We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Hey! Why are you touching Tao all over like that! Meow, meowmeow!" Tao protested as she tried to squirm out of the soldiers grasp.

Marston would keep heading south east for a long time.

OoC: @Zeph, it didn't hit it, when they first met the dragon family she used it and the dragon was fascinated/curious about the gold shooting statue and it calmed it down

Steiner and Nak looked at one another, shrugged and than looked at Trilby "What exactly is a mall"
OOC: @Tao You should have shouted rape

OoC: Night Hatchy blah blah blah.

Trilby facepalmed.
"Never mind." he sighed, and continued walking into Lakewest.

OOC: Anti-Hatchy.

"No, no point." Savranth replied.

Some believe that God once graced our world. But he has not returned since the Legaians rejected his gift. Some think that if they could be convinced to reject their technology, God would return and grant them their gifts once more. Other think that the only way to accomplish this is to kill all those who reject God.

Vanessa would find a few books on the manner. Most stating what she already knew.

Rex would find that Pewtercove was still occupied by Xiphatia. And, as such they held a strong presence. Several soldier formed up to block his passage until he convinced them to allow him to pass.

Martha would see that there were approximately 800 prisoners. With only about 100 there convicted of heavy crimes.

The golden cat did at least draw all attention away from Loki, but the dragon seemed angry at the random falling cat that had now appeared in front of it. Too many damn things had been appearing randomly the last day for its liking. It snarled at the statue.

"Bye Vanessa." She waved. "I... I can talk later if you want." She confirmed, then taking care of her things after Vanessa had left.

OOC: How long would it take to ride to the defense base?

Jessica frowned as her eyebrows twitched slightly. All this is doing is reminding me of those ruins I can't get into. She thought with annoyance. She started skimming through the book now, looking for something along the lines of 'Divine Authority'.

OoC: Is he going there or Pewtercove?

Sighing a bit at the lack of new info, Ness begins to look up books on religious organizations in the world.

Rex saw the group of soldiers and thought for a moment before scratching the back of his head. "Mind letting me through, please? Uh... I know this dude Savranth.."

"Well if you could simply tell me what it is, I could help. As I'm a knight and will help in any holy endeavor" Nak pulled a crystal ball out of his robe "I'm a mage so... I just feel like helping you for no reason"

OoC: Is he going there or Pewtercove?

The defense base.

With the dragon's attention drawn elsewhere, Loki worked on securing the two buckles on both sides of the dragon's head.

"That did not go nearly as well as last time." he idly commentad as he worked.

"Lady. Save that nonsense for someone who cares, alright?" the soldier who previously had been carrying Tao by the ankles said to Grace.

"To see if you have anything on you that you shouldn't have..." The soldier answered with an increasingly annoyed tone, not helped by Grace's continuous talking. He held Tao firmer and continued his search. Once the search was complete, the soldier moved Tao away from the wall and roughly shoved her in a cell. After Tao was in the cell, the soldier raised a transparant magical barrier that served as a means to keep a prisoner in a cell instead of bars. "You're under arrest for grand teft airship, unlawful piloting and negligent homicide." And continuous talking in third person... Boy, is that annoying.

With Tao locked up, the soldier stepped next to his colleague who was dealing with Grace. "As for you, you're under arrest for consiracy."

"...Well that didn't work..." said Rita as she slowly backed away from the Dragon

Martha finished going through the book "I-I'm sorry I don't see him here... I may have been remembering things wrong again, I-I-I'm so sorry if I wasted your time." she said as she got up to leave

OoC: I'm off to bed now, sorry for leaving anyone hanging. Anyway, @Grace will be with Tao the entire time, pointing out her innocence and answering any questions the guards might have about her, including how she got there (Test screwing up)

"But I'm not lying!" she shousts, shapshifting forms to prove she was what she said she was.

Trilby looked at Steiner and laughed.
"If there's one things Malls are not, it's holy." he said, still chuckling. "But, I may as well tell you. A Mall is this big-ass building full of shops. Only, it's infinitely large on the inside, the stock of every shop is constantly replenished, there's any shop you can conceive of... and it's a space ship."

The dragon didn't pay attention to Loki as it snarled at the statue some more. When Loki was done with the harness at the head, it tried to grab the statue by the mouth and launch it into the air, but the gold was way to heavy so it just knocked the stupid thing over.

After much research, there has been found no connection to the Order of Alnitak and Divine Authority. Whatever this refers to holds no significance for those who follow this particular religion. Doubly odd is that Legaia is largely atheist. Could it refer to something that marks them as the countries leader? A symbol?

