "Lot like today. Lots of people with no idea why they've shown up, showing up here to do some great task. I suppose we'll find out soon enough. Although the mass murderer did turn out to be alright, mostly the working of a god or something." she said as she examined the cliff face, noting a small path that led up. "Travel is very common for me. Usually, its just a few days of sitting in the ship, waiting to arrive. Thank the black warrior Xyleena picked up how to play the harmonica, or it'd be really boring."

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"That sounds like the work of a Guild Knight rather than a hunter. Are you a raider for your tribe then? You sure as hell aren't a Knight anyway." As she spoke, she placed her full attention on Lyra. If the woman was what she appeared to be, she might well attack when challenged openly.

Those in the group may hear footsteps moving at a rapid pace, coming from the distance. As it got closer a young man suddenly appeared and rapidly moved to the cliff where the scout had been located. He wore silver armor over a blue cloak with tan pants, and leather bracers and greaves. On his back, was a sword seemingly attached there without a sheath of any type. He had fairly long brown hair and green eyes. Where did he go... Volarian said he spotted a figure in this direction...

He catches sight of the group in his peripheral vision. An odd bunch. They don't seem to be connected to the scout, though. No equipment for communication and they seem completely disorganized. He calls down to them. "You there. This place is dangerous. You don't look like military personnel. Get out of here, before you get hurt."

He turned a moved away at nearly double the speed of a normal man.

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As she was walking to the path away from the ruins, she thought she saw a bright flash for a brief second. She looked around to see what caused it, but she couldn't determine where it had came from, no swords or metal of any kind seemed to be out, no windows either, and the sun wasn't even clear enough to give off such a shine.

"Something about this place just doesn't seem right..." She looked back at the crowd of people, and even a few beastkins. "They all seem so different." She adjusted her sash, as it seemed to be hanging in an awkward way.

With the sound of footsteps she looked to see the man with the long brown hair, and of all the people that she'd seen thus for, he seemed to know the most out of all of them. "Wait, where are you going?!" She called out, rather surprised by how fast he moved.

Hearing the other footsteps, she quickly hid herself in some of the thick bush that was lining the path she had been on.

"now do you know where we are Echo? because i don't, I've never been here before" he said calm and clearly

"If you can describe the exact world they live in, then theoretically yes. Those events in stories would happen subsequently if you were to describe the world right."

She doesn't seem like she's an inhabitant of this world.

He turned to the man in the distance calling out to them.

Now *he* might be an inhabitant. This Age may not be docile, a critical point for the writer to look into.

"Then answer me this..." Loki began, now standing next to Lyra. "Know you where we find ourselves?" he asked, then looked around as he saw a bright flash come from some direction, but looked back towards the path when he heard a voice call out. Loki could catch only a glance of the person that spoke, but from the very little he saw, he figured that he was another knight of some sorts.

"Dangerous, is it?" he mumbled to himself, then looked around more cautiously, a feint smile on his face.

"Never been here." Echo said as she looked around again.

Tao slowly came up behind Echo with a large smile on her shrouded face.

Hearing the man, the woman turns to see him dash away. Realizing what he had said, she now turns to the group and starts walking toward them. "Oh my... Is that a dinosaur...? " She mumbles to herself as she starts to come into view, her long blonde hair swishing as she walked. She had on a plain blue collared shirt with a red tie, white slacks with a belt that looked something like an strip of ammo, and a white lab coat over it all. She stops at the dinosaur and looks up at it curiously.

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"well then ladies i suggest we start moving, try to find to get some food, what do you think Echo wanna find somewhere to eat?" he asked Echo

"Sometimes, a hunter's just what you need for a job like this. Target goes to ground, it'll be the hunter that finds them. And I lead my little troupe, thank you very much. Although, I suppose I do do a little raiding, just like the rest of us." She put her first foot on the narrow trail, getting ready to move up it. "No idea, mister..." she trailed off, speaking to Loki, and glancing at him from the side. She watches the knight do his speech with a flash of irritation on her face, muttering "You haven't seen dangerous buddy."

