We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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"Indeed. It appears that there was a transporter incident, resulting in a few malfunctions in my..." he tilts his head, "... Something... It has reduced my previous functionality."
He looks to Rookie, Jessica, Ness, and co.
"Do not be afraid, he will not cause any major harm to you." he said.

Well, I had already gathered that from my trip there... Brooke continued to read.

Echo stares at the people all around her, feeling a little unnerved by most of them. She continues to hug Ness, suddenly feeling small and confused.

Holly tilted her head behind Ness slightly and saw the strange green creature. "It'sss A! It'sss A!" Holly started to say as she walked to the side of Ness. "Holy crap it'sss a real life Creeper!" She said with a big smile, she then cover her mouth with her hand. "Sssorry for curssing..." She added, remembering to be polite.

Black stood back up and looked over at the man who called her 'the destroyer'. Destroyer? could he mean because of my weapon? Maybe I should of ran instead of fighting back... She thinks to herself, she hears someone approaching and moves her hand to rest against the handle of her sword.

"Miss." Marston says to Yukino as she approaches, keeping a close eye on her. "You could at least let me look your wounds over." he said to Black.

Echo pulled Holly back close to her and Ness.

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Yukino notes the figure move for its sword and giggles a bit. "Well, well! Someone's jumpy, aren't they!?" She looks over and smiles as Astasis calls the figure "the Destroyer". Sounds like someone up my alley..

Seeing Marston, she gives him a little wink and a wave. "Yo~!"

"Look, at that. She's already going for her blade. Can there be any doubt that she is the destroyer we were warned about?" Astasis says over his shoulder as he is led away.

Savranth walks over to Black. "Who are you miss?"

The Legaian soldiers were starting to get rowdy, upset over the obvious conflicting signals and the appearance of Black, whom Astasis called the Destroyer.

No research has been done on them to facilitate any theories on the cause. Though, it has been noticed that they seem to be of both Xiphatian and Legaian descent. Making the concept that they were created as a result of magic unlikely.

The creeper... Well, not so much smile as seem happier. It bounced up to Holly and headbumped her.
Sssss ssss ssss ss ssssssss![1]
Data looks at the creeper and Holly, "Are you related, in some way? You appear to understand his language." he says.

[1] Bloody 'ell this is surprising!

Echo reeled away from the creeper, dragging Holly with her.

Marston didn't feel terribly happy to see Sev again. At least he didn't seem to want to talk to him. He he also scratched his neck in discomfort at Yukino's response.

Now we're getting somewhere... Brooke thought.

Trilby finished setting the equipment up, and walked over the cave entrance.
He pulled a mobile phone out of his pocket, and called the one he had given to Thyme.

(To Holly: Sorry for saying 'crap'? That hardly even a swear!)

"It's only a small wound, I'll be fine" Black replied to Marston. Hearing Yukino speak she replies. "After nearly getting sniped after shortly arriving, I think I have all right to be careful...." She replies, but doesn't turn to notice that it was Yukino. She sighs and put her hands in her pockets. Destroy? why would I do that? it's pointless, I rather prevent it Black thought to herself, getting a little annoyed by the nickname 'the destroyer'. "My name is Black Rock Shooter Sir....I mean you no harm..." She said to Savranth, she kept her attention to the rowdiness around her. This isn't good...

Holly giggled and hugged the creeper. "Yay! I knew you existed!" She said happily. She turned to Data. "It'sss not part of my family, but I wasss part of there tribe once..." She explained with a small smile. she then got dragged away by Echo and looked around. "Who sssaid that?" She asked confused after hearing Tophat speak.

Iowa looked over at Trilby while sitting on his pile of gold like a dragon "So what are you doing here anyway"

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Jessica accepted Tophat and continued backing away. "Four wrote an autobiography, so I've read about the times when you were around with her." She mentally explained to Tophat.
She began transmitting her thoughts to Ness again. "Uh, I don't really know what an 'online chatroom' is, so I guess I'll take your word for it." Hearing Data announce that the creeper wasn't hostile, she sighed with relief. "Yeah, I'm fine now. Oh, and you like the book? You'll have to tell me what you think so--" Jessica was taking one final step back when she misstepped and fell over, hitting her head on the ground and falling unconscious.

Nybeth sighed at everyone crowding around Black. I'll simply have to try and kill her later. He thought to himself as he went wandering around the battlefield once again.

CAPTCHA: I am here.
Not anymore!

Iri's eyes widened to see Jessica fall as she easily picked her up. "Oh dear... Hopefully she'll be fine..."

Saber frowned at Jessica falling so easily, but did nothing.

Yukino's ears stand up as Black says her name. "...Eh!? Vocaloid!? "

Ness looks over at Holly hugging the creeper and scratches her head. She turns to Echo and gives her a small hug. "It's alright. I don't believe any of these people want to harm anyone..." Though.... the crowding doesn't make me much more comfortable either.

As Jessica falls, Ness looks toward Iri and sighs in relief. "Excuse me a moment... I'll try to see if someone can check on her... though she doesn't look all that bad." She walks up to the counter in the Spice Rack. "Excuse me... I have someone that just fainted..."