"That's nice. State your business. Why are you here? What purpose do you have?" The soldier asked.

"No problem. I'll show you out, Ma'am. Perhaps you should seek out a doctor, though." The guard said as he led martha out.

OoC: Well, whenever, he gets there.

"That doesn't sound very possible." Nak looked into his crystal ball "Crystal ball tell us where is this mall" Nak waited a couple seconds "It now wants to commit suicide because of you. I hope your happy"

Tao started crying in her cell until she fell asleep.

@Outis: Dammit, now I feel guilty...

"Well, apparently, it is.." Trilby replied.
He turned to Nak.
"That's a strange reaction from an inanimate object. My crystal balls never attempt suicide..."

Eh? What the... Jessica flipped back through the book and read through it again, one the sentences she read made her think she missed some previous mention of 'Divine Authority'.

The crow continued to sit on its perch in the graveyard, no movement, no sounds, eyeing the people that were still there. Almost as if it were waiting to see if they'd leave...

@Trilby: Really? Huh. I don't.

"Also are those the things that shoot pieces of metal incredibly fast" He said pointing to the guns "It's a cheap knock off than. Mine is one hundred percent jinn crafted at the fires of Mount Alkimador... Or at least that's what the salesman selling it for a gold piece told me"

Rita watched Loki work, not wanting to take the Dragons attention away from the statue

"Ha ha, maybe I should, thank you sonny!" said "Martha" as she left, and returned to the guards house to monitor him

OoC @Drak: Were I you, I wouldn't either. :P

With the reins attached, Loki opted for letting the dragon calm down before attemping anything else. He stepped back and walked to the scepter, picking it up.

"Well, that is more progress made, and it went relatively smoothly at that. Now we need only teach it to obey commands, and we can set off." he commented, walking over to Rita. "It will need a name. It can scarcely obey orders if it is refered to by 'beast', or other such terms."

The two soldiers frowned when Grace started shapeshifting. "The hell? Is this some kind of bloodline magic?" one of the soldiers asked. The other one wasn't paticularly fazed by the display and shoved Grace in a cell seperate from Tao. "Tricks aside, you're still under arrest for conspiracy. But if you were actually in that ship as you said, that means we can add accessory to negligent homicide to the list. So congratulations there."
Once Tao started crying, the soldier grunted and started to walk away, the other one following. "Ugh. Let someone else deal with these two. I've had it."

Trilby drew both revolvers.
"Why yes they are, old timey knight man!" he said, proudly. "Except this one. It shoots crystal balls."
He fired a revolver at the ground, and the dirt exploded up into the air, and formed into a floating glass orb.
"Well, mine was crafted in an abandoned factory by myself and my slightly-less psychopathic alternate universe self."

One puzzling thing is that both the King and Prime Minister asked for the proof of Divine Authority as part of a peace treaty in 8907 AE XX. This was thought odd. And in fact a previous Xiphatian King had called for the head of a Legaian Prime Minister claiming he wanted the proof of the others Divine Authority.

After a while, the people in mourning left. Still upset over their lost loved ones.

The guard had returned to his routine. "Ah... Guess it's time for bed." He said to himself as he went on to his bedroom.

Rex sighs a bit. "I'm just passing through."

Ness continues looking through the library for anything else on Valchiern.

The dragon being let to do its own thing decided to pound the statue into the dirt. I It had a rather enjoyable taking vengance out on the cat.

Sophia went to go and spend some of her time in the training area, working on her speed/strength variant.

"Odd... it liked the thing the other night... anyways, I do know of one dragon from my world. ...Not exactly a close friend, but its name was Ba'ul. Unless you have an idea it could suffice."

Envy would continue to watch him overnight. Not watching him sleep, just keeping an eye on his whereabouts

"I would recommend not using those, They are far too dangerous. I would recommend magic"
"Eh I've heard weirder, But me and my crystal ball have been through to much together, Spying on lady Sargu, spying on the nymphs, spying on the female werewolves den"

"I would use magic, but I keep forgetting to actually prepare spells." Trilby replied, then turned back to Nak.
"You seem to spy on a lot of women. All I can do is see people's shitty secrets..."

"On what business? We can't just let anyone through." The soldier asked. Having been officially reprimanded after the Richard incident, there were no soldiers willing to simply ignore a person trying to enter Pewtercove unless they were checked out.

All Vanessa would find on Valencheirn is that it's location is near the border. All disputes seemed to be related to the location. Nothing else was mentioned that made it special.

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