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Upon hearing the man, the armored figure looked around. Nothing so far. Taking the semi-large folded tube from the back of her armor, she slapped her twin pistols to the side of tube, waiting for something to happen.

"Beatrice" looked around, a slow but steady agitated looked on her face started to manifest. She had no reason why she would be angry, but something deep in her subconscious pressed for this emotion to come out, "Shouldn't we get going?" she said to the group in general.

The dinosaur that Cynane had referred to as 'Stripe' lifted its large, crested head as the strangely dressed woman approached it and gazed at her with moist, glassy black eyes, then lowed again, quite loudly now that she was up close. It seemed to have calmed down now that most of the group was moving away from it, and its lethal looking tail drifted leisurely about behind it. Its call sounded not unlike that of a cow.

Cynane narrowed her eyes at Lyra, if anything more convinced now that she was indeed one of the barbarian desert dwellers. Crossing her carapaced arms over her chest, she listened to what the soldiershad to say, keeping her eyes on the others.

Steiner acknowledged the scout and look towards the other people "Well it is to seem the ruler of this land doesn't want us here. We should probably move now" He walked over to Lyra "Don't think you can get away with anything scoundrel. Cause I'll be watching you" He than started to look for a trail to make his way down

The group may notice a path that led off in the direction that the young man had run off in. Same direction that the scout had gone, as well.

"You there." He called out to the knight. "Are you a local from this world?

He thought about dismissing him as the knight went away. He followed the trail to see if he could catch up.

Loki listened to Lyra explain herself to Cynane with little to no interest, not caring about her tale and merely waiting for her to answer him. "I see. A shame, that." Typical. Loki thought upon hearing Lyra confess she too didn't know where she was. With little else left to do, and running out of patience, Loki looked around, trying to find a path to where the the man who had called down was. Spotting one such path, he advanced towards the trail, keeping a tight grip on the scepter.

"Find some food..." Echo repeated as she still wondered if she should trust who she thought was a stranger. He didn't look any more threatening than anyone else, but...While she was thinking about this, she turned and Tao groped her. She gave a noiseless yelp as she jumped back and covered her chest.

"Hi. Sorry, Tao didn't mean to scare you, meow." Tao said to her while smiling innocently. Echo just stared back at her.

"Beatrice" and the other figure saw that the group was finally starting to move out as they to followed after them, leaving the casket behind as the electric wiring fizzed and popped, breaking down. The shell was all that was left.

After she had finished using her device on everyone in the immediate area, Jessica's ears twitched as she heard footsteps, though she had a difficult time picking the sound out from the din of all the chatter around her. She then heard the man the footsteps belonged to shout down to her. "Dangerous? Don't have to tell me twice!" She said, mostly to herself. Glancing around, she noticed the pathway down and shrugged. A bright flash of light seemed to spontaneously burst from her position, obscuring her from sight. Another flash of light occurred as far down the path as Jessica could see. Both flashes occurred within an instant of each other, and once they had both subsided, Jessica was standing where the second flash had occurred. Not wasting any time, she quickly started heading down the pathway away from the alter.

The woman jumps back a bit as the dino moos at her before raising her hands up in a gesture showing no aggression. She looks over at the group beginning to move and sighs a bit. "Looks like I'll have to follow with this group for now..." She said to no one in particular as she stays put for the moment.

Lyra felt melancholy take her as everyone she spoke to took a disliking to her. Shrugging it off, she began moving along the trail, walking surely and deftly, ignoring Steiner's rude remark. She stopped and looked for those that were staying at the altar, before moving back to get them to move as well.

"Find some food..." Echo repeated as she still wondered if she should trust who she thought was a stranger. He didn't look any more threatening than anyone else, but...While she was thinking of about this, she turned and Tao groped her. She gave a noiseless yelp as she jumped back and covered her chest.

