We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"That's cool. Can I see it, meow?" Tao asked Jess. She glomped Ness when she saw her, rubbing her head on her shoulder.

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Savranth goes to find a bench-press and begins exercising his Strength Enhancing magic.

"Visiting hours are over." A guard says as Envy enters.

"Then I shall be off. Good day to you, General." Nybeth said to Tiberius as he slowly stood up from his seat. He walked out of the office, once again barely paying Marston any mind as he walked past him.

"Hmm? Oh, that's fine." Jessica replied to Ness. "I can just draw another circle to move the car somewhere else when we need to move." She conjured up the blue glyphs around her head once again. "So, did you manage to find out anything about this place and the ghosts while I was off conversing with Sav's dad?" She asked curiously. I'm wondering...could she even be capable of breaking it?...Better not take any chances, I'll get chewed out if any of this stuff gets damaged. "No." She replied to Taokaka.

"Oh... what time are visiting hours?"

Ness lets out a small "Eep!" as Tao glomps her. She giggles as the catgirl nuzzles her. "You're pretty.... friendly today Tao. What's up?"

Turning to Jess, Ness scratches the back of her head. "The only things I've learned are that history says that trying to get the nations to sexually intergrate didn't provide results and that this land was the centerpiece of the start of the war before this one. As to why this land was so important to both nations... I have no idea. Also, I've yet to find out what sparked the conflict at this city. None of the ghosts told me about any external sources or groups that may have influenced anything, nor any internal sources... Sorry, I didn't uncover all that much."

"What did you learn from Sav's father?" She asked back, smiling a bit.

Marston knocked on the door.

"Aww. Why not? I'll be real careful, meow." Tao said to Jess in a pleading tone.

"Scaredy Kaka and me are going to go get some food, and I thought you might want to come, meow." she said to Ness as she continued to nuzzle her.

"Come in." Tiberius said through his door.

"Come back tomorrow. We'll let people visit their relatives, then. Right now, we're on lock-down. Most of them are asleep anyway." The guard explains.

"Oh ok, thank you for your time." said Old Lady Envy as she left.

Ness shrugged as she slowly tried to rise up, gently pushing Tao to the side. "Oh, no. I should try to get more-" Just then, Ness' stomach growled. "... Uh... ... ...Ready when you are..."

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"Howdy sir. I was told you could help me leave this place." Marston said to Tiberius as he entered and stood before him.

"Where do you want to go? I fell I should ask that, first." Tiberius replied.

Jessica shrugged at Ness and said to her, "It's more than what I learned. All I really managed to find out was that whoever pulled off the first attack in Valencheirn was apparently incredibly thorough about it. There were no eye-witnesses who survived and no other records of who could be responsible that made it either. So whoever was responsible for it was most likely very thorough in making sure they couldn't be identified. Also, apparently it was mostly mixed housing and some Xiphatians that were hit at first." placing her left hand on her chin, she thought out loud, "I suppose looking into why this land is important would be the next step. I can do that myself though." A moment later, a portal opened up next to Jessica, and all the camping equipment she had previously purchased came tumbling out.
She looked at Tao and repeated, "No. It's sensitive hardware."

Now, which direction did he say the target was? South, was it? Nybeth thought to himself as he strolled about the base grounds for a while, one of his hands idly fiddling with the long hair of his beard while the other rested atop his walking stick.

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"Well, given what I've heard, I'd be better off not being anywhere near this place. Problem is, you're boys seem to think I'm some sort of spy." Marston said to Tiberius in his usual gruff voice.

Tao gave a soft "meow" as Jess rejected her again. She let go of Ness, but stayed close to her.

Echo and Holly started to yawn.

Envy was now tailing the night guard as a rat, waiting outside for him to leave

"You do realize that this entire continent will be at risk for being a battlefield, right? You can't simply run away. Seems rather cowardly." Tiberius remarked.

Ness looks at the camping equipment and blinks blankly. "...That explains why the ghosts all were unaware of this... entity. Where did you get all of that...?" She lets out a yawn after asking. "Damn... I think I'm running myself ragged... Good night, Jessica..." Ness slowly rises up off the floor and saunters over toward the car to sleep (or whatever you want, @Drak.)

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Tao, Echo, and Holly would all eat if food was provided. Then they would sleep in Ness' car.

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Savranth finishes up his workout and goes to the barracks to sleep.

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"Remember when I said I was off buying some things we'd need? I went down to the Port and bought this stuff." Jessica replied to Ness. Seeing as how Ness, Echo, Holly and Tao all seemed to be contenting themselves with sleeping in the car instead of expressing any desire to sleep in the rather spacious tent she had bought, Jessica sighed. Another portal opened up underneath all the camping equipment, causing it all to fall back through and disappear. "But I guess we'll just use it later." She remarked to herself, sounding rather passive aggressive about it.

An unassuming crow flew out of the Xiphatian Forward base and made its way South during the night.

Grace, having followed Jessica, was fast asleep.

Tedd had Vanished, but sleeping on the floor besides Savranths bed was Ridcully, sleeping as hard as a brick. As a matter of fact, I don't think hitting him with a brick would be enough to wake him up... Hell, maybe even being nuked... Well, he wouldn't wake up if he was nuked because he'd be dead, so that's a sorta-moot point.

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Ness slowly rolls out of the car and looks up toward the sky as she stretches herself out a bit. Hmmm.... Aside from the ghosts... it's kind of pleasant here.

Rex was sleeping on the roof of the Barracks again.

Blair was still asleep where Rex had placed her, lightly snoring away. "Pum...Pum...Pumpkin..." She muttered a tune in her sleep.

Holly started to wake up in the car, yawned a bit and looked out the window.

Grace was right up to the window, waving with two cones of ice-cream in her hands.
"Want one?"

Echo also started to wake up in the car.

Tao left the car and hugged Ness unexpectedly.

Ness squeals a bit in surprise as Tao hugs her, her train of thought derailed almost instantly. "Oh! Hello, Miss Tao."

Rex yawned as he rises up a bit. He stretches before starting to punch the air a bit.

"Hi Vanessa! We never got anything to eat yesterday, meow." Tao said as she nuzzled Ness' shoulder.

"Umm..." Holly said as she said back in her seat. "I'm not sssupossse to take treatsss from ssstrangersss, ssso no thanksss" She said to Grace.

Blair continued to sing slightly in her sleep.

Ness giggles a bit as Tao nuzzles her again. I guess she's really appreciative of me defending her... Hopefully, she doesn't forget her promise. At the mention of food, Ness' stomach growls again. She gives a sheepish smile toward Tao. "Oh... yes, that's right. I'd love to drive away to eat, but it would be best if we waited for Dr. Broca to return to teleport us to the city." ...I can't drive on an empty stomach... ; -;

Rex noted Blair's little chant and smirked as he continued, punching a little harder. His grunts started to get a bit loud.

Grace shrugged, "Okay, I suppose I'm a bit strange. My name is Grace." she says, "I believe you met my boyfriend Tedd earlier." she said.

Echo pulls Holly away from Grace and into her lap, looking at Grace with a rather blank expression.

"Aww...Tao hates waiting for food, meow." Tao complained as she sat heavily on the ground, pouting.

"My name isss Holly, and Tedd hasss that weird gun thingy?" She asked Grace, Holly looked up at Echo and smiled. "Morning!" She said with a hug.

Blair started to wake up, stretching her body as her tail stood on end.

Grace nodded, "Yep, that's my crazy scientist." she says, looking at echo with a sincere smile on her face, as sincere as can be.

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