"Setting up a doom fortress. I'm going to give these two nations an enemy they really should fear." Trilby said. "And then, once they've made friends and come to kill me... I'll vanish."

"That's a...mighty interesting name, miss Shooter." Marston observed as Black introduced herself. He watched Nybeth walking away, a tad suspicious about him.

Echo continued to keep Holly away from the creeper. She smiled at Ness in appreciation. "Alright, harm anyone..." she muttered.

(To Holly: My apologies, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tophat, and I'm the hat held by Jessica over there.)
Then Jessica fell, and Tophat luckily landed on her stomach.
Uh oh.
The Rookie knelt down and checked if Jesssica was bleeding.

Seeing Marston Savranth looks at him. "And just when did you get here?"

He looks back to Black. "Where are you from? Any idea why they would be afraid of you?"

Athena walks over to the crowd of soldiers. "I assure you we will do nothing to harm you. We are not here to kill you. Just to win this war."

Most research indicates that they were all victims of the initial attack. But since no one can confirm who attacked first or how it was done, there is no way to confirm if there is a connection. Though, There have been several occasions where people have died in similar circumstances without the same result.

The box begins to ring. Thyme looks at it curiously. "How odd.
He looks to Vanessa. "Oh, miss. I have something for you, from someone named Tribly." He says putting the ringing box on the counter.
"Who fainted?"

Silver had woken up and looked at triblys work, He turned his atention to the miner then pulled out his his Desert ealgle with a high-powered scope on it and aimed at lowa's haed "Deciding on wether to kill you now, or if the fall to the ground will suffice." Silver said bluntly

"And let's hope we don't have to chop that leg off." Marston added to Black.

"Just a short time." he said to Sev casually.

Data looked, "Really? I was not aware that they were a tribal race. You see, he claims to have been domestisized by two individuals named 'Gamechap' and Bertie." he said.
He looks at Jessica, and looks her over.
"She appears to be stable." he says.

"SssssSSssSS![1]" he said, "Sss! SssSSSss.[2]" he said,

[1] Of course my kind exists! I mean, you might as well be saying that the sun is a bally triangle! Hell, maybe even a circle! Yeah, I'll laugh my arse off when that proves to be true!
[2] Oh, forgot to introduce myself, I am Sir Creeperlot.

Iri gently set Jessica on the ground, hovering her arms around her, applying her healing magic.

"That's a stupid plan. But I always did want a golden doom fortress. How about we become heroes instead. Although I already am so I don't have to work much" He looked at Silver "Why?"

"You think to question our right to this planet? We would kill you if not for your information! Do not presume to dictate the choices of true Yatjua!" As he spoke, he gestured to his navigator, who marked the point of transmission. "Now, is there anything else you wish to order us todo? Before we decide to destroy your planet for surety?"

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Ness looked at the box and took it. Turning to Thyme, she pointed outside, then saw Iri healing Jess. "My friend Jessica... but it looks like someone was kind enough to heal her. Thank you for holding onto this for me." She opens the box and looks at the phone. ...I see. He must've wanted to stay in contact...

The Rookie stood back as Iri healed Jessica, but picked up Tophat and put it in his rucksack.
(To Ness: I am afraid my comrade and I must return to the military to report in, lest they think we have tried to run away.)
The Rookie waved before heading off towards the military buildings.

"I am from a place named the Hazama, perhaps more commonly known as Limbo....maybe they only fear who they do not know?" Black replied to Sarranth. She grit her teeth slightly. "I'M NO A DAM VOCAL-" Black begins to shout, but her voice died out when she noticed it was Yukino. "The foxgirl who traveled the dimension 555? why are you here?" She asked in her usual calm voice. "I suppose..." Black replied with a small shrug to Marston. "And it might be wise to not to try and start chopping off my limbs..." She added, not really getting the jokeness.

"A talking hat? no way! that'sss ssso cool!" Holly replied to Tophat, she saw him on Jessica's stomach and waved at the hat. She tried to wriggle out of Echo's grip. "Echo! let go! I wanna sssee the Creeper!" She said to Echo, a hint of sulking her voice.

"Because.. well i was bored and it sounded fun, but hey whatever crazy gold guy. go expand this cave, would ya? Also hero dosnt realy sound like a good thing to me, maybe we should kill you so you dont do anything stupid heros normaly do, the insane bastards."

"I'd say it's pretty damn heroic to unite two warring nations, then solve the new problem for them." Trilby replied.

"I got a better idea Will. Why dont we take charge of there contries. then there united and we get to rule um. Win/win" silver suggested to tribly as he holstered his guns.

Trilby just looked over at Silver, and burst out laughing.
"Oh, god. I think one of my gas canisters must be leaking. HAH! Take over the countries..."

Ness would notice that the phone had a post-it note on it.
Call me if you need any help. Number is in the phone. Probably shouldn't call anyone else... And if you're ever in serious danger, dial '999', press 'Call' and throw the phone.

Sir Creeperlot looked at Echo, and walks up to her, giving her a headbut as well.

Data looked at the rest of the group.

[1] Pleasure to meet you.

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