"Hi. Sorry, Tao didn't mean to scare you, meow." Tao said to her while smiling innocently. Echo just stared back at her.

"right we'd better get moving then" he said picking up his staff and starts to walk "come on" he said turning his head back

OOC: @Dot It didn't bellow. Essentially, it was a low pitched mooing sound, like a big cow. It was only loud because of the size of the animal.

Seeing the group begin to file into the canyon, Cynane headed back over to Stripe.
"Hello." She said distractedly to the strangely dressed woman close to the beast as she passed her and pulled up a corner of the tarp, rummaging around inside. Presently she pulled out a bizarre looking firearm that looked like a huge, bulky crossbow with stubby little arms. It was surfaced with green scales and was about the size of a modern LMG. Once she had the weapon she slammed in a carved magazine of large shells, then climbed the saddle up onto Stripe's back.

"Hyah!" She called, lowering her visor and spurring the dinosaur on.

The path was rather rough and rocky but led to a more open area. If the group looked, they could see a faint light up ahead of them, barely visible over the jagged terrain.

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The woman adjusts her fedora slightly as she watches the dinosaur and its owner walk off. "...Hello."
She answered back to the armored female before fishing her PDA out of her pocket. An blue overlay projected itself off the screen as she tapped it a few times as she distractedly followed the group, stumbling a bit on the rocks. "...No... No... No..."

Echo was going to follow Saber but she was too busy looking at Tao. "Hi...Tao?" she said cautiously.

"Oh, you got my name right already! You're pretty smart, meow." Tao replied with a large grin. "And you know, you have pretty good boobies, meow." she added as she started walking closer to Echo. Echo shivered and ran, Tao chasing behind her. The two were sort of running in the direction of the rest of the group, but mainly were heading toward Lyra.

Such a strange mount. But I guess she's just a stranger to this land as I am. I guess the rest of us are too. That might be a problem for this Age. He might need to alter a sentence or two if this Age picks up stragglers from other Ages.
Dal'Sheed donned his helmet goggles for safety across the rocky terrain. Being from a subterranean city, he was used to climbing over rocky terrain.

"A city perhaps? Or a town?" He spoke out loud to no one in particular.

Paying only very little attention to whoever else as climbing the trail, Loki kept up his advance, moving at a steady pace while loosing his grip on the scepter. He eventually came to a stop upon entering the space that was less cramped then the mountainside he was before. Looking around, Loki playfully twirled the scepter around between his fingers before stopping upon spotting the light in the distance. And that, I think, is my destination. Firmly holding the scepter once more, Loki moved towards the light.

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the minute that was said, John instantly fell over anime style with his feet in the air with a face of WTF

Jessica continued down the pathway, moving incredibly quickly and almost completely unhindered by the roughness of the terrain as she simply repeated the act she had taken to get to the path before, disappearing and reappearing in burst of light and moving as far down the path as she could see with each movement. Noticing the light, she muttered to herself, "Just as good a way to head as any, I suppose." She continued heading down the path and towards the light, teleporting much more than walking. "Get the lead out people!" She shouted back down the trail as she quickly moved to the end.

Cynane scowled as the large wheels of the cart scraped against the canyon walls. She had held back so that she wouldn't hold up people behind the cart, but if anything happened up front, reversing or turning would be impossible. At least from Stripe's high back, she had a clear view not just ahead, but over the heads of the rest of the group. She did a quick headcount of them while she had the chance.
And not a single one of them looks like anyone from any town I know. Except the Cathulii woman. I wonder if that guy talking about travelling into stories might not have been so crazy after all.

"Hey! Uh... Maintainer! What did you say your name was? How exactly do your people travel into the old stories? Do you mean in a dream state? Burning ritual herbs and such? How would we know if we were in one of these stories now?" She called out over the crowd.

Lyra sighed, before moving forward in front of Tao, collaring her with a quick movement and lifting her up to look her in the eyes by her jacket. "Okay, the molestations? They better stop now. I doubt anybody will tolerate that behavior for long. Capiche?"

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